2023 Pella Windows Cost, Installation, Reviews

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows
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Pella replacement windows are a top choice for homeowners looking for durability, superior preformance and impeccable style in their new house windows.

Pella windows cost $650 to 1,100+ per window, including the cost of installation. For 10 Pella windows, you will pay $6,500 – 11,000+ total.

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How Much Are Pella Replacement Windows?

The cost of Pella windows depends on the model and style you choose for your window. Pella’s Architect series is the most high-end, pricey choice, while the vinyl lines such as Encompass or 250 are much more affordable for buyers looking to save.

You can use our Window Replacement Cost Calculator to estimate how much your new windows will cost.

Here is table summarizing the average prices for Pella’s most popular windows series.

Typical Cost To Install 10 Windows Average: $3,620 - $6,640
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Series Average Cost (Window + Installation) Material
Pella Encompass $400 – $500 Vinyl
Pella 250 Series $500-600 Vinyl
Pella 350 Series $600 – $650 Vinyl
Pella Impervia $685 – $775 Fiberglass
Pella 450 Series $675-850 Wood
Pella Lifestyle $750 – $1,000 Wood
Pella Architect 850 $1,150 + Wood

Cost To Install Pella Windows

The cost of installing Pella replacement windows depends on the type of window you want to install. For a new window installation, expect to pay between $250 and $450 for each window.

Replacing a vinyl or fiberglass window will cost you between $200 and $350 per window, while replacing a wooden window frame will cost between $350 and $550, as wooden windows are more labor-intensive. Bay windows are also more pricey to install, costing between $350 and $780+ per window to install .

Replacing windows is more expensive than installing windows in a new construction project. This is because contractors do not need to remove any old windows and older homes tend to have more difficulties in installation or require repairs.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Pella Windows Prices by Window Type

Pella windows prices vary significantly based on which design of window you choose. Each window type has several different design choices, all with different price points.

The tables below compare the prices of different types of Pella windows and the model varieties within the types.

Pella Sliding Windows

Model Window Cost Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $150 $250
350 Vinyl Windows $250 $350
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $310 $375

Pella Casement Windows

Model Window Cost Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $220 $315
250 Vinyl Windows $267 $347
350 Vinyl Windows $300 $380
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $332 $412
450 Proline Wood Windows $376 $456
750 Designer Wood Windows $485 $625
850 Architect Wood Windows $852 $932

Pella Awning Windows

Model Window Cost Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $125 $185
250 Vinyl Windows $175 $255
350 Vinyl Windows $185 $265
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $246 $326
450 Proline Wood Windows $288 $368
750 Designer Wood Windows $668 $748
850 Architect Wood Windows $845 $925

Pella Bay Windows

The cost of Pella Bay windows ranges widely, from $425 to $900, depending on size, colors, frame types, materials, and local labor costs. Installation can range from $600 to over $1,000.

Pella Single Hung Windows

Model Window Cost Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $155 $235
250 Vinyl Windows $100 $195
350 Vinyl Windows $125 $205
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $205 $285

Pella Double Hung Windows

Model Window Cost Installation Cost
Encompass Vinyl Windows $130 $210
250 Vinyl Windows $175 $225
350 Vinyl Windows $200 $280
Impervia Fiberglass Windows $365 $445
450 Proline Wood Windows $425 $505
750 Designer Wood Windows $685 $765
850 Architect Wood Windows $835 $915

Pella Window Series Top Features

Each of the window series manufactures by Pella has its own set of features and advantages. Its important to understand the differences between each window type that Pella offers so that you can choose the right windows for your home’s architectural style and needs.

Don’t forget that the functionality of the window (how it opens and closes) is just as important as its size and visual appeal.

Pella Sliding Windows

– Two side-by-side sashes
– Available in vinyl and fiberglass and three unique styles
– Increased ventilation: sliding panels allow in fresh air from the outdoors

Pella Casement Windows

– Clear, unobstructed view of the outdoors
– Popular: casement windows are one of Pella’s best-selling window designs
– Design variety: unique designs are available in the Impervia, Designer, Architect, Encompass, 350, and 450 series.
– Easy usage: with simple locking, opening, and closing mechanisms all in one handle, casement windows are easy to use

Pella Awning Windows

– Single panel window provides unobstructed view of the outdoors
– The entire window opens from the bottom from a single hatch on the top of the window
– Generally wider than tall, making them a good choice for those looking to add a window to increase ventilation or lighting
– Customizable design: personalized design choices in Impervia, Designer, Architect 450, 350, and Encompass series.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Pella Bay Windows

– Stationary window in the center with casement windows on both sides
– The bow window includes four or more windows extending outwards
– Customizable: unique style and material design choices are available for the Designer, Impervia, 450, Encompass, and Architect series.
– Increases lighting: windows extend outwards from the home, bringing in the maximum amount of natural lighting
– Wide view: the windows show more of the outdoor landscape because they extend outwards

Pella Single Hung Windows

– Increased ventilation: the bottoms of the windows rise to allow in fresh air
– Customizable design: personalized styles available as well as different material choices
– Popularity: single hung windows are a popular window replacement choice, just under casement windows and picture window installation

Pella Double Hung Windows

– Double windows with two sashes each, the bottom slides upwards and the top slides downwards
– Easy to clean: both windows have a tilt wash feature, simplifying cleaning
– Design variety: In Designer, Impervia, Architect, 250, 350, 450, and Encompass series, different material and style choices are available
– Popularity: double hung windows are one of the most sought after window replacement styles

Vinyl vs Fiberglass vs Wood Windows by Pella

Pella offers windows in three types of materials: wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

It is important to consider which material is best for you before choosing your new window.

