Bathroom Renovation: Cost Of New Flooring, Tile, Lighting And Fixtures

A bathroom renovation can be the best investment of your remodeling dollars in terms of both your personal enjoyment and resale value. However, the cost of this project can quickly spiral out of control, if you don’t plan your expenses wisely.

A typical full bathroom remodel involves replacing old fixtures (sink, faucet, shower, tub), installing new countertops, vanity, flooring, wall tile or paint, and new lighting.

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs:
Low End
Mid Range
High End

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Lets take a look at how much you can expect to spend on MATERIALS for a conventional bathroom remodel. We will exclude luxury items from the review, as these are very dependent on personal taste, and where you buy the items.

If you want to estimate complete cost of renovating your bathroom using professional labor, use our Bathroom Remodel Calculator

Prices For Popular Bathroom Updates

Small Bathroom Color Ideas

We will estimate the cost of a typical 5*8 feet full bathroom, with a standard bathtub, toilet and sink. We go through three project types:

  • 1) Higher End (not luxury by any means) – typical (middle class) single family house.
  • 2) Middle of the Road – first home for a young family on a budget / high end rental property.
  • 3) Low End – rental property.

Pricing is presented for two different renovation options:

1. Tile on walls
2. Painted walls with bathtub liner

Of course, there are many more combinations that you can do, but for the purpose of simplicity, we will stick to these two.

Also, note that all prices are sourced from Home Depot in MA, so they will be very close to those that you would pay at this store in NH, TX or OR, or almost anywhere in US.

Keep in mind, that since there are so many suppliers and brands, prices for the items we list can vary greatly. That’s why we chose the big home improvement store (Lowe’s too) as our price source.

One last thing – this is a remodel scenario – not new construction, so all plumbing and electrical connections are already in place, and will not be calculated! Tools, and labor required for installation is not included. Sales tax is also not included.

Bathtub Drain$20.00$56.00$85.00
Bathtub Liner / Tile$140.00$370.00$650.00
Shower Assembly$45.00$136.00$229.00
Shower Door / Curtain$35.00$199.00$391.00
Sink *$55.00$250.00$550.00
Sink Plumbing$35.00$55.00$70.00
Mirror / Cabinet$30.00$59.00$89.00
Toilet **$98.00$228.00$368.00
Towel Hangers$19.00$49.00$89.00
Tile Floor$140.00$300.00$450.00
Bathroom Light$27.00$76.00$142.00
Miscellaneous Items ***$150.00$250.00$400.00
Walls (Paint / Tile)$70.00$570.00$1090.00

If you need to hire a professional contractor to remodel your bathroom, you can request free estimates from local pros. This will allow you to find the best deal, instead of signing the contract with the first guy who gives you a quote.

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs:
Low End
Mid Range
High End

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Bathroom Renovation Quality Specifications

As you can see, there are three quality tiers in the table above. Here is a more detailed break down, of the materials that go into each renovation type.

1. Sink: a pedestal sink is used for a low-end remodel. Vanity with a sink top is used for a Mid and High-end job.

2. Toilet: the mid-range toilet is good enough for the “high end”. We just included a more expensive model for those who feel that the more expensive an item is, the better is the quality (not always true).

3. Wall tile: tile on walls is for Mid-range and High-end remodels only. Low-end option uses painted walls and bathtub liner. For Mid-range walls, we used $4/sq tile with minimal use of “trim” tiles. For High-end, we used $9/sf tiles, also with minimal use of trim tiles. Moderate and heavy use of trim pieces can easily add $300-500 to the total price.

4. Misc items: these are the small things that you can find around the bathroom, but which are not required. An example is a built – in soap holder, and toothbrush holder, etc.

As you can see, there is about a $2000 difference between each “level”. In most cases however, the mid -range is a pretty good choice for most people and offers adequate value. Some items can be swapped back and forth, but these are the real world prices that you will buy at a local big-box home improvement store.

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This comprehensive guide of labor + material price estimates covers most interior, exterior and mechanical projects around the house!

How To Get The Best Value Out Of A Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom Renovation

If you are remodeling a bathroom in preparation for selling your house, you should know that the average return on investment of this project is about 60-65% This should help you spend your budget on the updates that make the best impression on prospective buyers.

Don’t waste money and time on making expensive improvements or purchasing over the top items that may only impress a few people. Most people can’t tell a difference between a sink that costs $350 vs $1,000, and the same is true for most other bathroom fixtures.

Here are the updates that will give you the most bang for your buck:

1. Ample lights: most people’s bathroom routine’s (especially women’s) require good lighting at all times of the day. This is especially important, if your bathroom has no source of natural light, such as window or skylight. Its best to put a variety of different light sources, such as main overhead light, one above the sink/vanity, one in the shower/tub, etc.

2. Adequate shelving: make sure your bathroom has some storage solution, whether floating shelves, cabinets, built-in shelving, etc. This will make the space functional, which is a big requirement for most people.

3. Don’t mix old and new fixtures: if you are replacing a very old, ugly fixture, it is best to replace all the others as well (unless they are relatively new). This way you can get items that match, and have a “designer” high-end appeal. Otherwise, the space will look dated, with some fixtures that are sparkling new and others that are in an ok condition.

4. New mirror: if you can’t afford to spend a lot of money on major updates, putting in a large mirror or even two on the walls will do the trick. People love mirrors, both for the looks and functionality. They also brighten up the space and can make it seem bigger.

5. Accent tile: tile is one of the most noticeable and attractive features in a bathroom. Putting tile on all walls and flooring can become very expensive, so instead you can just do an accent wall. These work great either as a wall in the shower or a back splash behind the vanity.

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs:
Low End
Mid Range
High End

See costs in your areaStart Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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