Drywall Installation Cost – Estimate Prices To Hang Drywall

The average cost to install drywall in a 12×12 room is $450-700.

The biggest factor that will impact your total cost is wall size. Others are type of drywall used, and complexity of the work involved.

Contractors use drywall in homes and commercial spaces to construct wall and ceiling surfaces. It is also known as wallboard, sheetrock or gypsum board.

Average Cost To Hang Drywall

Cost of drywall installationAcross US homeowners report spending $1.5-2.2 per square foot to install drywall. This includes all materials and labor to both hang and finish the drywall, so that a contractor can paint it.

If you have about 2,000 sq.ft. of wall space, your total price for new drywall will be about $3,000-4,4000. This estimate is for a simple rectangular room, without any complex architectural details, multiple corners or any other obstructions that would need to be worked around.

Contractors should use the longest possible drywall sheets, as this can save money on both materials and installation time.

Your total install price will go up depending on the size of the job.

Most contractors have different rates based on the number of drywall panels being installed. You can get a lower price per sq.ft. on a project that uses at least of 50 sheets of drywall or more.

For example, if you have a space of about 2,400 sq.ft. and will need to cover it with 50 12′ sheets, the cost will be about $72-84 / sheet, or $3600-4200 total.

However, if you have a room that you need to put drywall in or a space under 400-500 sq.ft., your cost per sheet will go up to $100-120 or more.

If you have a huge mansion or a commercial space (over 10-12,000 sq.ft.) you can get a significant discount on the total drywall installation cost. It can become as low as $1.15-1.25 per sq.ft.

Its important to keep in mind that labor rates also very greatly by region. In affluent cities such as Boston, New York, San Francisco you can be paying as much as 20-30% more than the national average. By contrast, less well-to-do regions will have prices that are about 10-15% less than the national average.

To get the best price, be sure to contact 3-4 local drywall pros and compare their quotes.

Material Prices

There are different types of drywall available, and they all have different prices.

Standard drywall of various thickness (ranges from 1/4” to 5/8”): costs $0.24-0.41 per sq.ft, depending on the thickness.

Moisture-resistant drywall: costs $0.40 – 0.48 per sq.ft.
Heat/Fire-resistant drywall: costs $0.34 – 0.42 per sq.ft.
Sound-barrier drywall: costs $0.95 – 2.25 per sq.ft.

Note, sound resistant drywall costs the most to install, as much as $4 and up per sq.ft. for labor and materials.

Additional Enhancement Costs

Here are some additional things that a contractor may need to do and charge you extra.

1. Remove and dispose old drywall: if you need to remove old drywall before installing new one, be prepared to spend! This work is very expensive, ranging from $2 -3.25 per sq.ft. This is one area where you can try to save money, if you are willing to do this job yourself.

2. Scaffolding: if your house has very high, cathedral or vaulted ceilings, installing drywall will be a lot more challenging and will require scaffolding. Depending on the contractor, you may get a 30-50% up-charge on the total.

3. Complex architecture: if your home has many corners and arches that a contractor will need to work around, the total cost can double or triple. Similarly, costs will go up if he will have to work around built-in shelves, countertops and kitchen cabinets.

4. Smooth Ceiling: if you install ceiling drywall and want the texture to be completely smooth, you will pay a premium charge. To create a perfectly smooth ceiling a pro needs to spend a lot of time applying many coats of mud and the sanding the surface.

By contrast, a textured ceiling is significantly cheaper. This is why many people prefer it over a smooth one. To create it a contractor applies only one coat of mud, after he seals the joints.

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    I’m going to remodel my home when I come back from vacation. Thanks for saying that it will cost me about $1.5-2.2 per square foot for installation of drywall for my living room. I think I’ll contact a company about this so that I’ll know what I’ll have to spend on my home’s improvement.