Pella Wood Windows

Wood windows are a popular choice for their naturalistic aesthetic and design options. Wood frames can highlight the natural color and texture of the wood, or they can be painted or stained to match walls or other interior decoration features.

Different types of wood also offer different aesthetic possibilities for your home and give a unique feel to the space.

Another plus of wood is their insulation. Wood is well insulated, helping keep your house at the right temperature all year round.

Wood should be properly treated to ensure moisture does not get into the wood, which can lead to rot and insect infestations. Staining or painting the wood is also a good way to protect it.

Pella Fiberglass Windows

Fiberglass windows are known for their durability and easy maintenance, making an excellent choice for buyers looking for a resilient window they won’t have to worry about.

Fiberglass is made to withstand extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, making it a good material choice for those living in extreme climates. Also, fiberglass is coated in a long-lasting power coat paint finish.

A fiberglass window achieves the look of a painted wooden window without any of the maintenance, because upkeeping fiberglass takes practically no time at all. Also, fiberglass is unlikely to be damaged in the installation process, compared to its peer material choices.

Here is a closer look at the differences between fiberglass vs vinyl windows.

Pella Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows are the most affordable material option. They also have many advantages that make them an excellent, cost-effective choice.

Firstly, vinyl is a good insulator, making a vinyl window a good choice for loud environments. This quality also makes them good at keeping your home insulated, similar to wood. You can also choose to add extra foam insulation to keep the house in a well-balanced temperature.

Additionally, vinyl frames are a durable choice and have reliable impact resistance. They are easy to maintain as they don’t require any refinishing, painting, or staining.

If you are looking for very affordable vinyl windows consider Jeld-Wen windows, which are significantly cheaper than Pella.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Pella Windows Performance Features

Here are the special features that make Pella windows stand out from among its competitors.

Impact Resistance

Pella replacement windows have a protective polymer layer between two panes of glass, which adds durability and holds together the glass even if it shatters. This added protection helps keep the home safe from hurricanes, intruders, and other potential damage.

It is particularly useful in preventing intruders, as they cannot enter by shattering the glass, or in regions prone to hurricanes or strong storms.

Energy Efficiency

A Pella window has three features that make it an energy efficient choice. Windows energy efficiency is important because it helps keep energy bills down and reduces emissions, which is good for the pocketbook as well as the environment.

Firstly, Pella windows are made with a low emissivity glass coating. The coating reflects heat into the home during the winter and reflects heat away from the house in the summer, keeping the house at the right temperature year-round. The glass also blocks out most harmful UV rays, helping prevent damage to carpets, furniture, and flooring.

Also, Pella windows reduce conduction. Conduction is a transfer of different air temperatures: when the house is cool in the summer, warm air enters through conduction, and when the house is warm in the winter, cold air enters.

Pella windows employ strategies like using multiple panes of glass as well as insulating gasses like argon to reduce conduction.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Sound Resistance

Pella windows reduce outdoor noise infiltrating the home. Firstly, the double or triple pane glass helps keep out sound by adding insulation layers.

Also, Pella pairs different glass thicknesses in the panes, which reduces different frequency noises. Optimally, three panes of glass of three different thicknesses will insulate from sound the best.

The material of the window frames is also important for insulation and sound resistance. Wood is an excellent insulator naturally. Pella’s fiberglass and vinyl windows and come with the option to add a layer of foam insulation, which will help muffle sound.

Proper installation is of course important for ensuring there are no leaks or weak points that can allow in sound.

Weather Resistance

All three materials of Pella windows—wood, fiberglass, and vinyl—are all designed with features to ensure weather resistance and long lifespan.

A protective treatment is applied to Pella’s wooden frames, protecting the wood against moisture, decay, and insects. Externally, wooden windows are protected with aluminum cladding, keeping them protected.

Pella’s fiberglass windows are durable and long-lasting, and can withstand almost any weather pattern. The fiberglass does not expand or contract with temperature changes, making it a good choice for climates with ever-changing temperatures.

Pella’s vinyl windows are designed to withstand any weather and temperature, and will not require extra maintenance such as staining, painting, or finishing because of he weather.

Pella Windows Warranty

Pella is known for their long-lasting, reliable warranties. Pella’s warranties are different depending on the type of window you choose.

