Bathroom Remodel Calculator: Estimate Your Bathroom Renovation Cost

Estimate your bathroom remodel cost by entering square footage, number of bathrooms, trim level (quality), where you will install tiles, and your location.

You will see pricing for basic, mid-range, and luxury renovations.

Bathroom(s) Size: Sq. Ft.
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How Does The Bathroom Remodel Cost Calculator Work?

The calculation formula assumes that all new plumbing, electrical, and fixtures will be installed.

Removal of standard old fixtures and installation of new drywall, tile flooring, and optional tiles on all walls are also included in the estimate.

You can choose from 3 different trim levels - Basic (for rental apartments), Mid range (suitable for most homes) and luxury.

Keep in mind that local remodeling prices can vary as much as 20% above national average (for Pacific region) to 18% below national average for East South Central regions of US. Thus, to get accurate location based pricing, select your region from the options menu.

Note, that while the average price for an 8x5 bathroom remodel is about $7500, you can do a complete renovation for under $1000 with new sink, toilet, fixtures, and bathtub refinishing.

You can also get prices for other projects around the house, see our 2017 Remodeling Costs Guide

Average Bathroom Remodel Costs:
Low End
Mid Range
High End

See costs in your areaStart Here - Enter Your Zip Code

Published/updated on: May 11, 2015

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