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LEO-YELENA-AND-KIDSHi Everyone! I am Leo Bander and together with my wife Lena we run the RemodelingCalculator.org blog, and our YouTube DIY channel dedicated to EVERYTHING it takes to make your dream home a reality.

We like to tackle remodeling from a down to earth perspective.

Our goal is to provide you with user-friendly estimating tools, as well as accurate information on the most current prices for popular remodeling materials, products and installation work.

But, that is not all! RemodelCalc is also full of:

expert remodeling cost guides: I am a contractor myself and work with many professionals in various trades

renovation design tips and inspiration: I am lucky that my wife loves remodeling and design

our own DIY projects around the house: that is how we have fun as a family πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Professional Qualifications In Construction Fields


I’ve been a contractor since 2003, specializing in:

Roofing (metal & low slope)
– Siding (vinyl, wood, fiber cement)
– General Contracting (GC)
– I am a Certified HVAC, Oil & Gas Heating Technician/Installer,
– Electrical work
– Builder, etc.

With roofing being my long-time specialty, I have experience with nearly all types of residential & commercial roofs.

I also have formal Solar PV installation training & hold an electrician’s training certificate, so technically I could work as Electrician apprentice in a master license track (but I don’t have time for that).

My wife Lena has been working as a consultant in residential construction and remodeling industry for the last 10 years. She holds a Bachelor Of Fine Arts from Brandeis University.

As of late, my primary focus has shifted from roofing to HVAC + Solar PV (combination of Ductless Heat Pumps + Solar to provide free heating and cooling).

I am just too passionate about green energy to “waste time climbing the ladder”. πŸ™‚

Contractor / Homeowner

I am also a homeowner, and like most homeowners, I either cannot or prefer not to do the work myself (some projects – primarily drywall and plastering). So like you, I look for the best deals on home improvement, and research what is a “fair price” for remodeling projects.

To help the fellow homeowners, I do the research for you and publish Remodeling Cost Guides, Material and Manufacturer reviews, etc.

Our Vision For Remodeling And Construction

Since childhood both of us loved getting our hands dirty and making something fun from scratch. So we can’t resist doing cool DIY projects, and always look for ways to make something creative with our space.

Having grown up in the former Soviet Union, with very limited resources, we believe that LESS IS MORE and we value QUALITY over QUANTITY. We apply this philosophy to our own remodels and also choose to blog about top notch products and materials that deliver the best value.

We are into life hacks. We dig deep to find the most cost effective way to get what we want, and we love to share our discoveries with you.

Our Remodeling Cost Calculators

Based on my experience, professional connections and ongoing research, I have designed easy to use, online estimation tools, that help homeowners calculate the costs for most popular interior and exterior remodeling and repair projects.

Here are the calculators you can use to get instant price quotes for your remodels:

These tools will yield near 90% accuracy when you provide correct inputs. Some factors that affect pricing accuracy are:

– location
– local economic conditions
– the contractor you are getting quotes from
– quality of materials
– job difficulty

I also publish an annual Remodeling Price List that includes pricing for the majority of construction and remodel projects.

Where We Get Our Pricing Data

By being actively involved in construction and remodeling industry for over 15 years, I’ve learned how contractors in most trades price their work. I am also in regular contact with my peers, thanks to online forums for contractors, such as Contractor Talk, Roofing.com, etc.

Moreover, staying up to date with multiple studies and surveys put out by the remodeling industry I am able to gather accurate data about regional differences in the cost of professional contractor labor.

The pricing used in our Remodeling Calculators is an aggregate of input from hundreds of pros across the US as well as rigorous pricing research that is regularly updated.

The Family Approach

To us, building a dream home is a family affair, so we include our 5 kids (Sasha, Anya, Shimon, Ari, Benny), and even our white cat (Kisya) in all our remodeling escapades.

We always love to hear your own home improvement stories, questions and cool ideas, so please speak your mind!

Contacting Us / Business Inquiries

If you need to get in touch, email me info @ remodelingcalculator.org or fill out our contact form.

