2023 High-End Kitchen Cabinets Installation And Prices

Typical Cost To Install Kitchen Cabinets Average: $3,950 - $8,170
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If you’re interested in high-end kitchen cabinets, the best design will set the scene for the whole room style and offer elite functionality.

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What Is a Luxury Kitchen?

A luxury or high-end kitchen has a finely detailed and custom-made design from high-quality materials.

The luxury kitchen design focuses on the best use of space, aesthetics, and lighting.

How Much Do High-End Kitchen Cabinets Cost?

The average cost of high-end custom cabinets is between $500 – $1,200 per linear foot. Depending on the size of your kitchen and many other factors, this figure can increase to $12,500 – $18,500.

Pro Tip: If your budget can accommodate bespoke kitchen cabinets, it’s better to invest in classic detailed designed cabinetry that showcases the material and craft. The restrained “Shaker” style design will never date, while an ornate style is as luxurious as one can get.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,300 - $16,930 (for 200 sq. ft. kitchen)
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High End

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Top 5 High-End Kitchen Cabinets Brands

Here are five of the best high-end kitchen manufacturers that are sure to impress.


Puustelli bases its luxury kitchen cabinetry designs on the Scandinavian style.

Their custom wooden cabinets offer sleek and modern elegance for mid- to high-end prices.

Puustelli not only stands out for its classic warm and unique Scandinavian designs but for their focus on stainable cabinets. Many of their products are made from strong, recycled, or renewable materials with no harmful chemicals.

Da-Vinci Designs

The Da-Vinci designers are dedicated to bringing your kitchen vision to life.

They deliver fresh contemporary kitchen cabinetry using minimalist artistry and touches of “Old World Design.”

They specialize in durable and high-performing kitchen custom cabinetry that evokes the ambiance of another place and time.

If you envision cooking in a kitchen with a modernized Italian villa or medieval castle theme, then Da-Vinci Designs is a company to consider.


Italian kitchen designers from Snaidero describe their fine kitchen cabinets as combining technological innovation, avant-garde trends, human skills, and artisan craft.

In addition to shiny, industrial, and futuristic-inspired kitchen elements, they make a wide range of Italian-style cabinets with an indulgent and contemporary vibe.

Their products include gloss, matte, and exclusive subtle shimmer without glare finish.

Their high-end “Elegante Bespoke Collection” —only available in the U.S.—provides an almost unlimited choice of design features and finishes. Their “Signature Collection” allows you to choose from 13 design elements for a tailored look.

Prevo Cabinetry

Prevo Cabinetry is a custom hardwood cabinetry manufacturer blending cutting-edge technology with woodworking techniques.

They have revolutionized the market by creating style, beauty, and functionality with various finishes, woods, and accents for durable, custom, high-end cabinetry.

Their designs are meticulously detailed and include contemporary comfort-first additions and soft-close door hinges.

Prevo is very flexible in working with you to get your ideal cabinetry look. They have a broad selection of glazes, paints, and stains and may match any color to support your design ideas.

Willow Lane Cabinetry

Willow Lane Cabinetry offers an extensive range of unique cabinet collections.

Your chosen cabinets will arrive fully assembled and ready for installation.

They provide options for any kitchen style, from modern chic to a chef’s dream kitchen or the style you envision.

They guarantee well-crafted, high-quality, and long-lasting cabinets.

Pro Tip: The kitchen is probably the most used and sociable space in the home. Therefore, consider supporting it with luxurious and chic seating. If space and budget permit, choose a kitchen island with integrated seating for an elegant and streamlined look.

Typical Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Average: $7,420 - $26,300
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What Are Some Common Kitchen Design Mistakes to Avoid?

Planning the design for your new kitchen is exciting and perhaps overwhelming. And there would be nothing more disappointing than realizing a detrimental mistake after its installed.

Therefore, planning carefully and knowing the pitfalls to look out for is essential to get it right the first time.

These are some typical luxury kitchen cabinets design errors to avoid during the design stage of your project.

