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Typical Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Average: $7,420 - $26,300
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Kitchen Remodel Calculator estimates the cost of remodeling your kitchen.

Your kitchen remodel estimate includes the cost of installing, replacing or refacing of existing cabinets, new countertops, plumbing, energy efficient appliances, fixtures, sinks, kitchen floor, painting walls and ceiling, etc.

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* All kitchen remodel price estimates include materials & labor, and were adjusted to reflect Covid-19 related price increases and 2024 inflation.

How To Use Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator

If you have some questions about particular fields in our Kitchen Remodel Cost Estimator, this video will explain each step in details.

NOTE: We’ve replaced “region” field in the calculator with a new Geolocation method, which detect the state where you are located, to provide better pricing accuracy in regards to local kitchen prices in your area.

We’ve also updated kitchen renovation pricing to reflect COVID-19 related cost increases from manufacturers and suppliers, which affect ALL home improvement contractors!

Average Cost Of A Kitchen Remodel

Across the US, homeowners report that the average total cost of a full kitchen remodel is $11,000 – $25,000 depending on the size of the kitchen, local labor costs and the quality of materials that are used.

The average kitchen remodel cost is $16,500-19,000.

National Average $19,000
Typical Range $11,000 – $25,000
Low to High – End $7,500 – $65,000

The average total cost of renovating a small kitchen using middle level quality materials is $9,000 – 14, 000.

You can refer to our comprehensive Kitchen Cost Guide to get a more detailed break down for your kitchen renovation.

One factor that can add thousands of dollars to your kitchen remodel budget is changing the original kitchen layout.

This adds on extra plumbing, electrical work, demolition and other labor costs that can easily increase the total price of your kitchen makeover by $3,000-12,000 depending on the scope of work.

Alternatively, you can save money by keeping the major parts of your kitchen where they are, and invest into cosmetic updates.

One of the best ways to save on a kitchen remodel is to go for an IKEA Kitchen.

If you are updating your kitchen as part of a major remodel or a new construction project, you can use our House Building Calculator to better plan your budget.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,300 - $16,930 (for 200 sq. ft. kitchen)
Low End
High End

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Kitchen Remodel Cost Per Square Foot

Per square foot, the average cost of kitchen remodeling hovers around $75-250. However, the majority of homeowners spend $140-150 per square to renovate a kitchen.

Keep in mind that the quality of materials, such as installing custom cabinets, will play a key factor in determining the final price.

Moreover, labor rates in different states and cities can vary dramatically, by as much as 20-30%

Kitchen Remodeling Prices Based On Project

Percentage-wise, here’s how much of your budget you can expect to allocate to each part of the kitchen remodel.

Kitchen Project Cost:

• Hardware and cabinets – 29%
• Professional installation – 17%
• Appliances and ventilation – 14%
• Countertop materials- 10%
• Flooring – 7%
• Lighting, including light fixtures – 5%
• Ceilings and walls – 5%
• Windows and doors – 4%
• Plumbing and faucets – 4%
• Design fees – 4%
• Other – 1%

Note that installing custom cabinets made of solid wood or other luxury materials, can increase their cost by as much as 50%, compared to prefabricated stock cabinets.

Cost To Hire A Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

For most kitchen remodels, the overall cost of professional labor makes up 25-30% of the entire budget.

Contractors that specialize in kitchen renovation charge $75-120 per hour depending on local labor rates, kitchen square footage, and complexity of the project involved.

This is the one area where we recommend erring on the side of caution, if your urge is to save and hire cheap labor.

This usually ends up producing disastrous results, and homeowners having to spend thousands of dollars to redo a poorly done job. Make sure you hire a kitchen pro with experience and at least 3 stellar references.

Kitchen Remodeling Costs Near Me

Cost of Kitchen Remodel
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High End

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How much you end up spending on a complete kitchen remodel greatly depends on your geographic location. This is because while material prices are similar across the states, professional labor rates vary greatly.

It also makes a big difference whether you live in a rural or urban areas. City residents have to deal with much higher labor rates compared to those people living out in the country. The difference can be as much as 20-30%

Kitchen renovation costs in popular cities and states across US

Location Average Replacement Cost
New York City $27,000- 45,000
Boston $23,000- 40,000
Los Angeles $28,000-50,000
San Francisco/Bay Area $29,000-55,000
Seattle $22,000-42,000
Miami $20,000- 30,000
Washington D.C. Metro Area $19,500- 35,000
New Jersey $18,000-35,000
Massachusetts $17,000-30,000
Florida $16,000-23,000
Georgia $14,500-22,000
South Carolina $14,000-21,000
Illinois $15,500-25,000
Minnesota $14,000-19,000
Texas $16,000-23,000

Kitchen Remodel ROI

Overall, renovating an old kitchen brings one of the highest ROIs in the remodeling industry, roughly 70%

Interestingly, very expensive, high-end kitchen remodels have the lowest ROI, of only 60-65%.

Consider whether its worth it to invest $50-60K or more into a luxury kitchen remodel. While such an upscale kitchen may be a necessity when trying to sell a 2 million dollar home, it will not pay off for lower value properties.

At the same time, minor kitchen renovations cost $12,000-16,000 have the highest ROI – an impressive 91-92% This is because making small improvements can go a long way in making a stellar first impression, boosting the home’s desirability, and raising the sale price.

Ultimately, if you are smart, you can have your dream kitchen without breaking your bank.

Pro Tip: you get the highest returns on redoing a kitchen when you spend between 6-12% of the total home value.

Cost of Kitchen Remodel
Low End
High End

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