2023 Andersen Windows Prices, Installation, Reviews

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows
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Whether you’re on a small budget or looking for high-end replacement windows, Andersen windows has it all.

Andersen replacement windows are top-rated among homeowners because of longevity, energy-efficiency, and a great choice of styles.

Typical prices range to install Andersen 200-series Wood Window is $625 to $810, depending on size, options and number of windows.

For a typical Andersen 400-series window, you would be looking at around $710 to $920+.

In this guide we will discuss the benefits, prices & pros/cons of Andersen windows, and how to find an Andersen windows installer near you.

How Much Do Andersen Windows Cost?

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $5,960 - $8,380 (10 New Windows)
Low End
High End

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Andersen windows are installed by many home improvement services providers & independent contractors (large and small), and you can easily find Andersen installer near you.

Get started on your project by contacting local window installers for accurate FREE window price quotes.

The most popular windows in the Andersen 400 Series cost an average $330 – $690+ each, without installation. Price difference comes from type of window, size and finish.

Most common double-hung Andersen 400 Series with plain PINE finish will cost about $330 for a smaller size, and just under $400 for a bigger size.

Homeowners report as much as $2500/window or more for regular 400 series windows, charged by the “official” contractor.

Our simple recommendation – think twice when choosing between $900 per window and $2500 – $3500 per window … for identical windows, that can be ordered from Home Depot or MANY other Andersen retailers, and installation is the same.

Andersen 400 Series windows at Home Depot costing $330 to $370 – Prices as of summer 2023

Fancier finishes and/or CASEMENT type windows (crank-open left or right) will run between $550 and $800+.

However, you can also buy Andersen 200 Series for as low as $224 per window, or Architectural A Series for as much as $1,030 per window.

As always, vinyl frame windows are significantly cheaper than aluminum or wood frame windows.

NOTE: Above prices are for standard size Andersen windows! Custom windows will likely cost you 10-30% more! For most homeowners a standard size window will work – otherwise WHY would Home Depot sell this windows in EVERY STORE?

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
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Andersen Windows Prices Break Down

Prices for Andersen windows vary depending on the line, window type, size and style, as well as hardware options.

Andersen offers affordable replacement windows for low to mid-ranged priced homes, as well as rental properties, but also pricier windows from their Architectural Series.

In the chart below, we’ve compiled a list of average Andersen window prices per series, including installation.

Series Material Average Window Cost Installed Window Cost Budget Level
Andersen 100 Fibrex $209 $366 Low
Andersen 200 Wood (Vinyl clad) $224 $445 Low
Andersen 400 Wood (Vinyl clad) $375 $575 Medium
Architectural E-series Aluminum, Wood $930 $1,040 High
Architectural A-series Fiberglass, Wood, Fibrex $1,030 $1,180 High

You can calculate more accurate window installation costs for your home, using our Windows Prices Calculator

Why Homeowners report Andersen Windows Costs $2400 to as much as $6800 each?

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
See costs in your area

As we mentioned above, there is a large national Andersen windows installer, running TV, Radio, Print and Mail advertisements, and as several homeowners have reported in comments, this big installation company wants to charge $2400 to $6800 per window installed 😀 …

Reported job totals range from $48,000 to $70,000+ for jobs of 7-20 windows. While we don’t argue what businesses can and should charge for their products and services, we find these numbers “a little excessive” if you may.

The thing is – this national installer will in most cases install same Andersen windows that are sold at Home Depot (as well as other Andersen retailers), and will actually buy them at a decent discount, compared to what you and I will pay retail.

Andersen 400 Series Casement windows Costs $409 at Home Depot

I’ve seen my supplier pricing by accident – my sales rep told me told me to wait at his desk, where he had internal price printouts laying in front of me. Their margin was 40% of my “discount pricing”.

Still we are counting pennies here. Biggest price difference comes from Installation Labor, Overhead and Profit!

As a contractor, I can tell you that we can do a 30-40 windows job in 1 to 2 days, with 3 guys working 8 hours/day. I can do a replacement window in 1 hour (give that I have all need tools and supplies handy).

