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Window Replacement Cost Calculator accurately estimates prices to install vinyl, wood or fiberglass windows in your home.

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How To Use Window Replacement Cost Estimator

You can calculate replacement window prices for: double hung, casement, picture, bay / bow and garden windows. You can select: vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass windows.

Other options include: low-E / argon, grids, inside trim, exterior trim (copping) and window build quality. It is possible to estimate prices for multiple windows at once.

1) Enter the number of windows

2) Select material: (Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum).

cost of windows3) Choose energy efficiency options: Low-E, Argon Gas, Low-E and Argon, or None. NOTE: Most state building codes require the use of Low-E glass.

4) Build quality: this setting is primarily for VINYL windows, and sometimes applies to fiberglass windows. Wood and Aluminum windows from the same manufacturer are usually of the same quality.

Having high quality construction is VERY important to the long term performance of your windows.

Basic vinyl windows are constructed using mechanical assembly – this means that all frames and sashes are screwed together. This compromises the dimensional stability of the window and will quickly lead to difficulties in opening / closing the window, as well as air leaks and energy loss.

Additionally, the weather-stripping in basic windows is of very poor quality, as is the lifting mechanism and locks. We do not recommend this type of window

Medium quality usually offers fusion-welded frames and sashes, better quality weather-stripping, locks and sash sliding mechanism. However, it usually does not include insulated frames. Also, frames are typically made from a lower gauge vinyl.

Best quality usually means the most durable / strongest frame, all fusion welded parts, more weather stripping and sometimes Triple Glazing for the highest energy efficiency. These windows will last the longest, and will continue to operate at their original condition for a long time. However, improved quality comes at a higher cost.

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows Average: $3,620 - $6,640
See costs in your area

5) Trim in most cases, you can reuse existing STOPS (interior trim around window frame). If you need / want new stops, this will cost you about $5-10 per linear foot, with materials and installation. If you have bare (painted) wood exterior window casing, it is recommended to wrap it with flat-stock aluminum (Copping). This will protect your wood against rot and will eliminate the need for painting.

6) Grids are optional: we included pricing for most common “Colonial” type of grids.

The estimated replacement cost is for NEW windows. Data is compiled based on Harvey’s and Alside vinyl and wood windows catalog pricing, without contractor’s discount. It reflects an approximate price that most homeowners would pay to a contractor for buying these windows.

Labor is also included in the total quote, and reflects the average window installation cost across the US.

Your local prices will vary depending on the contractor you hire and local economic conditions.

How Much Are New Windows?

On average, the cost to replace one vinyl window is $350 – $650 A single wood replacement window costs $590 – $870 installed.

How much you spend on new construction or replacement windows depends on the window size, style, frame material, as well as professional installation charges.

Typically, homeowners spend $575-1,050 on a single window, depending on the material used, complexity of installation and other features of the window. Thus, replacing 10 windows costs $5,750 – 10,050.

It is possible to install windows for a lot less as well. For example a single hung vinyl window from Crestline Select 250 Series costs around $395 installed. Jeld Wen Windows is another reputable manufacturer with reasonable prices. Their double hung vinyl windows cost $350-500.

Window Pricing Break Down

Here are some sample prices for popular replacement windows (estimates include installation charges)

  single hung double hung sliding bay & bow, etc
Vinyl $355 $500 $600 $1,050
Fiberglass $450 $615 $675 $1,260
Wood $630 $850 $1,000 $2,000+
Aluminum $400 $575 $625 $1,150

Cost Of Expensive vs Cheap Replacement Windows

Keep in mind, that while vinyl windows are considered to be budget quality, there are also expensive vinyl windows out there, which are much better made.

For example, Pella 350 Series vinyl windows can cost up to $800 each depending on the type of window you select. Windows in this series boast an Energy Star Most Efficient Windows in 2018 rating, more durable vinyl material, and triple pane glass.