If you need to send us physical mail OR contact us by phone:

Remodeling Calculator DBA
162 N Main St, Building 2
Sharon, MA 02067

TEL: (617) 340-9989‬

Please do not call with unsolicited offers or requests to publish blog posts. Such calls will be ignored. Serious business inquiries only!

About Leo B

Leo has been a contractor since 2003, specializing in: roofing, siding, general contracting (GC) and residential remodeling. Leo is also a Certified HVAC, Oil & Gas Heating Technician/Installer. In addition to roofing and remodeling, Leo is passionate about Solar, green building and energy conservation, so a lot of my time and energy goes to installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems.

See more about Remodeling Calculator team here

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17 comments on “ABOUT RemodelingCalculator.org

  1. Tina

    Leo, we live in western mass we need to move our ductwork because it runs down the middle of our basement and we want to use that as living space. Our home is a 1200 sq ft ranch style. We do need to move a return to a different wall and I asked for a damper because it’s very loud when heat comes on. So we received a quote of 7k. I feel like this is extremely high. What are your thoughts?

    1. Leo B Post author

      Tina, without knowing exact layout of your ductwork, I can say this. Duct work is a “protected trade” in Massachusetts – you need a license to do it, and permits, and all of that good stuff. So while 7K is kind of insane price (I agree with you), finding better price from a licensed company may be problematic. These guys know they have very little competition because of Unions pushing the state licensing board to make this a “protected trade”, and charge whatever they feel like.

      Now – what is your primary use for the ductwork? Is it heating or Air Conditioning? If only air conditioning, I’d recommend to instead spend the money on a good 3-4 zone DUCT-LESS heat pump. I mean $7000 just for metal ducts (if you are lucky, since most guys now use flex ducts) sounds like a total waste of money, and down the road adds about 15% of energy waste (you continue spending money in wasted electricity / heat).

      Good luck

  2. Mary Anne

    Hello, We want to install vinyl siding in our home . We are not sure which is a better product as we have 2 estimates one for Certainteed Monogram and the other for Alside Charter Oak. Both are 0,046 thickness. Please can you give us your opinion,

    1. Leo B Post author


      Vinyl is vinyl, however, I’d recommend Alside – it will be a bit cheaper, and it is “100% virgin vinyl”. No recycled junk. Other manufacturers may/do use recycled vinyl with thin coat of new vinyl on the outside. A little scratch and you see a different color.

      CertainTeed will always be more expensive, with no real benefits!

      Good luck

  3. Kristan Alvarez

    I just ran across your page and I’m on my third cup of coffee this evening wanting to read every bit of it! There’s so much helpful information I’m just in awe right now. Thank you so much for your help answering a lot of questions I had and even some I didn’t know I should’ve had. You’re awesome!

  4. KT Thomas

    I host a podcast called KTs Money Matters- I am interested in seeing whether you or your wife would be interested in being a guest on my podcast talking about home improvements, how and why you designed your site, and common problems when pricing a job from the consumers experience- if you would be interested, please email me

  5. Steve D

    I work for a local stone countertop and kitchen cabinet company and would love to be able to embed your countertop and kitchen remodeling calculator into our site. We definitely would reference you and your site if we could do this. Please shoot me an email!
    Nice site!

  6. Mike

    Hello Leo,
    I saw your simple desalination system. it is very nice and simple.
    I would like to introduce a similar system to show poor people in the middle east to make their own drinking water at home.
    Is there anything you could help me or teach me?
    Thank you in advance,

  7. Brian Jensen


    My name is Brian Jensen and I work for New Life Restoration in Santa Maria, CA. We provide water, fire and smoke damage restoration services which includes mold remediation, and hoarder cleanup services.

    I’m interested in writing for your website. Please let me know who I can contact to further discuss this.

    Thank You,


  8. Sharon MOORE

    Thank you for your blog. I certainly admire your efforts. You might add to your list if renewable products, cork. Please look into this great product from Portugal. Many colors and styles and very durable . Thank you, Sharon