So it all comes down to how much profit the company wants to (and can) make, after salesmen’s commissions, materials, labor costs, advertising, etc, and how much homeowners are willing to pay.

I can tell you that most window installers can do the same good job as this “national company”, and pay their installers either hourly (see below) or $100-$150 per window, and still make very good profits.

Andersen windows’ installation is not much different from any VINYL Replacement window, and any installer charging $650-$800 per 200 Series Andersen WOOD window ($750-$950 for 400 Series double-hung) will easily cover their cost and make profit, while offering competitive price to homeowners.

Compare that to $2500-$3600 average price per window that the “national company” is charging, and you can see where I’m going with it… Bottom line – we stand by our fair price estimate of $625 to $950 for a typical 200 or 400 Series Andersen windows, installed!

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
See costs in your area

Andersen Windows Installation Cost

If you would like to hire a professional window installer, expect to pay $40-50 per hour for installation labor, depending on where you live.

Installation charges for Andersen replacement windows make up about 30% of the total windows cost. This may sound excessive, but the installer has to remove the old window, install a new one, wrap the exterior trim, and clean up the area.

Let’s take a closer look at how much it costs to install different types of windows.

As you can see from the chart below, single hung windows are the cheapest, double hung and picture windows have mid-range prices for installation, which bow and pay windows are the most expensive to install.

Window Type Window Installation Cost
Single Hung Windows $160 to $370
Circle Windows $250 to $750
Casement Windows $275 to $740
Double Hung Windows $320 to $830
Arched Windows $315 to $710
Picture Windows $350 to $820
Awning Windows $405 to $740
Bay Windows $1,100 to $3,475
Bow Windows $1,420 to $3,700

Furthermore, there are other cost factors you have to keep in mind. If the installation is quick and there aren’t any obstacles, then the price with be lower.

If you need to install windows on a second or third storey of the home, expect at least a 40-50% installation up-charge, since its much more difficult and time-consuming to install windows, which are not on the first level.

Cost of Andersen Replacement Windows vs New Construction Windows

New construction windows also require the building of the frame itself, where as replacement windows go into an already existing frame, which makes installation much cheaper.

The average cost to frame on standard size window is $850-950 Framing larger windows can cost $1,000-2,000+

Repairing window trip can cost $250-1,100 depending on the scope of work.

Moreover, if your house was built before 1978, chances are it contains lead paint. And if that’s the case, the installer will also charge extra for having to protect your family from exposure.

The average cost to remove lead paint is $8-15 per square foot, depending on scope of work and accessibility issues.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Cost Of Andersen 100 Series Windows

Although the cheapest series, the Andersen 100 is a great alternative to standard vinyl windows. Andersen 100 Series Windows cost $238-366 per window, without the cost of installation.

They’re made of Fibrex, which is a strong blend of wood fibers and a thermoplastic PVC polymer.

Fibrex is eco-friendly and can withstand harsh weather conditions a lot better than vinyl. It isn’t prone to peeling or fading, making these windows highly durable for a low price.

Another advantage of these Fibrex made windows is that they also come in darker colors, which isn’t possible with regular vinyl windows.

Because of the PVC, these windows are low-maintenance. They also aren’t prone to rotting and decaying like other windows made entirely of wood.

The high-quality glass used for all Andersen products is also used for this series. So although the Andersen 100 is cheapest line, the quality is still maintained.

In a nutshell, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on new windows and are looking for something that doesn’t skimp on quality, the Andersen 100 series is a great option for you.

Cost Of Andersen 400 Series Windows

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
See costs in your area

If you’re in search of windows that are modern but will also help your bills drop significantly, then consider getting something from the Andersen 400 series.

The 400 Series cost $335 – $675 per window, without the cost of installation.

The main advantage of the Andersen 400 series windows is their design. Even without painting them, these windows are really nice-looking.

However, if you want to upgrade them, you can paint them to match the interior trim of your house.

