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CertainTeed vinyl siding is the top-rated vinyl siding in the industry, loved by homeowners and siding pros across the country.

On an average size Ranch or Cape style home (2,000 sq.ft.) you will spend $8,970 – $13,500 to put up CertainTeed siding, including all materials and professional installation.

CertainTeed is one of the most popular vinyl siding brands in US, and at the same time it is priced very competitively!

How Much Does CertainTeed Vinyl Siding Cost?

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If you are ready to replace your old siding, contact local siding pros for free estimates.

CertainTeed vinyl siding is known for being very affordable, making it an ideal choice for budget conscious homeowners.

On average, CertainTeed siding itself costs $2-4 per square foot, depending on the product you choose. Together with professional installation, the total cost to install CertainTeed siding is $4.50-8 per square foot installed.

The most popular CertainTeed siding line is Wolverine American Legend. At one point Wolverine was a small but very popular siding manufacturing company, which was acquired by CertainTeed.

Wolverine siding costs $3.5-7 per square foot installed.

One of CertainTeed’s biggest competitors in the vinyl siding market is Alside siding, which offers competitive prices and comparable quality.

Keep in mind that depending on your location, your siding installation cost can vary greatly, because of differences in local contractor labor rates. Most expensive siding installation prices are in cities and towns on the West and East Coasts, while the Midwest and South are a lot cheaper.

Moreover, depending on the particular architecture of your house, number of stories, windows, corners and other architectural details a contractor may charge more for the install.

To get the best price of installation, its best to get at least 3-4 quotes from pros near you.

You can also use our Siding Calculator to get an accurate estimate on the cost of installing vinyl siding on your house.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $6,326 - $7,645
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Cost of CertainTeed Siding vs Other Siding Materials

The table below compares CertainTeed vinyl siding to other popular siding options. Its clear that CertainTeed siding is by far the most economical siding replacement material.

Siding Type Materials Installation Total Cost per sq. ft.
CertainTeed Siding $2.60 – 4.00 $2.05 – 6.00 $4.65 – 10.00
Vinyl Siding $2.25 – 4.50 $2.05 – 6.00 $4.30 – 10.50
Aluminum & Steel $3.05 – 6.00 $2.50 – 7.30 $5.55 – 13.30
Fiber Cement & Composite $2.00 – 6.20 $4.00 – 7.50 $6.00 – 13.7
Wood Siding $2.45 – 8.00 $2.70 – 8.50 $5.15 – 16.50
Stucco $4.95 – 6.50 $3.15 – 8.00 $8.10 – 14.50
Brick and Stone Veneer $7.30 – 16.00 $6.00 – 10.50 $13.35 – 26.50
Faux Stone $6.20 – 19.50 $8.30 – 10.50 $14.5 – 30.00

Popular Types of CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

Here is an overview of top vinyl siding product lines manufactured by CertainTeed.

Wolverine American Legend Siding

With three distinct styles and twenty one colors to choose from, Wolverine Legend siding is the most popular siding that CertainTeed makes. Wolverine offers low effort, sturdy vinyl siding.

CertainTeed provides Wolverine American Legend siding in the traditional Clapboard style, found throughout the United States, and the Dutchlap style, more frequently found in the Mid-Atlantic region. The Clapboard rough cedar style comes with 4″ and 5″ panel options, while the Dutchlap rough cedar style comes only in 4.5″ panels.

The twenty one available colors have assured vitality through CertainTeed’s PermaColor system, which ensures longevity through a combination of resin, pigment chemistry and micro-ingredients. The 9/16″ panel projection adds shadow lines, enhancing the aesthetic depth of the paneling.

Wolverine American Siding has unique design features that help make the installation process more efficient. The GripLock system locks in panels, keeping them secure.

Finally, StudFinder Technology ensures accurate installation with an organized lettering system aligned with the nail holes. This makes certain that the panels are installed in the proper way and prevents exposed nails and inadvertent damage to pipes or wires.

