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Typical Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Average: $7,420 - $26,300
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Out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is the one that endures the most wear and tear, and therefore its usually the number one priority when it comes to choosing a remodeling project.

On average, remodeling a small kitchen costs $9,500 to $14,250 An upscale small kitchen remodel costs $25,000-35,000+

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Average Cost Of A Small Kitchen Remodel

Renovating a small kitchen can be a greater challenge than may appear at first. On one hand, the small size of the space makes the total cost of the remodel cheaper, compared to an average size or a large kitchen.

On the other hand, every square foot of space is precious and it can be tricky to figure out how to achieve the most functionality and style in a tiny kitchen.

All the costs we will discuss below are for a small kitchen, which measures 70 square feet or less.

Generally, homeowners spend between $9,500 to $14,250 on a major remodel of a small kitchen. An upscale small kitchen remodel can cost as much as $25,000-35,000+

This includes replacing kitchen cabinets, counters, flooring, sink, as well as major appliances, updating lighting, putting in a new backsplash, etc. Y

ou can use our Kitchen Remodeling Calculator to get an accurate price estimate for your renovation.

Of course, you don’t need to do all the updates at once, and you can get away with spending only a few thousand dollars if you choose to tackle only cosmetic updates, such as: doing a fresh coat of paint, installing a new sink and faucet, inexpensive flooring, refacing or repainting existing cabinetry.

The total cost of renovation depends on the materials you choose, whether you want to alter the layout of the kitchen, and the size of the room.

Small Kitchen Remodel Cost Breakdown

As for the full cost breakdown for a small kitchen, below are the ballpark figures for each segment of your room.

Note the estimates in this table are based on 15 ln.ft. for cabinets, 15 ln.ft. for counters, 20 sq.ft. of backsplash and 70 sq.ft. of floor space.

Item Price per sq.ft. or ln.ft. Total materials cost Total cost (includes install)
Replace cabinets (stock) $125 – 200 per ln.ft. $1,875 – 3,000 $4,375 – 5,500
Reface cabinets (veneer) $125-175 per ln.ft. n/a $1,875 – 2,625
Replace flooring $0.90 – 12 per sq.ft. $63 – 840 $280 – 1,190
Install Countertops $45 – 200 per ln.ft. $675 – 3,000 $1,485 – 4,200
Replace sink n/a $150 – 1,000 $400 – 1,250
Replace faucet n/a $80 – 350 $280 – 550
Install backsplash $2 – 20 per sq.ft. $40 – 400 $440 – 800
New paint/wallpaper n/a 35 – 200 $250 – 500
Install lighting n/a $100 – 1,800 $400 – 2,100
Install under-cabinet lighting n/a $50 – 80 $250 – 300
Replace old electric outlets n/a n/a $175 – 250
Install Crown Moldings $2 – 30 ln.ft. $30 – 450 $240 – 750
All new appliances n/a $900 – 20,000 $1,300 – 20,350
Total kitchen remodel cost n/a n/a $9,875 – 37,740

Apart from these planned costs, there are also hidden expenses that may occur once the remodeling process begins.

Its important to set aside around 8-10% of the remodeling budget to make sure that you can cover these if they will come up.

Item Total Cost
Upgrade electrical panel for the new appliances $1,500 – 2,800
Install additional pipes $1,045 – 2,100
Fix drywall $150 – 400
Install ducts $350 – 600
Fix damaged/rotten floor substrate $250-375
Remove a wall $350-2,800+ depending whether its a load bearing wall

Kitchen Cabinets Cost

Kitchen cabinets are the central point of every kitchen. If they are completely outdated, you should consider getting new ones.

There is an incredibly wide price range for kitchen cabinets, and with that comes a wide variation of qualities, styles, longevity and durability.

You can use our Kitchen Cabinets Cost Calculator to get a quick estimate how much you can expect to spend on cabinets.

Here’s the full cost breakdown of cabinets according to their basic types, from the cheapest option to the most expensive:

Refinished cabinets $4-10 per square foot Cabinet drawer fronts and doors are taken out, sanded and painted or stained
Refaced cabinets $8-25 per sq.ft. for laminate $21 – 50 for real wood veneer Old hardware, fronts & cabinet doors are replaced; a fresh wood veneer matches the existing cabinet.
Stock cabinets: width of 6″ to 42″ with increments of 3″ $120-380 per linear foot. Entire cabinet is pre-made. This is the cheapest option for brand new cabinets
Semi-custom cabinets: widths of 6″ to 42″ with increments of 3″ $145-950 per linear foot. Door fronts & drawers can be resized for an extra cost.
Custom cabinets: designed, constructed, installed for your kitchen $500-1,425 per linear foot. You can add any details you like: period details, ornate wood, exotic wood, etc.

Cost To Install New Countertops

Almost as important and prominent in terms of style and functionality as cabinets, kitchen counters are an extremely important element of a kitchen remodel.

While many people still go for the tried and true granite or quartz countertops, there are actually many more materials to consider.

