Home Depot – Amazon Price Matching (My Horrible Experience with Customer Service)

In May 2015, I was planning to rent my apartment for the first time ever on AirBnB. And one of the issues that has come up is access to the apartment.

Basically, I do not want to give keys to my place to total strangers, because what happens after they leave? Do I trust them to not make copies (for whatever reason) or do I change the lock every time?

So my solution, which I borrowed from a friend, is to install a key code lock. I chose a SCHLAGE Camelot Keypad Deadbolt (Model # BE365VCAM619) as it had very good Amazon reviews, and is fairly inexpensive, for the great convenience which it provides – I’ll talk about this in a minute.

Call to HOME DEPOT Employees – please fill us in on what’s going on with your Price Match Policy:

It would be nice if an actual Home Depot employee or even a manager, would comment on this situation .. I know HD employees read this post sometimes – it gets healthy traffic from google search, so – if someone reading this, works at Home Depot and knows what’s up – please provide your input. It WILL be confidential, so you don’t have to fear HD retaliation …

amazon-vs-home-depotBasically, the Amazon price for this lock (at the time of purchase) WAS $84.72, and Home Depot had the SAME unit for $109 (regular price) – this is a $24 difference, which is substantial.

While I could order this lock from Amazon, I did not have enough time between now and when I leave, to be sure that it will be delivered on time. And I absolutely needed it before I rent my place. So I went to Home Depot (in Everett, MA) and tried to buy this Schlage lock, and get the price matched to Amazon.

Here is my reasoning for expecting a PRICE MATCH / DISCOUNT:

Before I went to Home Depot, I checked out multiple sources online, which ALL confirmed that Home Depot WILL honor Amazon’s price, but will not give you their “10% In-Store Low Price Guarantee”. Basically the 10% thing is when you find the SAME item at local brick and mortar stores that is cheaper than Home Depot’s price, they will not only match the price, but will give you an extra 10% off.

Great – I really did not expect to get an additional 10% discount off Amazon price, but I expected a price match. I also confirmed on Home Depot’s price match policy page that they will in fact match online retailer’s price, but will not give you 10% off. Here is HD’s policy:

If any competitor tries, we’ll beat their price by 10% Guaranteed.*

*If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any local retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%. Excludes special orders, bid pricing, volume discounts, open-box merchandise, labor and installation, sales tax, rebate and free offers, typographical errors and online purchases. Online purchases are subject to price match only.

In-store customers: policies do not apply to going-out-of-business sales, or discontinued, clearance, obsolete, seasonal, or distressed merchandise of a competitor. Prices must be regular retail prices of competitors.

So I was like – Great, I don’t have to wait for shipping, and will get the low price that I like.

So I picked up the lock, went to the customer service desk, and asked for a price match.

Here is where the nonsense started:

If you don’t want to waste your time reading about my horrible customer service experience – here is a spoiler: I did get my price match!

But I do recommend you read below.

My horrible experience at Home Depot’s Customer Service Desk (a lengthy account of POOR customer service)

Let me start with the notion that I came up with, after what I describe below: Customer Service Should Be About CUSTOMERS

At the customer service desk, I asked for a price match with Amazon. There were 3 workers behind the desk, and all 3 got “overly aggressive” and insisted that Home Depot DOES NOT price match Amazon, even though I was talking to just one person. It felt like they had a personal agenda in not wanting me to get the lower price.

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Lock - $85 on Amazon.com

Schlage Camelot Keypad Deadbolt Lock – $85 on Amazon.com

I even asked a guy “why is it that you are so actively trying to deny me the price match”? To this, the guy replied that it was the corporate policy to not give customers the lower price. He went out of his way to not let me have it – like he had something to gain from it.

I showed them the Policy from HD’s website, quoting “online purchases are subject to price match only”, but they continued to refuse, and came up with all kinds of nonsense excuses.

I politely asked to call the manager. On the phone with the manager, the guy (customer service clerk) continued with his attitude to deny me the price match, telling the manager that they never match lower prices from an online seller, etc.,

The guy hung up the phone, told me that the manager said NO, and blah, blah, blah.

It really felt like he (and other workers at that desk) wanted me to leave. Seriously – it was REALLY personal for them.

