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Exterior remodeling projects are an integral part of making your home safe, boosting its curb appeal, or selling it for top value.

This comprehensive guide on Exterior Home Remodel Costs will help you figure out how much you will be spending when looking to replace roofing, siding, build a patio, garage, etc.

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How Much Do Exterior Home Remodel Projects Cost?

While not as glamorous and sough-after as interior remodels, a house cannot be complete without proper care for its exterior.

Projects such as roof, windows, siding, and gutters replacement, as well as enhancements such as landscaping, building a garage, a deck, a patio, or an addition, are all important if you want to enjoy your home as well as increase its value when it time to sell.

On average, exterior remodels cost anywhere from $13,500 – 18,000, depending on the project type, as well as the quality of building materials used.

You can spend as little as $5,000 to replace an asphalt shingles roof, or as much as $30,000 to install high-quality wood windows.

Doing a number of exterior renovations at the same time can cost as much as $40,000-65,000+ depending on what needs to be done.

Cost of Exterior Renovations By Type

Below are the most popular exterior remodeling projects as well as their cost break down.

Window Replacement Cost

While there are companies that price their replacement windows around $1000/each (Pella, “Replacement by Anderson”, “big-box” stores, etc), and also companies that charge as little as $300/window (Window World, etc), most reputable windows installation companies charge between $450-600 per Vinyl Window up to 101 U.I. (typical window size).

We recommend that homeowners AVOID doing business with both expensive and very cheap companies and go with small-to medium size owner-operated local contractors.

Why you should avoid Pella, “Replacement by Anderson”, “big-box” stores, etc as well as Window World and similar companies:

The first group of window manufacturers grossly overcharges, for average quality windows, and “preys” on homeowners who do not know much about windows, promise them some “super-duper” warranties, etc.

The second group (Window World and similar) sell lowest quality windows, that stop closing and leak air within a year of installation.

Project Cost Project Details
Replacement Vinyl Windows $390-$580 / window installed (double pane, Low E) This price includes removal of old windows, framing any openings and installation of window up-to 101 “UI” (UI or United inches is a sum of window height + window width).

Add $99 for an obscured (privacy) glass. Add $89 for tempered glass. There will be an extra charge if Crypton gas or Triple Glass is necessary. Minimum of 5 windows.

Estimate prices for installing Replacement Windows with our Windows Calculator.

NOTE: While you can get windows without Low-E glass, which will save you $40-100 per window, most states do not allow installation of windows without Low-E, in living areas (homes, apartments, etc.).

Wood Windows $680+ / window installed (double pane, Low-E + Argon) Price includes removal of old windows, and installing new wood window up-to 101 UI.

Add $99 for an obscured (privacy) glass. Add $89 for tempered glass. Crypton Gas, Triple Glazing and high(er) efficiency spacers + frame insulation will add another $75-100 per window. Minimum of 5 windows.

NOTE: Few manufacturers of wood windows offer triple glass packages, due to thicker wood frames, which leave less roof for glass. Andersen is one of the best known manufacturers of quality wood windows, which boast a very high ROI

Siding Replacement & Repair Costs

Here we cover installation costs for the most popular siding materials, such as: vinyl, cedar/Wood shingles and clapboard, Fiber Cement and Composite Wood siding (Hardie and LP SmartSide), engineered wood, stucco, etc., as well as costs of siding repairs.

In this section we also provide estimates for the cost of exterior house painting.

If you need a more accurate price quote for siding replacement, use our comprehensive Siding Calculator, where you can enter house ground dimensions, building height, slope and style of the roof (to get gable end dimensions) number of windows & doors, and receive a very accurate cost estimate.

