2021 Exterior Door Installation Cost

Typical Cost Range of a Remodeling Project Average: $4,580 - $17,300
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The average cost to install an exterior door is $550 – 1,450 depending on the material and type of door you choose.

Exterior doors range in price from $250 for a budget fiberglass door, to $1,500+ for a high-end aluminum door.

We use the exterior doors of our homes all the time, often forgetting that in addition to being purely functional, doors can greatly enhance the overall design of your house.

If you are renovating your home or building a brand new one, choosing the right doors is essential.

Lets take a look at different types of exterior doors, how much they cost, as well as door installation prices.

Average Front Door Cost

The front door of your home is one of the first things that both passers by and visitors notice. Also, if your goal is to sell the house, it is best to have an attractive exterior door, as it makes a highly favorable first impression on potential buyers.

Ideally, the door should complement the style and color of exterior siding, as well as the architectural style of your home.

There are many options and styles to choose from, such as single or double entry, classic or modern, with or without glass. The most common entry door materials are: wood, metal and fiberglass.

Here is what homeowners report paying for different types of exterior doors:

Fiberglass door: $200 – 350 for low-end and $500-1,000 for decorative style and better quality.

Wood door: $180 – 250 for budget and $700 – 4,000 for decorative style and higher quality.

Steel door: $250 – 350 for economy and $850 – 1,800 for decorative style and premium quality.

Aluminum door: start at $600 and go all the way up to $1,500+

Steel Fire Door door: $350-650

Labor Cost To Install An Exterior Door

On average, contractors charge $150 – 300 to install a front door. If you need to construct or repair the door frame, it will cost an extra $350-800. Expect to pay $80-150 to paint the door. Removing the old door costs an additional $100.

Wood Doors Prices

Solid wood front door

Doors made out of wood are most common. Solid wood is the longest lasting and durable option, but it is also the most expensive. The majority of solid wood doors are made of oak, cherry, walnut, mahogany, maple, fir, and pine, and can come in a variety of stylish finishes.

A solid wood door can cost anywhere from $2,000-4,000 for a complete system, which includes a pre-hung door in its frame, hinges, lock sets, sidelights, and weatherstripping.

A more economical option is to go for a wood door with an insulation core (insulation value R-5, as compared to R-2 on cheap, conventional doors). You can expect to pay $300-500 for the door itself and an additional $250 for installation.

The cheapest, but the least durable option is a stock wood door, which is essentially a sandwich of wood-veneer skins over an engineered-wood core.

It is important to look for furniture grade veneer, at least 1/16 inches thick, as anything less than that will damage easily and quickly. You can expect to pay around $200 for this door, and an additional $250 for installation.

For added protection, you may also install an aluminum storm door, which costs about $300-400 installed

Aluminum Doors

Contemporary Aluminum Doors

If you are looking for a premium quality door that offers superior protection, aluminum is a great choice. These doors use an insulation core covered by a metal skin, and come in a variety of styles and colors, with beautiful smooth or wood-grain finishes.

The finishes are highly durable and long lasting, because they are baked-on enamel. This means that an aluminum door will never require painting and will not rust. This is why many of these doors carry a 20 year warranty. Note, that you can only purchase an aluminum door through a dealer, and it will be custom built to your opening.

The most economical aluminum doors start at about $600 and go up to $4,000+

Steel Doors Prices

Exterior Steel Door

Similar to aluminum, steel doors offer a great deal of security and durability, (they are stronger than both wood and fiberglass doors). They have an inner frame made of wood or steel (for greater strength), filled with high-density foam insulation.

Premium doors have a 24-gauge skin and a steel frame. The more economically priced steel doors are coated with a baked-on polyester finish that will require repainting. Premium varieties have either a vinyl coating, a stainable wood-fiber coating or a laminated-wood veneer (really high end doors).

A Word of Caution: Be sure NOT to install a steel door together with an aluminum storm door, because the heat build-up between them may cause the door finish to peel off.