At this point I was like – dude, I’m getting this price match – WATCH ME!

So I tell the guy – ask the manager to come here – I will only discuss this with him. I had to repeat this 3 times until he called the manager again.

A couple of minutes later the manager showed up. I explained the situation to him, showed him the CORPORATE PRICE MATCH POLICY on HD’s website, and after a minute or so, he started leaning into giving me the lower price. But then a lady for the service desk RAN over to him, with a print out of the same policy I showed him, and started telling him B.S. like the “online purchases” refers to Home Depot’s own website only, and so on. Same attitude – SHE HAD SOME PERSONAL INTEREST IN DENYING ME THE PRICE MATCH!

So the manager did what he had to do in front of his workers, he made a managerial decision to not give me what I wanted (and was “entitled” to, per Price Match Policy). He said that the policy is vaguely worded and that in his 10+ years at different HD branches they never matched Amazon. I understand that he had to show his authority in front of his workers. Cool – he actually did not have a personal agenda – just corporate politics.

After being denied the price match at the store level, I didn’t give up – called corporate!

But what about the Policy? Am I just going to leave, or pay the store price? I needed the lock after all. No, I decided to not give up. The policy was clear that 10% price break is for Brick and Mortar items, and online items will only be price matched.

So I found Home Depot’s phone number (800-Home-Depot), called them, and in a minute or so I got connected to a rep in charge of In Store things. I quickly explained the situation – a Regular Price in stock item is $109 in store and $84.72 on Amazon – do the price match? He says, if all is as I explain, then YES, they do, and will price match!

Great! I asked the phone rep if he can relay this to the manager, and he said Yes, sure! Awesome – I went to find the manager, gave him the phone and after 3 minutes of conversation he gave me my price match! He explained that Policy was vague and that it needs to be clarified, but from now on, he knows that they do in fact match Amazon’s and other online prices.

He took me to the front desk and told the lady (the one who intruded on my conversation with the manager, and brought the Policy print out) to give me the discount! You should have seen the look on her face 🙂

When she was checking me out (not that way 🙂 – taking my credit card for payment:), I told her “see, you DO PRICE MATCH with Amazon!” But she still was sure that what happened is a 1 time exception made for me. So I told her NO, it is your corporate policy! She was in shock and I walked off with what I wanted, minus the 20 minutes of my time and a lot of aggravation.

I will stress the point again – Customer Service Should Be About Customers! What I experienced was that service clerks had a personal agenda against “me getting the lower price”. I have no idea why, and it’s not the first time I deal with this crap. I don’t know why people who do not know me, and whose job it is to try to resolve my issues concerning purchases made at Home Depot, don’t want to help me (customer), but instead have their own personal crusade to make sure I do not get what I want (within the store policy).

How to get the Amazon price match every time (with some exceptions)

I now always use Amazon app to scan in store items to see if they are cheaper on Amazon. I already know which stores do and which don’t match Amazon’s prices.

For example, Target does match, but 95% of their items have different SKU’s than identical items on AMZ. Best Buy and Micro Center do match, but request that item is same SKU, and is sold by and shipped by Amazon itself (not 3rd party sellers).

Now we added Home Depot to the list. But I feel like the problem with Home Depot will be that you will have to jump through hoops every time. So my advice, if you plan to buy many items and get Amazon’s price in store, at once or over a period of time, do it at a store that you usually go to, don’t waste your time with clerks – ask for the manager right away, explain the policy to them, call corporate if you need, and establish the relationship with that manager, so that every time you come in for the price match, that person, or their colleague will be aware of the situation and you will not waste your time.

PS – you will need a smartphone with the Amazon app on it, to make this process simpler (especially when scanning the item to find how much it costs online).

Good luck saving money!

PS – I will publish my DIY guide and video on how to install this KEYPAD Lock soon!
PS2 – here is my account of Home Depot to Lowe’s price matching

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49 thoughts on “Home Depot – Amazon Price Matching (My Horrible Experience with Customer Service)

  1. john

    Had the same experience with my Local Home Depot, in store they said no, went Home did more research and yes it reads they will. Called got the run around again, I gave up and just ordered everything from Amazon. I will jump on your Customer Service comments … 100% the same horrible service, from the “Service Desk” , Ha, I will not buy from them again, unless it’s a last resort just like your situation. My items where totaling over 600$ and out the door at Amazon was 547$, and the self checkout was much nicer at Amazon.

