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Building a new garage can completely change the appearance, as well as functionality of your home.

You may need to build a new garage because your old garage is unsafe, or perhaps it does not meet your space requirements anymore.

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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Garage?

The national average cost of building a new 2 car garage is $23,900. The cost ranges between $19,600 and $28,200. These are price estimates for simple garage spaces that will not be used as a workshop and don’t have any special plumbing or electric wiring.

A very economic 1 car garage can be built for as little as $10,000 – 12,000, whereas a high-end, luxurious garage can cost as much as $42,000+ to build.

By far, the size of the space, is the biggest factor that will determine your total garage cost.

However, choosing expensive materials, such as premium siding, high-end windows, spray foam insulation can greatly increate your final cost.

The cost of professional labor to build a garage is typically about 50% of your total cost.

New Garage Cost Per Square Foot

Building a garage will cost between $40 and $70 per square foot, depending on the features and design of the garage. On average, homeowners report spending $50-55 per square foot on a garage without plumbing or living space about it.

If you are looking to build a garage that has a living space about it, you can expect to spend as much as $125 – 275 per square foot.

Cost Of A Detached vs Attached Garage

You may be surprised to learn that there is actually NOT a lot of difference in the total cost between building a detached vs an attached garage. Both types of garages fall in the range of $40-70 per square foot.

Keeping all the materials the same, an attached garage typically costs 10-15% less than a detached garage of the same size.

Cost To Build A Brick Garage

Building a garage made of real brick is extremely expensive and most homeowners do not choose to take on this project.

The starting cost for a brick garage is $95 – 100+ per square foot.

Siding your garage with single layer of real brick costs $15-30 per square foot. Brick veneer siding is significantly cheaper, ranging in price from $10-20 per square foot.

Cost To Build A Garage Based On Size

For a 12’ by 14’ garage, the smallest size readily available, expect to pay around $14,000.

A 36’ by 24’ garage will be much more pricey, costing around $42,300 to build.

A mid-size garage at 20’ by 20’ will cost about $19,600 to build.

The table below summarizes the cost to build a garage based on garage size.

Garage Dimensions Total Square Footage Average Cost
12′ x 24′ 288 square feet $14,100
14′ x 28′ 392 square feet $19,200
20′ x 20′ 400 square feet $19,600
24′ x 24′ 576 square feet $28,200
36′ x 24′ 864 square feet $42,300

Detached Garage Cost Breakdown

Some features of a garage are necessary, whereas others you can choose to omit if you are looking to save costs.

For example, garage doors can range in price from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on material as well as design. Typically, steel garage doors are the cheapest, ranging in cost from $450 to $1,200.

Understanding what exactly goes into the cost of a new garage can help you better budget for the project and figure out how to save on the new garage.

The table below outlines the costs associated with building a standard 12’ by 14’, 288 square foot, one car garage.

Feature Quantity Cost per Unit Total Cost
Ceiling panels 288 square feet $1.80 $518
Ceiling insulation 288 square feet $0.93 $268
Foundation 5.33 cubic yards $139 $741
Windows 2 $350 $700
Entry door 1 $200 $200
Garage door 1 $510 $510
Roof trusses and supports 288 square feet $4.90 $1,411
Shingles 288 square feet $3.60 $1,037
Gutters 60 linear feet $4 $240
Vinyl siding 480 square feet $3.30 $1,584
Framing and walls 480 square feet $11.50 $5,520
Electrical 1 $1,500 $1,500
Total cost $13,989 – $48,579  

Cost Of A New Garage by Car Number

The cost of your new garage will largely depend on how many cars you want to accommodate and how much space you want in your garage. The fewer cars you need to fit, the cheaper your garage will be.

The table below outlines how much you can expect to spend on a new garage, based on the number of cars you have.

Number of Cars Square Footage Average Cost
1 240 – 384 $10,500 – $27,000
1.5 320 – 528 $12,800 – $32,000
2 440 – 624 $14,500 – $40,300
2.5 520 – 744 $20,800 – $52,000
3 620 – 816 $28,200 – $57,100
4 800 – 1,056 $32,000 – $79,300
6 1,320 – 1,728 $48,000 – 117,600

One car garage:

A one car garage will cost between $10,500 and $27,000 on average. A one car garage is traditionally twelve to sixteen feet wide and twenty to twenty four feet deep. Older homes, however, sometimes have ten foot wide garage doors.

One and a half car garage:

If you want something larger than a one car garage, but don’t require space for two cars, consider a one and a half car garage.