The Andersen 400 series are wood windows with a vinyl exterior. The high-quality of these windows comes from the wood, while the vinyl slows down the rotting.

Although wood requires a bit of maintenance, if you take care of these windows properly, they’ll have a long lifespan.

The tilt latch mechanism on these windows is remarkable. Andersen uses plastic clips to release the sash. This allows for easy cleaning, which is a very convenient design feature.

Although this may seem like a small detail, it’s incredibly useful. The windows still have that traditional look, but can also tilt and operate efficiently.

The 400 series also comes with 4 standard glass options as well as multiple specialty and decorative glass options.

You also get a lot of accessories choices, including: matching gliding patio and hinged patio doors, multiple screen options and grille styles, profiles and sizes.

There are also three screen options and Wireless VeriLock security sensors for double-hung windows integrate with smart home systems.

Renewable By Andersen Prices

Renewal by Andersen is a window replacement subsidiary of Andersen. They offer a full service, meaning a representative comes to your house for a consultation.

They’ll measure your windows, order the new ones for you, and install them. Renewal by Andersen windows are made of Fibrex and are entirely customizable. And the key feature is the more modern look that they give to every house.

For Andersen Renewable windows homeowners pay around $950 per window plus the cost of installation, which in many cases can be $1500-2500. Needless to say, these are some of the most expensive replacement windows on the market.

And since you actually get the windows from a franchised distributor, prices can vary a lot. So if you’re considering buying these, make sure you get them from a reputable dealer to avoid the shady selling tactics.

However, the major problem with these windows is that the price doesn’t match the quality. Moreover, there are numerous complaints from customers directed at the dealers selling these windows.

They often try to make a sale by belittling competing products, which is why people eventually don’t make a purchase.

This isn’t the fault of Andersen, and customers should be aware of that. But if you find a decent dealer, have money to spend, and appreciate the looks much more than efficiency, then opt for Renewal by Andersen windows.

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
See costs in your area

How Do I Identify Older Andersen Windows?

Whether you’ve been living in the same house for decades or you’re just moving in, you’d probably want to know which company manufactured your windows. But how can you find that out?

All Andersen products, windows included, have the logo etched in the glass. Most likely, it’ll be in on the interior bottom right corner.

You’ll be able to identify the date of manufacture and the glass type. Other specific window details aren’t shown. This small detail helps you recognize even the older Andersen windows.

Andersen Windows Pros and Cons

Andersen has been a leading window manufacturing for over a century. They pride themselves on being innovative and responsive to customer’s desires. Here’s why you should choose Andersen:

• A variety of products: The selection of windows is fantastic. They offer awning windows, casement windows, single and double-hung windows, and many more.

• Excellent energy efficiency: Andersen was a 2019 Energy Star Partner of the year. This means they continuously try to protect the environment and manufacture products that reduce emissions.

• A great selection of materials: They make Fibrex, wood, fiberglass, vinyl, and aluminum windows.

• Customizable series: Their customizable E Series windows are one of the first choices for architects.

On the other hand, like any other brand, there are some disadvantages:

• Limited lines: Compared to some other brands, they don’t have as many product lines.

• Expensive E and A series: Compared to some other brands, their exclusive lines are even more costly.

• They do not offer a labor warranty and none of their windows have a lifetime warranty

Pella vs. Andersen Windows

Both Pella and Andersen are by far the biggest window brands and most fierce competitors in the residential market.

Usually, homeowners have a hard choice to make when deciding between these two window brands. Lets take a closer look to see which brand wins.

