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Vinyl vs Fiberglass Windows

double hung vinyl replacement windows or fiberglass windows

Most homeowners debate whether its best to go for fiberglass or vinyl windows, both of which are highly popular choices. The average cost to install new windows is $350-600 per unit; depending on the quality and type of window you want. In this guide, we will compare vinyl and fiberglass… Read more »

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Skylights

Oversized Skylight in a modern living room

Wake up with increased energy levels and go off to change the world every day (without coffee) by consuming a doze of natural sunlight coming through a skylight in your roof! Having skylights in your home allows you to get closer to nature and makes you feel more alive. There… Read more »

25 Facts About Windows Energy Efficiency

Choosing windows for a home can be a complicated task, because there are a number of factors that need to be considered to find a perfect balance between style, quality of materials, durability, maintenance, energy efficiency and price. Energy efficiency of windows is a very important consideration that needs to… Read more »