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Estimate installation, replacement or refinishing cost for hardwood, laminate, pre-engineered flooring, linoleum, carpets or tiles. You can estimate prices for multiple rooms at once (the only limitation being that it needs to be the same material for all rooms). Click “add room” for additional rooms. If you do not have room sizes, but have the total square footage to be replaced, enter your size * 1. This will however skew results for the “trim” calculation. Once you select the flooring material you want, an additional field will appear, with more choices for a particular flooring type.

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Recently I purchased Brazilian Cherry hardwood and Tiger Bamboo flooring for my home – here is how I saved $3000 on my hardwood flooring

Flooring-CalculatorIf you have different types of flooring to be installed or removed, we recommend running this calculator several times, for each room individually.

To get accurate pricing for your flooring project, you will need to consider several options and aspects. Follow the instructions below, Item by Item, to get the most accurate cost for new flooring. This calculator is designed to be very detailed, and takes into account most aspects of flooring installation, unlike our general purpose remodeling cost calculator, which has a basic flooring estimating function, based on square footage.

1) Flooring Material: This is the first option you need to select. After you make your selection, you will see additional options for the material you have chosen. For example, if you choose Hardwoods, you will get options for Oak, Cherry, Birch, Bamboo, etc.

2) Material Quality: Again, we will use hardwoods as example. Wood flooring is usually divided into 3 grades or quality levels. For hardwoods, they are:

1) Clear or 1st Grade
2) Millrun or 2nd Grade
3) Rustic or #2 Common (3rd Grade)

As for cost, Clear hardwood is the most expensive and Rustic is the least expensive.

3) Room Sizes

At this time, it is only possible to calculate one material at a time. However you can calculate multiple rooms at once. Enter the size of each room where flooring will be installed. If you have more than 3 rooms, click “Add Room” for each additional room that you need to calculate.

4) Old Flooring Removal

This is an optional and sometimes unnecessary expense. For example, if you have hardwoods, and want to install carpets, we recommend NOT removing the existing hardwood. It acts as a solid subfloor, and can be later restored to it’s original condition, if you will decide to do so. If you want to install new hardwood and you already have hardwood, laminate or tile flooring, you will need to remove those. To add this cost, select the type of existing flooring that you need to remove.

We will continuously fine-tune the calculation algorithm, to make it as accurate as possible. We also plan to launch a stand-alone flooring calculator APP in the near future, for iPhone and Android.

Published/updated on: April 29, 2014

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