Pella Andersen
Overall Price 20 % cheaper than Andersen  
Cost of cheapest window $185 for a double hung window $235 for a double hung window
Materials options primarily all vinyl windows, mostly manufactures Fiberex
  some windows with wood and and wood window frames, some
  fiberglass frames vinyl products are available
Number of product lines 8 product lines with some very unique offerings 6 product lines, with more classic windows
Energy Efficiency offers more energy efficient options, standard energy efficient windows
  better window designs for more efficiency  
Innovative Window Designs Yes No
Color options   Significantly more colors and customizable
    colors compared to Pella
Complementary in-house consultation Yes No
Homeowner complaints Product – 50% Product -15%
  Customer Service – 2% Customer Service – 40%
ROI 70-80% returns 70-80% returns
Warranty Lifite warranty for glass 20 year transferable warranty for glass
Best fiberglass window Winner  
Best vinyl window Winner  
Best Contemporary and architectural window Winner  
Best wood window   Winner
Best Classic/Traditional window   Winner

Andersen vs. Marvin windows

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

When you’re in the middle of home improvement, you might have a difficult choice to make between Andersen or Marvin windows.

Since both brands have their own advantages and disadvantages, deciding between them can be tough. Luckily, we’ll make this process a bit easier by identifying each company’s pros and cons.

The cheapest Andersen window from the 100 Series is $238. Add to that around 30%, and you’ll get the full price. The most expensive Andersen window has VeriLock Security System and it’s priced at $1,900, together with installation.

The most expensive Marvin Windows Infinity line costs $1,500, which is cheaper than the top of the line Andersen windows. However, their budget double hung windows actually cost more than Andersen, ranging in price from $350-700.

Andersen and Marvin windows have a number of colors available, both for interior and exterior parts. When it comes to Andersen, finish colors depend on the window material.

For example, aluminum Clad windows from E Series have more than 50 options. What’s more, there are custom colors in this series. This means you can get unique colors that go with the interior and exterior of your house.

The Series windows have 11 color options, 400 Series seven, and 100 series six. Whilst the 200 series windows have just two choices.

As for Marvin, each window line has different color options. Their extruded aluminum windows come in around 20 different colors, which is still less than what Andersen offers.

Both manufacturers use dual-pane with Low E. Andersen also uses Low E4. In contrast, Marvin uses Argon. Glass can be upgraded to decorative glass, tinted, specialty glass if you buy Marvin windows.

Also, if you choose Andersen windows, their glass can be upgraded to art glass, Smart Sun Glass, Passive Sun Glass, etc.

Check out our in-depth guide comparing Marvin vs Andersen Windows.

Andersen vs. Harvey Windows

If you start comparing Andersen and Harvey windows, you’ll see both companies have a long history of making good-quality products. Each of them specializes in different things.

Andersen is a sustainable, eco-friendly company that offers high-quality windows for quite an affordable price.

Moreover, their windows are low-maintenance and are built to withstand various weather conditions. There are special windows specially designed for people who live in a harsh climate.

Harvey specializes in manufacturing virtually invisible windows screens. With these screens, the airflow is improved, and you get a lot more visibility. Andersen also offers these kinds of windows, but they aren’t their specialty.

Even so, the main difference between Harvey and Andersen windows is in looks. Customers have complained of Harvey windows being cheap-looking and of much lower quality than Andersen windows.

Furthermore, Harvey windows are much cheaper than Andersen windows. Their cheapest windows are around $213.

Andersen Windows Reviews

Andersen is always praised by its clients, whether they’re homeowners or realtors.

In general, customer satisfaction surveys show a very high rate of satisfaction with the window products themselves. Most complains have to do with either poor customer service or faulty installation.

In fact, most homeowners who are having a problem with their windows have a hard time telling the difference between a defected window product and a bad install.

Often, incorrect installation leads to problems with the window itself, however in this case the warranty will not be honored by the manufacturer.

This is why its so important to ensure that you are getting high quality installation, instead of trying to save a few hundred bucks and hiring a “jack of all trades”.

One satisfied customer mentioned how they were considering other brands, but chose Andersen because of the excellent experience their friends had with the company.

The quality was great, as was the price. At first, they wanted to replace the windows in the living room and the kitchen. However, they decided to do a major house renovation and ended up getting more than 20 windows from Andersen.

Finally, Andersen is known for having repeat customers. Many homeowners who installed Andersen windows once, come back to the company to order more of their windows.

Are Andersen Windows Worth It?

