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If you are looking to replace your old roof, CertainTeed shingles are some of the most attractive and reliable asphalt roofs on the market. CertainTeed roofing shingles are especially known for their premium models.

However, prices for CertainTeed shingles, especially the Landmark and Presidential Shingles lines, are among the highest in the roofing industry.

How Much Are CertainTeed Shingles?

Since the list of CertainTeed shingles is quite extensive, here are the prices of the most popular and affordable CertainTeed asphalt shingles.

•3-Tab category – XT 30 IR: $62 – $76 per 100 square feet
•Most affordable architectural shingles – Landmark: $81 – $95 per 100 square feet
•Most popular architectural shingles – Landmark Pro: $114 – $124 per 100 square feet
•Premium architectural shingles – Landmark Premium: $142 – $152 per 100 square feet
•Most popular designer shingles – Grand Manor: $209 – $232 per 100 square feet

You can use our Roofing Calculator to estimate the cost of installing asphalt shingles on your home.

Also, here’s what other roof installation costs amount to:

•Ridge vent, underlayment, hip and ridge shingles, starter nails and strip: $11 – $21
•Professional Labor charges: $124 – $228 per square

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Brief Overview Of CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

This is what CertainTeed’s full shingles assortment looks like:

Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

•XT 25
•XT 30 IR

Architectural Shingles Series

•Landmark Pro
•Landmark Pro Solaris
•Landmark Premium
•Landmark Solaris Platinum
•Landmark Solaris Gold
•Landmark Solaris
•Landmark IR
•Highland Slate

Premium Shingles Series

•Grand Manor
•Carriage House
•Belmont IR
•Presidential Shake
•Presidential Shake IR
•Presidential Solaris
•Presidential TL Solaris
•Landmark TL
•Landmark TL Solaris

The Most Popular CertainTeed Shingles

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the best and most popular CertainTeed shingles:

Traditional 3-Tab Shingles

•XT 25 shingles – The XT 25 asphalt shingles are very durable and made with tough fiberglass. They feature excellent resistance to winds of up to 60 mph. In addition, these asphalt shingles have a 10-year algae-resistance warranty.

•XT 30 IR shingles – This edition is also built using fiberglass, resulting in great durability. It’s easy to install, and possesses mineral granules in its water-resistant structure.

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CertainTeed Architectural Shingles

By far, CertainTeed architectural shingles are the most popular in the residential roofing market, rivaled only by GAF shingles. Out of all the architectural shingle lines, Landmark shingles and Landmark PRO shingles are the most popular.

•Patriot shingles – Patriot is a single-layered shingle that resembles multi-layered shingles with its advanced colors. It comes with a 30-year warranty, making it a good and affordable choice overall.

•Landmark shingles – the Landmark model provides great resistance to natural elements and looks great.

•Landmark Pro shingles – This type of shingles meets all the quality standards in the industry, and has an eye-catching design.

•Landmark Pro Solaris shingles – Landmark Pro Solaris shingles have the cool roof design and a double-laminated, durable structure.

•Landmark Premium shingles – This is a high-end, luxurious edition designed with great taste, and it’s protected against all natural elements.

•Landmark Solaris Platinum shingles – The Landmark Solaris Platinum model is eco-friendly and ideal for areas with high temperatures.

•Landmark Solaris Gold shingles – This is another shingle type that repels heat better than most shingles on the market.

•Landmark Solaris – Landmark Solaris also helps you overcome temperature challenges.

•Landmark IR – Landmark IR is a Class 4 impact-resistant shingle with fiberglass and high-quality asphalt.

•Northgate shingles – Northgate is extremely flexible due to its rubberized design. As a result, it can withstand powerful impacts.

•Highland Slate shingles – This entry combines beauty with dependable performance. These shingles will protect your roof against winds, fire, as well as algae.

Did You Know?With the addition of fiberglass to the shingles’ core, less asphalt is required to achieve strength and durability. Hence, shingles with fiberglass are an environmentally-friendly option.