For example, today there are many new popular man-made materials, such as: concrete, WilsonArt, corian, Avonite, Silestone, Cambria Quartz, paper-glass, Fenix NTM and many others.

Keep in mind that durability, maintenance and heat resistance vary greatly depending on the countertop material.

Accordingly, the prices vary widely as well. Here is a break down of the costs per square foot for the most popular countertop materials.

Note, estimated prices below are for materials only and do not include the cost of professional installation.

Countertop Material Price Per Square Foot Pros Cons
Tile $3 – 28 per sq.ft. Easy to DIY installation, easy to clean Does not resist scratches and burns
Bamboo $30 – 40 per sq.ft. Easy to clean; eco-friendly renewable material Does not resist scratches and burns
Laminate $29 – 35 per sq.ft. Easy to clean; heat, stain and scratch resistant Does not resist scratches, high heat
Butcher block $38 – 70 per sq.ft. Durable & long lasting. Resists to scratches & burns Expands and contracts with high temperature variations
Recycled Glass $50 – $80 per sq. ft. Durable; heat and stain resistance; easy to clean Does not resist scratches and chips
Solid Surface $52 – 120 per sq.ft. Scratch resistant; eco-friendly renewable material Does not resist high heat and staining
Paper Composite $90 – $130 per sq. ft Easy to clean and durable Does not resist scratches and stains
Concrete $65 – 135 per sq.ft. Highly durable; heat and stain resistance Needs regular maintenance
Stone (granite, quartz, etc) $50-250 per sq.ft. Highly durable; resists stains and high heat Needs regular maintenance and resealing every 2-3 years.
Metal $70 – 215 per sq.ft. Highly durable; resistant to heat and staining Susceptible to scratches

Kitchen Flooring Installation Cost

A major kitchen remodel usually includes new floors, especially if the old flooring is getting very dingy and ugly looking.

Most popular flooring options for kitchens include tile (porcelain or ceramic), hardwoods, laminates or natural stone, such as marble.

On average, homeowners spend $8-15 per square foot installed on a new kitchen floor. For a 70 sq.ft. small kitchen this ends up being about $720-1050. You can use our Flooring Calculator to get a quick estimate for the cost of different types of flooring materials.

In terms of return on investment solid hardwood provides the highest ROI in the kitchen, but high quality porcelain tile does well too, mainly due to its high functionality in terms of cleaning and maintenance in a busy kitchen.

When choosing the flooring material, think about whether or not your kitchen is a heavy traffic area, how likely is the floor going to get stained and scratched by kids, pets, food spills, etc. These factors will play a big role in determining which flooring would make the most sense for your kitchen’s needs.

Pro Tip: When installing floors in the kitchen, its very important to ensure that you install the flooring material under the kitchen cabinets. In other words, the new floor needs to cover the entire area of the kitchen and the new cabinets will go on top of it.

Often, unscrupulous contractors and DIY inclined homeowners want to cut some corners and save so money by leaving the old flooring under the new cabinets. This can cause major rot and moisture problems that can ruin the cabinets from underneath and will cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Cost To Paint A Small Kitchen

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to update an old kitchen is to repaint it. Especially if you are dealing with a small room, this can be a very easy and quick DIY job.

kitchen If you get all the supplies yourself, a small kitchen can cost under $100 – 150 to paint, even when using high-quality, expensive paint.

Depending on where you live, hiring a contractor to paint a room can cost $1.5-3.5 per square foot (labor only). You can get cheaper pricing by requesting to paint multiple rooms at once, especially if your kitchen is small.

If you are interested in hiring a painting pro, you can use our Painting Calculator to get a sense of how much this project will cost.

Cost Of New Kitchen Appliances

In terms of spending, one of the big ticket items is new appliances. Only sky is the limit on how much you can spend on a new fancy fridge or professional stove (the kind you see on cooking shows). However, there is no need to splurge if you don’t have the budget. You can still get beautiful and functional appliances for a very reasonable price.

In most kitchen remodels, a set of new appliances includes: fridge, stove, range, and a dishwasher. The cost for these four items can be as low as $600-800 when shopping for last year’s models at an outlet, to 30,000+ when getting custom built, high-end appliances. Most homeowners spend between $3,000-5,000 on high quality, energy efficient brand name appliances.

Often, stores like Best Buy, Lowe’s, and Home Depot have huge sales on appliances and you can end up getting a great deal on brand names, such as Samsung, FrigidAir, GE, Whirlpool, KitchenAid etc.

When shopping for appliances, make sure that you are getting once that are energy efficient and have an Energy Star label on them.

Don’t forget to budget for the cost of professional installation, which can range from $150-450 per appliance, depending on difficulty of install and local labor rates.

Cost To Install A Kitchen Backsplash

To enhance the look of your kitchen, adding a backsplash may be the easiest solution. When it comes to the price, professional labor to install the backsplash is among the most expensive remodeling projects. However, the total price isn’t as high due to the relatively small square footage.

