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Georgia Pacific vinyl siding is a quality option when in the market for vinyl siding. Before we get into the versatility that Georgia Pacific offers, we have to ask: do you know why you should go for vinyl siding?

If not, the quick answer is this – vinyl siding is the most cost-effective option. Now, why Georgia Pacific siding?

GP vinyl siding offers durability, versatile styles and affordable pricing to those on the hunt for quality vinyl siding.

When looking for vinyl siding you want to focus on four elements: siding cost, appearance, weatherproofing, and maintenance.

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How Much Does Georgia Pacific Vinyl Siding Cost?

On average GP siding costs $2.65 – 7.5 per square foot to install, including all materials and professional labor. On a 2,000 sq.ft. simple ranch style home, GP vinyl siding will cost $5,300 – 15,000 to install.

The price for the vinyl siding itself ranges depending on the product you select.

Typically, lap vinyl siding, such as Georgia Pacific Vision Pro siding will be the cheapest, costing less than $1 per square foot for materials. On the other hand, Georgia Pacific Cedar Spectrum Hand Split siding will be 2.5 to 3 times more expensive.

Moreover, the thicker the siding, the higher your total cost will be. However, thicker siding is a lot more durable, long lasting and energy efficient, so it may well be worth the extra cost.

This is especially true for homeowners living in areas with frequent poor weather and severe temperature fluctuations.

Don’t forget to factor in the cost of fascia, trim and moldings which can add $0.70 – 2 per square foot to the total siding cost, depending on the products you choose.

Its best to budget an extra 12-17% of the total siding replacement cost for any unexpected expenses that may come up once the project starts.

Use our Siding Calculator to get a quick estimate for the cost of vinyl siding as well as other top siding materials, so you can compare them.

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Georgia Pacific Siding Prices at Lowe’s

You can get GP’s top selling vinyl siding, Compass Siding, right at your local Lowe’s store.

Typically, Lowe’s carries 3 different Compass vinyl siding products, and here are the prices and specs:

Compass Vinyl Siding Panel Double 4.5 Dutch Lap 9-in x 145-in – $23.25 per box (available in 23 colors)

Compass Vinyl Siding Panel Double 4.5 Dutch Lap 9-in x 145-in – 17.62 per box (available in 23 colors)

Compass Vinyl Siding Panel Double 4 Traditional 8-in x 150-in – 16.13 per box (available in 23 colors)

The most popular colors of Compass siding that Lowe’s sells are Bayou Blue, Grey, Almond and Cream.

A carton of Compass D4 Vinyl Siding has 24 pieces per carton. The carton contains 2 square and it covers 200 square feet.

Lowe’s offers the option to order a 2-ft sample of the actual color and profile Compass siding, so you can see how it looks on your house, before making your final color selection.

You can use our Vinyl Siding Cost Calculator to get a better estimate for your vinyl siding replacement project.

Cost To Install Georgia Pacific Siding

In addition to the siding itself, you need to account for the cost of professional labor. In most areas of the US, siding contractors charge $1 – 3.5 per square foot for their labor.

Variations in pricing depend on the following factors:

– total size of the job
– complexity of house architecture (number of doors, windows)
– number of stories
– ease of access
– complexity of installing a particular siding material
– any damage that needs to be repaired before new siding can be installed

Siding pros charge anywhere from $45 to 85 per hour for their labor. However, keep in mind that depending on your location, labor rates can vary drastically.

For example, in expensive coastal cities, such as Boston, New York, San Francisco, siding pros can easily charge $80-90 per hour ( you also have to consider that the overhead costs and overall living expenses in these areas are much higher than in the rest of the country)

Keep in mind that tear off fees for old siding are separate, and are typically, $1-3 per square foot depending on the weight and type of the original siding.

To get the best quality installation at a reasonable cost its best to request at least 3-4 estimates from local siding pros.

Be sure that the siding contractor you hire is fully licensed and insured and comes with great references of recently completed jobs.

Pro Tip: Some contractors may try to convince you to keep your old siding and install new siding right on top in order to save you money on tear off fees. This is how they try to outbid the competition and get your business by offering “savings”. However, don’t be fooled!

Failing to remove old siding is one of the worst building practices and it can ultimately lead to many costly problems both for your new siding and the house as a whole.