If you are looking for premium windows, wood is a top choice. Prices for wood windows start at $635 each and can go up to $2,000+.

Windows made of premium wood, such as cherry or mahogany cost at least $950. Andersen Windows is one of most popular and recognized wood window brands.

Fiberglass is considered a mid-range material for windows, although many higher-end window brands such as Marvin, use fiberglass frames in their window products.

Windows with fiberglass frames usually have a modern flair and are a good fit for high-end contemporary style homes.

Average Window Replacements Cost

Window replacement and installation is a project that is best left to the pros.

Professional installation charges for a single window range from $130 to $240. Most window installers charge $175 per window. However, installing high end systems, such as bay windows will cost at least $450-700.

These quotes are to install a window with the existing frame in place. Building a new frame can increase your costs by as much as 100%.

Moreover, if your existing frames are damaged or warped, the installer will charge extra to make the necessary repairs before proceeding with the installation.

Overall, larger window sizes as well as any shapes other than a rectangle will be more expensive, both for the product itself, as well as labor.

Another important factor that will increase your total window installation costs is your geographic location.

If you live in an affluent area, such as most cities located on either West or East Coast, window installers will charge 20-30% higher labor rates compared to pros working in lower-income areas such as cities and towns in the South or the Mid-West.

Are New Windows Worth It?

Many homeowners start thinking about replacing their old windows as soon as they feel the first cold, windy drafts around their windows. Others think about replacing windows as they get their homes ready for sale.

Replacing the windows of your home is a big investment, with many homeowners spending over $50,000 to replace all windows in their home!

However, installing high-quality windows offers tremendous short and long term benefits.

Here is what your new windows bring to the table:

Energy and cost savings of as much as $150-375 annually
Reduce the size of the heating or cooling units needed
Improve the comfort of your home
Reduce frost and condensation
Increase the light and view
Improve the curb appeal of your house
Reduce the fading of the pictures and furnishing in your home
Increase the market value of your home by as much 3.5-4.5%
Get a solid return on investment up to 75% of what you have initially spent on replacement windows.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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    1. Leo B Post author


      This is very case by case thing… And I’m not really sure what your situation is. But, since I have plain pine Andersen windows in my home and wood trim around it, I will base the answer on my personal case.

      If you need to just stain the wood to match other windows – probably about $35-45 each window. Hardest aspect of this is to get matching stain. Also masking around windows adds labor and material costs.

      If you also need wood trim around – now the cost of pine trim (clean no knots pine) would be at least $75-90 per average size window. With all the cutting and installation, you are probably looking at $220+ each window. This implies removal of old trim (if it is already finished in some different color) and installing new trim.

      Good luck.

  1. Barbara Drosman

    What about screens? My window installer added outdoor windows with no screens? How much should I deduct from his bill for me to add screens?

    1. Leo B Post author

      New windows usually come with screens from manufacturer. This is very strange. What is the brand of your window? I thing buying new screens to exactly match the sizes of your windows will require going to the original manufacturer. My guess is at least $50 per screen.

  2. Alice Carroll

    I agree that sliding windows need a lot of cleaning in order to maintain it well. I’m going to get a window repairs service for it soon because it’s currently stuck and wouldn’t open. Hopefully, this problem can easily be fixed with proper lubrication.

  3. Chad P Patel

    Thank you very much for a very informative, helpful and sincere opinions and guidance for an individual like me.

  4. Melissa Jennings

    Great article! I found the calculator helpful in getting a round about idea of cost to replace my old wood single pane (weights in the wall) windows. What I did not read and would like to know is how efficient are aluminum clad verses wood windows. My husband believes the aluminum are not insulated and have been know to eventual be drafty. I like the durability and fade resistance they offer, I really don’t want to paint every 5-7 years. Are extruded aluminum clad windows energy efficient?

  5. kolby latta

    Is this the price for top of the line windows with a lifetime warranty, even if you sell the house and the warranty transfers? Or is this the average price of the windows that the calculator gave me?