Another factor affecting the total cost is the material of your backsplash. In particular, porcelain and ceramic tile is the most money-saving solution, while stone tile (marble), mosaic, and art glass come at a much higher price.

Overall, you’re likely to spend between $1.98-$18.75 per square foot for your backsplash.

Did You Know: Porcelain is more water-resistant, heavier, and denser than ceramics. It also features great heat resistance.

As for the labor cost, it all depends on the accessibility of your backsplash, the difficulty of the job, and the square footage.

But on average, homeowners spend between $8-$19 on labor costs. If you’re looking to save some more money, you can turn installing your backsplash into a DIY project, provided you possess the proper skill set.

Sink and Faucet Cost

Over the years, sink materials have evolved, and people no longer go for former popular options such as farm/apron sinks. Nowadays, your best bet is to buy an undermount stainless steel kitchen sink. Also, if you tend to cook frequently, getting a double sink will help increase your efficiency.

There’s a big difference between the price of low-end and high-end kitchen sinks. Consequently, an average kitchen sink can cost anywhere between $240-$2,850, with the installation costs ranging from $171-$400.

However, your largest expenditure might be relocating your kitchen sink. If you choose to do so, it will cost you a minimum of $2,300 and will require the help of a professional plumber.

When it comes to selecting a kitchen faucet, you can purchase a decent one for about $190-$285. If you’re willing to pay some extra cash, you can find designer and specialty faucets for more than $950.

Lastly, you’ll need to spend between $266-$475 for a new garbage disposal.

Ways To Save On Renovating A Small Kitchen

Small kitchen renovation cost

Renovating a small kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune, especially if you are interested in doing mostly cosmetic updates.

Its very important to set a budget you are comfortable with and stick to it. Here is a chart that shows how much people ended up spending on their kitchen remodel vs how much they planned to spend.

As you can see, the more expensive the remodel budget, the more likely people were to go over the initial budget.

$5000 or less 9 4
$5,001-$15,000 24 17
$15,001-$25,000 21 19
$25,001-$50,000 26 30
$50,001-$75,000 10 12
$75,001-$100,000 6 8
$100,000+ 5 9

Here are a few proven ways you can save money while still giving your kitchen a major face lift.

Paint your cabinets yourself. You can buy painting supplies for about $190-$570 and give the cabinets a new life. Essential supplies and tools for painting your cabinets include an orbital sander, 3M hand masker, dust barrier system, airless sprayer, and rotating drying and spray rack.

Divide your remodel into stages. This way, you’ll get a chance to consolidate your finances after each stage, and see how many available funds you have for the rest of the remodel.

Go for cheaper tile. Today there are amazing tile outlets that sell premium kitchen tile for 30-50% less than brand name tile stores.

Often these places can have even natural stone such as granite, marble and soapstone at huge discounts. We just got a brand new marble floor for 6.25 per square foot, which is an insanely cheap price for marble. This is usually the cost of mid-level quality porcelain tile.

Get an inexpensive countertop. You don’t need to install high-end granite or quartz to have beautiful functional countertops. Consider alternative countertop materials such as butcher block, or laminate.

New lighting can do wonders for a small kitchen. Whether its a fancy chandelier or more modern lighting accessories, adding more light will brighter up the entire space and make it look and feel larger.

Tips On Hiring The Right Kitchen Remodel Pro

Here are some things you can do to ensure that you entrust your renovation to the right pros.

1. Schedule in-house estimates to get bids from a minimum of three skilled contractors in your area.

2. Verify that the contractors are insured and licensed.

3. Make sure that you create a detailed contracts that spells out the job’s timeline, itemized costs, who is buying materials, etc.

4. Ask for the pro’s references and make sure to call at least two, so that you can verify that he did a good job.

5. Start your remodel after the winter holidays and prior to summer. This is when most contractors look for projects and may offer you a great discount.

6. DO NOT pay a very large sum of money upfront before the job begins. Its ok to pay between 15-20% of the total projected cost in order to buy materials.
If you are buying materials yourself, you should pay around 10% to start the job.

ROI Of A Small Kitchen Remodel

Since you’re remodeling a small kitchen, you can expect to recoup at least 80% of the cost of your renovation.

In fact, small budget-friendly kitchen remodels are known to bring in at least 20% more ROI compared to large, upscale kitchens that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Renovating a small kitchen under $18,000 can translate into a value increase of your home by about $16,150.

Still, the return on investment is also based on your neighborhood, the price the buyers are willing to pay, as well as the willingness of mortgage companies to exceed their value assessments.

As with any house renovation project, you can’t rush things when it comes to kitchen remodeling. It all starts with the planning stage, where you should figure out 99% of the costs involved, whether you’ll change the layout of the room, and which brands you’ll select for cabinets, appliances, and other items.

So take your time, choose your contractor wisely, and make sure that you have everything planned prior to the beginning of the work. This way, your kitchen renovation should go as smoothly as possible and make you happy with the final results.

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