Project Cost Project Details
Vinyl Siding $7,102 -10,368 or $4.50 – 6.40 / ft2 (1450 s.f., includes labor and materials) This price includes removal of old vinyl or aluminum siding and installation of new .044″ clapboard vinyl siding with 1/4″ backer board insulation and wrapping 2 doors with aluminum, on an average size ranch home. Also, includes typical window and door trims. This excludes aluminum copping (wrapping) of window frames, which costs between $50 and $75 per window.
Vinyl Siding Repair $250 – 500 for repair or replacement of few vinyl panels, fixing bubbling caused by tight nailing, etc. Since vinyl repairs are all different in nature, it hard to estimate your exact cost. However there are common issues that are typically caused by improper installation, such as panels being nailed too tight, which results in bubbling. Also, sometimes panels crack due to impact, or melt due to being close to a grill. Most of these can be fixed in under $500, including installation on few new panels.
James Hardie Siding $12,731 or $8.78 /sq.ft2 (1450 s.f., includes labor and materials) This prices includes installation of house wrap, pre-painted Hardie Plank cement siding with stainless nails, sealing all joints, painted wood or PVC trim around all doors and windows. Hardie siding should only be installed on flat / smooth substrate. Removal of old siding will range between $1,000 and $1,500.

Primed (unpainted) Hardie Plank will cost about $800 less, but you will also need to paint the house, after siding is installed.

High end price with ALL PVC trim should be about $18,460 or $12.73 per sq.ft.

Also, check out this guide for in-depth look at Hardie Plank material costs.

LP SmartSide composite wood siding $11,644 or $8.03 /sq.ft2 (1450 s.f., includes labor and materials) This prices includes installation of house wrap, pre-painted LP composite wood siding with stainless nails, sealing all joints, painted wood or PVC trim around all doors and windows. LP SmartSide should only be installed on flat / smooth substrate. Removal of old siding will range between $1,000 and $1,500.

LP has it’s own pre-painted trim. However, our recommendation is to either use PVC trim or Cedar Wood trim and paint it to desired color, to avoid delimitation issues that are common with factory trim, that’s made of wood particles.

High-end price with ALL PVC trim should be about $16,997 or $11.72 per sq.ft.,

Paint Whole House (Exterior) >$3,550 – $4,200 for a 1600 sq. ft. home (1900 sq.ft. surface area) Perform basic prep work (scrape off old paint & power-wash), and apply one coat of basic exterior-grade paint. Use accent color for all trim (window/door trim, soffit, fascia, base trim, moldings, etc).

Two coats of paint will cost approximately $1,100-$1,300 more.

Extensive prep work (sanding down old paint, rot repair, etc) will cost $500-$700 extra.

Roof Replacement Cost

While replacing and old or leaking roof is not a glamorous renovation, it is a top priority to keep your house safe.

Moreover, if you are planning to sell your house, installing a new roof will make it a lot more desirable to prospective buyers, because no one wants to deal with roofing problems.

Over the last few years, metal roofing has become increasingly popular. Not only does it offer superior protection against the worst types of weather, its also a stylish alternative to classic materials, such as asphalt, wood and clay.

Standing seam roofing in particular is a top choice for modern and contemporary style houses.

Project Cost Project Details
Asphalt Shingles Roof Installation $6,288 or $3.88/ ft2 (includes labor and materials) This price is for an average 1620 sq. ft. gable roof on 1 story house, with architectural roof shingles, and one layer tear off of old roofing material. Top manufacturers include: GAF, CertainTeed, Owens Corning and IKO.

Add $50 if an OSB board needs to be replaced. Add $25 a square big for each additional layer of tear off.

Metal Roofing Installation $8,624 – 20,000 or $5.39 – 12.50 per sq. ft2 (includes labor and materials) This price is for a 1600 sq. ft. roof. Lower end prices are for R-Panel / 5-Rib panels with exposed fasteners. Mid-range and high end pricing is for Metal Shingles ($7.50+ per sq. ft.) and Standing Seam ($9+)

Add $50 if an OSB board needs to be changed. Add $45 per square for 1 layer of tear off.

Cedar Shingles $11,360 or $7.10 per ft2 Price includes installing new cedar shingles/shakes roof, cedar breather underlayment, and copper valleys/flashing (if needed) on a 1,600 sq.ft. roof.

Removing old wood shingles or shakes will cost $1.20 – $1.50 per square foot. Repairing roof battens will be $30 per 8′ piece. Steep and/or cut-up roofs may cost $2 to $5 more per square foot.

