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Tree Removal Cost Calculator will accurately estimate the costs associated with cutting and removing trees, as well as grinding down the stumps.

Tree cutting & removal can be expensive and dangerous, and is not recommended to do it yourself (when dealing with large trees).

However there are many companies specializing in cutting and removing trees, shrubs, etc., as well as grinding and/or removing stumps.

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How to Use Tree Removal Cost Calculator

1) Enter the total number of trees you need to cut/remove.

2) ** Enter number of trees which are NEAR A STRUCTURE (within 5-10 feet) or driveways, decks or septic system, etc. These trees cannot be dropped to the ground, and each chunk needs to be lowered down from crate, to avoid property damage! Thus, cost to remove these trees is higher.

3) Enter average diameter of your trees. If you have a 40 inch tree and 10 inch tree, average would be 25 inches. This number is net critical, but still important for accurate cost estimating.

4) Select if you want to grind down the stumps, after trees are cut and removed. If yes, enter number of stumps to be grounded. Most tree companies grind stumps.

5) Select if you want to pull the stumps, after trees are cut and removed. If yes, enter number of stumps to be pulled.
NOTE: Most tree companies do not have their own excavators, and work with local excavation companies to pull stumps.

6) Select “Ease of Access”. If it would be difficult to drive a boom truck near the tree(s) that you need to cut OR there is a septic system or other obstruction in the way, select “Difficult” option. Otherwise leave as default (easy access).

How Much Does It Cost To Remove A Tree?

Typical Cost To Cut 10 Trees Average: $1,680 - $3,720
See costs in your area

You can get more detailed price break downs in our complete Tree Cutting Cost Guide.

Cost To Cut Down A Tree Per Inch (diameter)

Typically, cutting down a medium to large size tree costs $7-$10 per inch of diameter.

In some cases it is advisable to cut a tree as soon as possible – for example when tree is sick and can fall down at any time, or is leaning above your house or driveway.

On average, homeowners report that removing a SINGLE medium size tree costs $350-750. Removing a large tree NEAR A STRUCTURE or ABOVE DRIVEWAY can cost $700-1,300+, and up depending on the size of the tree and difficulty of labor involved.

Removing 10 medium size trees from property will cost $2,300-3,500+ depending on the tree size and type, complexity of the project and local tree cutting labor rates.

Typical Cost To Cut 10 Trees Average: $1,680 - $3,720
See costs in your area

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