Costs of Ceiling Repair

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Ceiling Repair CostOn average it costs $500-900 to do a professional ceiling repair: water leaks, drywall damage, and other small problems.

Sometimes cracks and stains that become visible on the ceiling can be signs of more extensive and costly problems, such as structural or water damage.

The longer you wait to fix these issues, the more risk you have of making the problem worse and paying a lot more in the end.

Average Cost To Repair A Ceiling

Across the US, homeowners spend between $400-1,200 to repair the ceiling in a single room. This estimate does NOT include the cost of painting the ceiling after the repair.

Additionally, pricing depends on the extent of damage, ceiling height and materials.

Also, keep in mind that ceilings made of plaster, wood, or other materials will cost more to repair.

Finally, if you need to remove furniture, budget $100-150 for this service.

Common Repairs And Prices

Overall, there are several types of damage that your ceiling can sustain:

1. Cracks: patching small cosmetic cracks can cost anywhere from $150-300. If you have larger cracks, expect to spend about $250-350to patch them and level the surface. If the contractor will be recreating a particular texture on a specific area of the ceiling, expect to spend an extra $150-200.

Drywall repair: if your ceiling is made of drywall that needs to be removed or replaced, expect to pay about $700-900. This estimate is for about 200 sq.ft of ceiling drywall. Typically, a contractor will do this repair if there is ceiling water damage.

Plaster repair: if your ceiling is made of plaster and there are small holes and/or cracks, it can cost $150-300to fix. If there is extensive damage, the cost will go up significantly, because the damaged ceiling plaster may collapse. This type of work will require a significant amount of expert knowledge and prior experience.

Water stains: if you have stains in one particular area of the ceiling, it will cost about $200 to remove, patch and repaint that area. It may be a good idea to put a fresh coat of paint on the entire ceiling for an additional $250-350

Extensive structural damage: if there are cracks that go down into the walls, this may be a sign of structural damage. Fixing this can cost $3,000-8000. Also, the total price will depend on the extend of damage and materials the contractor will use for the repair.

Extensive water damage: another major problem that will cost thousands of dollars is water damage and resulting mold. Usually this happens when water has been present for a while. Moreover, if you notice large stains, this is a sign that extensive damage has already been done. Also, if you only see one or two stains, a contractor should evaluate and fix them right away.

Paint Finish

To make the ceiling look finished, you will need to repaint it. If you hire a professional, expect to spend $150-300 to paint an 8 ft ceiling in a 10×12 room. Creating a textured surface can cost 30-50% more depending on the complexity of the design.

Cost of Interior Painting
$2,138 - $3,197
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  1. Amy Winters

    Thanks for pointing out that the cost of replacing a drywall ceiling is usually around $700. My husband and I need to replace a drywall roof in our home. I wasn’t sure what price to expect for the supplies, so thanks for sharing that info here!