7 Reasons To Fall In Love With Fenix NTM Nanotech Kitchen Countertops

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If you’re looking for a unique kitchen countertop that combines an ultra-modern aesthetic with perfect functionality, FENIX NTM nanotech matte material is IT!

You can use our comprehensive Kitchen Countertops Cost Calculator to get an accurate estimate for the price of your new counters.

Manufactured in Italy by Arpa Industriale, FENIX NTM is an award winning smart nanotech surface material with a number of unique properties.

Its main advantages include: superior heat and scratch resistance, soft-to-touch surface, depth of color, superior hygienic properties, numerous custom design options.

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Nanotech Fenix NTM Kitchen Countertops

It has been designed for use in versatile interior settings, including serving as a top-of-the-line kitchen countertop. Surprisingly, FENIX comes with a very reasonable price tag, so you can install these in your kitchen without causing a huge dent in your remodel budget.

A number of high end manufacturers, including Italian Arrital Cucine use FENIX NTM as their custom countertops for modern kitchen lines.

7 Benefits Of FENIX NTM Kitchen Counters

High Tech Nanotech Matt Countertop Material by Arrital

Every kitchen countertop has a few unique features and distinct advantages. However, none even come close to the benefits you will get from FENIX NTM.

  1. Modern Style: ideal for contemporary and industrial style kitchens. At the same time, this countertop is versatile enough to be paired with more classic and natural materials such as wood, fit for more transitional style kitchens (as you can see in the image above).
  2. Unique Look: the material has an extremely matte surface, low light reflectivity and color depth. You will not be able to see any fingerprints on these countertops! You can also use it for custom integrated designs that combine cabinetry and countertops.
  3. Pleasant Feel: special technology makes the surface feel soft to the touch.
  4. Easy To Clean: FENIX NTM is resistant to solvents and even harsh antibacterial cleaning solutions.
  5. Highly Resistant to Scratches and Abrasion: scratches are actually self-healing through special thermal technology. If you scratch the countertop with a sharp object (fork or knife), you can pull out an iron, wait for it to heat up and press into the scratch. You will be amazed as you watch it disappear from the surface! Also, if the structure of the countertop is not damaged, the thermal healing repair of scratched can be performed infinitely.
  6. Superior Hygenic Properties: if you want to be able to use your kitchen counters as a food prep surface, FENIX NTM is ideal. It has enhanced anti-bacterial properties and is also mold-resistant.
  7. Highly Durable: the material boasts dimensional stability, even at high temperature changes. It is also resistant to impact and dry heat. With proper treatment, material can last well over 50 years.

  8. What Is FENIX NTM Countertop Made From?

    This can be considered a laminate countertop, but very much next generation. Fenix is not an HPL, a finish or a film. The body of the material is comprised of paper and next generation acrylic resins. There is also a special coating which is responsible for material’s scratch resistance and self healing properties. It is made up of tiny, nano-sized particles (smaller than 100 nm), which are not visible to the naked eye.

    Utilizing special high tech processes, these nanoparticles are evenly distributed throughout the coating. After the coating is cured, these particles are fully integrated into the outer layer of the material.

    Cost of Kitchen Remodel
    $9,841 - $17,450
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    What Countertop Colors Are Available?

    FENIX NTM was designed to be a timeless classic, appealing to both modern and traditional aesthetics. It offers a versatile selection of beautiful, nature inspired color options. In total, there are 15 colors available: 11 plain and 4 pearlescent.

    FENIX NTM Color Options

    FENIX NTM Dark Color Options

    How Much Do FENIX NTM Countertops Cost?

    Incredibly, this kitchen countertop material is very reasonably priced. FENIX NTM itself is quoted at $5 per sq.ft. This cost is on par with other laminate counters, and is significantly cheaper than granite, marble, butcher block, concrete stainless steel, and most other materials.

    You should budget another $4-7 per square foot for installation, depending on the contractor you hire, and the complexity of fabrication. So you are looking at a total of about $9-12 per square foot installed.

    If you are looking to create a truly custom kitchen design, it is possible to use FENIX NTM material for countertops, cabinetry and even the kitchen sink. This will enable you to create a stunning, seamless aesthetic that can not be achieved using other types of materials (see the gallery below for inspiration).

    It is best to work with a local contractor who has experience installing laminate countertops, as FENIX NTM is closest to this material.

    Currently, in the US, a large distributor of international building materials, Willis, offers FENIX countertops, so your contractor can place an order through them.

    Cost of Kitchen Remodel
    $9,841 - $17,450
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    Kitchen Design Gallery Using Fenix Counters

    Take a look at these beautiful kitchens, using Fenix countertop materials. The look of the material is so versatile, you can hardly tell it is the same product, that is being used in all of these kitchens.

    As you can see, sky is the limit to the custom kitchen designs you can achieve using this material.

    1. White modern kitchen with Fenix counters finished to look like wood.

    White Modern Kitchen With Fenix NTM Kitchen Counters - Wood Look

    2. Perfectly seamless design with both the sink and countertop made from Fenix.

    Integrated Sink and Kitchen Countertop From Fenix NTM

    Fenix NTM Kitchen Countertop Integrated with Sink

    3. Kitchen cabinets can be integrated with counters using Fenix material.

    Kitchen Cabinets integrated with countertops using Fenix NTM material

    Fenix countertop together with kitchen cabinet

    4. Integrate gas burner cook top with Fenix countertops

    Integrate Gas Burner Top with FENIX NTM Counters

    5. Achieve a rich, bold look with black Fenix counters and cabinets

    Fenix NTM counters in rich black color

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      Here is the contact for the manufacturer’s branch in the US. You can get in touch with them to see if they can install Fenix counters in your area.

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    Please let me know two contractors in the Chicago Area that construct kitchen countertops of “nanotech matte material” . According to the article on remodeling image.com, it runs about $5 per square foot. Is this correct? thank you

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    We are looking for a no maintenance easily cleaned countertop for a nonprofit used for weddings etc. Can you give me someone in the Sandusky Ohio area that deals with Nanotech Matte Material. That said our funds are limited but our exposure to the public is huge. See website below.

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