CertainTeed Premium Shingles Series

CertainTeed Premium shingles are prized for their exceptional beauty and resemblance to high-end roofing materials, such as wood shingles and natural slate.

•Grand Manor shingles – This luxurious entry has top-class wind, fire, impact, and algae protection. It’s made from the most durable materials in the industry. Moreover, it provides you with a lifetime limited transferable warranty.

•Carriage House shingles – These shingles also offer superior protection against high winds and fire. In particular, it resists winds of up to 110 mph, but you can upgrade your warranty to include winds of up to 130 mph. It has a unique look and features four-layer coverage.

•Belmont shingles – Belmont shingles mimic the look of natural slate with their high-contrast shadows and rich hues. It’s impact-resistant, with upgrades to Class 4 impact-resistance available in the central U.S.

•Belmont IR shingles – Another entry that looks like classic slate roofing is Belmont IR. Apart from the great appearance, the model also has first-rate wind, fire, algae, and impact resistance.

•Presidential Shake shingles – These shingles have one of the most reliable fire resistance properties in the industry. They feature a lifetime limited warranty against all manufacturing defects.

•Presidential Shake IR – This is the toughest, heaviest, and thickest shingle available. Therefore, it can effectively resist natural elements. Additionally, they resemble luxurious cedar shakes.

•Presidential Solaris shingles – Presidential Solaris is double-laminated and eco-friendly. They mimic wood shakes but outperform wooden materials in terms of strength and durability.

•Presidential TL Solaris shingles – This model is known for its cool roof color technology. It qualifies for a number of green programs, making it a great eco-friendly choice.

•Landmark TL shingles– Landmark TL shingles are triple-laminated and protected against all the elements. They resemble wood shake roofing, and come with a 50-year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

•Landmark TL Solaris shingles – If you’re looking for a green product, Landmark TL Solaris shingles are a great option. They are enhanced with the cool roof color technology, and feature natural shadow lines.

CertainTeed Shingles Colors

CertainTeed offers a wide range of colors for its shingles, which is a huge bonus when you are doing higher-end exterior remodeling.

3-Tab shingles colors – Black, Burnt Sienna, Cedar Brown, Cinnamon Frost, Dove Gray, Resawn Shake, Silver Lining, Weathered Wood, etc.

Architectural shingles colors – Atlantic Blue, Charcoal Black, Cottage Red, Birchwood, Cinder Black, DriftWood, Colonial Slate, Granite Gray, Pewter, Mojave Tan, Max Def colors, etc.

Premium shingles colors – Black Pear, Georgian Brick, Brownstone, Sherwood Forest, Stonegate Gray, Gatehouse Slate, Victorian Blue, Shenandoah, etc.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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Do CertainTeed Shingles Offer Good Protection Against The Elements?

Generally, CertainTeed shingles perform quite well against the elements. Their models include several technologies with enhanced resistance:

Wind Resistance

CertainTeed Shingles are much heavier compared to the competition. This helps keep them in place during high winds.

The warranty for XT 25 shingles is at 60 mph, whereas XT 30 IR’s warranty is at 70 mph. All the other models are warrantied against winds of up to 110 mph, with upgrades to 130 mph available.

Did You Know? ASTM D3161 is the standard test for determining wind resistance of roofing materials such as asphalt shingles.

Fire Resistance

Most shingles produced by CertainTeed have Class A fire ratings. Thus, your home should be properly protected from fires.

Algae Resistance

More than half of CertainTeed’s shingles come with warranties of 15 years or more against algae discoloration. Their above-average algae resistance stems from the StreakFighter Technology that utilizes copper granule on all its lines.

Impact Resistance

CertainTeed shingles excel in impact resistance. The company offers 11 shingle models with premium impact resistance warranties. Even the XT 30 IR shingle is impact-resistant, which is rare for 3-tab shingles.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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How Long Do CertainTeed Shingles Last?

CertainTeed is on par with GAF in terms of certain warranty options. In particular, most of its shingle types have lifetime limited warranties against manufacturing defects on residential applications.

