2023 Clopay Garage Doors Prices, Installation, Honest Reviews

Typical Cost To Install a Garage Door Average: $1,340 - $2,450
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Running across Clopay garage doors is a given when you’re looking to renovate your garage. Clopay is one of the top garage door manufacturers in North America.

Given how expensive new garage doors can be, it’s natural to want to know more about a Clopay garage door and how it compares with the competition.

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Average Clopay Garage Door Prices

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $1,590 - $2,750
Low End
High End

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Due to Clopay’s varied offerings, the prices of these garage doors naturally fluctuate. At least two factors can influence the price the most – door dimensions, and window selection.

For example, most Clopay garage door models are available in the following sizes.

-Height – 6, 6.3, 6.6, 6.9, and 7 feet
-Width – 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, and 18 feet

GD1SP and GLD1LP Garage Doors

These Clopay garage doors come with the aforementioned 1-3/8-inch polystyrene insulation. All garage doors in this lineup reach an R-value of 6.5 for efficiency. Each of these Clopay garage doors can be fitted with plain windows or decorative inserts.

Therefore, the breakdown of these Clopay garage door costs can look something like this.

Clopay Garage Door Model Door Width Standard Door Cost Plain Window Cost Decorative Window Cost
GD1SP & GLD1LP 8 feet $1,100 $1,200 $1,300
GD1SP & GLD1LP 9 feet $1,140 $1,250 $1,360
GD1SP & GLD1LP 10 feet $1,260 $1,420 $1,580
GD1SP & GLD1LP 15 feet $1,590 $1,640 $1,700
GD1SP & GLD1LP 16 feet $1,600 $1,680 $1,790
GD1SP & GLD1LP 18 feet $1,900 $2,143 $2,156

GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1LU, and GD1SU Garage Doors

The GD2SP and GD2LP models use standard 2-inch polystyrene insulation for an R-value of 9.0. Alternatively, the GD1SU and GD1LU models have 1-3/8-inch Intellicore insulation for an R-value of 12.9 at virtually the same cost.

Again, your Clopay garage door cost will be affected by the width and windows you want, along with other customization options.

Clopay Garage Door Model Door Width Standard Door Cost Plain Window Cost Decorative Window Cost
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 8 feet $1,167 $1,306 $1,427
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 9 feet $1,230 $1,372 $1,491
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 10 feet $1,350 $1,486 $1,604
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 15 feet $1,690 $1,500 $1,630
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 16 feet $1,700 $1,890 $1,956
GD2SP, GD2LP, GD1SU & GD1LU 18 feet $1,955 $2,184 $2,319

Did you know? While decorative garage door windows can contribute significantly to curb appeal, they’re quite optional.

In most cases, a decorative window only serves an aesthetic purpose. Adding any window can reduce energy efficiency.

When replacing your garage door with a Clopay model, you can always opt for garage door with a plain window to let more light in. Decorative windows are a popular upsell, and can help maintain privacy when tinted.

GD2SU and GD2LU Garage Doors

These models have the same size availability, from 6 to 7 feet in height and 8 to 18 feet in width. But these Clopay garage doors only use the 2-inch polyurethane Intellicore insulation.

This gives them an R-value of 18.4 and makes them high-end options.

Clopay Garage Door Model Door Width Standard Door Cost Plain Window Cost Decorative Window Cost
GD2SU & GD2LU 8 feet $1,407 $1,600 $1,700
GD2SU & GD2LU 9 feet $1,470 $1,670 $1,810
GD2SU & GD2LU 10 feet $1,560 $1,790 $1,900
GD2SU & GD2LU 15 feet $2,100 $2,480 $2,600
GD2SU & GD2LU 16 feet $2,130 $2,520 $2,630
GD2SU & GD2LU 18 feet $2,650 $2,762 $2,914

You could increase the cost of each option up to $200 if you want to replace your garage door for a Clopay model with insulated glass.

Clopay’s Patented Intellicore Insulation

Typical Cost To Install a Garage Door Average: $1,340 - $2,450
See costs in your area

One of the most interesting features of Clopay garage doors is the Intellicore insulation technology. It’s arguably the manufacturer’s biggest advantage over its competitors.

Intellicore insulation is a proprietary solution. Clopay designed an injectable foam that can easily expand once inside the garage door. The controlled expansion process helps the foam fill the structure.

Due to its density, the foam gives the Clopay garage door superior durability and strength. The insulation helps mitigate outside noise and makes the door itself quieter.

The Intellicore technology is responsible for amazing energy ratings of up to an 18.4 R-value. This ensures more year-round comfort and makes Clopay an excellent garage door replacement.