Georgia Pacific Vinyl Lap Siding Styles

Lap siding is the siding on houses that has the horizontal panels running across. Out of all vinyl siding types, lap siding is simple, classic, and as a result one of the most popular choices. It is the most common siding that you will see!

GP makes a very large selection of lap siding products, each with its own unique look and set of specs.

Compass (best value)
Forest Ridge (budget)
Shadow Ridge (budget)
Somerset Coastal (mid-range)
Vision Pro (budget)
Caliber High Performance (high-end)
Chatham Ridge (high-end)
Castle Ridge (high-end)

While catering to the different aesthetic and budget needs of homeowners, all of Georgia Pacific Vinyl Lap siding lines share the following features:

  • Good panel thickness, ranging from 0.042-0.044
  • Depending on the product, available in Double 4″ & Double 5” Traditional Lap, Double 4″ & Double 5” Dutch Lap, Triple 3” Traditional Lap, beaded profile
  • Weather and pest-resistant
  • Never needs to be scraped, painted or stained
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty for your peace of mind
  • Available in wide range of light and dark colors
  • Georgia Pacific Compass Vinyl Siding

    Georgia Pacific Compass lap siding is the company’s most popular product. Here are its main features and advantages:

    – Available in two sizes: Double 4” Traditional Lap and Double 4.5” Dutch Lap and boasts a premium 0.044-in thickness.

    – Weather and pest resistant; it does not need to be scraped, painted, or stained making it a great choice if you are looking to do minimal upkeep.

    – Designed with a 4-layer attachment system that snaps as it locks, helping the panels stay in place during inclement weather.

    – Offers reverse Full Roll Double Thickness Nail Hem for a more secure attachment and superior resistance to blow off in high wind locations

    – Designed with an oversized top lock which helps keep the panels straight on the wall

    – Large 5/8-in projection and upward reverse butt angles keep the overlapped seams tight. This improves siding’s curb appeal and minimizes appearance of seams.

    – Select from 23 beautiful colors

    Caliber High Performance Insulated Vinyl Siding

    If you are looking to boost the overall energy efficiency of your house, installing insulated vinyl siding is the way to go. Georgia Pacific Caliber High Performance siding is insulating and energy efficient. This type of siding adds dimension to your house with its dramatic lap.

    Available in only one size, Double 6” Traditional Lap, Caliber High Performance siding adds an additional 2.8 R-Value to the exterior walls.

    It also buffers external noise and reduces the cost of both heating and cooling.

    Like its Georgia Pacific counterparts, it is weather and pest resistant and never needs to be scraped, stained, or painted in order to remain aesthetically pleasing.

    Caliber vinyl siding has been tested using the 2011 FTC-compliant testing method (ASTM C163) and is an approved product on the Energy Star checklist to reduce thermal bridging effect.

    Georgia Pacific Shake and Shingle Vinyl Siding

    Wood shake and shingle siding has been a staple on American homes throughout centuries. However, real wood siding is expensive and requires regular maintenance. Today, you can fulfill your desire for beautiful wood shake or shingle siding, with a vinyl siding alternative that looks very close to the original.

    Georgia Pacific offers four vinyl shake and shingle products.

    Cedar Spectrum Double 7” – masterfully replicates the look of real cedar shingles siding.
    Cedar Spectrum Hand-Split – boasts a double 9″ exposure that replicated the look of hand-split cedar shake
    Cedar Spectrum Triple 5” – offers a rustic look with deep grains and an authentic wood texture you can spot from the curb
    Cedar Spectrum Round Cut – replicates the look of fish scale siding and is used as an accent for your siding.

    In addition to beautiful aesthetics, all of Georgia Pacific shake and shingles products feature the following:

  • 17 to 22 colors to choose from, depending on the product
  • The realistic grain is embossed on all edges for a realistic wood look
  • High-quality UV protectants keep the finish looking like newly painted wood
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty

  • Cost to Install Siding (1600 s.f)

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    Georgia Pacific Vertical Vinyl Siding Options

    Vertical vinyl siding comes in different profiles and dimensions, catering to a wide range of architectural house styles, from ultra modern, cottage, to barn or cabin style homes.

    In recent years, vertical siding has also become popular as an accent or design feature for entryways, low porch walls, gables, and dormers. The vertical panels give your home a bold statement without being in-your-face.