Tight Layout

A cramped kitchen layout should be avoided. Not only will a confined kitchen lack a luxurious artistic appeal, but its functionality will be significantly compromised.

However, this doesn’t mean you’ll need to tear down walls to produce a huge kitchen space. When designed well, kitchens restricted to a smaller area can still incorporate the popular open-plan style if that’s the type of layout you want.

With limited space for your new kitchen, there are several ways to make the result look bigger.

For example, you could opt for a more understated feel by ensuring ample storage options to store your kitchen appliances. And if you have plenty of space, consider keeping the features to showcase what you need.

A simplified kitchen that isn’t packed out with fluff looks good and is more functional.

A great rule to aim for is four feet between cabinets and the island if you intend on having one.

Space Between The Sink And Oven

A general kitchen design guideline is to ensure sufficient space between the sink and oven.

That countertop space is usually reserved for food prep; without this space, your final design will have little space for serving and cooking food.

Be sure to prioritize this space initially in the design phase, so it isn’t forgotten. Functional mistakes are more problematic to fix than aesthetic ones.

Planning Around Doors

Another costly design mistake is not enough thought put into the drawers and cabinets doors.

In smaller kitchens, they can end up hitting walls or the island without careful planning.

To avoid this issue, plan intentionally. Before approving a layout, consider how and where your drawers and cabinetry will open. Think about your dishwasher and fridge locations and how you’ll navigate through the space.

If possible, avoid positioning your cabinets or fridge in an area where it will block an entryway when the door is open.

It’s not always possible to get this perfect, but the fewer obstructions, the better.

Pro Tip: Handless cabinets are ideal if you’re going for a streamlined effect.

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Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is often considered more important for living rooms.

However, integrating organic, natural lighting is also an excellent idea for your luxury kitchen design. Too much dependence on artificial lighting can dampen the mood and make a kitchen look fake.

Adding a window into the design may not be possible. But if after your initial kitchen design there is budget left, see if you can create a window.

An Unnecessary Kitchen Island

A kitchen island sounds like a great idea, but consider whether it’s necessary.

Islands can take up the majority of kitchen space. However, if you believe you’ll get good use out of one and it won’t shrink your kitchen space by too much, then why not?

Also, consider that installing an island is easier than removing it.

You could consider filling the space with a kitchen table if you don’t want a full-on open-plan layout.

A nice open kitchen table with seats won’t feel as big and will likely be used.

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What Color Kitchen Cabinets Are In Style For 2022?

Here are five color options predicted to be used most frequently in 2022 for luxury kitchen cabinets.

Natural wood

Natural wood is said to be the favorite kitchen color in 2022 as natural materials and nature-inspired trends continue to rise in popularity.

Earthy green tones

Green is versatile since it ranges in shades bordering yellow and blue in addition to light and dark tones. It is an easy color to incorporate into many kitchen designs.

Black and dark hues

Black or dark colors can create a dramatic look in your kitchen. A dramatic look can be enhanced with a contrasting mix of lighter countertops or backsplashes.


Two-toned kitchen cabinets can add a lot of depth to a kitchen layout. You could opt for different tones on your upper and lower cabinetry for a fresh, longer-lasting style.


When your cabinetry is white, it will work with anything. It’s easier to change other colors in the kitchen, such as a wall or accent color, and white mixes well with other popular color trends like natural wood.

What Is the New Look for Kitchens in 2022?

To ensure the aesthetic of your new kitchen design does not fall behind the times, here are some of the hottest looks for your new kitchen in 2022.

Open kitchen shelving

Displaying decorative or meaningful items is an effective and relatively simple way to inject personality into your kitchen with a warm and inviting feel.

Vertical tiling

For kitchen backsplash ideas, it appears vertical arrangements are set to be the next kitchen trend. Look out for imperfect colorful, crackled glazes and a more prolonged, leaner tile for a more relaxed and artisan feel.

Feature islands

A kitchen island is not just a natural part of the design or a divider; with clever planning, the island is an opportunity to make a statement.

