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Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows
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It can seem overwhelming to figure out which windows you should buy. Jeld-Wen windows are an ideal choice for homeowners looking for quality windows at a reasonable price.

On average, 10 Jeld-Wen windows made of vinyl will cost $4,000-6,500, including professional installation, depending on the window style and size.

Get 3-4 free window replacement estimates from local window installers.

How Much Do Jeld-Wen Windows Cost?

The average cost of a single Jeld-Wen double hung window is $350-550, without installation. Installed, the average cost of a double hung window goes up to $480-655.

You can use our Windows Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of replacing windows in your house.

The cheapest windows that Jeld-Wen offers are sliding vinyl windows (Builders V-2500) cost $90 for the window itself.

At the highest end of the price spectrum are custom wood bay and bow windows that cost $2,150 each, without installation.

Installing 10 premium vinyl double hung windows will cost $6,500.

Typical cost of professionally installing a single window is $100-150.

Below is a table listing Jeld-Wen window prices for all their product lines.

Double Hung Windows
Builders V-2500335480
Flat Casing415550
Premium V-4500490655
W-2500 Clad470625
Siteline Clad525655
W-5500 Clad625790
Custom Wood700860
Single Hung Windows
Builders V-2500280425
Premium V-4500480635
Premium Atlantic505670
Builders Atlantic165295
Casement Windows
Flat Casing365505
Premium V-4500580735
Premium Atlantic675840
DF Hybrid595740
W-2500 Clad535680
Siteline Clad600750
W-5500 Clad715885
EpicVue Clad800965
Custom Wood8851040
Builders Atlantic
Builders V-2500310470
Premium V-4500475640
Premium Atlantic490660
Siteline Clad515640
Custom Wood690855
Picture/Fixed Windows
Builders V-250090175
Flat Casing150270
Premium V-4500190315
Premium Atlantic265395
DF Hybrid215330
W-2500 Clad200310
Siteline Clad250365
W-5500 Clad265390
Custom Wood370490
Builders V-250010001275
Flat Casing11151450
Premium V-450012501595
Premium Atlantic14001735
DF Hybrid13701695
W-2500 Clad15001835
Siteline Clad16852000
W-5500 Clad1800$2,150+
EpicVue Clad2050$2,465+
Custom Wood2150$2,500+

A Great Window Is Only As Good As the Installation

One of the main complaints that homeowners have had about window purchases has to do with the ordering and installation process. It is critical to find a certified installer who has a relationship with the window manufacturer. Ask friends about their experiences with window installations.

The Consumer Reports website recommends that homeowners hire a certified window installer. They suggest getting recommendation from the manufacturer’s website.

You can also get recommendations from an industry group like the American Window and Door Institute (www.awdi.com) or the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (www.aamanet.org).

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Styles of Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-Wen sell their windows through independent home centers, such as The Home Depot and Lowe’s, as well as independent remodeling and window installation companies.

The most common types of windows are “Double-Hung” and “Casement” windows. Other styles include Bow, Bay, Single-Hung, Fixed, Casement, Sliding and Awning windows.

Jeld-Wen Windows come in a wide variety of styles and are one of top rated companies that offer wood, vinyl, composite and aluminum windows.

This chart shows most of the window styles.

jeld - wen windows

Jeld Wen Window Styles Explained

Double-hung and single-hung windows

These two window styles look very similar.

The part of the window that opens is called the “sash”. A double-hung window has two sashes that move up and down. A single-hung window has only one moving sash.

The biggest benefit of a double-hung window is the ability to control the air flow and ventilation. When both sashes are open, cool air comes in through the bottom sash while warm air exits through the top. If you need less ventilation, you can just open the bottom sash.

Double-hung windows offer ease of maintenance. They tilt in so that you can clean both the inside and outside of the window from the inside of your home. Their design fits almost any style home and the sashes can be customized with grilles (discussed below) to enhance the architecture of your home.

Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Both Bay and Bow windows make a room appear larger because they actually protrude out from your house. A Bay window is usually 3 windows consisting of a larger, center window flanked by two side windows set at an angle. Sometimes, the center window in a Bay window is a fixed window that does not open.

A Bow window consists of 4 or more windows of the same size and are set in a slight curve.

Both styles can be designed with double-hung, single-hung, casement or picture windows. These windows become the focal point of a room, let in a lot of natural light and give you a wide view to the outside.

A Bay or Bow window create a very natural place for a window seat which is a great storage option or a cozy place to sit and relax!

Casement and Awning Windows

Sometimes, casement and awning windows are referred to as “crank” windows. Casement windows have hinges either on the left or the ride side of the window, while awning windows have hinges at the top. These window styles have a handle crank, some of which fold down so that they do not protrude.

Casement windows and awning windows are good choices for hard-to-reach spaces, such as over a kitchen sink, because they allow for easy access to open and close the windows. The locks on casement and awning windows are embedded into the frame. This can provide enhanced safety and security.