Without hardware or glazing, you can purchase a steel door for as little as $150. However, premium steel doors cost as much as solid wood and will be upwards of $2,000+

Fiberglass Composite Doors Prices

Red Fiberglass Entry Door

Another maintenance free, durable choice is a fiberglass door. It performs very well in harsh and humid climate conditions.

If you like wood, fiberglass doors can replicate the look with wood-grain texturing and stains that match a variety of species: oak, cherry, walnut, etc.

A framework of wooden stiles and rails makes up the composition of a fiberglass door, while the voids in the framework are filled with polyurethane-foam insulation.

You can expect to pay around $200 for an economy fiberglass door without glazing or hardware. However, complete systems with all the accessories and installation cost around $1,200-1,800.

Popular Entry Door Designs

Front Door Prices

The look and style of your front door can really make or break the curb appeal of your house. If you want to replace your old door, there are many styles and features to choose from. In fact, if money is not an issue you can create a unique custom design from scratch!

The first thing you need to decide whether you want a single or a double door. The latter are more expensive and are usually installed in higher-end homes.

There are 4 general configurations:

– Panel
– Windowed (full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4 view)
– Patio/Sliding
– Decorative/carved wood

However, within each of these broad categories there are many door styles to choose from. The most popular are:

Classic door: these are found of the majority of homes, and feature two to twelve raised panels. They are usually solid, but can also include glass inserts. It can either be plane panes of glass, or they can be colored, have ironwork, scrollwork, etc.

Craftsman door: these doors feature a Shaker look and clean, straight lines. Many feature either a window at the top or a large viewing glass insert in the middle. There can also be two or three raised panels at the bottom.

Contemporary door: this style boasts a very clean minimalistic look. They can be completely solid, or have straight lines (horizontal or vertical), large blocks, or multiple square panels.

Many modern doors feature frosted or translucent glass inserts in various configurations. Also, many of these doors are larger and wider than classic ones. Metal is a very popular material used for these types of doors.

Arched door: these unique curved doors are rather rare, and you will need to place a special order. However, they offer unparalleled charm and a distinctive look that can work for many home styles.

Rustic door: this style can feature a heavier frame, large hinges and other decorative details. The door slab itself is also more chunky and heavy, creating a rugged aesthetic. These doors are ideal for Mediterranean, Cabin, or Farmhouse architecture.

Custom door: only your wallet and imagination are the limit to the possible design options. Many custom doors are solid wood and include beautiful handmade carvings. Pricing starts at $3,500+

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  1. Dave Anderson

    I agree that the front door is one of the first things that people see when they go to your house. Because of that and because of that fact that burglars usually go in through the front or back doors I think that it would be beneficial to get new doors installed in my house. I like the idea of installing a steel or aluminum door because of how industrial and safe they are.

  2. Bernard Clyde

    It’s good to know that steel doors are very durable and can be expected to last a long term. I think it’s important to consider if you feel like you need the additional security that a steel door offers you and your family. You should be sure to pick a door that adds a nice aesthetic appeal to your home while helping you all feel safe and protected when inside.

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    Thank you for talking about how entry doors should be durable. It makes sense that keeping this in mind can help you make sure you get a good investment. I would want to contact a professional to help me find the best materials and design to keep my family safe.

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    It’s good to know that aluminum finishes are extremely durable and long-lasting. If I am ever to buy a door, I want to make sure it lasts an extremely long time. A 20 year warranty sounds good to me, too! I’ll be sure to check them out!



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    I am looking to replace my exterior doors but I need help with ideas and information. I like I love the picture of the all glass patio door. I think this would bring lots of light and openness to the living room where the patio walks out. I will definitely have to look into getting an all glass door for the patio. Thanks for the great idea!

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    MY husband and I are building a new house and I need to choose what kind of front door I want to have installed. I had no idea that doors could be aluminum. I think this is really interesting that they use an insulation core from metal and they come in all kinds of styles and colors. I love the picture of the wood look on the aluminum door. I will definitely talk to my contractor and ask him about aluminum front doors. Thanks for the ideas and information!