Natural Stone & Stucco Siding on a Modern House (Picture of the Day)

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What is the first thing people notice about a house? Typically, it is exterior siding, as the material’s texture and color completes the home’s architectural design. Whether you are building a new construction home or undertaking an exterior renovation of your existing house, choose your siding material carefully.

Natural Stone and Stucco Siding on a Modern House

This is an image of a modern house outfitted with grey stucco siding. Additional natural stone siding chimney/fireplace and columns add visual interest and character to the home’s architectural design.

The most popular siding options are vinyl, brick, fiber cement, wood, concrete, stucco, natural stone and metal. While style and aesthetics are very important, you should also consider the siding’s durability, longevity, ability to withstand the climate your house is located in, and maintenance needs. In terms of cost, vinyl siding is the most economical (but also the least long lasting), while natural stone siding, such as slate, granite and limestone, is the most expensive.

The upscale modern house displayed above features a beautiful combination of grey stucco siding on the main walls and natural stone siding chimney/fireplace and two columns. Stucco siding is made from cement, building sand, lime and water. It is most commonly used on Contemporary, Mediterranean, Ranch and Spanish-mission style homes. Since stucco is a highly rigid material, proper installation is necessary to avoid cracks.

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  1. eldon ringler

    Really like this house ,would you have pictures of the backside and the blueprint to this home ?