    1. Leo B Post author

      I’m glad you shared your expedience … more people need to see this and let home depot know to fix their “customer” service …

      Please share this. Thanks

  2. Evers

    I just had the same experience at a local HD. Their interpretation was that online purchases from homedepot.com could be matched, but not those made in-store. Which is completely absurd. So I made an “in-store pickup” order right there — I already had the item in-hand — had them fulfill it… and now I’m just going to go to the homedepot.com live chat and get them to price match. Hopefully they’re better informed than the store clerk.

    1. Leo B Post author

      Hey Evers,

      It is very frustrating … on one hand its the local sales people being totally uninformed and ignorant, and on the other hand their unwillingness to help … and actually quite the opposite …

      I suppose that buying item online and picking it up in store is an easy option around this absurd situation, if you are not in the mood to argue 🙂

  3. Bob

    I do work for the HD as a cashier, and believe me when i say that it’s the managers/Supervisors that give us hell if we did price match a item to amazon or gave a markdown.

    1. Leo B Post author


      I can understand this – managers can be a$$holes … corporate policies, etc… I appreciate your input – it’s good to hear both sides of the story.

      How often do people try to get Amazon price match at home depot?


  4. Todd Sanders

    I purchased a fridge at HD, was delivered this past Friday. I found it on Amazon, 3rd party seller, for 300.00 less than what I paid. Went to HD, and they would not price match. They said because it was a 3rd party seller they would not match. All their policy says is ” will only price match online pricing”.

    1. Leo B Post author

      well … 99% of brick and mortar stores will only match items / prices sold by Amazon itself … not marketplace (3rd party sellers). That said, you can try requesting store manager, and telling him/her that if they don’t price match, or at least give you reasonable discount, you will return the fridge. If / when you do this, you gotta be prepared to actually return it .. HD loses a lot of money on returns (at least 10%) – especially high price items like fridges – so I think that store manager might be cooperative with you … but there are a lot of stubborn a$$holes … so no guarantees 🙂 .. also try calling 800 number and speak to customer service about price matching policy … most managers in stores refuse to honor the online part of the policy anyway …

      Good luck

      1. Todd Sanders

        It’s amazing what a difference one day and a different CSR and manager can make. Last night, I went back to HD to request a better explanation of their price match policy concerning online pricing and was granted the price match, no questions asked!!

  5. John

    We just had the same problem in Natick, MA. Huge attitude and proclamations that they do NOT match online prices, that they do NOT match amazon. Eventually they caved in but it absurd.

    1. Leo B Post author


      I’m glad they came around and gave you discount – but I also don’t understand Home Depot’s employees the hostility and desire NOT toe help customers, when you ask for a price match. Is this only in Massachusetts??? … There needs to be some pep talk with them, coming all the way from top management…

  6. DS

    Wow what alot of trouble!
    I would have just purchased the lock at Home Depot at their asking price, as well as order one from Amazon. Install the one from Home Depot then return the one from that arrives from Amazon a few days later to Home Depot unopened for a refund. Home Depot loses out yes but that is their fault for being overpriced and stubborn.

    1. Leo B Post author

      DS – that method also works … but then u waste a lot of time driving to Home Depot second time to return the item. Also – if for some reason UPC / barcode do not match or item has Amazon stickers on them (which is often the case), then home depot will not take it back.

      Sure u can open the AMZ box, take lock out and place it in HD box… but overall – too much trouble IMHO. It took me 20 minutes to get discount. It takes me 1 hour to drive to Home Depot and back.

      Also consider this … once you establish your own Amazon price match policy with local Home Depot manager, you will always get discount so long as you go to that person. Or have manager tell others that YOU ALWAYS get Amazon price match… and you never have to deal with this crap again.