Wolverine Siding Features

● 21 available colors, 3 available styles
● Color coordinates with decorative trim
● 9/16″ panel projection
● 0.042″ thickness

CertainTeed Northwoods Siding Shingles

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Average: $5,270 - $8,190
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Northwoods siding shingles come in twenty colors, including rich and bold options as well as more subtle hues. Northwoods comes in three distinct styles.

Molded from real cedar shingles, Northwoods siding shingles give homes a woodsy, natural appeal without the maintenance and hassle of real wood siding.

With crisp lines and edges, Northwoods 7″ Straight Edge Perfection Shingles has a sophisticated look that complements its natural aesthetic.

Northwoods Rough-Split Shakes comes in two sizes, and types: 7″ Straight Edge and 9″ staggered. For both options, the rustic style evokes older days when cedar shakes were hand-split and gives homes a quaint, antique feel.

To ensure accurate installation, StudFinder Technology uses an organized lettering system that aligns with the nail holes.

Northwoods Siding Shingles Features:

● 20 available colors, 3 available styles
● Finish molded from real cedar shingles
● Aesthetic qualities including shingle gaps and shadow lines
● 1″ panel projection (Perfection Shingles), 3/4″ panel projection (Rough Split-Shakes)
● Color coordinating trim options for 10′ panel length
● 0.60″ thickness (Perfection Shingles), 0.50″ thickness (Rough Split-Shakes)

CertainTeed Cedarboards Insulated Siding

CertainTeed’s Cedarboards siding is hailed for its durability, insulation, and strength. Molded from real cedar boards, the panels have the authentic appearance of natural wood.

With rigid foam backing, the panels provide insulation from and muffle sounds from the outdoors, while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency.

The Cedarboards Insulated Siding comes in three rough cedar styles: the 6″ Clapboard Lap Siding, the 7″ Clapboard Lap Siding, and the 12″ Board and Batten Vertical Siding.

Because of the insulation, the 6″ Clapboard Lap Siding style has a resistance to heat flow (R) of 2.2, the 7″ Clapboard Lap Siding style is rated at R-2.0, and the 12″ Board and Batten Siding style is rated at R-2.7.

CedarBoards siding is also offered in extra-large 16′8″ panels, reducing seams and streamlining aesthetics. To ensure accurate installation, StudFinder Technology uses an organized lettering system that aligns with the nail holes.

Cedarboards Insulated Siding Features

● 18 available colors, 3 available styles
● Straight, even surface
● Thermally insulated
● High impact resistance
● Sound absorbent
● Finish molded from real cedar boards
● R.20 to R.70
● 0.44″ thickness (Clapboard Lap Siding), 0.52″ thickness (Board and Batten Siding) ● 3/4″ panel projection
● 60% recycled (Double 6″ Clapboard)

CertainTeed Monogram Siding

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With the widest selection of color choices in the industry, Monogram Siding provides personalized choice for buyers. Their thirty nine shades include both solid colors and blends and range from bright Melrose to gentle Natural Blend, all with color-fade protection.

The 3/4″ panel projection provides rigidity and ensures the panels lay straight on the wall, while also resulting in pleasing shadow lines.

With the CertiLock system, the panels are easily locked in place, ensuring security, and the RigidForm 210 double thick 0.92″ nail hem technology keeps the panels straight. StudFinder Technology ensures accurate installation with an organized lettering system aligned with the nail holes.

Monogram Siding is offered in three rough cedar styles: 4″ Clapboard Lap Siding, 5″ Clapboard Lap Siding, and 5″ Dutchlap Siding. All styles are molded from real cedar wood, providing an authentic texture to the paneling. Monogram comes in extra-large sizes, including 16′ length, 20′ length, and 25′ length.

Monogram Siding Features

● 3 styles, 35 solid colors, 8 wood-tone blends, 40 coordinating trim colors
● Finish molded from real cedar boards
● Designed for easy and secure installation
● Can withstand wind speeds of up to 220 mph
● 0.46″ thickness
● 3/4″ panel projection
● CertiLock; self-aligning, post-formed positive lock

CertainTeed Carolina Beaded Siding

Carolina Beaded Siding has a distinct design, with ‘V’ grooves and rounded beads. The fifteen colors available are soft, neutral hues, and the brushed low-gloss finish gives the panels an authentic, real-wood look. Carolina Beaded Siding comes in one style, Single 6-1/2″ panels.

