Countertop Calculator – Estimate The Cost Of New Countertops

Typical Cost To Install Granite Countertops Average: $1,680 - $3,720
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Estimate how much granite, quartz and other kitchen countertops cost. Enter your countertop size, select countertop material & color, edge type, and get instant price quotes in your area!

Get accurate countertop cost estimates with different edge options for: granite, corian / silestone, quartz, wood, metal, laminate, and recycled materials.

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How To Use Countertop Calculator

NOTE: Estimated countertop prices include design, template delivery and installation.

There is also a basic “fee” of $750 included with all price quotes – this is what most contractors would charge for Template Preparation.

1) Size – You can measure or “guesstimate” the size of the job – just enter the size in square feet in the first box.

In most cases a countertop is considered 2 feet deep – so just measure the length of your counters, and multiply it by 2, to get the size. If you have an Inside Corner, add 4 sq.ft.

2) Materials – Select the material type that you want to have installed.

3) Color – Select the color you want. Note that in most cases you should use “Standard” option, until you actually see the colors that your contractor is offering, and know which are Basic, Plus and Premium.

4) Edge Profile – Select Edge Profile – refer to our EDGE PROFILE GUIDE.

In most cases you can select Basic (A option) or Better (B option). If you are estimating laminate countertops, the price calculated will be a little higher than the actual price, as custom edges for laminate cost significantly less that those for Granite or Corian.

5) Removal of old counters – Select YES if this is a kitchen remodel, and NO if it’s a new construction / addition.

6) Project complexity – This is a very subjective variable, but if you have inside corners, odd cut outs, diagonally spaced sinks (in the corner), or if you want as few seams between countertop sections as possible (this typically applies in the installation of Granite, Quartz and Corian), you should select “more complex” or “very complex” to get an accurate quote.

7) Cooktop cut-in – the name says it all. If you plan to have a counter-mounted cooktop range, select yes.

You can also request no obligation free estimates from local contractors, who specialize in kitchen countertop installations.

How Much Do New Countertops Cost?

Typical Cost To Install Granite Countertops Average: $1,680 - $3,720
See costs in your area

In most kitchens, where the total size of a countertop area is 40 sq. ft. the average cost to install countertops is $3,500-4,000. This price quote includes all materials and professional labor.

Keep in mind that your countertop cost will greatly depend on the counter material you select. For example high-end stainless steel countertops, marble, granite, soapstone, quartz, and concrete are the most expensive materials to install.

Within each type of kitchen countertop material, prices also vary greatly depending the quality and grade of the material.

This is particularly true when it comes to countertops made of natural stone, such as granite and marble.

For example, lower grades of granite countertops cost as little as $45 per square foot, while high-end granite can cost as much as $180 per square foot.

Cost to Install Granite Countertops
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Countertop Costs Per Square Foot

Here is the average estimate cost per square foot for kitchen countertops based on the material.

Material Cost
Laminate $20 – $50 per square foot
Tile $20 – $70 per square foot
Synthetic Solid Surfaces (i.e. Corian) $50 – $90 per square foot
Concrete $65 – $135 per square foot
Granite $70 – $175 per square foot
Engineered Quartz $80 – $140 per square foot
Marble $110 – $250 per square foot

Check out our guide to the Top Countertop Materials

Cost To Install Countertops

Typically, professional countertop installation makes up 50-60% of the total countertop cost. Kitchen countertop installers charge $15-30 per square foot for their labor.

The following factors will impact your total countertop installation cost:

– total size of the job
– complexity of the install
– edge types you select (upscale edges can increase your total countertop cost by as much as 20-30%)
– countertop material (some materials such as natural stone are harder to install, and will get a premium labor charge)
-local labor rates

Are New Countertops Worth It?

Installing quality countertops as part of your kitchen remodel is a great way to boost your house resale value.

Overall, the ROI of installing countertops such as granite or quarts offer as much as 80% return on investment.

Cheaper countertop materials such as laminates, butcherblock, etc can bring in as much as 55-60% ROI.

If you have a rental property, installing new countertops is a great way to boost the appeal and functionality of the kitchen, without investing a lot of money into major updates.

Cost to Install Granite Countertops
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2 comments on “Countertop Calculator – Estimate The Cost Of New Countertops

  1. Raymond Armstrong

    Priced material per sq. Ft used this as labor calculator for rough estimate. Seems to be 3 times as much as material. Will have to get a on site estimate for real cost. This is way off

    1. Leo B Post author

      Raymond – this calculator is for MATERIALS + LABOR

      In 99% of cases, homeowners cannot do Granite / Quartz and other countertops themselves, because those need to be fabricated by a specialized shop.

      Usually you also cannot just buy a granite slab.

      Therefore, prices include installation.

      As far as cost in this calculator – they are based on what actual countertop contractors / companies charge. For example, basic Granite will cost about $40-45 per sq. ft. installed. Home Depot will be around $45-50. Some premium shops can be as high as $50-55 per foot for cheapest granite. Now you can always find companies that will do the work for around $30/ft, which is what I did.

      But those are few and far between. So I base these numbers on average between different companies.

      Now quartz – same thing. Basic color will be around $55-60 ( Home Depot, Ikea, most smaller shops), but my countertop contractor’s quartz starts a t $40/sf.