Clay Tile Roof $15,680 or $9.80 per ft.2 Estimate includes installing a new clay tile roof, and underlayment, all flashing, on a ranch style 1,600 sq.ft. home. Note, that clay tile is extremely heavy, and often requires additional structural reinforcement. This upgrade can cost $6,000-15,000.

Moreover, tile quality and design, as well as expensive shipping charges may also greatly impact your total cost.

Slate Roof $22,560 or $14.10 per ft.2 Estimate includes installing a new natural slate roof, and underlayment, all flashing, on a ranch style 1,600 sq.ft. home. Note, that slate is the heaviest roofing material that requires structural reinforcement. On many homes it is not possible to install a new slate roof at all. Adding appropriate reinforcement can cost $10,000 or more.

Slate quality and therefore price varies greatly. Cheapest quality slate that is the least durable comes from China, while slate that is quarried in Spain and US is of a very high quality, and can last well over 100 years.

Rubber Roof (EPDM) $6,960 or $5.8 per ft.2 Price for an average 1200 sq.ft. flat roof, with removal of 1 layer of old rubber, installation of 1″ PolyISO insulation boards (6R value per inch), and installing new 60 mil EPDM rubber membrane, fully adhered to the insulation, with 3″ aluminum drip edge, and one masonry chimney flash.

Removal of tar & gravel roofs would cost an extra of $1 per sq. ft. Installing Tapered (sloped) insulation will add about $1.35 per sq. ft. Replacement of rotted substrate – $75 per sheet of 5/8″ CDX plywood.

TPO Roofing $7,560 or $6.3 per sq.ft2 This price includes installing a new 60 mil fully adhered TPO membrane on an 1,200 sq.ft. flat roof, together with 1″ PolyISO insulation boards, with 3″ aluminum drip edge, and one masonry chimney flash.
Roof Repair – missing shingles $275 to $450 + materials Price for replacing up-to 1 bundle (33 sq.ft.) of asphalt shingles, that are broken, blown off or missing.

If the roof is very steep or high, your cost can go up to $500+

Slate Roof Repair – broken slates $700 to $1200 + materials price for replacing up-to 20 slates, that are broken or missing.

If the roof is very steep or high, total repair cost can go up to $1500+

If a roofer needs to match a rare slate size/thickness/color, you can expect to pay an extra of $15-50 per piece.

Rubber Roof Repair $375 to $700 Patch up-to 10 holes in rubber roof. Replace up to 4 corner flashings on chimneys / skylights.

I personally charge $425 for 2 hours of labor + materials. Labor is $100/hr over initial 2 hours (15 min increments). My price excludes re-seaming, as a lot of material is used (especially when you need to cover old 6″ tape with 12″ tape).

Re-seaming costs $13-15 per linear foot of 6″ tape, and $20 per ln. ft. for 12″ wide tape.

Homeowners can also purchase a DIY Rubber Roof repair kit, which includes all necessary tools an materials for most common repair jobs, and save an average of $200-400.

Gutter Installation Costs

Gutters play an integral part in keep the siding and structure of your home in tact. There are many gutter types, styles and materials to choose from depending your budget and architectural house style.

The most popular, durable and reasonably priced are aluminum seamless gutters.

Project Cost Project Details
Aluminum Seamless Gutters $9.50-$12 / ln. ft. Average house has about 90 feet of gutters, which will cost $1185 for 5″ (K-style) seamless aluminum gutter and 4-6 downspouts, without Leaf Guards. Extra floors, corners, downspouts, will cost more.
LeafGuard Gutters $20-$30 / ln. ft. LeafGuard is a “holding company” with a network of dealers. Parent company owns the design and charges dealers certain fee from each job. Each dealer charges different price, to account for local pricing, but generally, LeafGuard gutters are pretty expensive.

Expect to pay between $20-$30 per linear foot of gutter, and in most cases separate fee for each downspout or drain. On a typical house with 90 feet of gutter length, expect to pay $2,350 – $2,900.

