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Typical Cost Range To Remodel A kitchen Average: $7,420 - $26,300
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Calculate your kitchen remodel cost. Your estimate includes the cost of installing, replacing or refacing of kitchen cabinets, new countertops, plumbing, appliances, fixtures, sinks, kitchen floor, painting walls and ceiling, etc.

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Kitchen Remodel Cost

Across the US, homeowners report that doing a full kitchen remodel costs $19,000 – 30,000 depending on the size of the kitchen, amount of labor involved and the quality of materials that are used.

National Average $25,000
Typical Range $19,000 – 30,000
Low to High – End $14,000 – 85,000

One factor that can add thousands of dollars to your final cost is changing the original layout of your kitchen. This adds on extra plumbing, electric, demolition and other costs that can easily increase your total remodel cost by $8,000-12,000 depending on the scope of work.

If you are remodeling your kitchen as part of a larger house renovation or new construction project, you can use our House Building Calculator to better plan your budget.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Per Square Foot

Kitchen remodeling cost per square foot hovers around $75-250. However, the majority of homeowners spend $140-150 per square foot to renovate a kitchen.

Keep in mind that the quality of materials will play a key factor in determining the final price.

Moreover, labor rates in different states and cities can vary dramatically, by as much as 20-30%

Cost To Hire A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The cost of professional labor for a kitchen remodel makes up 25-30% of the entire budget.

Remodeling contractors that specialize in kitchens charge $75-120 per hour depending on local labor rates and complexity of the project involved.

This is the one area where we recommend erring on the side of caution, if your urge is to save and hire cheap labor.

This usually ends producing disastrous results, and homeowners having to spend thousands of dollars to redo a poorly done job. Make sure you hire a kitchen pro with experience and at least 3 stellar references.

Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimate Near Me

How much you end up spending on remodeling your kitchen greatly depends on your geographic location. This is because while material prices are similar across the states, professional labor rates vary greatly.

It also makes a big difference whether you live in a rural or urban areas. City residents have to deal with much higher labor rates compared to those people living out in the country. The difference can be as much as 20-30%

The table below provides kitchen remodel cost estimates based in popular cities and states across US.

Location Average Replacement Cost
New York City $27,000- 45,000
Boston $23,000- 40,000
Los Angeles $28,000-50,000
San Francisco/Bay Area $29,000-55,000
Seattle $22,000-42,000
Miami $20,000- 30,000
Washington D.C. Metro Area $19,500- 35,000
New Jersey $18,000-35,000
Massachusetts $17,000-30,000
Florida $16,000-23,000
Georgia $14,500-22,000
South Carolina $14,000-21,000
Illinois $15,500-25,000
Minnesota $14,000-19,000
Texas $16,000-23,000

Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Based On Project

Since there are so many smaller projects included in the a complete kitchen renovation, its important to know which ones cost the most. This can help you plan your budget accordingly and decide where its worth saving some money.

Kitchen Cabinets

The most expensive remodel item in a kitchen is new cabinetry. It makes up 27-30% of the entire kitchen cost.
Even the cheapest materials such as prefabricated stock cabinets from Home Depot or IKEA cost at least $60 per linear foot. Most homeowners end up spending $125-200 per linear foot on stock cabinets that look nicer and have additional features.

Kitchen Appliances

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the cost of kitchen appliances and ventilation is the next big ticket item on the remodel list.

It makes up 12-14% of the entire budget. Here you can certainly try to save money, as you don’t have to splurge on upscale brands like Jen-Air in order to have nice appliances. It is best to get appliances that are Energy Star rated.


As you may have guessed countertops are another expensive item, accounting for about 10% of the total remodel cost.

In 2021, quartz countertops have definitively won over granite in the hearts and minds of homeowners.

Other popular choices include butcher block counters, concrete, laminate, glass, nano-materials, tile, Caesarstone, Terazzo, Corian, limestone, soapstone, stainless steel and copper. Most homeowners spend an average of $70-95 per sq.ft. on kitchen counters.

Kitchen Flooring

Next up is flooring, which gets 7-9% of the total budget.

Flooring replacement is a popular feature of most kitchen renovations. Old floors can make even the most beautiful, modern kitchen look dated and unwelcoming.

You have the choice of 3 flooring materials typically used in kitchens: tile, hardwood or linoleum.

To get a more accurate estimate on the cost of new flooring for your kitchen, use our comprehensive Flooring Calculator

Porcelain and ceramic tile is a popular kitchen flooring choice that is reasonably priced ($5-7 per square foot).

Installing hardwood or natural stone tile runs on the expensive side ($8-10+ per square foot).

Materials such as engineered wood, vinyl plank (LVP) and linoleum flooring are a lot more budget friendly (under $5 per square foot).

Kitchen Remodel FAQs and Considerations

How Long Does It Take To Remodel A Kitchen?

Depending on the size of your kitchen and complexity of the work involved, such as doing plumbing and electric work, completing a full kitchen remodel can take as long as 3-5 months.

