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Home Remodel Cost Calculator estimates the most popular remodeling projects: Bathrooms, Kitchens, Windows, Siding, Roofing, Flooring, New Heating, etc.

Simply enter your project below, and get an instant price quote. You can estimate multiple projects at once!

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How To Use Remodeling Calculator

Bathroom: Select the remodel "quality" you want to do - Low End (typically in a rental property), Mid-Range (most homes), and High End (luxury properties).

Low End and Mid Range presume the bathroom size is around 5x8 feet, with a new tub, vanity sink and cabinets, new toilet, tile floors and shower / bath-tub enclosure, and wall-paper on the walls.

High-End presumes a 10x10 luxury bathroom, with a modern corner shower, whirlpool Jacuzzi tub, marble vanity sink, and tile on floors and walls.

Kitchen: Select Low End, Mid Range (most homes) or High End - luxury kitchen remodel. This includes ripping out existing kitchen cabinets and appliances, installing new cabinets, laminated counter tops (granite counters for High End), stainless steel double sink with new faucets, garbage disposal, dishwasher, stove and refrigerator, as well as new tile flooring.

New Flooring: Enter total square footage of flooring to be installed and choose the material - Laminate, Carpets, Tile or Hardwoods (standard quality level). Optionally, you can select Hardwood refinishing, which includes stripping existing hardwoods, and applying two coats of Urethane or Water-Based stain / clear coat. Estimate DOES NOT include removing the old material.

Replacement Windows: Enter the number of new windows to be installed and select the material - Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum. Prices include Low-E / Argon gas, insulation around the frame and re-installing existing stops (inside trim). For vinyl windows, prices are calculated for mid-range quality, which includes welded frame and sashes.

New Siding: Select your material: Vinyl, Wood, Hardie/Fiber Cement. Enter the size of your house exterior walls (approximate amount) as sq. footage for new installation. To calculate the size of your siding job, take ground measurements of your home, add each side together, multiply by 2, and multiply by wall height (typically 9.5 ft. per level) and multiply by 1.05 if you have gable ends.

Example: If your home is a 1 story ranch, 46*28 ft, the size of your siding job will be:

1: (46 + 28) * 2 = 148
2: 148 * 9.5 * 1.05 = 1476.3 sq. ft. of new siding.

For more accurate pricing, select whether your project is "New Construction" or "Renovation".

Finally, you can add Demolition work to the cost estimate.

Additional Estimating Tools

If you want more detailed information for each of the remodeling projects above, please use the appropriate calculator:

Also, check out our comprehensive 2018 House Remodeling Guide to find up-to-date materials and installation pricing for the most popular renovation projects.

Connect with local pros and get no-obligation, free estimates for any exterior or interior remodel.

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22 thoughts on “Home Remodel Cost Calculator – Estimate Local Remodeling Prices

  1. Greg Ferris

    You might want to correct some spelling. “Flooding” should be Flooring right.

    Overall I think this will could help customers/clients get a realistic idea of the cost of remodeling projects. It should be helpful in determining a starting point for a budget. Of course there are many variables that it would impossible to be more accurate. I like that it is simple to use also. Clients could use it as a benchmark to compare contractor actual bid cost against.

  2. Leo B Post author

    Hi Greg,

    Thanks for the heads up – fixed. Also thanks for the feedback about the calculator. We are actually making individual, more in depth calculators for each type of remodeling. Windows calculator is already available. Next is flooring, which is ready to be published – just need to fine-tune it.

    What do you think about the price accuracy? I know this calculator is very basic, but still…

    Sincerely, Leo.

  3. Matt Lee


    My name is Matt Lee. I work for Malarkey Roofing, a leading manufacturer of Roofing Products based in Portland, Oregon. I came across your Remodeling Costs for 2016 post at https://www.remodelingcalculator.org/remodeling-costs/ while I was researching about roofing shingles. This one’s a good read here!

    I would like to know if you would consider accepting a guest post on your blog. I’d love to contribute and I can write anything related to home improvement, design and architecture.

    Let me know if you’ll be interested. Thank you.


    Matt Lee

  4. Arthur Lee Rivers

    Renovate. Double wide bricked in home. Second level additions. on top of existing structure. Military retired.

  5. Michelle

    This is a great rough estimation tool for calculation, as a realtor I use it and share it with my clients all the time. Is there an app?

  6. Vanterry M Fields

    As a Contractor, that calculator. Is very exact in my, and I can use it alot. I love it, already. It’s the truth. V. Fields.

  7. Natalie Weiss

    We need to have the existing ductwork removed and replaced with new ductwork before the roof will be scheduled for mitigation. New roof and all new high impact windows and doors were recently added. Condensation has caused some ceiling damage but the roof was not damaged with the hurricane and has no leaks. Our home is approximately 37 years old and was built by a builder who lived in it for several years. It has been in excellent repair.

    Owner, Natalie Weiss

    1. Leo B Post author


      Yes, labor and materials are included in all calculation. Also, you can adjust local cost to your region.


  8. Imelda Diez-Tipa

    I have a finished basement that I want to divide into 2 bedrooms, each one with its own closet. For the kitchen, I have an “L” shape wall that I wanna remove and build an island instead. I need to do this project as soon as possible. Our budget is less than $10,000.00 for both projects. Thank you.

  9. Chuck

    You need to update your pricing. It certainly isn’t setting the correct expectation for any job I’ve ever seen in decades, in terms of what your calculator shows in pricing. You are off by double what the calulator should show, for national and regional prices.

  10. Julie Ohm

    need to fix floors and to level them, fix ceiling, replace windows, siding, plumbing, electrical, and replace heat unit.

  11. Laura Datz-Rambo

    Disappointed ☚ī¸
    I read a whole page on stucco and there is no options for it in your calculator.

    1. Leo B Post author


      Stucco is very uncommon product, and there are literally over 100 different ways one can install it, as far as materials used or not used, insulation, mesh, thickness, attachment to walls, etc. So calculation stucco jobs is very tricky.

      Also, this here is a general purpose home improvement and remodeling calculator, that is capable of estimating simple siding jobs. We also have a more detailed, longer form siding costs estimator which is a better fit for you.

      However, basically you can use a minimum of $16-20/sq foot base cost of doing stucco, if your home is not super cut-up AND you have wide-enough roof overhangs. Because if your contractor will have to build out overhangs, job will me a lot more expensive!

      Hope this helps.

      Cheers, Leo