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Typical Cost To Install Ductless Mini-Split Average: $3,070 - $4,380
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Estimate the cost of installing Cooper And Hunter mini-split heat pump / air conditioner.

This calculator will help you estimate total installed cost (labor and materials), BTU load for both heating & cooling, as well as approximate cost of equipment only (for DIY installation).

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To get instant mini split price quotes, enter your home size, number of zones (rooms), desired SEER efficiency, and type of indoor air handlers.

What Is A Cooper Hunter Mini Split?

C&H ductless split systems offer tremendous value – reliability, high efficiency, cold climate heating and SEER rating as high as 25, all at very affordable price, compared to rivals like Mitsubishi, Fujitsu & Daikin.

Cooper & Hunter ductless mini-split systems are DIY friendly, and can be purchased directly by the consumer / end user. We have several guides that show how to install C&H and other brands of mini splits. DIY install can save you about 30-40% off the total cost.

If you don’t feel comfortable installing your HVAC equipment, you can request up-to 4 Free Quotes from local HVAC contractors.

Even when professionally installed, a Cooper & Hunter mini-split will typically cost 30-40% less than Mitsubishi Mini-Split HVAC system.

How Much Does A Cooper & Hunter Mini Split Cost?

A typical Cooper & Hunter mini split will cost $2500 – $3400 per zone, for labor and materials. This price includes a professional installation by a licensed HVAC contractor. A singles zone will usually cost $200-400 more, compared to the cost of each zone in a multi-zone setup.

Prices may vary in your state, but should not be more than +/-10%. Also these prices do not include running a new electrical line from your electric panel, and installing an AC Disconnect. If you don’t have electrical hookup for your HVAC system, it will typically cost another $350-600 (for labor & materials).

Below we will break down each of these components, and explain the why there is such a wide range in cost.

C&H Equipment Cost
C&H Installation Labor Cost

Typical Cost To Install Ductless Mini-Split Average: $3,070 - $4,380
See costs in your area

How To Get An Accurate C&H Mini Split Price Estimate

This calculator will automatically select the appropriate Climate Region, and estimate BTU heat load (system size in TONs) appropriate for your location and home size.

It is critical that you enter accurate conditioned space size, and if needed, adjust additional settings, such as insulation, windows, and air-tightness of your home.

Step 1: Enter the size of your home or conditioned space when you plan to install your ductless heat pump.

Step 2: Select system type – Single Zone or Multi Zone. If you have several rooms where you plan to have you an indoor air handler, include each room in the next step.

Step 3: If you selected “Multi-Zone” system type in Step 2, enter total number of rooms/zones. This will affect total cost, as each zone will have it’s own indoor unit, as well as connecting refrigerant line set.

Step 4: Select desired SEER rating. Note that higher SEER means more efficient operation, thus lower power consumption. Higher SEER system will typically cost 5-10% more. SEER rating does not affect the SIZE (TONs) of your mini-split system.

If you are upgrading from an older central AC, which is likely 9-13 SEER, you should immediately see big improvements in energy usage, even with a “LOW-END” 18 SEER option.

NOTE: Larger systems will ALWAYS have lower SEER rating, compared to smaller single-zone heat pumps.

Step 5: Select the type of your desired indoor units. Most common and economical type is “Wall Mounted” indoor unit, which is placed on the wall, at about 6-7 ft. up.

Other options include Floor Mount, Ceiling Cassette, and Concealed Duct. Ceiling Cassette is installed between ceiling joists, and has visible fins (air outlets).

Concealed Duct indoor unit is completely hidden in the attic / basement or walls, and will have small local ducts serving one or more rooms, as well as a return duct (like a small Central AC).

Concealed Duct & Ceiling Cassette air handlers are the most expensive types of indoor units, as they typically require framing work, and adequate wall/ceiling space to install, as well as a condensate pump, to remove water condensate.

Step 6: Select if you want Cold Climate Heating rated heat pump (-13°F or -22°F heating).

If you live in norther climates (Climate Region 1 or 2), we highly recommend going with a -22°F Hyper Heating version of C&H heat pump.

Even if you don’t plan to heat if you C&H mini split, having that option for about $500-700 is a worthwhile upgrade. We even recommend this for Climate Region 3 (NJ/MD/TN/OR, etc).

Besides just the added heating performance, -22°F Hyper Heat option will often qualify for many State & Federal rebates & incentives.

Step 7: Our calculator will automatically select your climate region based on your approximate location, and recommend appropriate type of heating performance. Please refer to our climate region map, to make sure proper region was selected, and adjust if needed.

HVAC load climate zone map

Climate Region Map of US

Step 8: Select optional settings, such as Wall Insulation, Windows/Doors Air Tightness, and overall amount of doors & windows.

