Concrete Calculator

Concrete Calculator helps homeowners and contractors estimate the amount of pre-mixed concrete needed for footings, slabs and walls. Enter the dimensions of your project, and you will get results in cubic yards, as well as the number of concrete mix bags needed for the job.

Calculate Concrete Slab / Footing:

Width (Feet)
Length (Feet)



Cubic Yards Required:

Slab / Footing Column

Calculate Concrete Column:

Height (Feet)
Diameter (Inches)
Cubic Yards Required:

Published/updated on: July 2, 2014

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One thought on “Concrete Calculator

  1. Tony Jacobs

    Your concrete calculator is slightly off. 8 foot by 10 foot by 4 inches should be exactly 1 yard. Your calc has it at .98765 yards. This will cause customers to under order especially on large projects where they will need 8 or more yards.