Clopay Garage Door Models

Clopay produces many garage door models using its 3-layer construction blueprint. However, the differences between using or not using Intellicore foam insulation can be extensive.

For example, Clopay offers four garage door model lines using 2-inch and 1-3/8-inch insulation.

GD1SP and GD1LP Garage Doors

These doors use 1-3/8-inch polystyrene insulation. It’s enough to achieve an efficiency of 6.5 R-value, which isn’t bad at all.

GD2SP and GD2LP Garage Doors

These models use 2-inch polystyrene insulation that can reach up to 9.0 R-value.

GD1SU and GD1LU Garage Doors

This is where things get even better. The same 1-3/8-inch insulation, but using polyurethane Intellicore insulation is enough to provide a 12.9 R-value efficiency.

GD2SU and GD2LU Garage Doors
Upping the polyurethane Intellicore foam insulation use to 2 inches results in an 18.4 R-value efficiency rating.

High-End Clopay Garage Doors

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $1,590 - $2,750
Low End
High End

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Some Clopay garage doors can reach an insulation R-value of 20.4 due to their five-layer construction combined with Intellicore insulation.

Clopay Garage Door Materials

Like many other manufacturers, Clopay offers sufficient choices for garage door materials. You can choose between steel, aluminum, natural wood, and a faux wood composite material.

Naturally, steel is often the preferred choice with which to replace your current garage door due to its superior durability. But the four material choices ensure that Clopay garage doors are available for nearly every price range.

Clopay Garage Door Collections

Typical Cost To Install a Garage Door Average: $1,340 - $2,450
See costs in your area

There are several collections you should know about if you’re eyeing Clopay doors as the replacement of choice to insulate your garage and add more curb appeal to your home.

Canyon Ridge Carriage House

This Canyon Ridge collection features four-layer goods with an authentic coach house door look for your garage. These Clopay garage doors have upward functionality and quiet operation.

Clopay uses steel and Ultra-Grain paint finishes, faux wood composite overlays, a robust steel frame, and the patented 2-inch Intellicore insulation for an R-value of 18.4.

The Canyon Ridge Carriage House garage doors can also be purchased in a five-layer configuration. This is more costly, but comes with two steel layers, two faux wood composite layers for cladding overlay, and the Intellicore insulation for a whopping 20.4 R-value.

Canyon Ridge Modern

The Canyon Ridge Modern series garage doors have a sophisticated, traditional design that integrates seamlessly into mid-century and modern architecture.

You can get these steel Clopay garage doors with cladding overlay and 2-inch Intellicore insulation to benefit from an R-value rating of 20.4.


The Clopay Coachman collection is very popular due to its many choices. Each of these Clopay garage doors use low-maintenance steel, your insulation of choice, and composite overlays with a wood grain texture.

You can opt for no Intellicore insulation or add it. This makes the Coachman collection R-value ratings fluctuate between 6.5 and 18.4.


The Gallery collection is similar to the Coachman series because its R-value can range between 6.5 and 18.4. These Clopay garage doors can be as basic as a single-layer construction or as beefy as a three-layer design.

You can opt for both Intellicore foam densities, polystyrene alternatives, and vinyl and polystyrene insulation.

These are highly attractive garage doors and a great replacement for those who appreciate the various decorative window options, iron hardware, and grooved panel designs that Clopay offers in this collection.

Grand Harbor

If you’re turning to Clopay for a garage door replacement at a more affordable cost, the Grand Harbor collection has many options that can fit your project.

The carriage house-style garage doors often feature clean, simple lines and a traditional charm. With the optional polystyrene insulation, these composite overlay steel Clopay garage doors can reach an R-value of 6.3.

Classic Steel

Typical Cost To Install a Garage Door Average: $1,340 - $2,450
See costs in your area

Another budget-friendly Clopay collection to replace your existing garage door for one with added scalability is the Classic Steel series. These Clopay garage doors look simplistic but are highly durable, and can be ordered in multiple configurations.

They can feature up to three layers and every insulation option offered by Clopay, including Intellicore technology.

Did you know? Wood garage doors offer better insulation by default compared to aluminum and steel garage doors. However, steel garage doors have the benefit of supporting extra insulation. Therefore, with the proper technology, a steel garage door can become significantly more energy efficient and quieter than a wooden garage door.

Modern Steel

The differences between the Classic and Modern Steel collections are only noticeable in terms of style. This Clopay garage door collection is best-suited for contemporary homes and mid-century modern architecture.

You can also find multiple Ultra-Grain finishes for even more curb appeal, and achieve an insulation rating of 4.4 to 18.4.