  7. Sam

    Awesome story! Ha I thought I was the only one who would go that far just to prove a point. At some point it becomes more about principle rather than money. I am going to HD this weekend to get a price match on a humidifier ($38) and will be armed with your little story. I am going to shoot for the additional 10%
    HEY Home Depot, people really do read this stuff so shame on you!!
    BTW I installed the same lock and it is working out great. I did discover weeks after installation that I never erased the factory codes but this was easily rectified.

    1. Leo B Post author

      I don’t know about going into Home Depot just for the purpose of arguing with them to get a discount … if you have time to wait – just order on Amazon – you will save time, a little gas money and tons of aggravation (unless you enjoy arguing) … And it’s Home Depot’s loss for not being friendly to customers

      In my case – i did not have time – I needed the lock that day, because I was leaving town and AirBnB guests were coming in. If I ordered on Amazon, it would not have arrive on time.

      BTW – you won’t get extra 10% off – that is only for in-store, available, non-clearance items. This does not include online stores.

      PS – and that key code lock is really nice and convenient!

  8. Chris

    Thank you for your story – helpful to know how you were treated. After reading this, I called my local Home Depot because I did not want to go through what you had to go through. Sure enough, they told me “NO”……..they will not price match Amazon. What a hassle! I will stick with Amazon and the stores like Target, Best Buy, etc. that do price match. There is just too much competition out there for Home Depot or Lowe’s to treat customers so poorly and not price match.

  9. Joey B

    Home Depot will price match online prices from Amazon IF you are purchasing online. If you want to buy in store, you have to price match a brick and mortar store. A customer misinterpreting the policy does not make the store terrible for upholding it. If you want to place an online order, you have to call the 1-800 # to get the price match. You will not be entitled to the 10% beat unless you are purchasing in store, and matching a brick and mortar store.

    Source: Am Home Depot employee.

    1. Leo B Post author

      Joey, thanks for your input!

      1st – I disagree about HD not matching Amazon for In-Store purchases. Here is why:

      If you read the post – I called 800-home-depot and phone support manager told me and manager at store that Home Depot DOES match online prices for in-store items. That’s how I got my price match.

      Don’t you think it’s redundant (and stupid) to order (online or by phone) same item as is in stock in the store, then go to store to pick up the item VS just going to store and getting price match on the spot? PS – I never said anything about 10% Beat. I was just talking about straight up match.

      2nd – are you a manager (any level) or an associate?

      PS – I appreciate your input. However you need to see this both ways. I know HD employees have rules to follow, but they don’t have to be jerks to customers (i’m not saying that you are… i mean the ones I had to deal with). As I said in the post, the HD employees acted as if they had personal interest in not giving the price match, and were super unfriendly

    2. Robert

      I believe you are wrong . Home Depots policy for price matching with online is that it has to be sold by Amazon , not a 3rd party selling on Amazon, no 10% over and above difference , and it can’t be a ” holiday special” . Has to be a steady price even though amazon by nature can vary from time to time. The whole idea of this is that Home Depot employees don’t seem to be properly trained in certain aspects of their price match policies. Unless of course the policies dispursed by Home Depot 800 customer service is wrong.

  10. Rachel C

    They won’t price match other Home Depot prices either. If you find it at Menard’s etc…they will but not another Home Depot store that’s 120 miles away. I could have had it shipped to my home for free from the other Home Depot store at a $120 difference. They REFUSED to price match their own prices!! Same run around. Price match guarantee my A$$!! Awful. I will deter any one that will listen from shopping Home Depot!!

    1. Leo B Post author


      The way I got them to price match – i asked for manager, and at the same time called 1-800-Home-Depot and asked the phone support person to explain the Price Match policy to the manager at the store. That’s when he agreed to give me price match with amazon.

      This is only worth the time on high price items (over $50 in my opinion). If you the difference it $1-3 it’s not worth the time, unless you have many items that you are matching. Also, i was in a hurry – I was leaving town and needed that key-code lock “now” … there wasn’t enough time for amazon delivery. If you have time – by all means, save your money and aggravation and order online 🙂 … I just hope HD management learns something from this.

