Antique Wood & Marble Kitchen Island (Picture of the Day)

This beautiful French Country kitchen gains a whole new edge with a unique kitchen island design. Instead of a traditional island, we have an antique solid wood and marble top dresser with medallions and molding that doubles as a kitchen island. It is a perfect spot for cooking and the drawers provide storage space. Green marble countertop works well with white kitchen cabinets and light aqua wall paint.

Antique Wood and Marble Kitchen Island

Antique Wood and Marble Kitchen Island

This kitchen island is a perfect example of unconventional style combined with functionality. The only potential downside is that putting seating around this kitchen island would not be comfortable, so it cannot be the main dining area. However, this type of kitchen island design works well if you have another area in your home where you can put a dining table with chairs.

In your kitchen remodel, don’t be afraid to introduce pieces of furniture or decor that do not traditionally belong to kitchens. The kitchen space is no longer just a place designated for cooking and eating. It is now the soul of the home, where family members can spend time together, entertain guests, work, study and simply hang out. So fill your kitchen with the pieces you love and don’t be afraid to push your aesthetic boundaries!

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