What Is The Best Home Security System?

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If you’re concerned about the possibility of theft, vandalism, or intrusion, choosing the best home security system requires you to compare the top options.

Ultimately, your decision should include considerations like what you need to protect, the size of your home, your routine, and how much you prefer to spend.

Home security system costs range from $200-1,000, with $500-600 being the average that most homeowners spend.

Lets take a closer look at the most popular home security systems.

Best Home Security Systems And Their Costs

Brand Package Name Security Equipment (No) Monthly Cost
ADT Quote Request Required    
Alder Quote Request Required    
SimpliSafe The Foundation 4-Piece Set $195.97
  The Essentials 6-Piece Set $151.22
  The Hearth 9-Piece Set $214.45
  The Knox 13-Piece Set $255.68
  The Haven 14-Piece Set $403.89
Frontpoint The Starter Pack 6-Piece Set $129.00
  The Family Lookout 10-Piece Set $349.00
  The Home Shield 10-Piece Set $269.00
  Build Your Own   $99.00
Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In Basic Equipment Sold Separately $3
  Plus Equipment Sold Separately $10
  Pro Equipment Sold Separately $20

ADT Security Systems: Trusted Brand

ADT offers electronic security, fire protection, and other associated alarm monitoring services for residential and business, both small and large.

Their 140+ years in the industry make them one of the most experienced and well-known security companies around.

ADT’s years of security innovation include introducing telegraphed security alerts over a century ago, and they continue to innovate security systems.

Today, their most cutting-edge feature is home automation through their platform ADT Control. This service allows the use of voice commands via Google Assistant and Alexa.

Apart from their century-plus experience, their good name is also a result of their professional monitoring with multiple monitoring centers. When you’re unable to watch your system, someone else is.

ADT security systems are perfect if you want a time-tested home security service. But not if you’re looking for budget-friendliness, as their customized packages can be expensive.

Did you know? Companies offering professional installation are more likely to include an extended product warranty and guarantee.


-ADT’s stand-out service includes the following offerings.
-ADT Shock Sensor
-Their shock sensor detects any impact against your window or door. If someone tries to break your door down or smash a window, you’ll be alerted.

ADT Smoke Detector

If triggered, their unique smoke detector will

-Call the ADT monitoring team
-Send you notification
-Sound a siren
-Shine lights

And for additional safety, it is tamper-proof and compatible with an extensive range of humidity and temperatures.

ADT Security Pricing and Packages

ADT’s estimated monthly prices range from $40-$60, with contract lengths of three years. However, since their packages are customized for your home and requirements, you’ll need to contact them for a quote. They offer three packages:


Their Secure package offers several layers of property protection with 24/7 monitoring.

-24/7 alarm monitoring
-Monitored flood, fire, and carbon monoxide detection
-Security monitoring equipment
-Smart Home

Use your smart devices to automate your security and home. The Smart Home package includes everything in the Secure package plus a few more services.

-Option to remotely arm and disarm your system
-Touchscreen panel and app access
-Customizable schedules, alerts, and automation
-Video & Smart Home

This plan includes installing cameras for video recording and monitoring, and more.

-Livestream from mobile devices
-Home automation
-Email and text alerts

Did you know? Some companies offer home insurance discounts when a monitored home security system like ADT is installed.


-A theft protection guarantee
-6-month money-back guarantee
-Extensive experience and reputation
-High-quality equipment
-Multiple monitoring centers


-Long contracts
-Limited app access

Alder Security: Best Response Times

Alder Security is a newer home security company that promises a straightforward DIY security solution with touchscreen controls, reliable monitoring, and speedy emergency response times.

They claim that in 2017, their monitoring center responded to 2,376,033 alarms in 3.4 seconds or less, on average.

You may not have heard of Alder Security, as they’ve operated under the radar for the past ten years. They are worth considering if you’re after fast response times, a quick DIY setup, and simplicity.

Pro Tip: If you choose Alder, you’ll get a consultation before buying. This allows you to negotiate and perhaps get their activation fee waived or ask about something else you wish to tweak.


Alder’s security equipment is proven reliable by their decade in business.

Touchscreen Control Panel

Their 7-inch touchscreen control panel is like an intercom, keypad, and tablet in one. You can control your security system using this device, and it’s compatible with Android and iOS.

You’ll learn how to pair the sensors and the overall setup via the installation wizard that takes you through it step-by-step.


Their door and window sensors will sound whenever opened and the alarm is armed. Their motion sensors can monitor an area up to 45 feet away from the camera.

When placed strategically, the sensor will sound when motion is detected. They also offer glass break and carbon monoxide sensors.

Mobile App

Alder Security allows you to control the system from your smartphone. It will enable you to see your video stream, customize your sensors, arm and disarm the system, etc.

