2023 Mitsubishi Mini Split Cost Calculator – Installation Prices, Pros & Cons

Typical Cost To Install Mitsubishi Mini Split Average: $3,860 - $4,970
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Estimate the cost to install a Mitsubishi Mini Split, also known as a ductless heat pump & air conditioner, with or without H2i Hyper Heating tech.

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Average Mitsubishi Mini Split Price

A typical whole house Mitsubishi mini split multi-room system (5-8 zones) costs $18,000 – $27,900, which is comparable to high efficiency Central Air + Furnace systems.

However, Mitsubishi systems will often qualify for $1,000 to as much as $10,000+ in state and/or federal energy efficiency rebates**.

Why Install A Mitsubishi Mini Split

Mitsubishi mini splits can cool and heat your home without using any fossil fuels – no gas or propane or oil is used for heating.

Units with H2i (Hyper Heat) can operate in heating mode in ambient temperatures down to -13°F, and can in most cases replace your primary heating system.

When paired with large solar PV array on your roof, these systems can heat and cool your whole house, and almost entirely eliminate your heating / electric bills.

Typical Cost For a 3-Zone Mitsubishi Mini Split Average: $11,920 - $14,550
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* Cold Climate & Hyper Heating (H2i)

Most of Mitsubishi Mini Split Heat Pumps are available with Hyper Heat (H2i) technology, which enable them to run in heating mode in ambient temperature as low as -13°F.

Mitsubishi H2i heat pumps have advanced features (larger outdoor coil size, more efficient compressor, base-pan heater, etc), which allow it to produce more heat in cold climates.

It is recommended to select/install a Hyper Heat model of Mitsubishi heat pumps if you live in climate zones 1, 2 and 3, where winter temperatures often go below 0°F. See climate zone map below.

HVAC load climate zone map

Climate Region Map of US

Single Zone vs Multi-Zone Mitsubishi Mini Split

Our calculator uses “home size” to estimate the heat load for the conditioned space, that you are calculating.

If heat load exceeds heating/cooling capacity of the largest single room (zone) unit, our calculator will “add” second smallest single zone unit that is required for the remaining heat load.

Example: If heat load is 30,000 BTUs, and you select high SEER (22-33 SEER) single zone setup, the calculator will cap individual single zone system at 18,000 BTUs. Thus, the remaining 12,000 BTUs, will be “covered” by second singles zone unit with 12K BTUs capacity.

This way, the price is provided for 2 systems – 18K and 12K BTUs each.

If you want a price for a single unit, use room size of under 500 sq. ft.

Typical Cost For a 4-Zone Mitsubishi Mini Split Average: $13,520 - $16,180
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Mitsubishi Mini Split is the HAVC technology of 21 century

While most Mitsubishi HVAC systems are heat pumps, not every heat pump is the same! As we discussed in our heat pump heating efficiency guide, pretty much EVERY central heat pump is an over-glorified air conditioner sold for 50-100% more, and CANNOT heat your home!

All the fancy Lennox and Carrier and Goodman central heat pumps that can cost as much as $27,000-37,000 (Lennox XP25 + Communicating Furnace) just for equipment, will not heat your home when it matters (below 35-40°F outdoor temps)!

You will still need that fancy furnace and a $750 thermostat (really, $750 thermostat??? 🙁 ), and fossil fuel (gas or propane) to heat your home. You can do the the same with a $10,000 installed “any brand” central ac + furnace.

When you compare that XP25 at $50,000 – $60,000 installed cost, with $25K to $35K for a REAL AIR SOURCE HEAT PUMP – H2i Hyper Heat Mitsubishi whole house ductless systems, that actually CAN heat your home when it is VERY COLD outside (down to -13°F), and can do so with completely renewable energy (will need solar on your roof), you can appreciate the magnificence of Japanese engineering!

Typical Cost For a 5-Zone Mitsubishi Mini Split Average: $15,620 - $18,640
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