Our Recommendation: Due to design, you can never “open” LeafGuard gutters. Therefore, if or when they do get clogged up, you will not be able to clean them, without damaging the gutters! We recommend that homeowners install regular seamless gutters, with leaf protectors (plastic or aluminum) added separately! Your cost will be significantly lower, leaf protection identical, and you will have the flexibility to clean or repair the gutters, easily.

Copper / Zinc Gutters $40-50 / ln. ft. Copper and Zinc gutters cost a lot more than aluminum, due to much higher cost of materials, and a lot of custom labor, such as seam soldering for copper. Copper and Zinc are typically installed on custom and historic homes, and are not very common on regular houses. Copper is often installed along with slate roofs.

Deck Building Costs

Building a deck is a great way to enhance the quality of time you spend outdoors with your family and guests. There is a wide range of decking materials, styles and accessories to choose from depending on your budget.

Project Cost Project Details
Pressure Treated Deck (with footings) $20-$23 / sq. ft. Pressure treated deck are the most common and least expensive type of deck/patio that you can build. For a typical 200 sq. ft. new PT deck, with concrete footings, and 8 railing posts with simple wood railings and a 4-step stair, expect to pay around $5,100.

PRO TIP: We also recommend treating your new PT deck with Clear Polyurethane coating once in 3-5 years. This is a simple procedure that you can do yourself, for around $100-150, or pay your deck builder around $500. Clear Poly will prolong the lifespan of your PT Deck, and will greatly improve the appearance, by giving your deck a tint of color, while still showing the natural wood grain! Wait at least 12 months, before 1st Poly coat, to let the wood turn more natural color.

Build TREX / Composite Deck $32-38 / sq. ft. TREX and other composite deck materials are more expensive. For a typical 200 sq. ft. New TREX/Composite deck, with concrete footings and PT frame, and 8 railing posts with simple wood railings and a 4-step stair, expect to pay around $7,600-$9,300, depending on how fancy you want to get with the railings.

PRO TIP: Composite decks WILL absorb moisture and swell over time. Therefore, if you want to go with a fancy decking material, we recommend AZEK or other PVC deck material, which will not absorb any moisture!

Cost To Install Exterior Door

While installing a new exterior door may seem like a small project, it actually has a huge ROI. In fact replacing an old exterior door has one of the highest ROIs in the remodeling industry, its over 90% returns.

Project Cost Project Details
Exterior Door $570 This price is for a basic steel white exterior door, with installation.
Framing $4-$5 / ft2 (includes labor only) Note that framing is very specific, so the final price will vary greatly depending on the project.
Wood Fence $39 / linear ft. This price is a for a linear foot of installation of a wooden fence 6 ft. tall, wood 3-Rail Dog Eared Fence Panel, includes cement and 4″x 4″ posts. Add $400 for a gate.

Cost To Build An Addition

Building an addition, whether its a living space or a garage is a very popular exterior remodel, because it creates more usable space at a lesser cost than building a bigger home.

Here are the estimated project costs to build a garage, an attic, or a house addition.

Project Cost Project Details
One Car Garage $12,875 This price includes plans, framing, cement, roof, garage door, door opener and a walk-through door. Putting in a window costs an extra $325.
Two Car Garage $15,925 This price includes plans, framing, cement, roof, garage door, door opener and a walk-through door. Putting in a window costs an extra $325.
Project Cost Project Details
Attic Addition $71,190 Cost for a basic 15×24 shed dormer addition on the attic. Includes new shingle roof with two fixed skylights, 4 vinyl windows, basic shower bathroom and one standard room, and standard plumbing, heating and electrical wiring. Excludes building staircase, debris removal and building permits.
Project Cost Project Details
Home Addition $100,000-320,000 or $120-400/sq.ft This is the cost of building an 800 sq.ft. home addition. Typical additions include a kitchen, an office, or bedroom and a bathroom. If you are looking to build a two-floor addition, you will need to hire an architect, which will add 10-15% to the total cost.
Project Cost Project Details
Exterior Paint $2.05 – $3.74 / ft2 (includes the cost of 2 paint colors, trim and siding) This price is for a floor plan’s square foot of a level that has exterior exposed walls up to 9 feet high.