Pro Tip. They offer several ways to control your system: using the mobile app, the touchscreen panel, and the key fob. So there will always be a backup.

Pricing and Packages

Like ADT, you’ll need to contact Alder for specific pricing and package information.


-Easy DIY install
-7-inch touchscreen control panel
-Alexa and Z-Wave compatibility
-Environmental sensors


-Few equipment options
-Three-year contracts
-Unclear pricing

SimpliSafe: No Contracts and Great Automation

SimpliSafe’s rise from a small start-up to becoming one of the most trusted home security companies took 15 years.

SimpliSafe has been rated the best to offer a user-focused approach to security with flexibility. Their offerings include DIY or professional installation, self-monitoring or professional, and Alexa or Google Assistant integration.

They are a great introduction to home automation without getting too complicated. SimpliSafe integrates a selection of virtual assistant apps and technologies.

It’s also great if you don’t want to be tied to a lengthy contract, as their contracts are month-to-month.


Base Station

The Base Station will serve as the brains of your system. It connects all the components to the SimpliSafe app.

It also connects to the professional monitoring center and plays a 95-decibel siren (an almost deafening sound) when an alarm goes off.

The authorities will be dispatched to you in an emergency. It has a 24-hour backup battery, which means you’ll still be protected when it’s unplugged or if there’s a power outage.

Home Automation

Hands-free voice control makes a good home security system excellent. SimpliSafe allows you to arm or disarm your system using your voice or third-party devices for automation.

They offer impressive integration capabilities with big names such as Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Apple HomeKit.

If you want a security system where you can use your voice to set up your thermostat or smart lighting, SimpliSafe is well worth a closer look.


SimpliSafe is controlled through a wall-mounted keypad with a touch-sensitive screen and keys. You can use the keypad to arm and disarm the system.

It offers a tamper-proof design, so if intruders try to smash it up to disable it, they’ll be out of luck.

If an attempt were made to destroy it, this would trigger the alarm and notify you or the SimpliSafe monitoring center.

This feature is perfect to stop those smash-and-grab thieves that try to break the security system to delay the alarm.

Pro Tip: Consider taking the keypad around with you when mounting the entryway sensors. That way, you can name the sensor locations as you go.

Panic Button

You’ll have the option to hit the Panic button to contact emergency services directly if calling 911 or hitting the alarm isn’t an option.

Pricing and Packages

Finally. Some solid pricing and package information.

SimpliSafe offers security for less, as they’ve cut out the middleman and mark-up costs. Their main packages currently range from an estimated $244.96 for The Foundation package to $504.86 for The Haven.

All packages offer no contracts and 24/7 monitoring, and the system runs on a cellular or internet connection; thus, no phone line is required.

The Foundation

The Foundation package is perfect for smaller homes and apartments. Its four-piece equipment set includes an entry sensor to secure your main door and a motion sensor for an additional layer of protection. This package is currently reduced to $195.97 monthly with 20% off.

The Haven

Their most expensive package is suitable for preventing water damage and fires in addition to home security. The 14-piece equipment package includes two motion sensors, four entry sensors, a panic button, and a wireless siren.

This package is currently $403.89 per month with a 20% reduction.

You can also personalize a package by purchasing additional equipment at a per-piece price.

Pro Tip: If you purchase one of their glass break sensors, avoid placing it in your kitchen. They’re very sensitive, and may trigger the alarm at the sound of clinking glasses.


-Award-winning monitoring
-Monthly subscription plans
-60-day free trial period
-Option to personalize packages
-Precise pricing details available on the website


-Expensive up-front equipment costs
-Possibly too simple for some homes
-No outdoor security camera choices

Frontpoint: Outstanding Customer Service and Automation

Frontpoint is another young home security company compared to ADT, with just a decade under its belt. They have quickly grown to become another trusted home security supplier.

They were the first to introduce smart security across all their systems. And also the first to introduce DIY guided setup through an app, a feature that many of the other security providers have copied. They pioneered 100% wireless systems and continue to innovate in that area.

Frontpoint offers the best phone customer support. The representatives are knowledgeable and happy to answer your questions.

If you value outstanding customer service, top-notch home automation, and no contract, then Frontpoint is worth serious consideration.

However, Frontpoint may not be for you if you want a budget-friendly setup, as their security system and monitoring is pricey.

Did you know? All their equipment comes with a three-year limited warranty, one of the industry’s better guarantees.

Security Features

Frontpoint Hub and Keypad

The Frontpoint Hub is the central command center for a Frontpoint security system. A dual cellular/Wi-Fi connection powers it, so the hub automatically switches to Wi-Fi if the cellular service is unavailable.

Another great benefit of a cellular connection means intruders are unable to
disable the system by cutting the phone lines.