Casement windows are often made for openings in which the height is greater than the width. The opposite is true for awning windows. Both types of windows open outward and provide excellent ventilation in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms.

If you are considering these types of windows, check that outside shrubs and trees are not preventing the window from opening fully.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are much wider than double-hung windows and provide a broader view to the outside, more natural light and more ventilation. Sliding windows are also known for their ease of operation. If they are well-maintained, it is easy to open them with a push of the finger.

This makes them useful in places that are difficult to reach.

Sliding windows have fewer moving parts than other types of windows which results in lower maintenance.

Design Elements

Fixed windows can add to the style of your home. They can be round, half-round, an octagon or trapezoid or a fixed corner style which wraps around the corner of a wall for an unobstructed view.

Most window styles offer the option to add grilles. Window grilles are narrow strips of wood, vinyl or metal which are used to visually separate the glass into window panes.

Grilles can also be curved or intersected in diamond patterns. The purpose is to create a window that is attractive and that compliments the style of the home.

Grilles can be placed on the outside or inside of a window or in between the panes of double-paned glass. Placing grilles between the panes of glass gives you a smooth window surface which makes cleaning easier.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Jeld Wen Window Material Choices

Window materials include Vinyl, Wood, Composite and Aluminum. The choice of material impacts aesthetics, energy efficiency and price.

JELD-WEN replacement windows, for example, come in a variety of materials including vinyl, wood and aluminum. JELD-WEN also has four wood-clad combination windows.

Jeld-Wen Vinyl Windows Series

Vinyl windows are the most popular windows today. They are affordable, a low-maintenance window material and their energy qualities are excellent. They don’t need repainting and are constructed to never warp, crack, expand or rot in any weather condition.

JELD-WEN has 11 different models of vinyl windows across 5 different vinyl window series. Each series has different design options and benefits for different weather environments. While vinyl color choices are limited, you will never need to repaint them.

The table below describes the features of each series.

 Builders™ Vinyl (V-2500™)Premium™ Vinyl (V-4500™)Flat Casing VinylBrickmould VinylPremium Atlantic™ Vinyl
FeaturesDurable, energy efficient, and budget-friendly.

Resists fading and won’t chip or peel.

Narrow frame and sash profile for a streamlined appearance that’s low maintenance by design.

Available in many window styles.

A cost-effective, entry level choice for both new construction and home renovation.

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

The exceptional look of wood windows with the reliable performance and easy maintenance of vinyl.

The widest range of styles, sizes, and options to meet design needs.

Thermally-efficient frames and Low-E insulating glass.

A wider frame and sash profile for improved performance and appearance.
The energy efficiency and stability of vinyl, with the look of American Colonial wood windows.The energy efficiency and ease of vinyl plus the look of traditional wood.

Wider decorative trim and divided panes characteristic of Georgian architecture.

A Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Designed for the tough climate of Florida and the Gulf Coast

Provides strength, energy efficiency and multiple design options, plus the added safety and comfort of optional ImpactGard™ glass.

Availability outside Florida may be limited.

Availability outside Florida may be limited.
* Prices subject to change

Jeld-Wen Wood and Wood Clad Frame Windows

Solid wood windows have a classic, warm appearance. They are very durable and more energy efficient than other materials If they are well-maintained and well-sealed. They can require more upkeep than vinyl in terms of painting or staining.

JELD-WEN has five styles of wood windows. One is a custom wood window available in over eight different types of wood. The other four styles are called “clad wood” windows. A clad window has a wood frame but the exterior surface is clad with another material.

Some companies clad their wood frame windows with vinyl or aluminum. However, JELD-WEN uses a cladding made from a trademarked wood product called AuraLast® Pine. This is not a composite but rather a water-based treatment process that fortifies wood all the way to the core.

It provides protection against wood rot, water saturation, and termites. A wood cladded window gives you the durability you would get from a vinyl window with the interior look of wood. They also resist air infiltration better than traditional wood windows.

The chart below compares the different wood and wood class options.

Jeld-Wen Wood Window Series

 Custom WoodSiteline Wood and Clad Wood CombinationW-2500 Wood and Clad Wood CombinationW-5500 Wood and Clad Wood Combination EpicVue Wood and Clad Wood Combination
Features16 styles and shapes of windows.

Custom™ Wood windows offer one-of-a-kind beauty and lasting performance, with the widest range of customization options plus the superior protection of AuraLast® Pine.

Available in 16 window styles and more than 8 wood choices including AuraLast® Pine, Knotty Alder, Vertical-grain Douglas Fir, Reclaimed Douglas Fir, Mahogany, Oak, Walnut, Cherry and custom species.

This is Jeld Wen’s largest collection of windows with 17 window styles.

Frames are thinner to open the view.