Concrete Work Costs

Estimate costs for installation of concrete stairs, slab / patio / walkways, in either plain (broom finish) or beautiful stamped concrete. Project prices below do not include demolition or excavation work.

Concrete is a tremendous building material used around the world, and loved by engineers/architects, builders, and homeowners for its strength, durability, and longevity.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $2,247 – $3,040 (for 240 sq. ft.)
Low End
High End

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In most cases, any concrete should be reinforced with steel re-bar and/or steel wire mesh. It is also recommended that any concrete work is done in ambient temperatures above 45F (5C) degrees.

Below are the estimated costs for most common concrete projects.

Concrete Patio $2,247 – $3,040 (240 sq.ft.) Build concrete form (12’x20’x4″), install re-bar to prevent/minimize cracking, pour 3000-4000 psi concrete, mag (smooth) and do broom finish with picture frame edging. This will use 80 ft3 (3 yrd3) of concrete.

Upgrading to 6″ thick concrete slab will need 120 ft3 (4.5 yrd3) of concrete and will cost additional $650-$700.

Use our concrete calculator to estimate the amount of concrete and materials/labor costs.
Stamped Concrete Patio (with sealer) $4,177 – $5,380 (240 s.f.) 1) Build concrete form (12’x20’x4″), install re-bar to prevent/minimize cracking, pour 3000-4000 psi concrete. Mag (smooth) and do picture frame edging.

2) Spread coloring agent/powder, and stamp slate or stone profile with flexible rubber stamps, while concrete is still uncured.

3) On the next day, when concrete is cured, clean coloring powder with blower, power-wash the concrete surface. Next, apply cleaning agent, broom-wash the surface, and power wash the concrete second time. Often concrete is washed and dries fully, apply 2-3 coats of clear concrete sealer.

Stamped concrete patio may take 2-3 days to install, depending on ambient temperature. This project is best to do in spring, summer, or early fall, and not recommended for winter-time installations, unless outside temperatures are above 45F – 50F degrees.
Concrete Walkway/Pathway (200s.f.) $1,918 – $2,210 Build concrete form (4’x50’x4″), install re-bar to prevent/minimize cracking, pour 3000-4000 psi concrete, mag (smooth) and do broom finish with picture frame edging.

If you need “curved” or steep slope walkway, your cost will be 10%-15% higher.
Pave a 2 car driveway $4,130 – $5,820 This is the typical price to pave a 16 x 40 (640 sq.ft.) driveway with concrete. Note that there can be a lot of hidden or extra costs in this and any other concrete project. These include, pouring 4-6″ concrete thickness, trowel & broom finish, picture frame edges, removal of shrubs and stones, etc.

Additional costs may be added if your driveway needs grading, gravel delivery / compacting, excavation, or any other work not directly included in pouring the concrete, and finishing it.
Cement Slab 4″ thick (no finishing) $6.2 / ft2 This price includes preparing the form, pouring the cement and smoothing the surface with straight edge. No edging or broom finishing is included. Add $1.5/sq.ft for demolition of old concrete (minimum of 300 sq.ft)
Cement Slab-on-Grade Foundation – 6″ – 12″ thick $7.1 – $12 / ft2 If your slab will be use as “foundation”, you will need thick concrete (6″ minimum). Also framing anchors should be installed during the pouring. This increases labor and materials cost.

Price includes preparing the form, installing re-bar & wire-mesh for improved stiffness, and to prevent cracking, pouring the cement/gravel mix, smoothing the surface with straight edge & power trowel the concrete after smoothing.

You will also need a 10-15 mil thick vapor barrier below the slab, costing $1-$1.25 per s.f., to prevent moisture from damaging the concrete, and causing mold in the future. All the plumbing and electrical that will be embedded in the slab, should be done before concrete is poured.
Concrete Footing $195 for a 9″ x 3′ round footing. Dig a 24″ wide & 3′ deep hole in the ground, pour 12″ high concrete in the base of the footing, install re-bar, 9″ wide round form, and pour a 3′ high footing (1 foot above ground).