      Good luck

  11. Cr@sh Overr!de

    As a HD specialty associate, it’s personally disturbing to me how you were treated. However, one thing to keep in mind is that aside from MOD’s (managers on duty) and DH’s (department heads), running the service desk can be a pride swallowing experience. Those particular associates can see a hundred customers in a single shift, half of which that are usually contractors who are already having a bad day and just waiting for somebody to target. It’s one of the hardest jobs in the store and takes a special kind of person to do it. I’m not making excuses for the way you were treated, but we are human beings and nobody is perfect. We ARE all about customer service, regardless of the specific department we work in. While your treatment was inexcusable in my opinion, it does not accurately reflect all HD locations as a whole. Unfortunately, you will find that some stores are better than others in this regard.

    Another thing to consider is that even though we go through tons of training before we hit the sales floor, there are things that just simply can’t be learned until we make a mistake and learn from it and unfortunately, the customer pays the price. There is a ton of employee turnaround and new faces are a constant at THD. This results in many customers not being told accurate information by associates. Sometimes DH’s and MOD’s are in that loop as well. Some will be transfers from other stores and bad habits can follow with them.

    For three or four employees to all tell you the same thing suggests to me numbers were at play. Each store has numbers they MUST meet on a weekly basis, dictated by the DM (district manager), RM (regional manager) and handed down from corporate in Atlanta. Each store, depending on geographical location, only has a certain dollar amount of markdowns allotted for each week. Sundays are the hardest day for markdowns for any location, because of all the lost money in returns and markdowns for the current week. Sometimes, our store will flat out tell the customer no on a discount because we simply don’t have the money available to do it, especially if it’s a large amount. Store managers really take a beating by the DM’s when the store goes over the specified amount, and pardon my french, but shit rolls downhill. This could possibly explain when they tried so hard to keep you from receiving your entitled discount. Not right, I agree, but it does happen.

    We also all have something called “Success Sharing”, which is just another term for profit sharing. The better the store does in profit, the bigger the checks for associates who have put in the required hours. You went to make your purchase in May, which for my store, is a mere 2 months away from cash out and the start of crunch time. If a store holds first place in their district, that store receives and additional $20,000 as a bonus, which is distributed to all associates in that store, dollar amount based on position and hours. During crunch time, if a store is holding first place, or in a close second, every penny counts for that 20K bonus and markdowns can add up fast. All DH’s and MOD’s are in a frenzy at crunch time, typically riding associates hard to make sales and limiting any markdowns. This could also explain a few things. Unfortunately, in situations like this, customer service can suffer.

    Certain store managers, can also decide to not honor some price matches, regardless what corporate tells you officially, which is exactly why you had to call Atlanta. My store does not honor prices at ALL online retailers, just mostly the major ones. Officially, I have personally honored Amazon’s price for an in store purchase, so I am not sure where the other Home Depot associate who chimed in acquired his/her information from. Again, just another prime example of how one store can differ from the next…it’s all about the numbers. I do know that if you would have come into my store, you would have not received that same treatment.

    – HD Speciality Assosiate –

    1. Leo B Post author

      @ HD Speciality Associate

      First, thanks for your informative input. This explains many thing.

      About customer service desk associates – they did not seem like they took a “beating” from customers and contractors all day. They were more … Genuinely and Personally unwilling and against me getting a price match. And here is where your bonuses and RM/DM demanding better numbers explains or at least makes sense of their attitude.

      Now the thing about attitude – neither clerks nor the manager were rude by any means. In fact manager was actually friendly, but firm on not giving a price match.

      Now clerks were neutral to very slightly hostile… but what made my experience unpleasant is their desire for me not to get lower price. I believe I mentioned that once i asked for manager and he came, clerks told he something along: “he wants Amazon price match but we don’t price match amazon”… instead of explaining what’s going on in neutral way, they “told” manager not to issue price match…

      In any case, i got the price match, and I understand the situation more now.

      I suppose it the reality of working in a corporate world of retail.

      Once again, thanks for your input.

      What would be your advice for our readers, who try to get a price match with Amazon?

      I think that the first thing a customer should do is ask for a manager immediately and call 1-800 number, and not waste time with overworked associates.

      PS – what is a “Speciality Associate” position?