Broken plan

This style maintains an open feel while using half partitions, glass panels, or disappearing pocket doors for closed spaces.

Concealed kitchens

This look completely hides any sign of a kitchen. This concept applies to smaller kitchens, open-plan rooms, or studio apartments.

It includes integrated appliances, concealing small appliances in larder cupboards, clever additions to cover sinks or stovetops, among other fantastically unique ideas.

Pro Tip: An addition that will offer real oomph is a bold, all-over color for smaller kitchens. High-quality paint color will enhance the quality of your cabinets and bring out other details such as handles and lighting.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,300 - $16,930 (for 200 sq. ft. kitchen)
Low End
High End

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Which Kitchen Cabinets Are The Most Expensive?

Custom-made kitchen cabinets are generally the most expensive, and the price will vary considerably depending on the style, design, and material used.

What Makes High End Kitchen Cabinets So Expensive?


The pricing varies depending on the materials used to produce the cabinetry. For example, high-end wood typically comes at a high-end price.

However, you might be surprised by how much screws, door handles, stoppers and other fittings drive up the price.


Labor is a significant and typically the most expensive part of any project as it covers several areas.

It includes work involved building the cabinets, delivering them, and installing them.


To have your kitchen cabinets installed professionally requires skills that aren’t cheap, especially for intricate designs.

The installation, at times, can be just as tricky as building the cabinets.


Some kitchen cabinetry features are simple, and others are detailed and complicated.

For example, self-closing doors that will never slam will cost considerably more than regular doors.


Kitchen cabinets can be pre-made or custom-made. Custom-made offers a lot more flexibility and can accommodate odd corners or larger appliances.

However, this freedom comes at a much higher cost.

What Are the Luxury Kitchen Cabinets Made Out Of?

Luxury kitchens are often made of metal and premium wood for the best cabinetry result.

Stainless steel cabinets are ideal for designing modern luxury kitchen cabinets, and wood styles are customizable and flexible to suit your taste.

Durable metal pullouts and handles, in addition to noiseless easy-glide drawers, should be considered.

Typical Cost To Remodel A Kitchen Average: $7,420 - $26,300
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What Makes A High-End Kitchen Luxurious?

A luxury kitchen utilizes the following features:

  • Premium quality materials for cabinets and countertops
  • Professional space planning
  • Modern technologies and appliances
  • Walk-in pantry
  • Wine racks
  • Good lighting
  • Warming drawers
  • Floor heating
  • Chef-grade stove
  • Luxury kitchen tiles
  • Beautiful interior design

How To Pick The Best Kitchen Cabinets For Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen cabinets can be daunting; consider these tips to help with your decision.

Custom or prefabricated

Ultimately, this depends on your budget and requirements. Due to the almost limitless options available, a bespoke kitchen will be much more expensive.

Maximizing your kitchen space

If you have a small kitchen area and a relatively high ceiling, choose tall cabinetry to maximize the space with additional storage options.

Kitchen drawers are also an option

Modern luxury kitchen designs with glossy drawers are another emerging trend. A combination of drawers and cabinets works well, depending on what you’re looking for.

Consider childproof measures

Children are great at getting into places they shouldn’t be, and the kitchen has plenty of items you wouldn’t want them getting their hands on. If you have children, childproof cabinetry must be a key element in your design.

Consider a cohesive color story

A cohesive kitchen is one where the color palette and the hues marry together to make the space feel stylish, warm, comfortable, and spacious.

Is Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry Worth It?

Kitchen cabinetry is one of the first noticeable features of your kitchen, so you might be pressured to ensure they leave a positive impact.

When deciding how you want your kitchen to look overall, remember trends will come and go. One of the most important considerations when investing in luxury kitchen cabinets is to design a timeless and functional kitchen that you and your family can cherish for years.

Consult a few professional designers for assistance, and you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $7,300 - $16,930 (for 200 sq. ft. kitchen)
Low End
High End

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