2023 Cheap Kitchen Cabinetry For Your House

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets
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Depending on the material and type of cabinet you choose, even some of the cheapest kitchen cabinets can upgrade your kitchen.

Many customers often equate a high price tag with top-quality, but that’s not always the case, especially when it comes to kitchen cabinets.

Basic kitchen cabinets can be purchased from stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Bargain Outlet, IKEA, etc, or many independent cabinets and countertop stores, and will cost between $170-$350 per linear foot. Typical total prices for Kitchen Cabinets will be $3,950 to $8,170

Kitchen Cabinets Basics – Cost Breakdown

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $3,950 - $8,170 (for 10' x 12' cabinets)
Low End
High End

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If you’re in the market for affordable kitchen cabinets, standard models start at approximately $68 per linear foot.

The cheapest kitchen cabinets of mid-rage quality start at around $135 per linear foot, while customers pay upward of $475 per linear foot for luxury options.

Its important to keep in mind that kitchen cabinet prices vary based on the size of your kitchen and the style and brand you’ve selected.

The size of an average kitchen is between 90 and 190 square feet. So, be prepared to pay between $1,900 and $19,000 for a standard 10×10-foot kitchen.

To get started on your kitchen renovation, contact your local remodel pros for FREE ESTIMATES!

Cabinet Type Price Per Linear Foot
Affordable Start at $68
Mid-Range Start at $135
Luxury Start at $475

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets – What To Consider

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

Before shopping for new kitchen cabinets, you should consider a few factors to lower the project’s overall cost.


Solid wood, glass, and lacquered cabinet are among the most expensive kitchen cabinet options on the market.

On the other hand, kitchen cabinets crafted from synthetic materials like particle boards and MDF (medium-density fireboards) are much cheaper.

Custom vs Big Box

Ordering and installing custom kitchen cabinets is a costly project.

Homeowners who want to save money while upgrading their kitchen should consider investing in cheaper mass-produced kitchen cabinets from big companies like IKEA.

New vs Used

Instead of buying and installing brand new cabinets, get a cheaper price by purchasing used kitchen cabinet models.

Cabinet Faces

You can find some Shaker cabinets and flat slab kitchen cabinet models at the bottom of the price scale.

But glass panel kitchen cabinets and other high-end styles typically have a heftier price tag.


Hardware pulls are another factor that significantly impacts the cost of kitchen cabinets.

The cheapest kitchen cabinet hardware options start at only a few dollars per pull, while luxury hardware may cost more than $95 per piece.

The significant price difference is primarily due to material.

For example, aluminum hardware is cheaper than its cast brass counterparts.

Unpainted and Unfinished

More and more homeowners are choosing to elevate their kitchens with unpainted cabinets.

Unpainted kitchen cabinets are cheaper to manufacture, and you can DIY the painting process to ensure the final product matches your personal preference.

Kitchen Size and Quantity

You’ll need more cabinets if you have a large kitchen, which also influences the final price.


Hiring a professional means you don’t have to worry about unexpected problems, but it also comes with potentially steep labor costs.

Homeowners who are not confident in their renovation skills should consider working with an expert to install their kitchen cabinets and prevent costly repairs and replacements.

Cheap Cabinets – Which Are The Best Materials?

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

The most popular synthetic materials for cheap kitchen cabinets include: wood veneer, MDF (meh 🙂 ), laminate, and plywood.

These materials ensure less expensive construction costs, which is another reason they’re becoming common for kitchens cabinets across North America.

Material Type Total Project Cost
Wood Veneer $1,900-$14,900
Plywood $1,400-$7,400
Laminate $3,900-$14,900
MDF $2,400-$4,900


Plywood panels offer a balanced blend of durability and affordability.

Kitchen cabinets made from plywood boasts solid resistance to scratches and dents but doesn’t fare well in wet and humid environments.

The approximate price of plywood kitchen cabinets for an average-size kitchen is between $1,400 and $7,400.

Pro Tip: Kitchen cabinets can significantly increase the value of a home.

If you’re buying brand-new kitchen cabinets, choose models in a neutral color.

If you want to purchase pre-owned cabinets, invest in refinishing to attract potential buyers in the future.

Wood Veneer

Wood veneer is an attractive option because it mimics the appearance of natural wood.

Wood veneer kitchen cabinets are highly customizable, and homeowners can sand, paint, or stain it to ensure it matches the kitchen’s aesthetic.