PRO TIP: We always recommend to upgrade your windows, and if possible, your home insulation, to make it more air-tight. Better insulation means less money spent on heating / cooling, and lower Heat/BTU Load, so you can install smaller heat pump, which will cost less to install and operate!

Step 9: Click CALCULATE button, and you will get 3 price estimates for professional installation of your Cooper & Hunter mini split HVAC – Low End, Mid Range & High End. These numbers are how much a typical licensed HVAC contractor would charge for a job with your specs.

You will also receive estimated cost for EQUIPMENT ONLY, in case you want to install the system yourself.

In this “equipment” quote we also include price of Line Set, signal wire, and line hide, but don’t include any HVAC specific tools, needed for proper installation. These tools are provided separately on the next line.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $3,630 - $4,780
Low End
High End

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C&H Equipment & Materials Costs:

Cooper & Hunter mini splits have a SEER rating between 18 SEER for low end models, all the way up to 25 SEER for high-end single zone systems. Typical SEER is around 20 for multi-zone systems.

How is this related to cost? Well, the higher the SEER (efficiency), the higher is the cost. However, as we mentioned above, most multi-zone and larger single zone systems fall into 20-22 SEER range, which is actually dictated by it’s size (the larger is the system, the lower is the SEER).

The biggest cost difference will be in the lineup, which is primarily identified by the HEATING performance of C&H mini-split heat pumps. The highest end models are designated as Sophia HYPER, and can heat your home in outside temps as low as -22°F. These unit will be the most expensive.

Therefore we can safely come up with typical cost per zone (in most cases 12,000 BTUs or 1 TON). Equipment cost is about $900-$1350. Lower end of the price range is for +5°F models, and upper range is for HYPER systems (-22°F). In multi-zone configuration you would be looking at about $950-$1200 per zone.

Besides just the equipment cost, you also need to figure in cost of Line Set (copper refrigerant lines), wiring, Line Hide, mounting hardware, and other small accessories. These will add about $250-400 per indoor unit. On a multi-zone setup cost will be lower per zone, as you only have one outdoor unit to mount.

Price To Install A C&H Mini Split

Typical installation cost for a Cooper & Hunter Mini Split will range between $1200 – $1800 per zone (labor only). Here, a multi-zone setup will actually not provide any extra savings, as you still need to run lineset and wiring to each individual zone.

The cost difference comes mostly from where you live and local cost of living, as well as how established/qualified your contractor is. Most licensed HVAC contractors will not install a mini-split for less than $1500/zone, so the lower end of the price range is usually guys who are new in the business and are “building out their reputation” by offering a discounted rate. You don’t always want to pick the cheapest guy, as it often means cutting corners, lower quality, and likely problems down the road.

For example, when I had my first Mini-Split installed, where I did most of the work, except for the critical HVAC connections, I hired an industry veteran with 25 years experience in the field. He did wis work fast, and without any fancy tools. In 4 years of running EVERY DAY (summer and winter, day and night), the system never had any issues – no leaks, no breakdowns.

On the other hand, my friends hired a plumber (why???) to install a 3-zone LG mini-split. This plumber subbed the job to a no-name installer. Within 1st year of moderate use (not every day), system leaked refrigerant, and needed at least 3 callbacks, for various issues related to installation.

Cooper & Hunter Mini Split vs Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is considered the de-facto standard of mini-splits, because of their excellent reliability and efficiency. The only two other brands comparable to Mitsubishi are Fujitsu & Daikin. However, Mitsubishi is doing better job marketing their products, so they are the leader. NOTE – all 3 brands are designed in Japan.

C&H is not as well regarded in the US, because it is a newer brand, and their systems are not considered by commercial buildings’ specifiers / architects.

However, C&H is made by the world’s largest HVAC manufacturer – MIDEA, and are very high quality systems, even when compared to the best of the best.

The benefit of C&H is a much lower cost (about 30-40% cheaper than Mitsubishi), and added simplicity of installation, considering that you don’t need to use “branch boxes”, and don’t need to field-program the central condenser unit to communicate with each zone (which is the case in all Mitsubishi multi-zone systems over 3 zones).

Is A C&H Mini Split Worth It?

As mentioned above, C&H mini splits are very capable, and fairly reliable HVAC systems, that come at 30-40% lower price. Even though I am a Fujitsu fan-boy, my next single zone will be a C&H HYPER heating mini-split. I have a particular application for it, where Fujitsu does not have anything nearly as good.

Beyond that – even my HVAC supplier (Air Purchases Inc.) has stopped selling Fujitsu in 2022, and switched 100% to Cooper & Hunter, and they get great feedback from all of their clients, about reliability and customer satisfaction.

So if you are looking for a budget ductless mini-split, but still want quality, Cooper & Hunter may just be the heat pump for you.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $3,630 - $4,780
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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