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Here we will teach you how to do many projects around the house yourself, so you can enjoy your creations, making your home better, and saving a few bucks along the way.

We will publish DIY videos and guides, as often as we can – feel free to let us know if there is a project you want to see.

Round Glass Shower Review ($514 at Home Depot)

This Round Glass Shower Enclosure has 2.6 stars on Home Depot’s website, with 95 reviews – so why am I still planning to buy it? There are several reasons, but the most important one – I like how it looks – very clean and modern design. I also like the… Read more »

Become a Contributor on Remodel Calc

Do You Want to Share a Great Remodeling or Home Decor Project? Want your article to be seen by 1000s of homeowners in US every month? Then we would love to feature you on RemodelingCalc! Our readership and fans community is growing every day, so being a guest writer on… Read more »

Small Bathroom Remodel for $750 or Less

Small Bathroom Remodel

In September 2014, I remodeled our bathroom just in time for my son’s birth, and my cost was about $585 (five hundred eighty five dollars)! That’s right – I did not spend thousands… I spent less than a grand, it took me 2 weeks of “part-time” work, and my wife… Read more »

DIY Plumbing and Heating Pipes Repair without Soldering [Video]

In this guide we will explain how to fix frozen / cracked copper pipes (or PEX tubing) in less than 1 hour and save at least $200. Total budget for this repair is as little as $40-50 (including tools). The winter is coming, and for many states it has already… Read more »

DIY Bathtub Restoration for less than $100 – HD Video Guide

Old Bathtub Restoration

In this guide we will go Step by Step to show you how to restore your old enameled bathtub to a great, like new condition, without hiring a contractor, for less than $100 in materials. Typically, a bathtub restoration costs $1500-2300 when you hire a contractor. Replacing an old bathtub… Read more »