Attic Conversion Cost: Compete Guide to Finishing Your Attic

Cost of Attic Renovation

The average attic renovation cost is $50,000-65,000 to convert it into a living space, such as a bedroom, office, or bathroom. While finishing an attic is one of the more expensive home improvement projects, it also boasts one of the highest ROI’s. According to the latest National Association of Realtors… Read more »

2019 Cost to Install Central Air in Your Home

central air conditioner cost

Are you tired of your noisy, leaking air conditioners? A quiet, efficient central air system can be an ideal solution. On average, homeowners spend $4,000-5,600 to install Central AC. The final cost depends on whether or not your house has existing ducts, system size and complexity of installation. Many people… Read more »

Siding Calculator – Estimate Your House Siding Cost

Siding Estimator

Installing new siding can significantly boost the curb appeal of your house, improve energy efficiency, and increase your home value. There are numerous materials to consider, each with its unique pros and cons, durability and cost differences. Siding Cost Estimator calculates installation prices for vinyl, wood, or James Hardie siding,… Read more »

Kitchen Cabinet Cost – Get Prices For Top Cabinet Materials

Kitchen cabinet cost

Installing new kitchen cabinets can be one of the most expensive projects in a kitchen remodel. Typically, the cost of cabinets can account for as much as 20-30% of the total renovation budget. How much you end up spending depends primarily on two factors: 1. type of cabinet material 2…. Read more »

2019 Water Heater Installation Cost Guide

hot water heater cost

Having a functional water heater is essential for every household to stay on top of all its daily routines. If the last time you replaced a water heater was 10 years or more, and its starting to give you trouble, it may be time to get a new device. Moreover,… Read more »