Andersen is a reputable brand selling bang for the buck windows. Given the fact they have a lot of different series, there’s something for every customer.

Whether you’re looking for budget-friendly windows or something high-class, you’ll be able to find it.

What’s more, if any part of the window is damaged, you don’t have to worry. You can get that particular part of the window repaired.

The Series 100 range is an excellent example of how even a basic line can be of good-quality. For an average price of $238 per window, the Andersen 100 series offers excellent value for an average homeowner.

And if you have a bigger budget, you should know that the Architectural Series windows are the top-quality choice. They’re also incredibly energy-efficient, meaning you’ll get your money’s worth.

Did you know? The Andersen master casement window was the first fully assembled window. The founder Hans Andersen was among the first people to introduce assembly-line production.

Andersen Windows ROI

Replacing windows in your house always boosts home value, especially if you had old dingy windows with poor energy efficiency.

According to the Remodeling Magazine, the typical ROI of window replacement is about 70% When it comes to Andersen windows you know that you can get at least this much back, and possibly more since Andersen is a highly reputable and well-known windows brand.

Most homeowners love Andersen windows and are very happy to hear if the home has this particular windows installed.

This is particularly true in higher-end properties, which cost over $500-600K, where Andersen is a very popular window choice.

Typical Cost To Install 10 Andersen Windows Average: $5,120 - $9,320
See costs in your area

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16 comments on “2023 Andersen Windows Prices, Installation, Reviews

  1. Ann W

    Hello – I live in Northeast Ohio and I just had a quote from renewal by andersen. 5 replacement windows and 1 patio door slider with the smart sun glass, colonial grids, etc.. The slider quoted is the 200 series and to be honest not sure what the 5 windows are “replacement” fibrex stuff a little oversized 40 X 60. The quote was 21,000. It seems high to me – I had asked what just the door price was and it was about 5600. So that is in the ball park of 3000 per window.

    Would like to have the Anderson Windows and Sliding Patio door (actually would prefer the 400 series patio door because current slider has the wider wood at the bottom).

    Do you have any recommendations on where to purchase and get installation?

    Thank you

  2. John Smith

    I have been a licensed contractor since 2005. Having come from a poor childhood I can relate to the thinking that most people have around things being “too expensive” and it has taken me a very long time to come around to why things cost what they do. Renewal by Andersen is the largest window company you will find and they spend more than any other window company out there in marketing. What you pay for is a salesperson who will come out when they say they will, and provide you with a quote that is performance based on their ability to convey value to your personal situation. Just like any sales based company they have a profit margin they can operate within. Haggling them down is up to you if that’s what your into. Once you pay the company, you don’t have to worry about someone cashing your deposit check and ghosting you, the installers they hire are well-paid and trained on highly refined installation requirements. Not a chuck with a truck doing it “the way I have always done it”. They use the Andersen system of weatherproofing and adhesives that are formulated to work with the products, warranty is handled by a large corporation instead of hoping the guy that put in your windows two years ago still has the same prepaid cell phone. The bottom line is that there is an offering for some of the best windows out there with a safe and convenient way to purchase them. You may be able to take advantage of someone who is on their way up and undervalues their worth and get your windows installed for much less than what a company like that would charge, or you might get a hack with a drinking problem that takes 2 years to finish after you finally get a lawyer involved. You get what you pay for. Trades people are some of the hardest working people on the planet and when you get one that also has their shit together enough to run a proper business you’re going to pay for it. No I don’t work for Renewal, Im just tired of people complaining about things they don’t try to understand.

    1. Leo B Post author

      Hey John,

      Thanks for great comment. So I do disagree on some points, as it’s not so black and white. BTW, I also come frome very poor childhood…

      So it’s not so polarized where you only have two options – Renewal or Chuck in a truck. There are plenty of good contractors, that will do a great job for half the total price or less, and still have plenty of profit.

      As I said in another comment, you can buy same Andersen windows from home depot or other suppliers. A typical size Series 400 double hung is $400-600.

      People here reported being quoted for thes 400 series windows about $3400 each.

