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Do You want to share a great Remodeling or Home Improvement project?
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Then we would love to feature you on Remodeling Calc! Our readership and fans community is growing every day, so being a guest writer on our blog is a great way to gain new exposure and appreciation for your work and ideas.

UPDATE (July 2020): We are receiving 100s of inquiries/requests every month. As you can imagine, we cannot reply to all of them. Therefore, we are adding new requirements for potential article publishing:

  • Author (you) must be working in home improvement / remodeling / HVAC / industry:
    Either you are a contractor, or work at/for a construction / HVAC (and other trades) company, or you represent/work for a manufacturer/supplier, or you work for a home improvement/remodeling publication (online or print).
  • We prefer and welcome articles submitted by contractors!
  • You must have personal experience with subject matter, that you plan to write about. We don’t need articles based on “research done via Google”.
  • No “aspiring bloggers” please. If you randomly blog about everything, please do not waste your time.
  • No marketers or agencies (if your work is to promote your “current client” and your job is “content marketing” in any shape or form).
    Exceptions will be made, if you work for a home improvement / remodeling publication, manufacturer or contractor directly.
  • Unless you produce exceptional content OR you represent large home improvement publication – we will not include links to your website (only to your social media profiles).

If you meet the above requirements, we welcome you to contact us.

Approved posts will feature a link to your social media profile (choice of Google+ Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).

We Would Like to Feature the Following Types of Posts:

  1. Remodeling DIY Projects you have done.
  2. HVAC / Heating / Cooling / Plumbing
  3. Home Improvement guides
  4. Cost-Saving Remodeling Tips and Advice that any homeowner can use.
  5. Unique and Unusual Design & Decor Ideas (for example, “Unique Ways to Paint a Ceiling”)
  6. DIY Decor Tutorials.
  7. Multitude of home related topics – kitchens, baths, painting, plumbing, roofing & siding, additions, remodeling, etc.


IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ: Submission Guidelines:

We are strict about these guidelines, so please be sure to follow them, if you would like us to consider your post. We are busy people, so submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be ignored.

We only accept original content! So you can either submit a brand new one post or rewrite a previous one specifically for our blog. We may slightly edit your post, but we will publish it in full.

  • Word Minimum – All posts should be at least 500 words.
  • For all DIY posts and tutorials – submit clear, step by step instructions.
  • Images: Provide 5-10 of your own original images with captions, that we can use with your article without any copyright violation.
  • We love videos! You can submit videos as part of your posts, or you can submit a video as a post, and write an explanation to go along with it (500 minimum).

Please understand that due to a high volume of submissions, we may not be able to feature your post right away. However, if you send us something truly original, and follow our guidelines, we will do our best to publish it!

We also ask, that if your post is approved, that you spread the word and share it with your social media followers.


If you have a lot of cool ideas to share, you can become a regular contributor to our blog. Here are the perks: If you are approved, you will be listed on our Editorial Staff page with a link to your personal blog or website, and a short About You description. Because of high demand we are very selective about who we choose as contributors. To get listed, you must have at least 3 approved articles.

Are you ready? Get started right now!

Fill out the form below, and include sample of your previous home improvement articles, as well as a little about yourself. We will be in touch!

About Leo Bender

Leo has been a contractor since 2003, specializing in: roofing, siding, general contracting (GC) and residential remodeling. Leo is also a Certified HVAC, Oil & Gas Heating Technician/Installer. In addition to roofing and remodeling, Leo is passionate about Solar, green building and energy conservation, so a lot of my time and energy goes to installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

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5 comments on “Become a Contributor on Remodel Calc



    Im Colmobian distributor for solid surface, and Im looking for a cheap tool for my fabricators can do a more efficient to quote.

    Can you help me?

  2. Laura Bierman


    I am Laura, a home improvement and real estate blogger. I’ve been reviewing, and was wondering if you would be interested in collaborating on a guest post?

    I would really love to share my expertise with your blog readers!

    While looking at your site, I went ahead and came up with a few topics and even wrote a completed article for your approval.

    What Really Matters To A Home Buyer? 4 Home Improvement Tips You Shouldn’t Overlook
    5 Essential Rules For Hosting an Open House That Will Lead To a Sale
    Are Your Property Taxes Too High? 3 Ways Your Realtor Can Help You Lower Your Taxes
    Don’t Be Cheap! 6 Items That Should Be Cleaned By A Janitorial Service Before You List Your Commercial Property For Sale

    Would you consider publishing the first article on your blog? Of course you can edit it if needed.

    And no, there is no catch. The only thing I ask in return is adding my bio at the bottom of the article to credit my work.

    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Laura Bierman
    Editorial Content & Outreach Coordinator

    LinkedIn : Laura-Bierman
    Facebook: @youthfulhome
    Twitter: @youthfulhome

  3. Lon Dorsey

    We skim coated these horrible walls back to almost perfectly smooth. The investors thought we replaced the sheetrock. Not bragging at All but it turned out awesome.