StudFinder Technology ensures accurate installation with an organized lettering system aligned with the nail holes, and post-formed lock design helps enable secure installation. The siding is 0.44″ thick with 3/4″ panel projection.

Carolina Beaded Siding Features

● 15 available colors
● ‘V’ groove design
● Designed for easy and secure installation
● Post-formed lock design enables secure installation
● 3/4″ panel projection
● 0.44″ thickness

CertainTeed Board and Batten Siding

CertainTeed’s Board and Batten siding is reminiscent of early settler home designs, with alternating narrow and wide vertical panels molded from real cedar boards.

Board and Batten Siding comes in three styles: Single 7″, Single 8″, and Single 12″. The Single 7″ is 0.52″ thick, and a flat face of 5-1/2″ . Single 7″ is offered in darker color shades, made with long-lasting capstock.

Single 8″ is 0.48″ thick and has a straight edge batten design. The Single 12″ panels are 0.52″ thick, with a straight edge batten design. The 12″ panels are insulated, providing extra warmth and reducing noise.

The flat face of the 12″ panels are 10″ wide, one of the widest in the industry. The 5/8″ panel projection on the 12″ panels gives this style a straight, even surface.

With the CertiLock system, the panels are easily locked in place, ensuring security, and StudFinder Technology ensures accurate installation with an organized lettering system aligned with the nail holes.

Board and Batten Siding Features:

● Three profile choices: 7″, 8″ , 12″
● Two length choices: 12.6′ (8″ profile) or 10′ (7″ or 8″ profile)
● 25 available colors
● Finish molded from real cedar boards
● Even, straight surface design
● 1/2″ batten height
● 0.52″ thickness on 7″ profile, 0.48″ on 8″ profile, 0.52″ on 12″ profile

CertainTeed Siding Colors

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Average: $5,270 - $8,190
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CertainTeed offers a wide variety of color choices and hues. Additionally, CertainTeed offers three tools to help consumers navigate the color choices: ColorCoach, ColorView, and Blend-It. ColorCoach provides a simple explanation of color theory and helps guide users through color choices.

ColorView lets users upload photos of their home to visualize their color choices or explore pre existing home designs on the platform. Blend-It, exclusively for Cedar Impressions 5″, lets users explore colors and color blends on their online platform.

Additionally, CertainTeed provides color palettes to streamline the design process.

Their ‘Cool and Fresh’ palette combines blues, greens, and greys, creating a serene, natural look. This design is best suited for coastal regions, where the light changes more significantly with the seasons.

The ‘Warm and Inviting’ palette evokes summer and hominess with its warm hues.

CertainTeed’s ‘Crisp and Exciting’ palette uses contrasting but complementary colors to create an interesting and unique style. For homes with more complex architectural designs,

‘Subtle and Calm’ may provide needed simplicity, with its palette of closely related colors.

Dark shades for walls in the ‘Strong and Bold’ palette create a powerful look. Because of the dark colors, ‘Strong and Bold’ diminishes the size of structures and therefore is well-suited for large buildings on small plots.

In contrast, the ‘Light and Carefree’ palette enhances the size of smaller buildings and has a gentle, subtle appeal.

Overall, CertainTeed’s color palettes give buyers diverse options to choose from, simplifying the design process.

Is CertainTeed Siding Environmentally Friendly?

A 2019 Building for Environmental and Economic Sustainability (BEES) study reveals that exterior vinyl siding and insulated vinyl siding are better for the environment than any other popular siding options, including wood cedar board, fiber cement, and brick and mortar.

Using the Environmental Impact Measurement, the study found that vinyl siding performs better than alternatives across eleven categories, including global warming, smog, and ozone depletion.

CertainTeed prioritizes environmental sustainability, implementing a self-reporting tool that keeps customers informed about the environmental impact of vinyl siding.