  12. Ander

    Here’s what HD’s Low Price Guarantee page (www.homedepot.com/c/PM_New_Lower_Price) actually says:

    “How price matching works for online purchases – Online purchases are not eligible for the 10% Low Price Guarantee, but are eligible for price matching. Price matching online is for same-item, in-cart pricing and items must be available to ship to your location. If you’re purchasing an item online, contact an associate via phone at 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337). The associate will then look up the competing price for validation and will handle your price match during online checkout.”

    I called my local HD store and asked if they’d match Amazon’s (online) price on a table saw. No, they said, they didn’t match Amazon’s prices. I read their webpage’s text to them, and they explained the “online purchases” it referred to were purchases made from HomeDepot.com—not theoretical purchases you COULD make from other online merchants.

    I called the 800 number above, asked the same thing, and was told the same thing. No, they didn’t match Amazon’s prices, even when ordering at Home Depot.com. “Anyone can sell through Amazon.com,” the agent said. “They don’t need a physical store. We do have physical stores, so our costs are higher.”

    “But Amazon _is_ selling this particular item themselves,” I said. “It says right here on this item’s webpage: ‘Sold by and shipped from Amazon.com’. If I order something online from you, you don’t run out to one of your stores to get it, do you? You ship it from one of your warehouses, right? So what’s the difference between you doing that, and Amazon shipping me something from one of _their_ warehouses_?”

    The agent couldn’t explain. “All I know is, that’s our policy,” she said.

    HD’s “price guarantee” webpage is too vague, all right. And it sure doesn’t help that it says at the top, in big letters, “NOBODY BEATS OUR PRICES! Take advantage of the Home Depot guaranteed low price!”

    “Guaranteed?” If only the guarantee were guaranteed. :?|

    Meanwhile, it beats me why anyone would pay $130 more for the same saw… Home Depot’s business plan must make sense to them, though, somehow!

  13. Sebastian

    I read this through a few times, thinking that I could get a price match as well.

    Then I realized, no, you weren’t a customer. You were being a bullshit asshole. And you did not get them to follow their policies, you bullied them into making an exception and are now gloating about it. No one should follow these instructions.

    The policy specifically says that they do not honor third-party prices. Items sold through amazon, by a third party vendor, therefore…DO NOT QUALIFY.

    I don’t even work there, but I would have asked you to leave. It’s people like you who make companies want to remove price matching policies. The store I work for, does not do price matching at all. Because every week, we get some sniveling bitch you like come in, and whine and complain until they get what they feel is “customer service.”

    Customer service is not bending over for everyone who walks through the door. I’m going to guess you’re 20 years old, or around that…the current generation thinks everything is about them, and wants to share how to get their way.

    Just shameful.

    1. NotSnivelingNorabitch

      What is shameful is that you can’t read, or understand, or apparently both. The OP never said anything about price matching for items sold through Amazon by a third party vendor. In fact he said just the opposite several times: He was talking about items sold BY Amazon and shipped FROM Amazon, not from 3rd party vendors selling on Amazon. Maybe you should read it one more time, or just give up because you don’t seem to be able to get it.

      At best, Home Depot’s policy is not clear, and at worst, deliberately misleading. Here is what Home Depot’s corporate policy says about in-store purchases (exact quote):

      “How the Low Price Guarantee works for in-store purchases: If you find a current lower price on an identical, in-stock item from any retailer, we will match the price and beat it by 10%. Just bring the ad, printout or photo with you to the register for validation.”

      It says “in-store purchases” which means items purchased in a Home Depot store as opposed to HomeDepot.com. It also says “if you find a lower price… from any retailer…”. It doesn’t say “from any brick and mortar retailer” or “from any retailer with a physical store”, or “from any retailer except ones with costs lower than Home Depot”, or “from any retailer except Amazon”. It says from ANY retailer, PERIOD.

      Since I can anticipate that your next stupid argument will be that Amazon is not a retailer, I’ll tell you now that you would be wrong. A retailer is someone who sells directly to the consumer and this is regardless of the channel they use. As opposed to a wholesaler, who sells to retailer, or a manufacturer, who sells to wholesaler or retailers. A retailer can sell through any channel (including Internet) and is still a retailer. Here is the description of Amazon from their own web site: “Amazon is the largest Internet-based retailer in the world.”

      So in truth, Home Depot is actually saying they match Amazon’s prices AND give you 10%, whether they meant to say that or not.

