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Typical Cost To Install New Flooring Average: $1,410 - $2,460
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Hardwood Floor Cost Calculator estimates how much it costs to replace your old floors with hardwood flooring.

You can calculate hardwood flooring prices for multiple rooms at once.

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From the kitchen to the family room, a quality hardwood floor can be an ideal fit for any space in your home. While there are many different flooring options, its hard to beat the warm, charming look and feel of real wood.

When well-cared for, hardwood flooring can last for many decades and will significantly boost the resale value of your home.

In fact, most homeowners prefer hardwood floors in the majority of the rooms inside the house, and are willing to pay more money for them.

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost?

Across the US. homeowners report that the installation cost of mid-range quality finished hardwood flooring in a 250 sq.ft. room is $8.86 – 11.94 per square foot. This is equivalent to $2,215-2,985

We recommend getting at least 3 free estimates from local flooring pros. This will help you choose a contractor you trust and a price that you like.

Hardwood Flooring Cost Per Square Foot

In general, pine flooring is the most budget friendly option, with prices ranging from $3 to 6 per square foot.

In the middle of the price spectrum are decent quality domestic hardwoods, such as oak, maple, cherry, ash, and hickory. These wood floors cost $5-9+ per square foot.

At the high end of the price range are exotic and imported woods, such as mahogany, tigerwood, rosewood, etc. These beautiful hardwoods are imported from Asia, Africa, South and Central America. Costs start at $7-10 per square foot, but can easily reach $20-25 per square foot.

You can also use our Flooring Cost Calculator to compare the costs to install various types of flooring.

Cost of Hardwood Flooring Based On Room Size

Below, you will find hardwood flooring prices for various size projects: 1,000 sq.ft., 1,500 sq.ft., 2,000. sq.ft.

Size of the Project Hardwood Flooring Installation Cost
800 sq.ft. $6,400 – 9,600
1,000 sq.ft. $8,000 – 12,000
1,500 sq.ft. $12,000 -18,000
2,000 sq.ft. $16,000 – 24, 000
2,500 sq.ft. $20,000 – 30,000

Factors That Impact Hardwood Flooring Cost

Its important to note that your overall flooring cost will depend greatly on the thickness, grain (flat sawn vs. quarter sawn), grade, finish, and type of hardwood flooring, as well as its availability.

In general, the fewer the defects (knots), the more expensive the hardwood will be.

When it comes to installation, complexity of labor will determine the final cost. On simple installs, expect to spend $3-5 per square foot.

However, depending on what needs to be done, you may end up spending as much as $10 per square foot for hardwood installation.

If natural wood is a bit out of your price range, there is a great alternative that offers almost identical looks: engineered hardwood.

Thanks to modern technology and cutting-edge adhesives, it is now possible to have a wide variety of wood species as “engineered boards”.

An added benefit is that you can actually install engineered wood floors in rooms where hardwood would not be ideal, such as: bathrooms, basements, or over radiant-heat flooring.

Costs To Hire A Flooring Contractor

In addition to the floor itself, you need to budget for the cost of labor and other materials necessary to complete the installation.

As a rule of thumb, professional hardwood flooring installers charge $70-95 per hour, depending on your location as well as the complexity of the project.

Removing old flooring costs extra, anywhere from $500-1,500+ depending on the total square footage of the job and the type of flooring being removed.

Average Costs For:
Most Homeowners Spent Between: Most People Spent: $1,769 - $3,192 (for 180 sq. ft.)
Low End
High End

See costs in your area Start Here - Enter Your Zip Code

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