2022 Lowes Bathroom Remodeling Guide

Typical Cost To Remodel a Bathroom Average: $4,508 - $25,749
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Perhaps you’re thinking about opting for a Lowe’s bathroom remodel. Added functionality, improved energy efficiency, and aesthetics are just some of the reasons for you to go ahead with a bathroom remodel. That’s why we’ve prepared a complete Lowe’s bathroom remodeling guide.

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Lowe’s Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

Regardless of which bathroom remodel service you use, the installation and labor cost amounts to around 20% of the total cost.

Other most expensive elements include hardware and cabinetry, around 16%; fixtures, faucets, and plumbing, around 15%; and water fixtures, around 14%.

The remaining cost is spread out relatively evenly on flooring, lighting, countertops, doors and windows, and design services.

Depending on what kind of Lowe’s bathroom remodel you’re planning, this cost division can already give you an insight into whether the renovation will be more or less expensive than your budget allows.

But let’s get into the details and see how much a bathroom remodel from Re-Bath, the company Lowe’s works with, costs.

Lowe’s may not have listed pricing on their website, but they do offer free bathroom remodeling quotes to potential customers. The services of their design consultants are also free, which is great.

Because Re-Bath is a large and widely used remodeling company, we have data on the price range for bathroom remodeling projects.

When it comes to minor and major Re-Bath bathroom remodels, homeowners can expect to pay between $4,000 and $25,000.

The price range is significant due to several important factors that impact the final Lowe’s bathroom remodel cost. The size of the bathroom and the quality of the tiles, fixtures, bathtubs, and other elements all impact the price.

If re-piping is necessary, that adds to the Lowe’s bathroom remodeling cost as well.

Here’s what the price range of each bathroom fixture may look like:

Bathroom Fixture Low-End Range High-End Range
Toilet $100-$400 $700-$2,000
Bathtub $150-$800 $1,500-$10,000
Shower $800-$4,000 $5,000-$9,000
Sink $50-$400 $700-$2,000
Vanity $120-$800 $1,200-$5,000
Lighting $150-$1,000 $1,200-$4,000

Pro Tip: Bathroom remodels can get expensive, but homeowners can try a few strategies to minimize the cost, without missing out on quality.

For example, you can opt for open shelving, which is more affordable and can look amazing.

Unless absolutely necessary, avoid moving the shower, tub, or toilet, as that requires additional plumbing work which can get expensive.

Finally, repainting the tiles you don’t like anymore but that aren’t in bad condition saves money and time.

Understanding Different Types Of Lowes Bathroom Remodels

Whether you purchase a professional Lowe’s bathroom remodel or commit to a DIY remodel with Lowe’s products, it’s important to know what to expect.

When it comes bathroom remodeling, it’s all about what you are trying to achieve. How much the renovation costs, how long it takes, and what the final outcome will be depends on your remodel plan.

While every project is different, Lowe’s bathroom remodels typically fall into three categories: bathroom refreshes, minor remodels, and major remodels.

Refreshing your bathroom usually means changes like vanity updates, bathtub refinishing, changing the fixtures, a cabinet upgrade, or installing a new countertop or sink.

A minor bathroom remodel includes installation of new supply lines, replacing the flooring, building dividing walls, additional vanity or cabinet installation, and new showers and toilets.

Finally, a major bathroom remodel is basically a large-scale renovation and usually means moving or expanding baths, redoing plumbing and electrical work, adding windows or skylights, installing new doors, upgrading all materials, surfaces, finishes, and more.

Lowe’s Bathroom Design And Installation Services

A decision to remodel a bathroom usually comes after careful consideration and budgeting. But homeowners may find themselves unsure which company to hire for the job.

Unsurprisingly, many turn to Lowe’s, one of the biggest home improvement companies in North America. There are thousands of Lowe’s stores across the U.S., and you can even shop for their products online.

