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Typical Cost To Remodel a Bathroom Average: $4,508 - $25,749
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Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator estimates the cost to remodel your bathroom.

Your bathroom remodel price quote includes: new fixtures (toilet, sink, shower, tub), tile flooring, vanity, sink, countertop, and shelving.

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How To Use Bathroom Cost Calculator

Removal of old fixtures and installation of new drywall, tile flooring, and optional tile on all walls are included in the estimate. However, plumbing and electric work are not included.

You can choose 3 different trim levels – Basic (for rental apartments), Mid range (suitable for most homes) and Luxury.

Keep in mind that local bathroom remodeling costs vary as much as 20% above national average (for Pacific region) to 18% below national average for East South Central regions of US.

Thus, to get location-based pricing, select your region from the options menu.

If you are ready to start remodeling your bathroom, contact local bathroom pros for FREE ESTIMATES!

Cost To Hire A Bathroom Remodeling Pro

Contractor labor charges for a bathroom remodel vary significantly depending on where you live. While the cost of materials is roughly the same across state lines, labor rates can vary up or down by as much as 20-30%

On average, licensed bathroom pros charge $75-110 per hour, depending on your geographic location.

For example, California residents report the highest overall bathroom remodeling prices, with the average being $17,000-25,000 or more to update a medium size bathroom, in areas like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In the Northeast, areas like New York city, Boston, Washington D.C., etc. will have high rates that are overall similar to cities in California.

Southern states have some of the lowest remodeling costs. On average, in these areas, doing a new bathroom can cost as little as $7,000-11,000 for the same size space.

Moreover, professional remodeling costs in rural areas are also significantly cheaper compared to urban areas, and this is true across all states.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $5,350 - $13,670
Low End
High End

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Bathroom Remodel Cost Breakdown

There is a huge range in bathroom remodel prices, depending on the level of quality and luxury you want to see your new bathroom.

Here is how much you can expect to spend on budget friendly to mid range bathroom fixtures and accessories:

Acrylic tub $250-500

Prefabricated shower kit (shower stall with standard base) $350-900

Toilet $100-300

Shower head $35-150

Faucet $40-130

Ceramic floor tile (8×10 bathroom, labor not included) $200-600

Ceramic wall tile (100 sq.ft.) $300-700

Mirror $60-230

Vanity with sink $200-800

Vanity countertop $300-1,000 depending on size and material

Lighting $60-350, depending on the type and number of fixtures

Shelving $80-400

Towel bars, hooks $40-160

What Is The Most Expensive Part Of Remodeling A Bathroom?

One of the biggest expenses in a bathroom remodel is making big changes to the layout of the room, which usually involves demolishing walls, moving piping, and doing electric work.

If you can avoid this, you can save thousands of dollars on your remodel.

However, in some cases moving fixtures is necessary to increase the comfort level of using the space. Here you need to carefully plan your budget and have a clear sense of how much these updates will cost.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $5,350 - $13,670
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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