Depending on where you live, and ground frost line depth, footing height may vary between 1 foot and 6 feet. Each additional foot of height will cost about $20-$25

Price is for a minimum of 6 footings installed. Smaller jobs will be more expensive.
Concrete Foundation (8′ high) $9-$24 per square foot. Foundation costs vary greatly depending on type of soil you have, thickness of concrete walls, depth, etc.

Generally, expect to pay about $18 per square foot (but can go as high as $30/s.f.), installed not near the ocean or other bodies of water. This cost does not include excavation, engineering, permitting, etc.
Concrete Stairs $1,845 – $2,250 for 3 steps, 6×6′ platform Include building a concrete form, installing re-bar and wire mesh reinforcement (to prevent concrete from cracking), and pouring 4000 psi concrete mix. Finishing with trowel, edging and final broom finish.

Concrete steps and platform to be pitched about 2-3 degrees away from the hose, do create positive slope for water drainage.

Yard work: Landscaping, Tree Removal, Excavations

Estimate costs for tree cutting & removal, lawn mowing and care services, stump grinding and pulling, as well excavation work.

Typical Cost To Cut 10 Trees Average: $1,680 - $3,720
See costs in your area

Below are the costs for the most common yard projects.

Tree Cutting & Removal $300-450/tree Price for cutting and removing one tree, up-to 30″ in diameter off your property. Tree should be located away from any structures or driveways, so that its sections can be dropped to the ground without a crane/rope-pulley systems.

Trees near structures will cost $800-1200 to cut and remove, which includes extra work/precautions needed to avoid property damage.

Grinding Stumps $60-120 per stump (upto 40″ in diameter) Price include grinding stumps upto 6″ high and 40″ in diameter, down to 2″ below ground level, and raking the wood chips. Minimum 5 stumps. For smaller jobs, price per stump will go up 20-50%.

Price per inch of diameter is about $2 – $3. Diameter is measured at ground level (not cut section).

Stump Pulling and Removal $150-$250+ / stump. Price includes excavating around the stump (up-to 30″ in diameter at cut section), pulling it out of the ground and removing off the property. Stumps are usually recycled (grounded into wood chips) or dumped in the landfills.

Price is for 5 stumps minimum. Smaller jobs will cost up-to 100% more, because contractor needs to bring excavators and dump-trucks to the job-site.
Professional Lawn Mowing $150 for up-to 3000 sq. ft. area (one time visit) Price includes cutting down & disposing of the grass on an average size lawn, up-to 3000 sq.ft. Price is for one time service. Lawns of larger sizes would cost about $200-250 per visit.

Landscaping companies often offer scheduled services, were they come out bi-weekly or monthly to mow the lawn. Bi-weekly price would be about $120/visit.

Hiring local high-schoolers or college students will cost about $50-75 per visit. However, you may be required to have a lawn mower.

ROI Of Exterior Renovations And Construction

Here is a list of projected returns on investment for the most popular exterior remodels.

Project Type Remodel Cost Average ROI Your Return
Mid-range bathroom addition $44,717 59.90% $26,785
High-end bathroom addition $83,869 54.60% $45,792
Upscale addition $256,229 48.30% $123,758
New deck (wood) $10,950 82.80% $9,066
New deck (composite) $15,750 65% $10,238
New patio $54,130 47.60% $25,766
Build a 2 car garage $48,806 63.70% $31,089
Siding Replacement (vinyl) $14,072 76.70% $10,793
Siding Replacement (fiber cement) $19,320 79% $15,263
Siding Replacement (cedar wood) $21,000 77% $16,170
Roof Replacement (asphalt shingles) $16,600 68.40% $11,354
Roof Replacement (metal) $22,500 85.90% $19,328
Replace entry door $1,350 74.90% $1,011

Cost of Bathroom Remodel
$7,210 - $14,612
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