Despite these advantages, wood veneer may not be the best option for your home.

Water damage and expensive repairs can be an issue.

However, regular maintenance and polishing can bolster the wood veneer kitchen cabinet’s service life.

If you’re interested in getting wood veneer cabinets for your kitchen, expect to pay between $1,900 and $14,900.


Many modern kitchen cabinets are made from a combination of MDF and another synthetic material.

For the cheapest option, choose MDF and plywood kitchen cabinets.

Keep in mind that most home reno experts consider MDF an extremely low-quality material.

For optimal durability, make sure to find boards with more plywood than MDF.

MDF kitchen cabinets for an average kitchen go from $2,400 to $4,900.


If you do nםt want to spend time customizing your kitchen cabinets, you may be interested in laminate.

Laminate kitchen cabinets are usually available in two colors – ivory and white.

Although laminate kitchen cabinets are highly resistant to dents and scratches, ther’re nearly impossible to repair if damage occurs.

In that case, the only thing homeowners can do is replace the damaged kitchen cabinet panel. If all of the panels are in poor condition, it may be necessary to replace the entire kitchen cabinet.

Laminate kitchen cabinets range from approximately $3,900 to $14,900.

Other Materials

Compared to the above materials, stainless steel kitchen cabinets cost between $23,000 and $36,000.

Genuine wood kitchen cabinets start at $4,800 and can cost as much as $18,500.

Note that the above estimates exclude installation and labor costs. Those prices may vary based on the location of the home.

Where To Buy Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

Where you’ll look for cheaper kitchen cabinets depends on your budget, personal preference, and the needs of your home.

Here are some options you should consider before making a final decision.

Large Franchises

Large franchises like IKEA and Lowe’s, Menards, Home Depot, and Bargain Outlet are excellent options for finding relatively cheap kitchen cabinets with durable add-ons and hardware.

But kitchen cabinets from Ikea and Lowe’s and other big stores aren’t always customizable, and despite their high-end appearance, they may require repairs soon after installation.

Big Box Stores

Kitchen cabinets from big box stores typically guarantee a quick, no-fuss installation.

The quality may vary from store to store, and the kitchen cabinet models usually have fewer customization options.

Online Retailers

Online retailers provide customers with a wide range of affordable kitchen cabinet models and a convenient shopping experience.

One significant downside of purchasing cabinets from an online retailer is that it can be difficult to determine the quality of the product.

Small Chains

Small chains combine more affordable elements with durable materials to craft kitchen cabinets.

Professional Installers

Homeowners who appreciate high-quality products and superb customer service often opt for professional installers.

They have the experience and expertise to ensure each project is successful, and their services are typically at the top of the price scale.

A Guide To Buying Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

As we mentioned, customers for whom affordability is a top priority for their kitchen cabinets should consider large franchises, online retailers, and big box stores.

Professional installers and small chains are the best fit for homeowners looking for long-lasting kitchen cabinets.

Pre-Owned Kitchen Cabinets – Shopping Locally

People who have recently renovated their kitchen may sell their pre-owned cabinets online.

Cabinet removal can cost between $14 and $29 per linear foot, so many homeowners decide to sell their kitchen cabinets to save money.

Before purchasing a pre-owned option, make sure to:

  • Look at several different used models
  • Thoroughly inspect the kitchen cabinet for signs of wear
  • Ask whether the final price includes cabinet removal
  • Find a way to transport the cabinets to your home

Pro Tip: Always sand pre-owned cabinets, especially if you want to repaint them.

This ensures a smooth finish without bumps.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,300 - $16,930 (for 200 sq. ft. kitchen)
Low End
High End

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Where To Find Pre-Owned Kitchen Cabinets

Although finding cheap used kitchen cabinets can be challenging, there are a few places you should check first to find a bargain deal.


Like other used fixtures and appliances, kitchen cabinets sometimes end up on Craigslist.

You may struggle to determine the quality of the product from pictures alone, so make sure you arrange an in-person meeting with the seller.

While it may take some time to find a decent-quality option on the site, you could get lucky and stumble upon a person who wants to remove a cabinet from their home as soon as possible.

In that case, they may want to sell kitchen cabinet  for a cheap price because they simply want it out of the house.

Of course, make sure you have the means to transport the cabinets to your destination.

Online Marketplaces and Secondhand Shops

Explore your local secondhand stores.

They sometimes have vintage pieces that have remained in excellent condition.

