2023 Roof Repair Cost – Estimate Roof Leak Repair Prices

Typical Cost To install a new roof Average: $5,430 - $7,670
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Currently, the average cost to repair a roof is $375-800. Professional labor and material charges vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of your roof, what needs to be fixed and a number of other variables.

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Average Roof Leak Repair Cost

Roof leak repair cost starts at $350 and can run as high as $1,500 or more, depending on complexity and amount of work that needs to be done.

Typically, an asphalt shingles roof will leak around loose or blown off shingles, flashings, skylights, chimneys, other penetrations and in valleys.

The most common solution in this situation is to replace damaged or missing shingles and flashing, in the area where the leak has been discovered.

If you notice a problem, its best to take care of it right away. Otherwise, water will seep inside and will slowly rot the wood substrate beneath, cause mold growth and other serious problems. Eventually, this will warrant complete roof replacement.

Here is a break down of prices roofing contractors charge for various jobs:

– Replace a few blown off shingles and a pipe flashing $200-350.

– Replace a skylight flashing and shingles around it as well as add ice and water shield around the skylight $300-450.

– Perform the same job around the chimney, as well as replacing lead counter-flashing $450-700

– Redo a roof valley (remove shingles on both sides of the valley, install ice and water shield and replace shingles) costs between $500-1,500 depending on the length of the valley.

When you combine these jobs together, you will likely pay less per item, but the total costs will be high.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to replace missing/broken shingles:

How Much Do Roofers Charge For Roof Repair?

Most licensed pros charge $45-75/ per worker hour, or give you a flat price for a simple roof repair job.

For example, I do flat roof repairs in Massachusetts, and my flat fee is $425. This includes 2 hours of work and all the materials. If I need more than 2 hours, the rate is $100 per hour or $25 for every 15 minutes.

A typical leaky roof can be fixed in 1-2 business days, if there are no interior damages.

Roof Enhancements and Improvements Costs

It important to budget for some additional costs that may come up during the course of the repair.

Job Cost
Repair Gutters and Downspouts $10 – 15 / ln.ft. for sectional gutters. Seamless gutters cannot be repaired and need to be replaced
Repair Downspounts $35 – 50 per section on the first floor, and $50 or more for two-stories or higher
Fix Leaking Skylights $300 – 550
Repair Water Stained Ceiling $215 – 350
Fix Broken Flashing $170 – 300
Repair Damaged Fascia Boards and Soffits $15-25 / ln.ft. (if less than 10 ft and not combined with another job)
  $10 / ln.ft (if over 10 ft. combined with another job)
Install Underlayment $60/square and up
Apply Roof Sealant (helps prevent future leaks) $800-1,000 for a standard size roof

Roof Repair Cost Based On Roofing Material

Here is what you can expect to pay for minor repairs on one of the following roofing materials.

In general, the type of material, as well as the design of your roof will dictate the cost. For example, premium roofs, such as slate and metal will cost significantly more to repair than asphalt shingles.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofs are highly prone to leaks. Typical reasons for water infiltration are:

– sloppy or incorrect shingle installation, when a roofer does not follow manufacturer specifications.

– natural aging of the roof shingles

– shingles get blown off by strong winds

If the roof leaks in the valley, or around a chimney, or skylights, sections of shingles are removed and the leak prone area is covered with ice and water barrier, such as Grace, to make it more watertight.

The average cost to repair a shingles roof is $400-650

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is one of the most durable materials you can install, and as such it almost never requires repairs. However, there are a few cases when leaks do happen and need to be fixed:

1. The most common cause of leaks in a metal roof is improper installation around skylights, chimneys and along the valley.

Sometimes, homeowners who try to save money on installation, end up hiring unprofessional roofers who lack the technical knowledge and experience necessary to install metal. In this case, its best to hire a metal roofing specialist to fix the leak, so it never happens again.

2. A less common situation is when you roof leaks due to inadequate slope.

The average price to repair a metal roof is $600-1,200

Cedar shingles and shakes

While beautiful, cedar roofs require a lot of maintenance and a fair amount of repairs throughout their service lives. Common problems include deteriorating wood as a result of moss build up and insect infestation, or aging.

Doing a cedar roof repair will run about $400-650

Clay/Concrete Tile Roof

Clay and concrete tile are highly durable and impervious to leaks. This is why they are a premium roof that has been used to clad houses for thousands of years. However, in rare cases leaks do happen. The most common cause is cracked tiles.

Average cost to replace broken tiles is $350-450 per square. In some cases its a big challenge to match the new tile with the existing tile on the roof and maintain the overall curb appeal.

Slate Roofing

Natural slate is another premium “forever” roof, which usually does not leak. However, some slate roofs have the following problems:

– leaking flashing

– slates falling out

– nail rust ( if the roof was not installed using copper nails)

Because slate is a specialized, high-end material, you need to hire an experienced slater to complete the repairs.

Typical costs to repair a slate roof start at $600 but can go well over $2,000 depending on the scope of work, amount of slate tiles that need to replaced, etc.

EPDM Rubber

While EPDM rubber is the cheapest flat roofing membrane, it is also the most prone to leaks. Common problems that come up are:

– seam failures around roof penetrations

– glue failure due to aging

– seam failure due to improper installation

– ponding water

Average price to fix a leaky EPDM rubber roof is $300-500. This is a small repair, which includes patching a few holes and redoing a few outside corners.

Note that wet insulation and ponding water issues cannot be resolved without replacing the entire roof.

PVC or TPO (single ply membrane)

Since both PVC and TPO are designed to have heat welded seams, they are usually impervious to ponding water or leaks at the seams. However, rarely these roofs can have the following problems:

– holes in the membrane as a result of mechanical punctures

– seam voids caused by bad welds, when a roofer doesn’t have experience with heat welding equipment

– rarely, material failure can be an issue

Average cost to patch up either TPO or PVC membrane are $300-500 for a small job.

Factors That Increase The Cost To Repair Roof

There are a number of variables that can have a major impact on the total price to fix your roof.

1. Number and extent of leaks

If you were able to catch a leak early on, and the water is coming in only in one or two places, it will require less materials and time to fix.

However, if your roof is leaking in a number of different places and the damage is extensive, you will pay significantly more.

In this situation, more replacement materials will be required, the contractor will be working on a larger roof area and it will take longer to finish the job.

2. Roof pitch and design

If your roof has a high pitch and complex design, it will be more difficult and time consuming for the roofer to complete the repairs, thus driving up the cost.

Also, keep in mind your house height and ease of access. Its much easier to fix a roof on a relatively low slope ranch house, than on a three story Victorian with towers, steep slopes and cut-up design.

Another difficulty is if your house is located on top of a hill, making it challenging to put up ladders.

3. Time of the year

If you live in the snow country and need an urgent roof repair, you may be charged more because it is more difficult and dangerous to perform the job in freezing and icy conditions.

Also, if there is a major snow storm going on, you are not the only one with roof leaks, which means roofers are in high demand, and prices can go up as much as 100% or more.

Conversely, if you need a repair during a slow season for roofers, which is typically in the late fall and a winter without massive storms, you may get a discount of about 10-15%, because many contractors will be looking for work.

Your location

Contractor labor rates vary greatly across the US and depend on the local economic conditions.

If you live in a high income area, such as Los Angeles or New York City, you will be charged 15-25% more than if you live in Cincinnati, Ohio, or another area with a more modest average income.

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