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While a roof does not have a high "resale value", if it is leaking, you need to replace it (or repair it, but that is only a temporary solution). If you don't, it will cost you dearly. This calculator will help you estimate roof replacement cost, including materials and labor by a qualified, licensed and insured contractor. You can also input your location to get a more accurate "local" price. The best thing - unlike most other "similar" tools, you do not need to provide any personal information - just enter your house ground dimensions, roof pitch, several other items, select your region - voilĂ , you get an instant price quote!

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Prices can be calculated for several types of roofing - the "staple" asphalt shingles, a metal roof, and flat roofs, such as rubber, and other single-ply flat roofing membranes. Of course, there are many factors that will affect your actual re-roofing price, but this calculator will give you a very good idea of what the cost should be. So, when you start getting real quotes, you will know what to expect, and will be able to discern whether you are getting a fair deal or are being overcharged.

Most contractors in US and Canada have a very similar price calculating formula as the one we use here, and it is often based on SQUARES (100 sq. ft. of roof area). Unless you have a super cut-up house, 95% of contractors will price it by the square, so it will be very easy for you to compare quotes and know how much you are paying.

MONEY-SAVING ADVICE: If you are replacing your roof, don't try to be all cheap, such as buying materials yourself, or doing the demolition work (tear-off). It will piss off your contractor, create a whole bunch of logistical problems, and in the end, you will be paying more if you do this. The roofing industry has become so "commoditized" that roofers rarely mark-up materials.

In the end, even if you save a couple of bucks, it will be too much of a hassle, your "pissed" roofer will most likely be cutting corners, and in the end you will be getting a lower quality product.

Commercial Roof Installation

To get accurate pricing:

1) Measure your roof - with a tape measure, go corner to corner and measure ground dimensions of your home. If your roof has overhangs, add them to your sizes.

For example: If overhangs are 6", add 1 foot to each side. If overhangs are 2 feet on front an back, and there are no overhangs on the sides, add 4 feet to the appropriate side.

Measure roof pitch from the-ground

Measure roof pitch from the-ground

2) Roof Slope - guesstimate or measure your roof slope. Home depot sells a visual "pitch measuring tool", or you can use a simple square tool, line it up with your roof's gable and measure RISE over RUN - see image on the right.

3) Select roof style - if you have a simple gable roof (ranch / cape / colonial type homes), select that. If you have hips, dormers, select "hip roof", and if your roof is all cut up, and has different slopes and angles, select appropriate option.

4) Roof removal (tear-off) - it is always a good practice to remove old shingles. This will allow your contractor to repair any damaged wood below, and will prolong the life of new shingles. You can however go over existing shingles, but again it's not advised. Select number of layers that need to be removed.

5) Number of floors - it is much easier to work on a 1 story house vs. a triple decker, which will always be reflected in a price you are about to pay. Select how many floors your house has.

6) Chimneys, skylights and ridge ventilation - enter the number of penetrations and the length of your ridge line (if you are getting a ridge / soffit vent system). Host homes have at least one chimney, so you should add that.

7) Materials and region - select the type of material you want and a region where you live. The price will be adjusted to your local levels (based on Remodeling Magazine's local prices guide). If you are unsure, or live in Canada, select National Average.

Additional Tools

Since a roof is a part of your house exterior envelope, you may also want to check out our siding and windows estimating tools.

That's it - you can now calculate your very own roof replacement cost! Remember, to get the most accurate price quote, enter all of your information correctly.

Average Roofing Costs:
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See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Published/updated on: December 15, 2015

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