21 Crown Molding Ideas For Every Room Of Your Home

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If you are thinking that crown molding may work well in your house, here are some beautiful and very different ideas to consider.

You will notice that crown moldings enhance the look of both traditional and modern interiors, as long as the molding material and color does not clash with the rest of the design.

Crown moldings have a wide ranges of uses. They can make any room appear taller, larger, and fancier. Best of all, ceiling trim is a great way to cover up any imperfections, which are especially common in older houses.

You can go for built-up elaborate moldings, reminiscent of the Versailles Palace, or clean, minimalist trim lines, and everything in between.

Design tip: more bumps and grooves in the molding DOES NOT equal more beauty, or style, or quality. In fact, these overblown moldings often look completely out of place and fail to enhance the overall style of the room. Ideally, a crown molding should have an elegant and harmonious composition, that is not overbearing.

Depending on the material you choose, the cost to install crown molding can vary from $5 – 8+ per linear foot. Premium materials and custom built molding designs can easily cost $15-20+ per linear foot.

Here is some inspiration and ideas for installing crown molding in different rooms around your home.

1.Crown Molding In A Traditional Living Room

Decorative Crown Molding in a Living Room

This beautiful, decorative molding bring out the elegance and charm in this classic style living room. While the crown has beautiful custom details, they are not gaudy.

2.Crown Molding In A Living Room With A Low Ceiling

Crown Molding In A Room With Low Ceiling

While it may seem counter-intuitive to put moldings in a room that has low ceilings, the effect is quite surprising and beautiful. Instead of making the room look even smaller, classic, sculpted moldings add a sense of volume and expansion to the room. It’s no longer lacking in height.

3. Crown Molding In A Room With A High Ceiling

Modern Crown Molding

Often, rooms with high ceilings may seem too impersonal, lacking that cozy feel of a home. Adding crown molding to such a space, gives your eyes a place to rest, and creates a much more inviting ambiance. If you have high ceilings, you have the luxury of playing around with a wide range of trim ideas.

4. Crown Molding In A Modern Room

Ceiling Trim Ideas

Even modern room designs can make great use of ceiling trim. They add a homey touch, and take away the uninteresting transition between walls and ceilings. In this style rooms, its best to go for clean and simple moldings, without fancy curves or excessive details.

5. Crown Molding In A Luxury, French Style Living Room

Living Room Crown Molding

Huge, royal-like living rooms call for a special custom crown molding. This French palace inspired room is complete with an ornately designed, plaster molding that looks more like a work of art than a ceiling accessory. The room would not command the say aura of luxury without it!

6.Transitional style kitchen

Crown Molding In A Kitchen

The kitchen is often one of the best rooms for installing crown moldings. Without them, the transition from cabinetry to the ceiling makes the room look ugly and unfinished. In a kitchen, its best to pick a molding that goes along with the style of the cabinets.

7. Tuscan style kitchen

Tuscan style kitchen with crown moldings

As you can see in this beautiful Tuscan kitchen, crown moldings don’t have to be white. The trim here is perfectly matched with the sage color of the cabinetry.

8. Modern kitchen

white molding in a modern kitchen

This classic, wide molding gives an all white modern kitchen a finished look. You can achieve a similar look by using inexpensive moldings made of PVC. In fact, if you are on a tight remodeling budget, adding crown moldings can be a great way to add a designer touch without spending thousands of dollars. Notice how the shape of the moldings is similar to the design of the kitchen cabinets. This creates an overall harmony in this space.

9. Rustic style dining room

Rustic style dining room

This rustic dining room comes alive with a dark wood, simple ceiling trim. The dark color of the wood makes a very bold design statement. As a result, the room does not need to many additional accessories or design elements. The look is complete with complementary style wood ceiling beams and door trim.

10. Modern dining room

Modern dining room with white trim

The sleek and minimalist design of this contemporary dining room is complete with a white, no frills ceiling trim. While the molding purposely avoids pompous and busy details, it adds enough visual interest to make the space look very elegant.

11. Country style dining room

country style dining room with grey trim

Who said crown moldings have to be white? This charming country dining room comes alive with the addition of light gray moldings. They are a beautiful compliment to the green and brown color pallet of the room.

12. Modern Bedroom

Bedroom Crown Molding

Wood moldings can add a beautiful and warm touch to a bedroom. They come in a wide range of stain colors and finishes. There are also many custom wood crown moldings available. You can also paint wood moldings or leave the natural color of wood, putting only a clear coat finish.

13. Bedroom with a low ceiling

Ceiling Molding Ideas

In rooms with low ceilings, be sure to add moldings that have shape and/or texture, rather than more minimalist designs.

14. Country style master bedroom

Country style master bedroom with trim

This awe inspiring country master bedroom would not be complete without the crown molding. As you can see, moldings don’t only work in rectangular shape rooms. Any shape, can make great use of ceiling trim.

15. Traditional entryway

Crown Molding Designs

You can instantly up the style and elegance of a dated entryway or foyer in your home by adding crown moldings. They don’t have to be expensive or with elaborate details.

Classic white trim, as shown in the image above can also go a long way. Ceiling trim can be a great addition regardless of the size of the entryway. However, bigger spaces will look more classy if you add trim.

16. Mediterranean style entryway

Molding Design

Fancy homes with luxurious entryways definitely call for crown moldings to match. This Tuscan style foyer would not look nearly as impressive, if it wasn’t for thick crown moldings all across its perimeter. Notice, that the molding itself has an understated yet very classy look.

17. Large, classic foyer

Ceiling Crown Molding Ideas

Here is another entryway where beautiful moldings combined with custom paneling over a very charming and classic feel of 19th century homes. Its a unique look because the molding is not white. Rather it matches the off white, light gray color of the walls, stairway and window trim.

18. Luxury Master Bathroom

Contemporary crown molding

In this stunning master bathroom, the crisp white moldings serve to frame the entire space, and allow the eyes to focus on the beautiful accessories inside. Its a very nice designer touch that the moldings match the color and shape of the window and door trim, creating a very organic look and feel.

19. Contemporary bathroom

Contemporary bathroom with ceiling trim

In this classy all white bathroom everything is understated, including the crown moldings. You almost don’t even notice them at first, because they blend so seamlessly together with the rest of the design. Yet, they create a very subtle and elegant transition between the walls and the ceiling, which would look very plain and rather cheap without this trim. Take away point: moldings don’t have to stand out or be expensive in order to elevate the look of the space.

20. Small bathroom

country style bathroom with black moldings

In this rustic small bathroom, the bold black crown molding really makes the entire space pop. In fact, its one of the unique and most visually interesting accessories of this bathroom. So if you have a tiny bathroom and are looking for an inexpensive way to add a touch of style, consider putting in a crown molding and painting it a rich color that pops.

21. Entertainment room

entertainment room with crown molding lights

Crown molding can even work in a finished basement, turned into a state of the art entertainment room. Here in addition to making the space look more stylish, ceiling trim is used to conceal lighting. This is a very cool way to create the feeling of sitting in a real movie theater.

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