CertainTeed also partners with 200 vinyl recycling centers nationwide for disposal. However, these recycling centers may not be available in every region and can be very expensive. Without recycling, vinyl siding is burned, releasing toxic chemicals into the environment.

Pros and Cons of CertainTeed Vinyl Siding

Cost to Install Siding (1600 s.f)

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Here is a look at the main pros and cons of CertainTeed vinyl siding.


● Ensured quality: CertainTeed is a top rated brand and trusted widely by contractors, remodelers, builders, and architects.

● Fast, secure installation: CertainTeed’s unique StudFinder system, present in all CertainTeed’s siding, is 25% faster to install than other vinyl siding. With instructions on every panel and nail slots that align easily with studs, StudFinder ensures simple, secure installation.

● Aesthetic variety: CertainTeed offers extensive style options to fit diverse architectural designs. Their unique color options are the most varied in the industry, giving ample choice to buyers. All vinyl products have a lifetime fade protection that ensures long-lasting color vibrancy. CertainTeed also offers decorative vinyl carpentry trim and restoration millwork for tasteful finishing touches.

● Environmentally friendly: CertainTeed CederBoards insulate the entire wall to reduce spending on heating and cooling, and qualify for LEED-H, LEED-NC, and NGBS credits. CertainTeed Double 6″ panels are made from up to 64% recycled material, more than any other vinyl siding option.

● Contractor support programs: CertainTeed’s contractor programs allows contractors to earn credentials, use product visualization software, and list their company on the CertainTeed website, helping contractors grow their customer base and provide high quality services.


● Lower home values: Adding vinyl siding can lower buildings’ values, especially if the building is historically significant. Vinyl siding is generally considered to fall short of the ‘genuine wood’ aesthetic, and can be unappealing to home buyers.

If you are planning to replace your siding with CertainTeed before putting your house up for sale, be sure to talk to your realtor about the ROI of this siding in your area.

● Maintenance issues: While its advertised lifespan is 20-30 years, vinyl siding often has a shorter longevity of 10-15 years. In sunny climates, vinyl siding fades faster, and painting is not a viable solution since paint on vinyl siding cracks and peels. Additionally, vinyl sidings break from significant temperature changes.

● Installation can be faulty: If the vinyl siding is not properly installed, it may warp, crack, leak, and lead to long-term maintenance issues. As contract warranties are generally only year-long and product warranties may be nullified because of faulty installation, a poor installation job may incur high costs in the future.

● May allow in moisture: As vinyl siding is usually installed over a layer of styrene insulation board, which can trap moisture within the wall. Vinyl siding can also have leaks from nail-holes during the installation process. Moisture can lead to wood decay, rotting, termites, and mold.

● Limited recycling options: While CertainTeed offers recycling, very few locations accept it and recycling can be very costly. When not recycled, vinyl siding is usually burned, releasing harmful dioxins into the environment.

CertainTeed Siding Reviews

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Average: $5,270 - $8,190
See costs in your area

CertainTeed siding is well-liked among customers for its affordability, environmental friendliness, and simplicity and aesthetic appeal. `

For many customers CertainTeed lives up to its advertising and is easy, low-maintenance, and long-lasting. In particular, CertanTeed’s Cedar Impressions line fares well among consumers, with a consumer satisfaction rate of 95%.

Other models, however, have lower consumer satisfaction ratings. CedarBoard and Monogram are particularly prone to fading from weather.

Additionally, CertainTeed’s WeatherBoard fiber cement line is known for brittleness, warping, and cracking, to the extent that a class-action lawsuit was filed against the company in 2013 because of these issues.

Common customer complaints about CertainTeed siding include melting in the sun, warping, and fading. Contractors frequently complain of issues with installation, and that CertainTeed places fault exclusively on the contractors instead of the product itself. Some customers note issues with moisture and mold as well.

Given the affordable price tag and broad appeal, many customers still choose CertainTeed despite its drawbacks. Well known, with a wide array of style options, CertainTeed’s vinyl siding is a good choice for customers looking for siding without hurting their wallets.

Typical Cost To Install New Siding Average: $5,270 - $8,190
See costs in your area

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