Lowe’s is an established and reliable company, plus they offer bathroom design and installation services. That means you can plan a Lowe’s bathroom remodel of any size.

How does that work precisely?

Lowe’s has partnered with Re-Bath, one of the most prominent interior remodeling companies in the U.S.

The Re-Bath franchise is ranked among the top 500 for 2022 and provides services in more than 100 cities in the U.S. They have a 4.5-star rating.

If you choose Lowe’s bathroom remodel services, it’s the Re-Bath company that will perform the design and installation.

The Re-Bath bathroom remodel comes with a very convincing selling point. They specialize in quick installations, lasting up to only five days, instead of weeks, which is considered the standard.

Another important benefit of having Re-Bath do the Lowe’s bathroom remodel is having a trained consultant that can help in every step of the bathroom remodeling process.

You don’t have to worry about high-pressure sales tactics, and will have better luck adhering to the allocated budget.

The Re-Bath consultants will ask for your bathroom remodeling budget up front and find the most efficient ways to stick to it. They can ask you directly where you’re more willing to compromise and offer several solutions in the same price range.

Pro Tip: If you choose to work with Lowe’s and Re-Bath, make sure to paint an accurate picture of the bathroom’s condition.

Re-Bath specializes in quick bathroom remodels, and they can install a new shower stall, toilet, sink, bath surround, and vanity in one to five days.

But if your bathroom also needs retiling, you’ll need to discuss it separately, and that may take longer.

Lowe’s Single Installation Services

As we discussed, every Lowe’s bathroom remodel differs from one another.

Perhaps you’re pretty happy with the overall layout, condition, and appearance of your bathroom, but want to change only one element.

You may want to replace the damaged shower door, replace the vanity, install a new toilet, change a fixture or two, and replace countertops.

Regardless of what your plan is, you can have Lowe’s address a single installation project. There’s a super easy way to get started with this process.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to Lowe’s official website and submit your information.
  • An independent installer will reach out to schedule an in-home measurement.
  • Receive a quote for the project.
  • Schedule the installation.

Keep in mind that if you need custom shower doors or vanities, the process will likely take a little longer.

DIY Bathroom Remodel With Lowe’s Products

Choosing Lowe’s professional bathroom remodeling services is one way to go, but some homeowners will choose a different route.

Perhaps you have a Lowe’s store in your proximity and know precisely which Lowe’s products you’ll need for the bathroom remodel.

Indeed, Lowe’s has everything a person may need to remodel any room in the house, tools included.

If have the time to remodel the bathroom and want to dedicate yourself to this project, it can be a satisfying process.

However, in some cities and counties, homeowners will need to pass proficiency exams before starting the bathroom remodel. It’s vital to ask whether that applies to where you live.

But even if you don’t need to pass an exam, it’s probably a good idea to take a minute before you start and consider a few important questions.

First, if you’re going to do a DIY Lowe’s bathroom remodel, do you understand the scope of the project and everything it entails? Unless you have experience with home renovation, especially bathrooms, it’s hard to predict how the bathroom remodeling process will actually go.

Maybe you have a friend or family member with knowledge and experience, in which case, make sure they can help you throughout the duration of the Lowe’s bathroom remodeling project.

Finally, time is important too, because if it’s going to be a one-person operation and you’re busy with other obligations, the DIY Lowe’s bathroom remodel may take months to complete.

Did you know? The locations of the water fixtures and sinks in the bathroom are not necessarily permanent. If you want to move them, a reliable bathroom remodeling service can usually make it happen. They can swap the fixtures too, and add new elements, like a bidet.

Advantages Of A Lowe’s Bathroom Remodel

Whether you want to remodel the bathroom for yourself or put your home on the market and increase resale value, a home remodel can make a huge difference.

If you’re interested in Lowe’s bathroom remodel system, it’s crucial to know precisely what benefits you can expect.

Unparalleled Expertise

Lowe’s and Re-Bath went into partnership for a good reason.

