Countertop Estimator: Calculate The Cost Of New Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertop cost

Having the right countertops can make a difference between loving and hating your kitchen! By using this calculator you can save hours of price comparison research and simply budget this project based on your specs. Estimate accurate countertop prices, with different edges (styles) for: granite, corian / silestone, quartz, wood,… Read more »

Ductless Mini Split Calculator: Estimate Your Mini Split Installation Cost

Ductless Air Conditioner Installation Cost

A mini split can be used for both heating and cooling. It provides excellent energy efficiency, compared to central AC units and even gas-fired furnaces. The average price to install a ductless air conditioner unit (single zone) is $3,500-4,000. A typical two zone system costs $7,000-8,000. However, because there are… Read more »

2018 Bathroom Renovation Cost – Get Prices For The Most Popular Updates

how much to remodel a bathroom

Updating a bathroom can be the best investment of your remodeling dollars in terms of both your personal enjoyment and resale value. Across the US, homeowners report that a bathroom remodel costs around $8,000-15,000 for an 8×10 space, and depends on the quality of materials you use. A complete renovation… Read more »

15 Most Effective Small Bathroom Design Ideas

best design for small bathroom

While you may not be able to change the physical size of your bathroom, you can certainly transform it into a space that will look and feel modern and spacious. Armed with the right paint colors, decor accents, fixtures and a strategic vision, your small bathroom can become the highlight… Read more »

5 Best Rain Shower Heads: Prices, Pros & Cons, Reviews

bathroom rain shower head

If you have just remodeled your bathroom, and are looking for a way to improve your shower experience, you will love a rain shower head. It is unique because it has many tiny holes, which create a steady and even flow of water. There are also settings that allow you… Read more »