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Typical Cost To Build a new Deck
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Trex decking is a pioneering brand of composite decking. An alternative to costly and burdensome wooden decks, a Trex deck is durable and aesthetic.

Trex offers great value, it costs $3,500 – 6,500 depending on the size of the deck, labor costs and any features you are looking to add.

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Trex Decking Prices Break Down

Typical Cost To Build a TREX (composite) Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
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The national average cost of a Trex deck is $4,800. On the low end of the price spectrum, a small 144 sq.ft. Trex deck can cost as low as $1,600 for an, economic project, or as high as $10,600+ for a high end project with many add-ons.

Trex decking is considerably cheaper compared to other top composite decking brands, such as Gorilla, Fiberon and AZEK but is more costly than other decking material options such as wood.

Budget Trex Deck Cost (materials and install)
Low – End $1,600
Mid – Range $4,800
High – End $9,600

You can use our Deck Building Cost Calculator to estimate the cost of various decking materials, including Trex composite.

Trex Deck Cost Per Square Foot

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Prices for a Trex run from $5 to $12 per square foot, not including installation.

Professional installation costs on average $8 – 14 per square foot depending on local labor rates and complexity of the deck you are looking to build.

On average, a fully installed Trex deck costs between $13 and $26 per square foot. You can use our Composite Decking Cost Calculator to get a better sense of composite deck prices.

In the table below are average price estimates for common deck square footages, including the cost of installation.

Deck Square Footage Average Trex Total Cost
144 Square Feet $1,650 – $3,900
300 Square Feet $3,000 – $8,100
400 Square Feet $4,000 – $10,800

Trex Decking Cost Per Linear Foot

Per linear foot, a Trex deck costs between $10 and $24.

One square foot of Trex decking is about 2 linear feet, as a Trex board is 5.5 inches wide.

Cost to Install a Trex Deck

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $3,761 - $4,980 (12' x 20' Deck)
Low End
High End

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The cost to install a Trex deck will vary widely depending on some important aspects. On average, though, a Trex deck costs between $7 and $15 to install for a basic deck.

For more extensive projects that include railing, stairs, and framing, the labor cost per square foot can range as high as $15 – $35 per square foot.

If your location is difficult to access, such as in a remote region, the installation cost will increase.

Also, any add-ons you wish to include in your deck like seating or a staircase will incur additional costs.

The region you live in will affect the prices, both because of local labor costs and because the climate can affect deck lining.

The season you choose to install your deck will also make a difference in cost. The cheapest time of year to install a deck is between November and March in the Northeast.

Trex Deck Prices Based On Features

Typical Cost To Build a TREX (composite) Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
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The cost of your Trex deck will vary based on the features you are including. If you have an existing substructure, for instance, a new deck will be much cheaper than one built with a new substructure.

The table below outlines the costs of different feature bundles that you may include in your deck, with the cost per square foot of each feature.

The most expensive bundle is Trex decking, Trex Elevate framing, and railing, while the cheapest is purchasing only Trex decking.

Trex Feature Average Cost per Square Foot
Decking boards only $5 – $10
Decking and railing $7.50 – $15
Decking, wooden frame, no railing $10 – $15.50
Decking, Trex Elevate frame, no railing $18 – $23.50
Decking, wood frame, railing $12 – $20
Decking, Trex Elevate frame, railing $20 – $27

Cost of Trex Decking by Series

The series of Trex decking you choose will make a difference in the price you pay. Trex offers three series: Trex Transcend, Trex Select, and Trex Elevate.

Trex Series Average Cost per Square Foot
Trex Enhance $5 – $7
Trex Select $7 – $9
Trex Transcend $10 – $12

Trex Decking Pros and Cons

A Trex deck has some excellent benefits, as well as some drawbacks you should be aware of before purchasing this brand.


● Affordable: A Trex deck is at least $1 – 2.5 cheaper per square foot than many of its competitor composite decks, without sacrificing quality or aesthetics.

● Environmental friendliness: Trex decking is one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market, made from 95% recycled materials. Trex is one of the largest users of recycled materials in the USA.

● Durability: Trex decking is long-lasting, as it is made from heavy, strong materials. Unlike wood, Trex decking will not crack, splinter, break, or warp. Trex has protective coating on all four sides of the board, making Trex decking resistant to moisture damage and termite infestations.

● Low maintenance: Trex decking requires very little upkeep and maintenance, unlike a wood deck.

● Unique shapes: Trex has a unique design system that allows for curves and other shapes for unique deck designs.

● Less contraction and expansion: Unlike wood which contracts and expands from summer heat and winter cold, leading to damage, Trex boards do not experience as much contraction and expansion, reducing damage.

● Scratch resistance: All Trex products come with varying levels of scratch resistance which keeps your deck looking as good as new.

● No sealant: Trex decking does not require regular sealing, unlike wood decking.

● Easy to install: Trex boards weigh upto 60% less then real wood deck boards, so they are much easier to work with when building a deck.


● Weight: Trex decking weighs 50% – 70% more than natural wood decking, which will increase the cost of transporting the decking.

● Price: Trex decking has a higher upfront cost than a wood deck.

● Replacement: If damage occurs to your Trex deck, it will require full replacement of the damaged boards, unlike wood which can often be sanded down or restrained to fix the damage.

● Unchanging looks: Trex decking cannot be restrained into new colors and designs, unlike a wood deck whose appearance can be changed over the years.

● Cleaning: To prevent mold and mildew growth, a Trex deck should be cleaned semi-regularly with warm soapy water.