Reserve Wood

There are several Clopay garage door series in the Reserve Wood collection. Depending on what your preferences are, you can opt between the following.

-Limited Edition

Each of these Clopay garage doors can help your home achieve a unique look. If you want, you can even get some of these Clopay garage doors without insulation to drop the price further.

Reserve Custom and Limited Edition Wood garage doors can have four or five layers and polystyrene insulation, but they differ drastically in style, material choices, and finishes.

The Modern and Semi-Custom garage doors have fewer layers, and the Semi-Custom garage doors do not feature insulation.

While Clopay wood garage doors come with sufficient variety, the insulation leaves something to be desired. Most collections barely achieve an R-value rating of 5.9.

That said, there’s no denying the superior curb appeal of a custom wood garage door.

Clopay Warranty

The longest warranty you’ll see for Clopay garage doors is a limited 10-year warranty. This is far from the industry average. But the manufacturer makes up for it with a 1-year installation warranty that not all manufacturers offer.

Clopay Reviews

Many customers agree that Clopay makes high-quality products. However, customers aren’t thrilled about the short warranties.

Some homeowners praise the quiet operation and good insulation of the Clopay garage doors, but complain about the company’s customer service.

That said, the manufacturer generally enjoys positive reviews.

-Variety – Clopay offers sufficient variety in terms of materials, layering, and sizing
-Industry-Leading Insulation – The Intellicore technology scores some of the highest R-value ratings on the market
-Amazing Color Options – The Ultra-Grain color options allow for endless customization and color matching for your Clopay garage door


-Fewer Wooden Garage Door Insulation Options – Despite its extensive lineup of wooden garage doors, Clopay doesn’t combine its Intellicore technology with almost any of them

Clopay VS. Amarr Garage Doors

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $1,590 - $2,750
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

While Clopay is a popular manufacturer of residential and commercial garage doors, Amarr also dips its toes in the industrial garage door market. However, branching out in multiple directions might not be an advantage.

Garage Door Style

For example, Amarr has fewer available garage door styles, just Carriage Court, Heritage, Lincoln, Oak Summit, Vista, and a few others.

But Clopay has a wide range of Carriage House, Coastal, Modern, and Traditional styles across multiple collections.

Composite Garage Doors

Clopay also makes composite garage doors, which is one extra material choice than the standard wood, aluminum, and steel options from Amarr.

That’s not to say that Amarr doesn’t have variety. The manufacturer offers a nice selection of specialty glass, exterior hardware, and other upgrades. But Clopay still has the edge with its built-to-order garage door designs that give the customer more control over the project.

Garage Door Warranty

The one area where Amarr easily wins is warranties. Amarr has lifetime warranties for almost all of its garage doors. Clopay offers a maximum of 10 years on some of its garage doors.

What is nice to see is that Clopay supplements each warranty with a 1-year labor warranty. Of course, this is contingent on using an authorized dealer to install the garage door.

Did you know? Steel garage doors can have a better ROI compared to wooden garage doors because the elements are less likely to affect them when properly treated and coated. Wood is susceptible to rot, mold, and other issues created by exposure.

But there are arguments for wooden garage doors being more durable than steel ones for several reasons. Steel garage doors chip and dent more easily. Sometimes the damage can be very expensive and difficult to repair.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Clopay Garage Door?

All Clopay garage doors are custom-built per the customer’s specifications. This makes Clopay one of the most sought-after manufacturers. Due to the made-to-order process, the lead time can vary between four and six weeks, depending on the customization choices, layering, materials, color schemes, size, and other factors.

Do Clopay Garage Doors Have Tracks?

Every Clopay garage door is sold with all the tracks, installation hardware, and spring assemblies needed to complete a full garage door replacement or new garage door installation.

Are Insulated Garage Doors Worth It?

An insulated garage door has a better ROI due to its energy efficiency and durability.

Repairing an insulated garage door tends to have a lower cost, as is maintaining one. And because of their superior strength, replacing your garage door with an insulated gone make better theft deterrents.

Is a Custom Clopay Garage Door The Best Replacement Option?

When it comes to Clopay, the manufacturer does one thing almost flawlessly. Whatever you want for your garage, it can provide in terms of size, accessories, style, colors, and insulation.

The advantage of having every Clopay garage door custom-built for each project far outweighs the cons of a shorter warranty and higher price point.

Even if you don’t have ambitious plans, the customization options from Clopay allow for plenty of entry-level and low-cost choices.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s hard to find fault with Clopay as a garage door manufacturer.

Typical Cost To Install a Garage Door Average: $1,340 - $2,450
See costs in your area

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