      Even if contractor charges $1000 to install each window (which is way more than going retail rate), it is still less than half of typical Renewal’s quote.

      As i said there are many quality contractors out there, who are independent. Even big local home improvement companies with good warranty and such …

      Now while i never worked for Renewal, i did install for Sears (Bil-Ray was their main GS for siding and windows). “Quality control” was sub-par or non existent. What that means – nobody from Bil-Ray inspected our work. But they did warranty the work, so if any problems, someone would come out a d fix the issue (first in line was original installer).

      They did charge similar prices at the time, as Renewal charges now, adjusted for inflation.

      I don’t believe that installer control in Renewal is much better, but even if it is, and Renewal’s installers are top notch, i don’t see how that justifies $2500+ per window premium.

      As far as Andersen door and window sealant – it costs $9 at Home Depot, and is not even that good, but better that whatever else they sell for windows and doors, so i buy it. I would rather use Solar-Seal but its not sold locally anymore…

      Bottom line – i think its much better to find a good local installer, and pay a decent price (not too cheap, but not $3400 either). Most local guys don’t really go out of business every year or two, and installing windows is not rocket science.

      PS – i have Andersen windows in my home and don’t like them (all crank opened casements). After 10+ years they don’t open too well. I don’t have any Andersen double hungs, so can’t say. But when i installed new windows, i went with Alside UltraMaxx (not available anymore).


  3. Beverly Fabian

    it would be nice if you updated the pricing Just got a quote for 24 windows for 90,000. 400 series

    1. Leo B Post author


      My guess is you got a quote from “Renewal by Andersen” … they are always way high, and are ready to give you “25% off if you sign right now” or something along those lines… and that would still be insane.

      Now, our prices are for Andersen Windows. You can go today and by a standard size wood Andersen window for $400-600. Here is example – 400 series 90 U.I. (size) for $489.

      Andersen 400 Series Wood Windows Price

      Custom size would be about $100-150 more, depending on options. Vinyl is $100-250 less. These are the same Andersen Windows as “Renewal by Andersen” sells installed for like $3000-4000 each.

      Now you can get a reputable installer put in your windows for $200-400 each, costing about $750-1000 each installed, and that is Wood. Vinyl would be $200-300 less. You will get the same quality and material warranty. Labor will depend on the contractor, but it’s very unlikely that you will get installation defects from reputable contractors. In fact, “Renewal by Andersen” is more likely to have installation issues, as they hire sub-contractors, and pay them $125 per window to install, and pocket $1500-2000+ per window.

      Good luck

  4. jim price

    Something is wrong. I recently received a quote from Renewal by Andersen from Charlotte NC, for 21 window replacements in my ranch style home. After two hours of sales talk, he finally gave me a discounted quote of $71,000. That averages $3,381 per window?

    1. Leo B Post author


      One thing – the salesmen try to sell for VERY ridiculous price, because they get commission. At the same time, they usually will play a game of I give you 10/20/30% off if you sign contract today. Reality is, these sneaky salesmen go in knowing they have anywhere from 20-40% range to go “back” … meaning they initially overprice the project to give you 20% off, so you feel good. In reality, they just made 20% on the total.

      Second – Renewal by Anderson is a “contractor” or service company. You don’t have to hire them to get Andersen windows. You can buy Andersen windows from Home Depot and many other suppliers, including custom sizes. In Home Depot, Andersen windows are pretty reasonable in terms of material cost. Like a wood window around $350-500 for a standard size. So $3400 per window is way too insane.

      1. Joe M

        You CANNOT get Anderson Renewel windows in Home Depot… Only Anderson themselves sells them, AND installs them. Their Renewel line is also the only one they have that’s Made in USA… Their other lines that you can get at Home Depot, are not fully made in America. Some of it is Made in China. It’s also a scaled down version (quality-wise) of the Original Series. So it’s NOT the same quality that they were when originally released by Anderson. I had bought windows from Home Depot, and after about 10 yrs, some of them don’t even open, and they’re starting to crack at the corners of the sash, and any Energy Efficiency is gone, and my electric bill has gone up… Just garbage windows!