Warranty of a Trex Deck

Typical Cost To Build a TREX (composite) Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
See costs in your area

A Trex deck comes with a twenty-five year limited warranty. High performance Trex decking products, such as Trex Transcend decking, also comes with a limited twenty-five year stain and fade warranty.

Within the first five years of purchasing Trex decking, your warranty can be transferred once.

Trex offers additional warranties for their trim as well as labor. A Trex limited warranty only applies for residential use.

Cost Of Trex Decking vs. Wood Decking

Typical Cost To Build a new Deck Average: $3,560 - $5,120
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When choosing your decking, you are likely considering whether to install a wooden deck or a composite deck. Both options have their benefits and drawbacks.

Trex Decking can be slightly more pricey than wood decking, depending on the features you choose. A Trex deck costs on average $5 to $12 per square foot, compared to wood decking which costs $3 to $7 per square foot.

Pressure treated wood will be more expensive, costing between $6 and $14 per square foot.

While the initial cost of a Trex deck is higher, the maintenance cost will actually balance out that price difference. Maintaining a wooden deck can cost about $500 per year, whereas a Trex deck costs almost nothing to maintain.

Moreover, Trex decking, unlike wood decking, does not require any sealant, which will save you hundreds of dollars.

Also, a Trex deck has a longer lifespan than a wood deck, so you will get more for your money. The lifespan of a Trex deck can be over twenty five years, whereas a wooden deck can last as low as five years or up to twenty years.

Cost of Trex vs. TimberTech Composite Decking

Typical Cost To Build a new Deck Average: $3,560 - $5,120
See costs in your area

Among all the composite deck manufacturers, TimberTech is Trex’s top competitor. They are in the same price range, although Timbertech is a bit more expensive.

Thus, homeowners looking into installing a composite deck, often compare Timbertech vs Trex decking.

Overall, both companies are very similar. Both TimberTech and Trex use recycled plastic and sawdust for their boards, require very little maintenance, and do not experience scratching, staining, or warping.

The main difference between these composite decking products is that TimberTech surrounds their boards with a plastic coating, whereas Trex only covers the top of their boards with plastic coating.

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages, such as increased ventilation for Trex and increased protection for TimberTech.

Trex decking outshines TimberTech when it comes to scratch resistance. Trex Transcend is known as one of the most scratch-resistant composite decking materials on the market, making it an excellent choice if scratches are a concern.

In terms of materials prices, Trex is actually about 40% cheaper for each of its series, compared to the same class series that Timertech offers. However, once you add wood railings and substrate to a Trex deck, the total cost between the two brands becomes very similar.

In terms of looks, Trex is known for providing a more realistic wood appearance compared to Timbertech, which has a much more plastic look and feel.

TimberTech has a longer warranty of thirty years, compared to Trex’s twenty five year warranty.

Overall, if you are choosing between both company’s mid-range products, you can’t go wrong with either. If you are looking for a high-end product, Trex’s Transcend is favored.

How To Maintain Your Trex Deck

Typical Cost To Build a TREX (composite) Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
See costs in your area

Trex decking is notoriously easy to maintain. A regular sweep will remove debris from the surface of the deck, and hosing down the deck will remove smaller particles and dirt.

You can also scrub the deck with some hot soapy water and a soft bristle brush for a more thorough clean, or use a pressure washer with a PSI lower than 3,100 to get your deck looking as good as new.

If you experience staining on your Trex deck from the hard water of your hose, simply clean it with white wine vinegar, and rinse, or purchase a cleaning solution designed for removing hard water buildup.

If pollen or dirt remains on the decking for a long period of time, you may experience some mold or mildew. To clean it, simply spray the deck with a hose and scrub it down using a soft bristle brush and water.

To avoid voiding your stain and scratch warranty, be sure to use a cloth or a soft bristle brush when cleaning. Also, you must clean up food spills up to seven days after they occur to be eligible under the stain warranty.

Trex Decking Reviews

Typical Cost To Build a Composite Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
See costs in your area

Trex decking is favored by customers for its durability and long lifespan. Users appreciate the low level of maintenance and resistance to scratching and staining. Customers also appreciate the lack of splinters, especially for homes with children.

The largest complaint about Trex decking is that it can warp. While Trex decking supposedly is warp-resistant, still many users claim that their Trex deck boards warped at the edges. Also, several customers say that they have had issues with Trex screws falling out.

Others say that their Trex decking faded over time, or experienced mold and moisture damage. Unlike wood which can be treated for stains, scratches, or fading, the marks are very difficult to remove from Trex decking and remain until the deck can be replaced.

Many of the issues that customers complain about may be related to installation, while others may be related to the quality of the product. Trex Enhance, for instance, is much more likely to experience issues with scratches than Trex Transcend.

On the whole, though, Trex is a reliable product that most customers are extremely satisfied with.

How Much Value Does A Trex Deck Add To A House?

Installing a new deck is an expensive remodeling project, so its a good idea to get sense of the return on investment you can expect.

In general, the ROI of a new deck that is made of a composite, such as Trex Decking is about 68-71%. This is the same return on investment as building a small one addition.

This means that if you spend $10,000 on your Trex Deck, you can expect to get back $6,800-7,100 when you sell your home.

In general, decking is not a top recommended project to add just for the purpose of boosting resale value. Its especially not worth it to invest thousands of dollars into a very fancy deck with all the bells and whistles if you plan on moving out in the next 3-5 years.

Its best to build a deck that you can actually enjoy and one that will enhance your quality of life while you are living in your home. Having a decent ROI is a nice added bonus.

Typical Cost To Build a TREX (composite) Deck Average: $5,440 - $7,820
See costs in your area

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