    There is a wide range of Georgia Pacific vertical panels you can consider:

    -Board and Batten Siding: bold look combines with exceptional durability and an extra thickness of 0.048 inches.
    -Double 5″ Vertical Siding: mirrors the look of the traditional board on board style. It is also the widest style GP offers
    -Beaded Vertical Siding: offers a unique pattern that adds dimension to walls
    -Triple 3-1/3″ Vertical Siding: provides the illusion of a taller wall and height and adds visual interest to your home’s exterior

    All of Georgia Pacific vertical vinyl siding products feature the following benefits:

  • 4 to 17 beautiful colors (standard, dark and premium), depending on the product
  • Looks like freshly painted wood
  • Available in dramatic, dark color options
  • Weather and pest-resistant
  • Never needs to be scraped, painted or stained
  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • GP Vinyl Siding Colors

    Vinyl siding has long evolved from its initial reputation of cheap, boring and dingy looking siding. Today, top vinyl siding manufacturers make highly attractive vinyl siding products that can improve the curb appeal of even higher-end homes.

    Georgia Pacific vinyl siding is one of leaders in offering homeowners a huge selection of styles, colors and textures that are an ideal fit for both modern and classic architecture.

    The most popular lines, such as Compass, Shadow Ridge and others come in as many as 20-23 colors.

    A number of Georgia Pacific siding options masterfully replicate the look of painted or stained cedar wood planks, shakes or shingles, allowing you to enjoy the classic beauty of real wood without the hassle and financial burden of maintenance and regular repairs.

    Is Georgia Pacific Vinyl Good Quality?

    All of Georgia Pacific products are made from the highest of quality raw materials that are available today. Their proprietary technology is patented and provides superior durability and performance.

    While we did not continue to mention it with each product, all of Georgia Pacific siding options are weather and pest resistant. They are durable as well and have minimal upkeep.

    Georgia-Pacific takes their product seriously and each must meet specific requirements.

    Each product must past a 35-point checkless to ensure that they are only providing products that meet their exact quality standards.

    And once manufactured, Georgia Pacific vinyl siding is tested by a third-party quality control agency to ensure that it meets industry standards for performance (ASTM D3679 and ASTM D6864), and the test is unbiased.

    According to sidingauthority.com, Georgia Pacific is on their top ten list. The best-selling product of Georgia-Pacific is the Compass line due to its variety of profiles and styles. It does not hurt that they have 24 color choices, either!

    As an alternative to Georgia Pacific, consider Alside Vinyl Siding, which is another top vinyl siding manufacturer with a wide range of products at a very reasonable cost.

    What Is The Best Vinyl Siding On The Market?

    Judging the best vinyl siding depends on who you are, your home, and what you are looking for.

    Each top vinyl siding manufacturer has a lot to offer but the best vinyl siding brands on the market are:

    Alcoa Siding (now Mastic Siding)
    Alside Siding
    CertainTeed Siding
    Crane Siding
    Georgia Pacific Siding
    James Hardie Siding
    Kaycan Siding
    Mastic (Ply Gem) Siding
    Mitten Siding
    Napco Siding
    Norandex Siding
    Royal Siding

    If you are not sure that you are settled on vinyl siding for your house, consider these 7 Top House Siding Materials.

    Cost to Install Siding (1600 s.f)

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    Georgia Pacific Siding Pros and Cons

    Here are the top advantages and drawbacks to consider with Georgia Pacific siding.


    – Solid reputation for durability and longevity among top vinyl siding brands
    – A very wide color selection with hues that can match any architectural house style from classic to modern
    – Mix and match various siding styles and textures to create a unique look for your home
    – Easy and fast installation
    – Lap siding is very DIY friendly to install for homeowners who are looking to save on the cost of pro labor
    – Homeowners and pros report that it stands up well to weather extremes
    – Can help save up to 10-15% on energy bills, improves energy efficiency of your home.
    – Does not peel, split or discolor in wet weather conditions
    – Very easy to clean off, simply with a hose and water
    – Stays in tact during heavy rain and snow storms
    – All Georgia Pacific vinyl siding products are sustainable, durable, and adhere to the highest green building practices. The company is recognized by the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) as being a green-approved product.