CertainTeed’s most popular shingles belong in the Landmark series. Here’s how long some of the most notable entries can last:

•Landmark – 20 – 30 years with basic maintenance
•Landmark Pro – 40 – 50 years
•Landmark Premium – 50 years
•Landmark TL – 50 years

Pros and Cons of CertainTeed Roofing Shingles

Here are the top reasons for and against installing CertainTeed shingles on your roof.


There are many advantages of CertainTeed’s shingles. Here are the main benefits:

•A large selection of shingles – CertainTeed offers 24 shingle types in total. Whether you’re looking for 3-tab, architectural, or designer shingles, you’re almost guaranteed to find the desired piece.

•Cool roof editions – As mentioned earlier, some of CertainTeed’s shingles are able to reduce heat strain on your roof. Since there’s not as much heat penetrating the roof, other areas of your home won’t get hotter, and you won’t have to use your AC as often. Another plus is that the shingles meet California’s Title 24 Cool Roof requirements.

•Heavy shingles – CertainTeed offers robust shingles that are much more durable than lighter models. Therefore, protection against wind and impact is a lot greater.


There are also some downsides you should consider before purchasing CertainTeed shingles:

•Higher prices of shingles – The quality of CertainTeed shingles is among the highest in the roofing business. However, it doesn’t come at a low price. Rather, the models CertainTeed sells are some of the most expensive shingles you can find.

•Costly extended coverage – If you choose to extend your coverage, it’ll cost you a lot more than usual. This is because warranty extensions mandate you to use all the materials the company produces, such as starter shingles and underlayment. Their price is also higher than with other companies.

•Tough warranty claims – The main issue homeowners have with CertainTeed is denied warranty claims. Unless your shingles are falling apart (delaminating), proving the defect is extremely difficult.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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CertainTeed Shingles vs. GAF Shingles

To compare CertainTeed shingles to GAF, we’ll consider two crucial aspects: quality and prices.

Shingles Quality

CertainTeed Shingles – All their shingles have built-in fiberglass, and are constructed in laminated layers. Most shingles have four or five layers over the entire surface. The shingles weigh much more than average shingles made by other companies (way over 250lbs per square), making them less likely to cup or crack. The brand also offers Class A fire resistance, and warranties against winds of up to 130 mph.

GAF Shingles – GAF’s shingles are very similar to CertainTeed’s edition. They are also reinforced by fiberglass, and made in laminated layers. The producer does have some robust shingles (Grand Canyon Shake shingles weigh 450lbs per square), but most of its models weigh under 240lbs per square. Regarding wind and fire resistance, GAF is on the same level as CertainTeed.

The Verdict – While both producers make strong and high-quality products, CertainTeed is slightly better due to its heavyweight construction.

Cost of GAF vs CertainTeed Shingles

3-Tab Shingles:

•GAF Royal Sovereign – $60-$74 per 100 square feet
•CertainTeed XT 25 – $67-$81 per 100 square feet

Architectural Shingles:

•GAF Timberline Ultra HD – $133-$143 per 100 square feet
•CertainTeed Landmark Premium – $143-$152 per 100 square feet

Premium shingles:

•GAF Woodland – $142-$152 per 100 square feet
•Grand Manor – $209 – $232 per 100 square feet

Across the board, GAF is a much more cost-efficient than CertainTeed shingles.

The Overall Verdict – If you want shingles of the highest quality available, CertainTeed will get you better results than GAF.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly solution that delivers good products, you’re better off with GAF.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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Owens Corning Shingles vs. CertainTeed Shingles

Owens Corning is another well-known name in the roofing industry. But how does it stack up against CertainTeed?

Shingles Quality

CertainTeed – Again, there are almost no downsides to the quality of CertainTeed’s shingles. The wind, fire, algae, and impact resistance combined with heavy shingles ensures first-class performance.

Owens Corning – 3-tab shingles produced by Owens Corning are made of fiberglass, resist winds of up to 60 mph, and resist algae for up to 10 years. The laminate models comprise two bonded asphalt shingles, 130 mph wind resistance, and a 15-year algae resistance.

The Verdict – As with the previous comparison, CertainTeed prevails owing to the sheer weight of their shingles that provides greater protection.