Pella’s wooden windows come with a 20/10 limited warranty, meaning that there is twenty year warranty coverage for glass and a ten year warranty for non-glass. The warranty is transferable, so if you are selling your home the warranty will transfer to the new owner.

Fiberglass and vinyl windows come with a lifetime warranty. This is applicable for replacements or repairs that are the result of a manufacturing issue, not of general usage.

Also, the labor costs for repairs and replacements are only covered for the first wo years after you buy a Pella window (only from the official Pella store or other certified Pella supplies). Warranties on fiberglass and vinyl windows are non-transferable, so the warranty will not transfer if you sell your home.

Pella vs Andersen Windows

A popular alternative to Pella windows are Andersen windows.

Compared to Andersen windows, Pella offers a wider range of choices that include fiberglass and vinyl windows of varying grades, whereas Andersen only supplies wooden windows.

Both are found at popular home goods stores: while Andersen is stocked at Home Depot, Pella is stocked at Lowe’s.

Another point in which the companies differ is the style of their window models. Pella offers contemporary window designs such as the Architect 850 Series. Andersen only offers more traditional styled windows.

Andersen, on the other hand, provides more diverse color choices than Pella. Their wide selection of stain and paint options outshines Pella’s, and they also offer an unrivaled array of 50 exterior cladding color options.

Furthermore, Andersen has an option for custom color matching, which is perfect for anyone wanting to match walls with a unique shade.

Andersen windows come in three solid wood styles as well as their Fibrex model, made from a composite material which includes reclaimed wood and PVC vinyl. Their Fibrex model also comes in a high-end version called Renewal by Anderson.

Pella offers wood models as well as fiberglass and vinyl, giving buyers more choice in their window material. Those looking for an affordable option will have more options with Pella than with Andersen. Thus, Pella is usually a more popular choice with mid-range budget remodels, while Andersen is often chosen for higher-end renovation projects.

Pella also outmatches Andersen in terms of warranties. Pella’s warranties are better and more reliable, giving buyers important peace of mind.

The table below provides a basic overview of the differences between Pella and Andersen window materials.

Feature Pella Windows Andersen Windows
Basic vinyl Encompass windows
Mid/High range vinyl 250 Series, 350 Series windows
Fiberglass Impervia
Basic wood 450 Series 200 Series, 100 Series
Mid-range wood 400 Series
High-end wood Architecture 850 Series, Designer 750 Series Renewal by Andersen, Architectural Collection e-Series

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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Pella Replacement Windows Reviews

Pella is one of the few upstanding windows manufacturers who does not shy away from honest custom reviews and strives to improve the performance of its windows. Homeowner reviews can be found right on Pella’s website. Here we present the summary of these reviews.

Wood Windows

Pella’s Architect series does well with customers, receiving on average a 4.26 star review. Customers appreciate the quality of the product although some have complaints about issues with installation, mis-measured pieces, and communication issues.

Pella’s Lifestyle series receives a 4.04 star rating from customers. Similarly, customers appreciate the high quality of the windows but have complaints about installation and unexpected changes in installation dates.

Fiberglass Windows

The Impervia Fiberglass model is rated at 4.04 stars. Customers choose Impervia Fiberglass for the durability and their competitive price point. Complaints about the Impervia line are similar to Pella’s wood line, including mostly installation issues, delays, and inaccurate measurements. Some customers report helpful staff and customer support, while others complain about a lack of responsiveness.

Vinyl Windows

Pella’s 350 vinyl line ranks well with customers, receiving a 4.19 star review. Customers appreciated the affordable price point and solid quality.

Additionally, customers complain less about installation issues with the vinyl product, although some do report delays in receiving their desired window.

Pella’s 250 vinyl line rates even higher, with a 4.22 star review. Like the 350 line, customers were drawn to the product for the affordable price, and most enjoyed meticulous installation and respectful salespeople. Some complain of similar issues with installation, timing, and customer service.

The Encompass line impresses customers with its affordability and durability, receiving the highest rating of all Pella products, at 4.31 stars.

Customers were drawn to Pella by the brand’s solid reputation and competitive prices, and appreciated the smooth installation process and supportive staff.

There are some complaints with the installation process but overall customers react positively to their new Encompass windows.

Are Pella Windows Worth It?

Pella windows have a solid return on investment (ROI) for those looking to put their homes on the market.

Studies show that the return on investment for upscale windows is around 73% percent (such as Pella’s Architect series), and around 80% for more affordable models such as vinyl and fiberglass.

This means that for every $10,000 spent on new windows, around $7,300 or $8,000 will be added to the home’s resale price.

While new windows can help sell a home faster–particularly if the house is at the upper range of a buyer’s price point–it may not be worth it financially to replace windows for the sole sake of resale.

However, if the windows are in such need of replacement that they will be a downside for potential buyers, then replacing windows is likely a good choice.

Cost to Install 10 New Windows
$3,520 - $6,895
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