2023 Marvin Window Reviews

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows Average: $3,120 - $6,641
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Anyone building their dream home or simply looking to replace the windows of their current abode has probably heard of Marvin windows.

Thanks to over a hundred years of experience, Marvin has a vast presence across the U.S. and has become a leading door and window manufacturer homeowners turn to with confidence.

Marvin has a vast selection of windows in various styles and materials, so anyone can find what they’re looking for.

Lets delve deeper into Marvin windows reviews to see whether this option is for you.

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Marvin Windows Average Cost

Marvin windows is undeniably a top brand name, so their products are more costly than some other window options out there.

Depending on the type, size, and material, Marvin windows cost anywhere between $350 and $1,500 each, without installation.

For a 12-window home, this means the material cost of a window replacement project will be between $4,200 and $18,000, on average.

When adding installation expenses, the price of a Marvin window is around $500 on the low end and around $2,500 on the high end, with most homeowners paying between $1,000 and $1,600 per installed window.

Replacing all the windows of a 12-window property will cost between $6,000 and $30,000.

Here are the price ranges you can expect depending on the number of windows you are looking to install.

Number of Windows Window Price Labor Cost Window Installation with Labor Included
1 $350-$1,500 $150-$1,000 $500-$2,500
8 $2,800-$12,000 $1,200-$8,000 $4,000-$20,000
10 $3,500-$15,000 $1,500-$10,000 $5,000-$25,000
12 $4,200-$18,000 $1,800-$12,000 $6,000-$30,000
16 $5,600-$24,000 $2,400-$16,000 $8,000-$40,000
20 $7,000-$30,000 $3,000-$20,000 $10,000-$50,000

You can use our Windows Calculator to estimate the cost of installing windows in your house.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Marvin Windows Cost Breakdown

Window installation costs can generally be broken down into labor and materials. However, the equation is more complicated than 2+2.

Marvin windows come in many styles and a considerable price range.

Installation methods can also affect the expenses involved.

Here are some of the factors that will determine the final price of your window replacement project.


Window installation labor expenses vary greatly from place to place.

You’ll get various prices for Marvin window installation from different contractors.

It’s worth keeping in mind that your Marvin windows will only be as good as their installation, so make sure you pick a contractor who can install the Marvin windows properly.

Poorly installed windows will only lead to leaks and a lot of wasted money down the line.

Marvin window replacement costs also depend on the installation method.

Simple insert-style window replacement is considerably cheaper than full-frame replacement.

Marvin’s insert-style window replacements usually cost between $150-$300 per window.

Full-frame Marvin window replacement can cost up to $1,000 per window.


Windows have a lot of variables, and changing just one of them will affect its price tag.

When it comes to frame material, aluminum windows are generally the cheapest, with vinyl following close behind.

Marvin mostly offers wood windows with different cladding options.

The Marvin window size, glass type, coating, and the number of panes are also important factors.

And different Marvin window styles have different price tags as well.

Picture windows are the cheapest, while casement and double-hung windows are considerably more expensive.

Some of Marvin’s window collections allow homeowners to customize minute details of their windows, which can all influence the price.

Customers can pick the color, finish, wood type, grille pattern, hardware finish, and more to create the exact custom Marvin window design they need.

Did you know? Windows are responsible for a large portion of a household’s energy bills. According to Energy.gov, replacing windows with ENERGY STAR-rated ones can reduce energy bills by up to 15%. It’s worth investing in double- or triple-pane windows for added insulation, as well as extra glass coatings that protect the property from harmful UV rays.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Marvin Window Selection

Marvin offers one of the largest selections of windows on the market today, so you’ll probably be able to find what you need in their selection.

You can browse Marvin window offerings by window type or by collection.

Marvin offers six window collections that contain an assortment of window types based on architectural style, so you can find which look fits your home best.

Marvin offers the following window types, with multiple styles in each category.

