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Need to know how much your remodel will cost? This tool will help estimate the cost of most remodeling projects, such as Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, New Heating, etc. Simply enter the type of remodeling project you are looking to do in your house, (you can estimate multiple projects at once), and the calculator will produce an approximate quote, based on your location and level of quality you select.

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See our 2015 Remodeling Prices Guide to find prices for projects not yet included in our estimator.

This Remodeling Calculator estimates approximate remodeling cost based on the information you enter. If you want a more detailed calculation for each type of remodeling projects above, please use the appropriate calculator below:

How to use this Remodeling Calculator:

RemodelingCalculator.orgBathroom Remodeling - select the type of bathroom remodel "quality" you are looking to do - Low End (typically in a rental property), Mid-Range (most projects), and High End bathroom remodel.
Low End and Mid Range presume the bathroom size around 5x8 feet, with a new tub, vanity sink and cabinets, new toilet, tile floors and shower / bath-tub enclosure, and wall-paper on the walls.
High-End presumes a 10x10 luxury bathroom, with a modern corner shower, whirlpool Jacuzzi tub, marble vanity sink, and tiles on floors and walls.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost: Select Low End, Mid Range (most homes) or High End - luxury kitchen remodel. This includes ripping out existing kitchen cabinets and appliances, and installing new cabinets, laminated counter tops (granite counters for High End), stainless steel double sink with new faucets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator, as well as new tile flooring.
Check out our Bathroom Material Prices Guide

New Flooring Enter total square footage of new flooring to be installed and choose the flooring material - Laminate, Carpets, Tile or Hardwoods (standard quality level). Optionally you can choose Hardwood refinishing, which includes stripping existing hardwoods, and applying two coats of Urethane or Water-Based stain / clear coat.

Installation of new flooring DOES NOT include removing old flooring material. For a more detailed cost estimate, use our long-form Flooring Calculator.

Replacement Windows Enter the number of new windows to be installed and select the type of new windows - Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum. Windows prices include Low-E / Argon gas, insulation around window frame and re-installing existing stops (inside trim). For vinyl windows, the prices are calculated for mid-range window quality, which includes welded frame and sashes.

New Siding Estimate installation cost on new siding, be it Vinyl, Wood, Hardie/Fiber Cement siding or other - enter the size of your house exterior walls (approximate amount) as sq. footage for new installation. To calculate size of your siding job, take ground measurements of your home , add each side together, multiply by 2, and multiply by wall height (typically 9.5 ft. per level) and multiply by 1.05 if you have gable ends.

Example: If your home is a 1 story ranch, 46*28 ft, the size of your siding job will be:
1: (46 + 28) * 2 = 148
2: 148 * 9.5 * 1.05 = 1476.3 sq. ft. of new siding.

This is approximate calculation - if you need more accurate results, use our dedicated siding calculator tool.

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2 thoughts on “Renovation Cost Calculator

  1. You might want to correct some spelling. “Flooding” should be Flooring right.

    Overall I think this will could help customers/clients get a realistic idea of the cost of remodeling projects. It should be helpful in determining a starting point for a budget. Of course there are many variables that it would impossible to be more accurate. I like that it is simple to use also. Clients could use it as a benchmark to compare contractor actual bid cost against.

  2. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the heads up – fixed. Also thanks for the feedback about the calculator. We are actually making individual, more in depth calculators for each type of remodeling. Windows calculator is already available. Next is flooring, which is ready to be published – just need to fine-tune it.

    What do you think about the price accuracy? I know this calculator is very basic, but still…

    Sincerely, Leo.

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