Three wood options: AuraLast® Pine, Alder and Douglas Fir

27 exterior color finishes

28 interior color finishes

Aluminum cladding is also available.

A common comparison to Anderson 400 window series.

7 exterior colors finishes

14 interior color finishes

1 wood option: AuraLast® Pine

5 window styles
Three wood options: AuraLast® Pine, Alder and Douglas Fir

27 exterior color finishes

28 interior color finishes

15 window styles.

The energy efficiency and ease of vinyl plus the look of traditional wood.

Wider decorative trim and divided panes characteristic of Georgian architecture.

Comes in 5 window styles

Aluminum Frames

Aluminum frames are light in weight and stronger than vinyl. This allows the frames to be smaller providing a more open view.

They also have good sound blocking features. However, aluminum is Aura Last not a good insulator are not recommended in cold climates.

JELD-WEN only offers two aluminum window styles: single-hung and sliding windows and both are designed specifically for the Florida market.

Jeld-Wen vs Andersen Windows

Two of the best-known window manufacturers in the US are Jeld-Wen and Andersen. Both of these manufacturers make a variety of styles in vinyl, wood with similar limited warranties.

Andersen offers a Fibrex composite window material while Jeld-Wen has AuraLast® Wood Clad windows. Jeld-Wen also sells aluminum windows, which Andersen does not.

Both manufacturers are industry leaders when it comes to using the most advanced energy conservation technology in their windows. Finally, the two manufacturers also offer homeowners a wide variety of color and style options.

Comparing Andersen vs JELD-WEN Window Prices

Andersen vs Jeld Wen Window Prices          
Andersen Series Interior/ Exterior Price Range Jeld Wen Series Interior/ Exterior Price Range
Wood Windows          
A-Series Wood/Fibrex $985 – $1700 Custom Wood Wood/Aluminum Clad $490 – $2,250
E-Series Wood/Aluminum Clad $925 – $1595 EpicVue Wood Clad Wood/Aluminum Clad $425 – $1,800
400 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $385 – $850 W-5500 Wood Clad Wood/Aluminum Clad $390 – $1,530
200 Series Wood/Vinyl Clad $240 – $580 Siteline Wood Clad Wood/Aluminum Clad $365 – $1,250
      W-2500 Wood Clad Wood/Aluminum Clad $310 – $985
Composite Windows          
Fibrex Fibrex/Fibrex $200 – $350 DF Hybrid   $330 – $1,075

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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JELD-WEN Warranty Information

Jeld-Wen’s warranty is overall very good and protects the buyers. You get a 20-year warranty term with 2 years skilled labor coverage and 10 years transferability coverage in the event you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by someone other than the original owner.

Warranty coverage for as long as you own and occupy your residence with 2 years skilled labor coverage and 10 years transferability coverage in the event you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by someone other than the original owner.

10-year warranty term with 2 years skilled labor coverage and NO transferability coverage in the event you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by someone other than the original owner.

1-year warranty term with 1-year skilled labor coverage and NO transferability coverage in the event you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by someone other than the original owner.

Here is a table summarizing Jed-Weld’s window warranty coverage

  Wood and Metal Clad Wood Vinyl and Metal Clad Vinyl Composite Aluminum
Basic Produce Coverage Owner Occupied Single Family 20 years As long as you own and occupy your residence. 10 years; Glass is covered for 20 years 10 years
Skilled Labor Coverage 2 years 2 years 2 years 1 year
Transferability – the maximum length of any coverage when you sell your residence or it becomes occupied by someone other than the original owner 10 years 10 years 10 years non-transferable

Jeld Wen Windows Reviews


– In a Consumer Reports review of vinyl replacement windows, Jeld-Wen V-2500 Vinyl Windows ranked #3 out of 10 window brands

– Great ability to prevent drafts in very strong winds and keep water out in heavy, wind-driven rain.

– Competitively priced

In a review of JELD-WEN windows Brennan Corporation, a 40-year-old exterior remodeling and window installation company in Arlington, Texas writes, “The most important recommendation we can make is working with someone who has a strong relationship with JELD-WEN and who has a top-notch installation crew.”

The review continues by saying that some of the negative window reviews are not about a manufacturer problem but an installer problem.


– Poor quality control on products shipped to customer

– Poor customer service

– Difficulty in successful warranty coverage

Out of 76 reviews on Yelp, Jeld-Wen windows have 61, 1-star reviews primarily based on the three negatives mentioned above.

A J.D. Power 2020 U.S. Windows and Patio Doors Satisfaction Survey was conducted between January and May 2020 with over 3,000 customers who had purchased Jeld-Wen windows in the past 12 months. Jeld-Wen Windows ranked 9th below industry standards.

Among other criteria related to how consumers make purchases, the survey measured “problem occurrence” in the contact with manufacturer, satisfaction with warranty service and the purchase of extended warranty.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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