  • Awning
  • Bay and bow
  • Casement
  • Corner
  • Double-hung
  • Picture
  • Specialty shape
  • Single-hung
  • Sliding

Marvin’s window selection is sorted into the following attractive collections.

Marvin Essential Collection

This is Marvin’s most budget-friendly collection.

Windows from the Essential Collection boast clean lines and simplicity.

Both the interiors and the exteriors of these windows are fiberglass, which makes them durable and low maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about rotting or similar issues.

Marvin Elevate Collection

The Elevate Collection is a great mid-price option.

These windows combine style and efficiency.

Marvin Elevate windows are made of wood, with Ultrex fiberglass on the exterior for added protection.

You can select the right finish to top the wooden interior and match it to any interior design.

Marvin Signature Collection

Marvin’s priciest and certainly most upscale window collection is the Signature Collection.

Marvin Signature collection offers superior customization options and beautiful aesthetics.

You can browse three stunning product lines within the Signature Collection.

  • Ultimate – Windows in this collection are made of wood, with wood or aluminum-clad exteriors.
  • Modern – Marvin’s Modern line features windows with high-density fiberglass exteriors and aluminum interiors.
  • Coastline – Made of extruded aluminum, the Coastline collection can withstand harsh coastal weather.

Marvin Windows Positive Reviews – Consumer Reports

Marvin has a lengthy history of window replacement.

Over the years, Marvin Windows has striven to create better ways of living through high-quality, people-centric designs.

Marvin has stellar ratings, and customers like them for the following reasons:

  • Large selection
  • Custom-made windows
  • Energy-efficient solutions
  • Beautiful collections
  • Durable materials

Marvin also has a notable presence across reports.

In 2019, Marvin’s Infinity replacement windows ranked number one in customer satisfaction in J.D. Power’s Window and Patio Doors SatisfactionStudy.

The study measured customer satisfaction rates in three aspects of the products: appearance and design features, performance and durability, and warranty.

Marvin earned the top spot in the Window and Patio Door Manufacturer Brand Rankings category, with Andersen in second and American Craftsman in third place.

Consumer Reports also names Marvin as one of the top replacement window brands, alongside Andersen and Pella.

In addition, Marvin has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which is the highest rating on the site.

Marvin’s innovative window products are constantly garnering attention in the news.

For instance, Marvin’s Awaken Skylights have won numerous awards, including Good Housekeeping’s Top Window Enhancement Award, This Old House’s “Best for Skylights” title, the Luxe RED (Residential Excellence in Design) Award readers’ choice category, and a Silver award in the Smart Home Solutions category at the 2022 Edison Awards.

Did you know? Marvin was founded in 1912, which makes it well over a hundred years old. They started as a family-owned lumber company and began focusing on windows in 1945. Today, with sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront of its business goals, Marvin is a leader in made-to-order window and door manufacturer.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Marvin Windows Complaints

No product line will ever perform perfectly in 100% of cases. Dissatisfied customers often voice their experiences, which can guide those looking to purchase Marvin windows.

The most common customer complaints regarding Marvin windows were the following.


Wooden windows naturally wear out after a while, but several customers have found their Marvin windows rotting prematurely.

If you purchase wooden windows, maintaining them appropriately is key to their longevity.

Condensation and Leaks

Foggy windows, water droplets on the panes, and leaky frames are other issues some customers noticed with the Marvin windows.

Ensuring the windows are installed by reliable professionals can help avoid these problems.


Another unexplained issue some customers had with Marvin windows was spontaneous shattering.

This is most likely due to a manufacturing defect.

Marvin windows come with a 5- to 20-year warranty on glass, though a spontaneous combustion warranty may not be included.

Should you run into this problem, be sure to contact your contractor for more information.

Poor Customer Service

When repairs and replacements are needed, time is often of the essence.

Some customers had a poor experience with customer service when they claimed their warranty or otherwise needed assistance from Marvin.

This problem is often related to third-party technicians hired by the company to complete the job.

In some cases, customers had to wait a long time for a response from Marvin.