In terms of dimensions, a one and a half car garage may be about twenty feet wide and thirty feet deep, depending on the exact dimensions you want. A one and a half car garage is usually between 320 and 530 square feet.

A one and a half car garage will cost slightly more than a one car garage but less than a two car garage, ranging in price between $12,800 and $32,000.

Two car garage:

A two car garage is a popular choice for many homeowners because of the versatility and spaciousness.

A two car garage is between twenty two and twenty six feet wide, and between twenty and twenty four feet deep. This is equivalent to 440 and 630 square feet. The cost of a two car garage ranges between $14,500 and $40,300.

Two and a half car garage:

A two and a half car garage is a good choice for anyone needing some extra space in addition to two cars, such as a storage area or a workshop space.

A two and a half car garage will cost between $20,800 and $52,000, and are between 520 and 744 square feet.

Three car garage:

Ranging in cost between $28,200 and $57,100, a three car garage is between 620 and 816 square feet.

Four car garage:

If you need to fit four cars or are seeking out maximum spaciousness and luxury, you may consider a four car garage. With a square footage of 800 to 1,056, a four car garage is large enough to fit all of your needs.

A four car garage is generally styled either with a row of four single stalls or two stalls that are twice as deep.
On average, a four car garage costs between $32,000 and $79,300 to build.

RV garage:

If you have an RV, you may want to get an RV garage. The cost will depend on the dimensions you choose and whether you decide to install hookups.

An RV garage should be minimally 14 feet wide, 12 feet tall, and 40 feet deep. Most RV owners choose to build a garage around 16 feet wide, 14 feet tall, and at least 50 feet deep. An RV garage will cost between $36,000 and $140,000.

What Size Garage Should I Choose?

The size of the garage you choose will depend on your needs. If you are using a garage to store your cars, you need to think about how many vehicles you have as well as how large the vehicles are. A pickup truck, for instance, will require a larger garage space than a small two person car.

Additionally, be sure to calculate any additional space you will require for accessibility features, such as maneuvering room for a stroller or wheelchair or a ramp.

If you plan on using your garage for needs other than car storage, you will have to decide exactly how much space you require. A small table in one corner will require a different garage composition than a full workshop.

Understanding your own priorities before committing to a size is essential in ensuring the garage fits your needs.

Attached vs. Detached Garage Cost

A detached garage is a more expensive option than an attached garage, as it will need to be built from the ground up. On average, a detached garage will cost 10% – 15% more than an attached garage made from the same materials and of the same size.

Any upgrades that are often included in detached garages will of course cost more. For instance, adding an apartment space above the garage will require electric wiring, plumbing, and HVAC, which will add an extra several thousand dollars to the cost of the garage.

Cost Of Prefabricated Garages

A prefabricated garage (one assembled in a factory rather than on-site) is the cheapest garage option.

A prefab steel garage kit costs between $4,000 and $6,500, and a two-car prefab garage will start at $5,000.

This is significantly less than a standard, on-site garage which starts at $14,000 and goes up from there.

Some homeowners associations forbid the installation of prefabricated garages, though, as they are thought to negatively impact property values. Be sure to check with your homeowners association before installing a prefab garage.

Cost Of Tearing Down A Garage

If you need to tear down your old garage before installing the new one, be sure to factor that into your price considerations.

Demolishing an attached garage costs between $5 and $15 per square foot, while demolishing a detached garage costs much less, ranging between $4 and $8 per square foot.

The reason for such a big price difference is that it takes more planning and effort and subsequent repair work to demolish a garage that is attached to the house.

Moreover, keep in mind that the costs will also vary depending on the material that the garage is build of. A brick garage is very heavy and will cost the most to tear down. A wood frame garage is the easiest and therefore cheapest to tear down.

If the garage sits on a concrete slab that also needs to be demolished this can add anywhere from $700-1,500 to the total cost.

Any complex plumbing or electric wiring inside the garage will also increase the labor cost to tear it down.

Finally, if there are any hazardous materials that the garage is build of, such as lead paint or asbestos, these will need to be removed prior to the demolition. This can cost $1,200 – $5,500.

You will also need to pay to remove and dispose of the old garage materials.

Some of it may be able to be recycled or sold to scrapers, depending on the materials used.

Garage Door Prices

Installing garage doors for a 2 car garage can cost $1,500 – 3,000 depending on the type of garage door material you select. High-end garage doors can cost as much as $8,000-12,000

Garage doors can be made of metal (aluminum or steel), wood, composite wood, vinyl, or fiberglass. Metal garage doors are the most economical while fiberglass and composite wood doors are the most expensive.