    – Dents easily if a heavy object is thrown at the siding
    – Some homeowners report fast color fading (this is more of an issue with darker saturated colors).
    – Many homeowners report that after about 10-12 years the siding begins to crack, become brittle and shatters easily when hit

    GP Siding Warranty

    With Georgia-Pacific siding, they offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that is also transferrable. The warranty covers:

    Technical Support
    Manufacturing Defects
    Limited Hail Damage Warranty
    Excessive Color Fade

    While lifetime is great, you want to be sure you plan on staying at the same residence to reap the benefits.

    It is also important to note that it is not for the home, but the owner’s lifetime. For example, coverage is for the last to survive of the of the original owners of the home.

    While it is transferrable as well, the coverage continues, but on a prorated basis. They are also not responsible for all items, but that is what you can expect with all warranties.

    No matter what siding you purchase, make sure you ask questions and know exactly what you are getting!

    DIY vs Professionally Install Georgia Pacific Siding

    Many homeowners wonder if its a good idea to install GP vinyl siding on their own or its best to hire a pro.

    Doing the install yourself can easily save you $1,500 – 3,500 depending on the size of your house and the installation price estimates you get.

    The good news is that Georgia Pacific siding, like most other vinyl siding brands is actually very DIY friendly for installation. Of course, this is only true of you have experience with house building and really know what you are doing.

    However, overall, GP lap siding, such as the Compass siding sold at Lowe’s is fairly easy to install on your own and it will actually look good. Many homeowners report great success and satisfaction with the final result after putting up the siding without any outside help.

    Keep in mind, that its best to install siding on your own, if the job is straightforward. This means that you have a simple cape or ranch style house that only has one storie. There are no major structural issues or repairs that need to be done to the house.

    One of the biggest disadvantages to installing vinyl siding DIY is the overall finished look. Siding pros have experience and skill to make siding look as smooth and seamless as possible, while a homeowner have a much harder time getting it just right.

    As a result, your house may end looking not quite to the standard of your original vision.

    Who Sells GP Vinyl Siding?

    Georgia Pacific siding is distributed by BlueLinx and they have dealers across the US.

    You can also purchase Compass Lap siding by Georgia Pacific at your local Lowe’s (colors and product options may vary). Typically, Lowe’s carries 3-4 Compass vinyl siding choices.

    CertainTeed vs Georgia Pacific

    There is no shortage of vinyl siding brands and manufacturers for homeowners to choose from. One popular brand that competes head to head with Georgia Pacific is CertainTeed Vinyl Siding.

    Overall, CertainTeed is a more expensive vinyl siding, and this can add anywhere from $2,000-4,000 to your project cost, depending on the size of the house and the type of vinyl product you select. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, Georgia Pacific siding is the way to go.

    If you are shopping for insulated vinyl siding, CertainTeed Cedarboards offers three options (2 Clapboard and 1 Vertical Panel in multiple colors) with R value of 2 to 2.7, while GP only offers one insulated vinyl siding product (Caliber horizontal plank siding in only one color). However, the R value of Caliber siding is higher, its 2.8.

    When comparing shake and shingle offerings, CertainTeed’s Northwoods Shake and Shingle lines are a lot thicker (0.60 inches) than Georgia Pacific shakes and shingles (0.48 inches). This makes CertainTeed shingles more distinctive and sophisticated in their curb appeal as well as more durable.

    In terms of color selection, CertainTeed’s popular budget friendly Monogram lap siding boasts an impressive 35 colors, 8 wood tone blends and 40 coordinating trim colors.

    Comparatively, Georgia Pacific’s most popular lap siding, Compass, only has 24 colors. Monogram siding is also a thicker 0.46 inches product, compared to Compass, which is only 0.44 inches.

    Overall, CertainTeed vinyl siding is a more upscale, durable and more attractive looking siding material compared to Georgia Pacific. At the same time, if you are not looking for something very fancy but still good quality and durable at a much lower cost, Georgia Pacific siding will do the trick.

    ROI of Georgia Pacific Siding

    Among most popular remodeling projects, replacing your old siding ranks as one of the top 5 exterior renovations with the best return on investment.

    Since Georgia Pacific siding is a top vinyl siding brand with a great reputation and name recognition, you can expect to recoup 75-76% of your initial investment into this vinyl siding.

    Keep in mind, that if you plan to sell your house in the near future, new vinyl siding will certainly boost the overall curb appeal of your house and can increase the overall resale value of your home by as much as 4-5%.

    Cost to Install Siding (1600 s.f)

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