Marvin Windows vs Andersen

Marvin and Andersen are popular window companies in the U.S. with a long history.

They have a similarly broad product line and high-quality, energy-efficient windows.

Both Marvin and Andersen offer a 10-20 year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

Both companies’ prices vary, but Andersen’s windows tend to be a tad less expensive, ranging from $750 to $1,250 with installation.

Both Marvin and Andersen windows offer a range of customization options, but Marvin outperforms Andersen in this regard.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Marvin Windows vs Pella

Both Marvin and Pella windows are great options for window replacement.

However, according to reviews, Marvin windows are more attractive thanks to a cleaner finish when it comes to their fiberglass windows line.

While Marvin’s Ultrex is smooth, Pella’s Duracast tends to be grainy. When comparing their aluminum options, Marvin’s extruded aluminum outperforms Pella’s roll-form aluminum in strength.

Nevertheless, Pella has an impressive selection of products, including vinyl windows, which aren’t available at Marvin.

Marvin vs Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-Wen has an affordable offering that fits every budget.

Jeld-Wen windows start at around $300 without installation.

However, Jeld-Wen offers few aluminum options, and their windows only have average durability.

Customers tend to prefer Marvin, both for quality and aesthetics.

Marvin vs Simonton Windows

Simonton by Ply Gem is also a trusted window manufacturer.

Simonton windows are energy-efficient and were even highlighted by ENERGY STAR as one of the Most Efficient Products.

Similar to Marvin, Simonton offers a wide range of attractive window styles.

Simonton windows are generally more affordable than Marvin’s products.

Pro Tip: Windows typically last for around 20 years. When you notice your windows have become drafty, often collect condensation or frost, or are difficult to open and close, it’s time to replace them.

Are Marvin Windows Good Quality?

Marvin windows use high-quality materials that deliver both durability and aesthetics.

Marvin has reliable wood suppliers, which ensures the wooden windows in their Ultimate and Elevate product lines will be without fault.

Marvin’s Ultimate and Coastline window collections also offer aluminum cladding. The Ultimate and Coastline collections use extruded aluminum, which is fortified against strong winds and other weather conditions.

When it comes to their fiberglass window options, Marvin uses their own high-grade composite Ultrex pultruded fiberglass in their Elevate and Essential collections. This material has an impressive AAMA 624 certification, which guarantees that it’s highly resistant to chalking and corrosion.

For windows in their highly thermally efficient Modern line, Marvin uses high-density fiberglass, which is able to maintain its shape over the years, even in warm conditions.

Product quality should not be a concern when purchasing windows from Marvin.

Is Marvin Better Than Andersen?

Marvin and Andersen are close competitors, which is also proven by J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction studies across the years.

In their 2018 study, Renewal by Andersen ranked the highest, with Infinity by Marvin in third place.

In 2019, Marvin earned first place, with Andersen following in second.

We can conclude that both Marvin and Andersen perform similarly.

Which Line Oof Marvin Windows Is The Best?

Generally, Marvin’s Signature Series is considered the best.

Customers also praise other Marvin windows that feature their Ultrex fiberglass.

You can find windows with fiberglass exterior finishes in their Essentials and Elevate collections.

Did you know? Marvin created their proprietary fiberglass solution, Ultrex, more than 20 years ago. This was one of the first high-grade composite materials on the market and compensated for the shortcomings of vinyl.

Ultrex is not only eight times stronger than vinyl, but it’s also four times stronger than aluminum. It expands at the same rate as glass, which helps the window maintain its insulation making it an ideal window frame material.

Are Marvin Windows Worth The Money?

Once customers see Marvin window products in person, they usually agree that the Marvin windows are worth the investment for their beautiful design and high quality.

Are Marvin Windows Right For You?

Marvin caters to virtually any demand when it comes to window styles, and their customization options ensure that every homeowner will be able to realize their dream house.

Although their products are on the expensive side, they will pay back through their energy efficiency.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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