In terms of door styles, standard panel and tilt-up garage doors are the cheapest and can be installed for under $1,000. The most expensive are Carriage, French, and Glass Roll Up garage doors. These can range in price from $5,000 – 10,000 +

Additional Garage Amenities Prices

If you are building a garage for purposes other than housing your car, there may be additional costs related to the amenities you plan to include.

If you want to build a workshop space in your garage, you will need to pay for the materials such as tables and storage space, as well as mounts for various tools.

Additionally, if you are not building it yourself, you will need to contract a carpenter, which generally costs around $75 per hour.

For those living in hot or cold climates, you may decide to install heating or cooling in your garage to make it a usable space, especially if you are including a workshop or something of the sort.

You can purchase an all in one heating and cooling unit for about $1,000. If you are looking for a more elaborate HVAC system that is hooked up to your home’s temperature control, the cost will be much higher.

If you require running water in your garage, such as a sink for your workspace or an emergency shower, you will need to hire a plumber.

Depending on the type of fixture and how far away your garage is from the rest of your home’s plumbing, a plumber should be able to install a water fixture for $1,000 to $3,000 on average.

If you want to include a fridge or a freezer, for your garage, be sure to include the cost in your budget calculations.

A refrigerator can range between $100 for a mini-fridge and $2,500 for a fully-equipped, high-end fridge and freezer.

Many people choose to include storage and cabinets in their garage, especially if they have a garage with half-sizes. You can purchase free-standing cabinetry from anywhere between $50 and $500.

If you want a cabinet attached to the wall, you can find cheap cabinets from hardware stores costing only $50, but you will need to hire a carpenter to install them, at a labor cost of $75 an hour. A high-end cabinet and storage system, designed specifically for garages, can cost several thousand dollars.

Another feature you may want to include is a door into your home from the garage. You will need to cut into the preexisting wall of your home, which will cost about $2.50 per square foot. The cost will vary, though, depending on the type of wall it is, as some walls will be more difficult to knock down than others.

If you need to add a driveway, you should budget an additional several thousand dollars. A standard size concrete or asphalt garage costs between $3,000 and $5,000 on average, depending on the exact metrics of the driveway and the material you choose for paving.

You may need a building permit for your new garage, especially if it is detached. You will need to prove that the new garage will not go over your property’s allotment of impervious surface (such as buildings and driveways).

A building permit costs between $150 and $500 depending on the region and the size of the project.

How To Choose The Right Contractor To Build Your New Garage

In addition to choosing all the features and amenities you will include in your new garage, you will also need to decide on a contractor.

Choosing the right contractor is one of the most important decisions in the entire garage building process, so it is essential to take the time necessary and shop around between contractors until you find the right one.

Here are some tips to help you find the right contractor for your project:

● Be sure to ask for photos and documentation of similar projects they have completed
● The contractor should be insured, bonded, and have all necessary licenses and certifications
● Read through online reviews of the contractor so you can catch red flags early on before committing
● Find a contractor who offers warranties on the materials as well as the labor
● A contractor with experience in the field is the best way to go. Try to avoid contractors who are new to the industry.
● Compare quotes from several different contractors before deciding on one.

Can I Build a Garage DIY?

Unless you are a very experienced DIY-er, it is probably best to leave garage building to the professionals.

It is a complex project that will take many hours of labor, and unless you are completely comfortable with building projects, it may take many more hours to develop the skills needed to build a garage.

If you are able to build one DIY, you will save significantly. The labor costs of getting a garage installed usually account for about 60% of your total budget. Material costs on their own will range from $5,000 and $25,000, saving you thousands.

Garage Zoning Laws

One important step when building a new garage is ensuring you have the necessary permissions and permits to build your garage.

Adding a large structure such as a garage to a residential property is strictly regulated. You will need to apply for a building permit through your local government. The process is somewhat complicated, and your contractor should be able to help you through the process.

Depending on the size of your local government, will take about eight weeks to receive the necessary permits, so be sure to include that in your timeline plans for the garage.

ROI Of A New Garage

Building a new garage for your home does not just help you in the present. It will also be useful if you decide to sell your home in the next few years, as a garage increases your property value.

Depending on the type of garage you install and the quality you have chosen, the garage can have as high as an 80% ROI.

This means that when you sell your home, it will sell for more so you will receive back eighty percent of the cost of the garage.

Cost to Build a Home Addition
$32,580 - $91,300
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