Furthermore, these shops occasionally donate a portion of their earnings to local charities.

Not only will you upgrade your kitchen, but you’ll also help raise money for a good cause.

If you prefer online bargain hunting, visit sites like OfferUP. This online shop allows users to list the furniture they want to sell so others can find pre-loved pieces.

Small Businesses and Artisan Shops

Sites that provide handmade and artisan products like Etsy are another good option.

You might find a custom-made kitchen cabinet for a cheaper price than its in-store counterpart.

However, as with any online shopping, you should consider whether the shipping costs are within your budget.

Facebook Groups and Facebook Marketplace

Facebook is full of groups, pages, and other social channels that connect lovers of secondhand shopping.

Facebook Marketplace is the way to go for those who don’t want to travel long distances to find a perfect kitchen cabinet.

Instead, they can browse listings in or around their area and contact sellers directly.

Where To Find New Kitchen Cabinets

If you want to elevate your kitchen with new cabinets, check out the sources below for cheaper options.

You may find stylish models without breaking the bank.


Typical Cost To Install IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
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When people look for budget-friendly but durable furniture, one of the first places that comes to mind is IKEA.

The Swedish company is known for its reasonably priced products, although the assembly instructions sometimes unclear.

Nevertheless, IKEA carries slightly more RTA kitchen cabinet models than their competitors, and customers can place orders online or pick up the product directly in the store.

If you’ve never shopped for kitchen cabinets before, visit the nearest IKEA store and explain what you’re looking for to the employees. They may be able to help you narrow down your search.

Kraftmaid Cabinet Outlet

Kraftmaid Cabinet Outlet products are popular due to their discounted prices.

However, there is a catch.

The business doesn’t do online sales, so you’ll have to travel to Warren, Ohio to view its offerings.

Since Kraftmaid Cabinet Outlet doesn’t even have an official page, the only way to view its cabinets is to make the trip to Ohio.

If you live in the state, that may not be a problem. However, a cross-country trip could significantly increase your kitchen renovation costs.

Pro Tip: When painting cabinets, remember to remove the hardware elements.

Although some people assume it’s okay to paint around the pulls, this is ill-advised. Eventually, the metal will leave unattractive stains on the boards.

Cabinet Shops

Furniture specialty shops are known for their heftier prices, but you can still find products that align with your budget.

Visit a few shops and explain what you need.

When you receive a few ballpark estimates, you’ll be able to determine which option is best for your home.

Cheap Kitchen Cabinets – Installation And Removal Cost Breakdown

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

While the average price of kitchen cabinets starts at $95 per linear foot, custom models range from $475 to $1,160 per linear foot.

Stock models are cheaper, with prices ranging from $95 to $290.

If the kitchen cabinet requires repairs, homeowners usually pay between $125 and $455.

The cost of a complete installation or replacement of kitchen cabinets averages at $5,000.

Materials account for approximately 50% of this estimate.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA) Cabinets – Cut Down on Labor Costs

Assembled kitchen cabinets range from $48 to $140 per linear foot, while RTA kitchen cabinet models cost between $29 and $95 per linear foot.

Most manufacturers carry fewer stylish RTA units, but customers save on shipping by picking up the product directly at the store.

RTA kitchen cabinets are a fun and affordable DIY project, but only if you have the appropriate tools and experience.

Assembling an RTA unit typically takes several hours.

You may need to find additional supplies not included in the assembly kit, like:

  • Protective gloves and eyewear
  • Bar clamps
  • Nails
  • Wood glue
  • Finishing nailer or hammer
  • Drill or screwdriver

The Drawbacks Of Cheap Kitchen Cabinets

When you have a tight budget, cheap products are the best solution.

Although the price doesn’t always accurately reflect a product’s quality, you should remember the most significant disadvantages of low-cost materials.

For example:

  • The finish could fade quickly.
  • You may need to repair and replace the hardware elements frequently.
  • Low-quality materials are more susceptible to water damage.
  • Manufacturers usually back low-cost products with shorter warranties.

Find The Best Cheap Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Many factors can increase the kitchen renovation’s total cost, but you can save money by choosing cheap kitchen cabinets.

Instead of true wood, go for synthetic materials like laminate, plywood, wood veneer, or MDF.

They mimic the appearance of wood but are more budget-friendly.

Consider talking to a professional to ensure you select the most long-lasting materials.

If you want to take the DIY route, RTA cabinets could be the best solution for your kitchen.

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
See costs in your area

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