      If Home Depot is trying to use the word “retailer” to mean someone not involved in e-commerce, they don’t know what the word means. Home Depot is entitled to whatever policy they want to have. They are not entitled to ascribe their own meaning to the words they use, and they owe it to their customers to have a clear policy.

      1. Leo B Post author


        Completely agree on all counts, and I I describe in this post – Home Depot’s phone support (800 number) clearly told the Manager at the store that HOME DEPOT DOES MATCH AMAZON.COM on items sold by and shipped from Amazon.

        So all this bickering about how I want to get a discount that I don’t deserve is petty and idiotic. Especially the “don’t deserve” part 🙂

        Thanks for your input.

        Cheers, Leo

  14. dwdrummer007

    I just had the same issue with a Home Depot store in Syosset, NY. Tweeted about it, then I saw this article. Funny I was also buying a Schlage lock. I did get them to price match it, after a nasty customer service rep said they don’t. The policy is there on HD’s website. “If you find a current lower price on an identical in stock item from ANY retailer, we will match the price and beat by 10%”. I had Amazon’s price ready to be matched. Was amazon.com price too, not third party (in which third party was even cheaper). And i didn’t expect the 10% additional either, since I KNEW the policy only said match for online.


  15. Natasha H

    Thank you for the information, that was truly an informational article, because I always wondered if Home Depot price matched.

    1. Joe

      Just did this exact run around today in Soquel, CA – completely ridiculous – Customer Service desk group of 3 employees glaring and saying “no Amazon price match” – pointed out the sign in the store that says match “ANY retailer” – they all said “Amazon is NOT a retailer” which is of course ridiculous since “retailer” just means “sells goods directly to consumers” (i.e. as opposed to wholesaler or distributor). Went and checked the sign – found an associate and asked for manager – was sent back to customer service instead – got attitude but they did call manager – assistant manager showed up 20 minutes (yes – you read that correctly) later and immediately got in my personal space and was surprised when I didn’t like that – kept saying “I’m trying to help you” and also saying “no Amazon price match” – eventually got the price match on a quantity of 1 (was trying to buy 2) – Amazon price (direct from Amazon, not a marketplace seller) was $44.99 compared to Home Depot $81 for same item – bad experience all around – this post is exactly spot on – avoid Home Depot if at all possible!

  16. Mary bee

    I know this post is only but I think the workers at the store handled this unprofessional..though I don’t think that Home Depot price matches Amazon. I wouldn’t believe anything from a website if it wasn’t an actually Home Depot website. If you go to the Home Depot website where it explains price matching it says what’s not included with a tab to open..if you open it it list different things one that is “Items sold via a third-party or discount site – meaning any products that are not sold directly by a competing retailer” technically thats what Amazon is. Everything is cheaper on that website and nothing is sold by amazon, it’s all separate company’s selling items on that Website. Hope that makes sense and clears everything up.

    1. NotSnivelingNorabitch

      No it doesn’t clear anything up because what you wrote makes no sense whatsoever and is completely wrong. Everything sold on Amazon is NOT sold by “separate company’s ” [sic]. The vast majority of items being sold on Amazon are being sold BY Amazon. A small percentage are sold by 3rd parties, and are clearly identified as such.

      1. Willie

        The wording on the policy has changed.

        TERMS : This Price Guarantee applies to identical In-Stock items at The Home Depot retail location you visit. No Special Orders (with the exception of Special Order appliances only) or rain checks. This guarantee does not apply to competitor online prices or offers. Applies to everyday and sale pricing. The Home Depot reserves the right to verify the price and availability of the product at the local competitor location before honouring this offer. Price confirmation from a competitor must be presented to The Home Depot during the effective dates of the competitor’s flyer. This Price Guarantee excludes typographical or other errors, free offers, gifts with purchase, gift cards, gift certificates, rebates, clearance or close-out prices, credit or financing programs, used, damaged, returned, open box or display merchandise, bid pricing, volume discounts, Special Orders (other than appliances excluding GE Café™ brand), sales tax, online purchases, delivery or assembly services, labour, installation, and products and services furnished by our Installation Services. Discount applied before taxes and environmental stewardship fees or other levies, if applicable. We reserve the right to limit quantities to an amount reasonable for a residential homeowner. This Price Guarantee cannot be combined with any other offer.

