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This calculator helps Landlords or potential Investment Property buyers estimate Rental Income (or loss), and to see if the property is profitable. Income / Loss is calculated on monthly and annual basis.

To get an accurate estimate, enter your total rent (for all apartments), monthly mortgage cost, annual insurance, and your utility and maintenance / repair costs.

Monthly Rental Income: $
Monthly Mortgage Payment: $
Annual Tax Bill: $
Annual Insurance Bill: $
Annual Water & Sewer Bill: $
Annual Maintenance & Repair Cost: $
Annual Landscaping Cost: $
Annual Heating Cost: $
Monthly Utility Expenses: $
Monthly Trash Cost: $
Misc Annual Costs: $

Monthly Rental Income:

rental-incomeThis calculator does not assume your Income Taxes on the rental income (typically reported on Schedule C or 1099-MISC), since these will be different depending on whether you are taking depreciation on your property, your actual tax bracket, as well as deductions and exemptions that you claim.

If you are planning on buying an investment property – either in a “ready to rent” condition or a fixer-upper – consider doing some renovations, such as Kitchen and Bathroom remodeling, or installing Hardwood or Engineered floors, to increase your rent. On average, a newly-remodeled apartment will rent for $100-250 more per month, or $1200 – $3000 annually.

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