Less complex kitchen projects can take 5-7 weeks to complete.

What Is The Cheapest Way To Remodel My Kitchen?

A quick and inexpensive way to transform the look and feel of your kitchen is to repaint the walls and ceiling. Its best to choose neutral or warm colors that are appealing to the eye. To include this estimate, you need to enter your kitchen size (ft) and ceiling’s height.

You can use our Painting Cost Calculator to get a more accurate cost of painting your kitchen.

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of A Kitchen Remodel?

By far, installing new kitchen cabinets is the most expensive ticket item on your kitchen remodel list. Even low-cost cabinets run as much as $7,500 – 10,000 for an average size kitchen. High-quality cabinets can easily cost $15,000-25,000.

How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Small Kitchen?

If you have a small kitchen (less than 70 square feet), your cost for a complete remodel will be $5,500-18,000

While a small kitchen limits the scope of your renovation, you can invest your money into the quality of the cabinets, appliances, lighting and other features you want your dream kitchen to have. Just because your kitchen is small, does not mean it cannot be beautiful and functional.

Consider creating an open floor design by removing the wall that separates the kitchen from the dining/living room area.

This will make your kitchen feel bigger and may also allow you to add a kitchen island in the middle, which will increase your storage and countertop space.

Can You Remodel A Kitchen For $5,000?

If you do the work yourself and use inexpensive materials as well as discounted appliances its possible to remodel a small to medium size kitchen for $5,000.

You will need to install cheaper flooring materials, such as ceramic tile, use low-cost granite or laminate counters, and repaint the walls for a fresh new look.

In this budget range, updating the cabinets will most likely not be possible, unless you choose to repaint old wood cabinets yourself.

How Much Does A DIY Kitchen Remodel Cost?

On average, homeowners that do the kitchen remodel on their own report spending $10,000-15,000. This is about 50-60% cheaper than the cost of hiring a professional contractor.

How Much Does A High-End Kitchen Remodel Cost?

When it comes to high-end kitchens, sky is the limit on how much you can spend on this remodel. To build their dream kitchen, homeowners easily spend $50,000-70,000, but many luxury kitchen remodels cost over $100,000.

Size is a big factor that drives up the final cost, as these kitchens tend to be large, over 250 sq.ft.

The distinguishing feature of a high-end kitchen is the building and finishing materials, as well as the appliances that are used. Popular brands are Miele, True, AGA, Viking, Thermador. Starting price for all appliances $25,000

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Professional Kitchen Designer?

Most mid-range to high-end kitchens are built using professional design services. A certified kitchen design pro charges $100-200 per hour and will assist you with things like:

– Determine the best and most functional kitchen layout. She will make 3D design plans for you to choose from.
– Figure out the overall style of your kitchen (Country, Industrial, Mediterranean, Modern, etc)
– Come up with the color scheme and ensure that all building materials and products match
– Assist in the selection of appliances and lighting to complete the overall design

How Can I Save On The Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Here are some money saving tips that have been tried and tested by our remodeling pros and DIY inclined homeowners:

1. Do the demolition work yourself. Removing the old cabinets, appliances and flooring can set you back at least $1,000-2,500 on top of the cost of the remodel itself. Whatever you can do on your own will put cash back in your pocket.

2. Shop for scratch and dent appliances. Another option is to shop for returned appliances or floor models. Best Buy, Lowe’s and Home Depot offer deep discounts on these types of “second hand” appliances.

3. Replace old floors with vinyl plank flooring instead of hardwood or tile. Vinyl or laminate floors are very functional and there are dozens of beautiful designs to choose from.

4. Reface rather than replace kitchen cabinets. Cabinet refacing can save you at least 50% of the cost of brand new kitchen cabinets. If you do want new cabinetry consider cheaper brands like IKEA kitchens.

What Is The ROI Of A Kitchen Remodel?

Overall, renovating an old kitchen brings one of the highest ROIs in the remodeling industry, roughly 70%

Interestingly, very expensive, high-end kitchen remodels have the lowest ROI, of only 60-65%.

Consider whether its worth it to invest $50-60K or more into a high-end kitchen remodel. While such an upscale kitchen may be a necessity when trying to sell a 2 million dollar home, it will not pay off for lower value properties.

At the same time, minor updates that cost $12,000-16,000 have the highest ROI – an impressive 91-92% This is because making small improvements can go a long way in making a stellar first impression, boosting the home’s desirability, and raising the sale price.

Pro Tip: you get the highest returns on redoing a kitchen when you spend between 6-12% of the total home value.

Which Kitchen Remodeling Updates Add The Most Value?

If you are looking to boost the value of your property by remodeling your kitchen, consider doing the following projects:

  • Fresh wall paint
  • Replace flooring
  • Beautiful light fixtures
  • New sink and faucet
  • Attractive backsplash
  • New appliances

Yet another key to maximizing your ROI is being in tune with the particular trends of your local real estate market. Depending on where you live, prospective buyers may prefer a specific kitchen style, a countertop material, a particular brand of appliances, etc.

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