2023 Steam Shower Installation Cost, Options, Pros & Cons

Typical Cost To Remodel a Bathroom Average: $4,500 - $25,749
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There is no better way to create a mini spa inside your home then with a steam shower.

In addition to greatly enhancing your grooming experience, a steam shower also offers important benefits for skin, respiratory system, blood circulation, and improves overall health.

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Cost of Bathroom Remodel
$7,210 - $14,612
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How Much Does A Steam Shower Cost?

Currently, a steam shower kit costs $3,000-4,500, depending on the quality of the equipment and complexity of installation.

Steam is a luxury feature many people love to add when they set out to complete a bathroom remodel.

We found that Home Depot offers the lowest prices for various steam shower brands. For example, Poshhouse.com sells the same Galaxy Deluxe model for $5,868, and claims that this is a sale from the retail price of $7,825!!!

Steam Shower Cost Based On Shower Type

One of the biggest factors that impacts the cost of a steam shower is whether you want a custom or a prefabricated shower.

If you are on a budget, you can get a prefabricated shower kit with a floor base, such as Ariel SS 902A for as low as $1,099.

It is a 36×36 enclosed shower unit, which is ideal for a small bathroom. Because its designed as a corner unit, it can save a lot of much needed floor space. This kit already comes with all the features you need:

– high efficiency steam engine produces hot steam in short amount of time
– 6 body jets
– handheld showerhead and rainfall ceiling shower
– comfortable seating
– a glass shelf
– acupuncture water massager
– thermostat control
– computerized LCD monitor

Average price for most prefabricated steam showers is $2,250-3,500. High-end kits, such as Galaxy Deluxe from Steam Planet, can be as much as $4,461. They are larger in size, and have more features, controls and options.

Cost To Install A Shower Enclosure

When buying a prefabricated system, you also have the befit of paying a relatively low installation charge. A straight forward installation costs $350-700. It typically includes the following:

– assemble and mount the steam shower system
– install the bathroom enclosure, including flooring glass walls/door, and sealing all edges, so water does not leak.
– connect the existing plumbing supply
– drain shower lines

In case you need to add or upgrade plumbing pipes in your bathroom, the extra cost will range from $800-1,500.

In some cases, depending on the particular conditions of the space, adding new plumbing can run as much as $3,000-4,000.

How Much Is A Custom Steam Shower?

If you want a real spa experience in your bathroom, a custom designed steam shower is the way to go. On average, the cost for this type of shower can range from $4,500 – 6,700.

However, it can easily be $10,000 – 15,000, depending on the luxury features and materials you want to use.

Labor charges alone to install a custom steam system are around $2,500 – 3,500. More complex installs run as much as $5,000-6,000. Keep in mind that you will need to hire various pros to complete this project, such as:

– plumber ($65 – 80 per hour)
– tile installer ($40 – 65 per hour)
– electrician ($60 – 90 per hour)
– shower door installer ($40 – 60 per hour)

Steam Shower Unit Prices

Here is what you can expect to spend on the essential components of a steam shower system:

1. Generator – this device will produce the steam. Low end models are $1,000 – 1,500 from brands like Steamist.

The average price is around $2,000-3,000. High end, very powerful generators can cost $4,600 to $6,000 from brands like Mr. Steam and Kohler.

2. Steam outlet head – this where the steam enters into your shower. It ranges in price from $126 – 250.

3. Generator controls – this is the user interface panel that lets you turn the system on/off, control the temperature of the steam.

Basic models start at $154, but can go up to as much as $875 for fancy devices, such as Steamist 550 with Digital Touchscreen Control and Wifi.

It is designed to operate various spa options such as: Aromasense, Chromasense, Audiosense, and Showersense.

Moreover, it can be connected to various music streaming platforms: Heart Radio; Spotify; Pandora.

4. Body shower jets – can range in price from $300 for basic models to $600 – 900 plus for thermostatic systems from brands like Hudson Reed.

5. Shower head / Rain shower – these will further enhance your shower experience. Prices average $130 – 600. Some higher-end models include cool features like chromotherapy lights.

6. Seating – a folding and wall mounted teak wood bench that can withstand the wear and tear of a steam room can be as low as $99.

Average prices for these seats range from $250 to 500. However, a custom built-in bench can cost as much as $1,000 – 3,500, depending on the size, design and materials you want to use.

7. Wall materials – in addition to the construction materials needed to build the shower walls, you will also need finishing materials.

These can be ceramic, glass or porcelain tile, natural stone or wood. The cost to tile a medium sized shower is $1,800 – 3,500, depending on the materials you use.

Another option is to have glass shower walls. Good quality, custom glass shower panels are $1,300 – 1,800 each.

8. Vapor proof door – its very important to install the right type of door in your steam shower. The goal is to have an air tight space, so that steam does not escape.

Expect to spend $1,600 – 1,900 for this type of a shower door, such as Kohler Lattis.

9. Slip resistant floor – there are various customization options available, as well as different flooring materials you can use.

Your total price including materials and installation can be $8-19 per square foot. Popular materials are mosaic tiles, pebble stones or any other small size tile, which improves slip resistance.

10. Shelving – budget friendly shower shelves and caddies can cost $60 – 90 each. They can be made of glass, stainless steel or chrome. Average cost is $180 – 300 for each shelf.

You can also ask your contractor to construct custom built-in shelves. These can have various designs, sizes and depths, tailored for your particular needs.

Typically, building one shower niche costs $250 – 350. Most upscale shower enclosures in master bathrooms have custom shelving.

11. Ventilation – this is a must if you want your steam shower to function for a long time. Average cost of a vent fan is $250-400, including installation.

12. Lighting – including wiring done by an electrician, installing one recessed light costs $150 – 200. Thus, your total price for lighting can range from $600-1,500, depending on your needs and number of lights you want.

Cost Of Steam Shower Enhancements And Improvements

There are a number of luxury features you can add to further boost your enjoyment and relaxation in the shower. Most popular extras include:

Aroma pump system

You will love the pleasurable smells of your choice while taking a steam shower. Aroma therapy is known to increase energy levels, alleviate anxiety and depression, improve your sleep and digestion, relieve headaches, and more. Costs range from $660 to 2,800 from brands like AromaMist and Mr. Steam.

You should search for deals on various websites, because there can be a $200-300 difference for the same model pump, depending on the website. . We found the lowest prices on steamsaunabath.com

Essential oils

There is a wide variety of products to choose from. Quality and potency can be very different, hence a wide range in prices, from $3 to 40 a bottle. The most popular scents with the greatest health benefits are: yalang yalang, rosemary, tea tree, chamomile, lavender, eucalyptus, mint, and evergreen.

Chroma bath system

It delivers a spectrum of colorful lights while you are showering. Chromotherapy has numerous physical and psychological benefits. Each color light enters the retina of your eye and stimulates photoreceptors, thereby activating energy in every cell of your body.

These systems can either transmit one light color of your choice (blue, red, green), or multiple ones simultaneously, like a rainbow. Pricing is $1,460-2,700, depending on the features you want to have.

A cheaper option, $500-600 is to get a light kit. You have one large light that has various modes and colors, such as: Slow Color Wash, Fast Color Wash, Slow Random Color, Fast Random Color, High Speed Random Color, Cross Fades (blue/green), and Fixed Color.

Cost of Bathroom Remodel
$7,210 - $14,612
See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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