If you allow Re-Bath to remodel your bathroom, you don’t have to worry about their expertise, licensing, or whether they’ll get the job done on time.

Free Services of a Design Consultant

Think of all the time you need to spend shopping for bathroom products, comparing prices, and scheduling deliveries. Most people have time to do this only on the weekends, and it’s time-consuming and exhausting.

Choosing Lowe’s and Re-Bath for your bathroom remodel gives you access to the services of a design consultant, free of charge.

The design consultant can bring a virtual showroom of materials and designs to your home and help you make the best choice.

Excellent Warranties

Investing in a bathroom remodel is a huge decision for most homeowners, and you want to make sure everything turns out perfectly.

With Re-Bath, you can expect only high quality, and if there’s an issue, their warranty policy has you covered.

Workmanship and installation quality are covered by a one-year warranty. Also, their proprietary materials, like DuraBath natural stone products, come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Disadvantages Of A Lowe’s Bathroom Remodel

For many, choosing Lowe’s bathroom remodel services is the best option by far. While the associated benefits are convincing, we have to address a couple of drawbacks of this option.

The Overall Cost

The convenience of having Lowe’s partner Re-Bath remodel the bathroom in full comes with a significant cost.

Bathroom renovations can be challenging, and require the services of skilled technicians.

We’ve already established that labor and installation services are 20% of any bathroom remodel. So, if you’re planning a professional bathroom remodel from Re-Bath, you will need to set aside a bigger budget.

More Planning Involved

For some, brainstorming with designers, plumbers, and other experts about your bathroom remodel ideas is the way you like to work. You may go back and forth with certain plans until you find the best solution.

For others, spending time discussing bathroom remodel plans with others is not what they want, and they would rather come up with their own solutions.

Pro Tip: You can make a small bathroom seem bigger by utilizing mirrors strategically. Adding multiple small mirrors can reflect the light more times and make the bathroom seem larger. Also, by placing the main mirror in front of the window or a light fixture, you can double the amount of light.

Reviews Of Re-Bath Bathroom Remodel Services

Re-Bath is a well-established company, and many people are satisfied with their services. Of course, there are some less-than-stellar reviews too.

Here are a few examples of reviews, good and bad:

    “Re-Bath’s estimate was detailed, and the final results were immaculate.”

    “My experience was very positive, and I always turn to Lowe’s and Re-Bath for future remodels.”

    “Re-Bath did an outstanding job replacing my outdated shower and vanity.”

    “I went to Lowe’s to shop for new fixtures, and they referred me to Re-Bath. I loved having a personal design consultant.”

    “I won’t be using Re-Bath services anymore because they changed the design mid-project, and the outcome was not great.”

Lowe’s VS. Home Depot Bathroom Installation Services

In terms of quality, the Lowe’s and Home Depot bathroom installation services are close to even. However, as these two companies are competitors, and customers are often partial to one or the other, the anecdotal experiences may vary.

Unlike Lowe’s, Home Depot doesn’t have one major bathroom remodel partner, but numerous contractors that are typically very reliable.

Price-wise, Home Depot bathroom remodels are in a similar range to Lowe’s, though high-end pricing may go up to $30,000 compared to Lowe’s $25,000.

Complete Bathroom Remodel Low-End High-End
Lowe’s $4,000 $25,000
Home Depot $4,000 $30,000

Are Lowe’s Bathroom Remodel Services The Best Choice For Your Home?

It seems Lowe’s has streamlined the bathroom remodel service. Customers reach out to Lowe’s as a reliable source for all home renovations, and Lowe’s introduces them to Re-Bath.

From that moment on, Re-Bath takes over, and customers get the help they need in choosing materials, designs, and fixtures.

Indeed, working with Re-Bath will cost you more than buying Lowe’s products, taking them home, and starting your DIY Lowe’s bathroom remodel, but it will also save you a lot of time, energy, and patience.

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