        Another thing about Anderson’s, and many windows, is that they DO NOT COVER SEAL FAILURE, which is the biggest issues with all these double-paned Energy Efficient Windows… Once the seal fails, there goes the energy efficiency… Also, you now have to worry about condensation between the windows, and water stains that you can’t clean.

        I have friends who do work for Home Depot, as sub-contractors, but they only take the jobs from them when they don’t have any work themselves, because Home Depot doesn’t pay them much… So you may wind up with a contractor who doesn’t get much work…, maybe because he’s not that good. So if you’re gonna buy from Home Depot, it may be better to hire a good Sub-Contractor that you know, to install the windows, but you may pay a little more. Installation prices my friends charge are basically double the window price… If it’s all 1st Floor windows, it’s a little cheaper. But if the job entails both, he just doubles the price of the windows.

        Also, if the windows are not installed properly, and it leads to you having problems with the window down the line, any manufacturer warranty that is on the window could be voided. So it is important to get a good contractor, to install them correctly…

  5. Isabelle

    Same here…my quote (11/2022) from Renewal by Anderson was $48,000 for 7 windows (including 2 tiny bathroom windows) and 2 patio doors. Are they nuts? Then the sales guy (or design consultant) asked me “how much was my comfort worth?” which I found to be insulting and condescending.

  6. Kurt Randall

    An Andersen sales rep just left my home near Kyle TX (25 miles south of Austin.) His best, today only, price to replace 8 windows was just over $19,200, $2400+ per window. I sited the cost examples in your article, without showing him my source, and he scoffed at the notion. I was pumped having read your article, but my hopes were quickly dashed by their salesman.
    Wish there were some way to know how the cost could be so different?

    1. Leo B Post author


      It is purely pushy sales tactics. When I was installing windows for Bil-Ray (SEARS), those windows cost me about $90-110 at Alside. Sears salesmen were scamming old ladies into paying about $1000 per window. We were getting $50-75 per window install. So about $800 was Sears/Bil-Ray/Salesman profit.

      Same with Andersen. Sure their windows are more expensive, but even at $200-300 per window material cost, where does $2000 come form? If they are wood windows – $500-600 per unit… still $1800 goes to “overhead and profit” … Andersen windows maybe more complex to install (if new construction), but even $150 per unit more than covers installation cost paid to sub-contractor.

      In any case – these sales tactic is widely used by all scammy salesmen. Don’t fall for this. There are many contractors who can buy and install Andersen windows from you. You don’t have to go through “Renewal by Andersen”.

      Good luck.

  7. Philip Parker

    If you would read his post you would see he DID state the number of windows! Exactly (2) two windows!

  8. Ray Eargle

    Renewal by Anderson on 14 windows landed quotes $49,900 discounted to $37,000 with an $1,340 visit salesman discount if we sign today. What he used was the salesman guide book, was a moment of reality that he didn’t know I already knew the game. Wrong answers and incomplete break down of quoted left me looking for better installer. Don’t get me wrong Anderson windows are great product but some installers use every trick in the salesman book. I did get great info from this site and on youtube Houston Windows experts. Plus training in sales some years back I knew what I was enfore. Good luck on your searches.

  9. Chris

    Just had Renewal by Anderson to my home for a quote to replace two older Anderson Windows. For comparison, the 400 series in the size I need is in stock at my local Home Depot for around $400. The quote I received today was $7k and that is with a 20% discount. Am I missing something?!?!

    1. Leo B Post author

      Hi Chris,

      Yes you are missing something – number of windows included in the $7000 quote. Without quantity, I can’t figure out how much you are charged per window.

      Keep in mind that your $7K quote includes installation, and a massive premium for the “name”

      You can actually get Anderson windows installed by an independent windows installer for about $200-$300 each, plus materials – your cost about $650-$700 per window. However if you get “Renewal by Anderson” quote you will likely be charged 50%-100% more.

      Good luck