Window Replacement Cost Calculator: Estimate Prices For Popular Window Types

Calculate installation prices for the following window types: Double Hung, Casement, Picture, Bay / Bow and Garden windows, made out of vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Options include Low-E / Argon, Grids, Inside Trim, Exterior Trim (Copping) and window build quality. You can estimate prices for multiple windows at once.

Double / Single Hung:
Slider (2-lite):
Bay / Bow:
Window Material:
Low-E / Argon Gas:
Build Quality:

Approximate Windows Cost:

Average Cost of 10 Replacement Windows:

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How To Use The Windows Calculator

Windows-Calculator1) Enter the number of windows for each type that you want to estimate.

2) Select material type: (Vinyl, Wood, Fiberglass or Aluminum).

3) Select energy efficiency options: Low-E, Argon Gas, Low-E and Argon, or None. NOTE: Most state building codes require the use of Low-E glass.

4) Select build quality: this setting is primarily for VINYL windows, and sometimes applies to fiberglass windows. Wood and Aluminum windows from same manufacturer are usually of the same quality.

Build quality is VERY important to the long term performance of your windows.

Basic vinyl windows are constructed using mechanical assembly - this means that all frames and sashes are screwed together. This compromises the dimensional stability of the window and will quickly lead to difficulties in opening / closing the window, as well as air leaks and energy loss.

Additionally, the weather-stripping in basic windows is of very poor quality, as is the lifting mechanism and locks. We do not recommend this type of window

Medium build quality usually offers fusion-welded frames and sashes, better quality weather-stripping, locks and sash sliding mechanism. However, it usually does not include insulated frames. Also, frames are typically made from a lower gauge vinyl.

Best build quality usually means the most durable / strongest frame, all fusion welded parts, more weather stripping and sometimes Triple Glazing for the highest energy efficiency. These windows will last the longest, and will continue to operate at their original condition for a long time. However, improved quality comes at a higher cost.

5) Choose Trim Options: in most cases, you can reuse existing STOPS (interior trim around window frame). If you need / want new stops, this will cost you about $5-10 per linear foot, with materials and installation. If you have bare (painted) wood exterior window casing, it is recommended to wrap it with flat-stock aluminum (Copping). This will protect your wood against rot and will eliminate the need for painting.

6) Grids are optional: we included pricing for most common "Colonial" type of grids.

The estimated window replacement cost is for NEW windows. Data is compiled based on Harvey's and Alside vinyl and wood windows catalog pricing, without contractor's discount. It reflects an approximate price that most homeowners would pay to a contractor for buying these windows.

Labor is also included in the total price estimate, and reflects average window installation cost across the US. Your local prices will vary depending on the contractor you hire to do your windows and local economic conditions.

How To Choose The Right Windows For Your Home

Window Types Because of such a huge variety of window types and options, it can be very overwhelming to figure out exactly what you need. Here are a few tips that will help you buy the right windows that will answer to your quality, style and budget requirements.

1. Consider your climate

If you live in a region with cold weather, winds, snow, etc, triple-pane windows will over the best protection and insulation. They are filled with mix of gases, such as argon and krypton. They are about 15% more expensive than double pane

However, if you live in a milder climate, double-pane windows will work just fine. They also have a sealed air space that contains gas, for improved insulation. There are also single pane windows, which are the cheapest. However, they are too flimsy, provide almost no insulation and are rarely installed today.

2.How long do you plan to live in your house?

Replacing many windows can cost thousands of dollars, especially when installing higher quality products. Before spending so much money, its worth it consider whether you intend to stay in this house or condo for many years. If you do, then its best to invest in the highest quality windows you can afford. On the contrary, if you plan to move in the next 3-5 years, it may not be financially wise to install the most expensive windows.

Moreover, if you are in the process of selling your home, and it has very old, beaten up windows, it is advisable to replace them with mid-range quality windows. This will make most buyers very happy and likely more interested in your property.

3. Take your house style into account

Often the window material you should choose will be determined by your house style. Older homes that have wood window frames typically call for wood windows. Vinyl will look very cheap and out of place. However, in majority of homes that are not high-end or historic, you can safely install vinyl windows, especially if you are on a tight budget. If you want better quality, and don't mind spending extra, fiberglass composite windows are a great option.

4. Energy efficiency

If you don't want to waste energy and money on heating and cooling costs, its advisable to get energy efficient windows. Look for the R-value rating on different window products; higher R-values indicate better efficiency. Typically, double-pane windows have an R-value of 2 to 4, while triple pane windows can have an R-value as high as 5 to 7.

5. Personal style and preferences

You personal taste and the interior design of your home will help determine your window style. There are beautiful options in casement, bay, picture, double-hung, sliding windows. In addition to looks, its also important to consider how frequently you plan to open the window. Take into account the ease of opening and closing mechanism, as well as where the window will be located in your home. For example, sliding windows will provide and unobstructed view, but limited ventilation, since only half of the window opens.

Average Cost of 10 Replacement Windows:

See costs in your areaStart Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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