Cost Of Owens Corning Shingles vs CertainTeed Shingles

3-Tab Shingles

•CertainTeed – XT 30 IR: $62 – $76 per 100 square feet
•Owens Corning – OC Supreme: $65 – $86 per 100 square feet

Architectural Shingles

•CertainTeed – Landmark Pro: $114 – $124 per 100 square feet
•Owens Corning – OC Duration – $76 – $110 per 100 square feet

Premium Shingles

•CertainTeed – Grand Manor – $209 – $232 per 100 square feet
•Owens Corning – OC Berkshire – $208 – $228 per 100 square feet

CertainTeed is slightly more expensive in the architectural and premium shingles categories. However, Owens Corning sells its 3-tab shingles at a higher price than CertainTeed.

The Overall Verdict – Both manufacturers make great shingles. But you can protect your roof slightly better with CertainTeed due to the heavier build of its shingles. Also, the price isn’t much higher.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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Is CertainTeed Roofing Warranty Any Good?

All shingles made by CertainTeed are covered by its SureStart warranty program. It fully covers defective shingles for the initial years following installation. Once it expires, your coverage comes at a reduced rate.

The SureStart warranty system covers the following:

•All the material necessary to repair or replace your defective shingles
•The labor used during the repair or replacement
•The cost of metalwork, tear-off, flashing, and disposal

Did You Know? During the installation of your shingles, the headwall flashing should be placed behind the exterior wall covering and over the shingles.

However, not all products have the same SureStart coverage. The length of the warranty varies depending on your shingle model:

•XT 25 – 5 years
•XT 30 IR -5 years
•Patriot – 8 years
•Landmark – 10 years
•Highland Slate – 10 years
•Landmark Pro – 10 years
•NorthGate – 10 years
•Landmark Premium – 10 years
•Landmark TL – 10 years
•Belmont – 10 years
•Presidential Shake TL – 10 years
•Carriage House – 10 years
•Grand Manor – 10 years

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CertainTeed Shingles Reviews

CertainTeed shingles generally deliver great performance. Still, there have been many negative reviews, mainly due to denied warranty claims.

Negative Reviews

A customer purchased CertainTeed shingles with a 10-year algae-resistance warranty. The shingles started developing algae prior to the warranty’s expiration, and the customer decided to make a warranty claim.

They contacted CertainTeed’s representatives, but all they offered was to clean the affected shingles instead of replacing them.

Another customer experienced a hail storm in 2017 that caused massive damage to their roof. When their insurance company inspected the house, they determined that the damage had been brought about by a manufacturer’s defect rather than the hail.

The customer filed a warranty claim but was unsuccessful due to ownership change, as the customer support team stated. Namely, the owner had put their house into a living trust, and this turned out to be a loophole CertainTeed could exploit.

Positive Reviews

A contractor installed CertainTeed shingles on a number of houses. Ten years later, the shingles were in great shape and showed no sign of defects. There have been no blow-offs either.

The contractor attributes this success to installing the shingles according to CertainTeed’s instructions and doing the job in the summer, ensuring faster sealing.

A customer from Florida purchased CertainTeed shingles, and they proved to be extremely durable and reliable.

Since the homeowner lives in Florida, the shingles have been tested frequently due to recurring hurricanes.

Luckily, the shingles have remained on the roof during high winds and overcame the hail impacts successfully. On top of that, the color still looks as good as they looked when they were installed.

Are CertainTeed Roofing Shingles Worth It?

CertainTeed shingles’ design quality completely justifies the high prices. The shingles are almost impervious to any type of damage and will protect your home from all the elements shingles are susceptible to.

Moreover, the company offers numerous colors that will give your home a fresh, vibrant look.

However, to ensure proper installation, don’t forget to verify the skill level of your contractors.

Otherwise, you might see subpar work done on your roof, neutralizing the high quality of CertainTeed shingles and causing serious damage. So, don’t leave the installation process to chance.

Cost to Install a Roof (1700 s.f)
$4,731 - $6,997
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