        Amazon is not considered a local competitor and therefore they don’t price match.
        Anybody getting a price match would be lucky . Maybe the employee/store is not aware of the full details of the policy or can’t be bothered to argue the point

      2. Robert

        Yes you are right. It really does amaze me some folks post without knowing what they are talking about. I know we have all done it from time to time in our daily lives ; i.e. ; talk without knowing more about what we are talking about , but when you are guiding someone in an informational blog or posting , its a good idea to stay within the bounds of what you actually know to be factual.

  17. Robert Harris

    I got what I believe is the correct interpretation of the price grantee from my store manager, today, but incorrect information from the corporate customer service agent. The in-store customer service desk manager would have given me an undeserved price match, but I turned it down after taking with the store manager. I think Home Depot’s in-store customer service has improved over the past couple of years in my area. The associates are not more product savvy, but are more friendly and seem to try their best to help.

  18. Mr. Luigi

    Hi Leo, Thanks for sharing your story. Very helpful. Just one question, why did you feel the need to get the new lock BEFORE renting your apartment? I understand you were worried the renter could make a copy of the key to your lock. But, you could have ordered the lock from Amazon, installed the new combination lock once you returned from your trip, and that would have made any keys made by an unscrupulous renter totally useless. Of course, if you had done that we would not have learned anything about Home Depot’s matching policy!!!

    1. Leo B Post author

      Mr. Luigi

      For some reason i had this bug to replace the lock before we leave, and tenants move in … just felt right. I did not even consider giving them the key …

      And you are right – had I done that, we would not know how Home Depot does not want to uphold its own price match policy.

  19. Bret

    I had a similar problem. It was incredibly frustrating. So I waited around until the store was closing and I gathered intel on the cars that were being driven by the supervisor, who was a prick. Within a few days he ended up having to buy four new tires. I hope that motherfucker got a price match at the tire store, asshole.

  20. Trent Nguyen

    Yeah, I went to HD for a Honeywell thermostat and was refused the price match. I went to a different store and got a price-match anyways. Their policy and training needs to change, otherwise the next time you go to HD it might be called “Amazon Prime”. The dumb part is, the only reason the stores are alive at all is because of people like me and you who are pumping money into the store and they are rude about it. When the Honeywell thermostat goes for $54 online, they priced it at $129. Unless you are living under a rock, you know that price is just straight up scam.

  21. Michael Nessa

    Thanks man. Great article. I’m on my way to buy a air purifier that is $40 more at Home Depot than on amazon but I need it now. Worst case scenario I will simply use the HD one for a few days, order one on Amazon and then return the HD one.

  22. Salamae

    Dude, almost every time asked, they matched amazon price, no questions asked, different stores, different persons. They used to beat it by 10%, but stopped as some point. Anyways, if it was me, I would most likely buy it at list price, and buy from amazon too, and return the one from amazon in the box from home depot, make sure it is an open box item that they cannot sell for new.

    1. Leo B Post author

      Home Depot now has an official policy that they match Amazon prices. However when I wrote this the policy was not clear and the personal at the service desk was not friendly or cooperative in providing the price match. Also managers were not trained on the price match policy properly when it comes to Amazon and other online retailers.

  23. Marek

    Home Depot is wishy-washy in their price matching and does not strictly follow their own posted policy. Their posted policy in the store says that they will beat any competitor price by 10% if the competitor price is lower. I was shopping for a Bosch dishwasher SGE68X55UC. Home Depot had it for $854.10 & Lowe’s had it for $854.00. I talked to the Home Depot appliance employee and asked whether they would beat Lowe’s price by 10% since, technically, Lowe’s price is $0.10 cheaper. They said they would not – this is a direct contradiction of their policy by the letter of the advertising. The items and delivery terms are exactly the same at both stores.

    1. Leo B Post author


      Talk to Manager > Manager on Duty > Store Manager (if 1 refuses, go up) and demand the discount. You can also call HD phone support, ad they will knock some sense into managers.

      Another tactic – don’t waste time with Low-level Managers/Associates, go straight to MOD/Store Manager.