Besides the Frontpoint app, the Frontpoint Keypad allows you to control your system. The hub supports up to four keypads simultaneously, so you can purchase additional ones if you wish.

Frontpoint Touchscreen

The Frontpoint Touchscreen with HD display facilitates your home management. It pairs with the Frontpoint Hub to conveniently facilitate control over your sensors, lights, locks, arming and disarming your system, etc. It features a panic button so you can quickly alert the authorities in an emergency.


Frontpoint offers geo-services using Geo-fencing. Geo-fencing surrounds your home with a virtual, wireless fence using your smartphone’s GPS.

You can configure your system to perform a task whenever you leave home/fence, like turn off your lights, for example.

Pricing and Packages

Frontpoint allows you to choose a package or customize your own. Their Build Your Own package currently starts at $99.00.

All packages include the Frontpoint Hub and Keypad, and access to their Frontpoint app. Two of their most popular packages are the Starter Pack and Home Shield.

The Starter Pack

This is a suitable package to consider if you’re on a budget. It’s a beginner set of DIY security devices to get you started, and if you wish, you can add additional equipment to customize the package.

The Starter Pack includes a door and motion sensor. Plus, three items in their Home Defense Kit, a yard sign, a set of three window decals, and door stickers.

The price is currently $129.00, as they have wiped a whopping 68% off the original price of $402.96.

The Home Shield

The Home Shield would be one to think about if you’re mainly on the go. It offers you control over your home’s safety using a collection of environmental sensors to protect your place from various disasters.

It includes three door and window sensors, one flood sensor, and one smoke and heat sensor. It is currently reduced 60%, from $678.91 per month to $269.00.

Pro Tip: The hub will let you know whether a sensor is working or not. To hear its status, consider unplugging it and keeping it close as you mount and test them.


-Great customer service
-ID theft protection
-High-quality equipment
-Easy DIY installation
-Month-to-month monitoring


-No self-monitoring option
-Requires a long-contract
-Can be prone to false alarms

Ring Alarm Security Kit: Best for Alexa Compatibility

Ring is owned by Amazon, and started off making doorbell cameras. In 2018, they offered a product line of security devices and two generations of security systems for those who wanted more than a doorbell.

A Ring alarm security kit might be the one for you if you’re looking for DIY budget-friendly security, as it’s one of the most affordable.

Their offerings include easy installation, livestream footage, and remote control for no additional fees.


Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In

Ring offers a range of camera choices from outdoor to indoor to video doorbells. The Ring Stick Up Cam Plug-In is an indoor/outdoor camera.

The video offers 1080p HD and a 150-degree field of view. The camera includes a two-way audio speaker, microphone, and infrared night vision, producing a black-and-white image in the dark.

With the Ring Protect Basic or Plus Plan packages, you can get notified once a person is detected. Without those plans, you’ll receive motion-activated notifications.

Did you know? Ring is one of many home security companies offering self-monitoring. While this won’t cost you anything, you won’t have backing from a professional monitoring center.

Alexa Integration

Ring is the best security system for Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. You can get Alexa to do a number of things with Ring:

-Adjust camera motion sensitivity
-Request status updates
-Arm or disarm the security system
-Review the latest video clips
-Show live footage
-Or you can ask Google Assistant help you.
-Review previous notifications
-Start a new camera recording
-Receive health updates on your devices
-Ring is also compatible with third-party devices, such as Dome Siren, GE Plug-In Dimmer, and Yale Touchscreens Deadbolt.

Pricing and Packages

If you want to use Ring home security, you’ll need to purchase the equipment you want first. You can buy their security kit pieces with various Ring devices or buy products individually.

Then decide whether you’ll use it without their assistance, no monitoring or plan, or with help and choose a Basic, Plus, or Pro subscription.


Their Basic plan allows video recordings for one camera or doorbell. Other features include a 60-day video recording history, snapshot capture, and person alerts. The basic plan costs $3 per month or $30 per year.


With Plus, you’ll receive video recordings for all your Ring devices. Plus an extended warranty for all your devices and 10% off selected Ring.com and Amazon.com products. You’ll be expected to pay $10 monthly or $100 annually.


Pro offers 24/7 video recording and professional monitoring for your Ring Alarm and more. This plan starts at approximately $20 monthly or $200 per year.

Pro Tip: To help the siren penetrate all the rooms in your home, consider positioning your Ring Base Station somewhere central.


-No long-term contracts
-Free theft replacement
-Integrates with Amazon Alexa, Z-Wave, Smart Locks
-One-year equipment warranty
-Robust ring system


-Premium cameras are expensive
-Requires up-front equipment purchase

The Best of the Best 2022 Home Security Systems

As you can see, the home security systems available are pretty top-notch, and the five we have discussed here all offer useful, stand-out features.

If you are looking for home security, consider what you want to protect. You may require additional cameras to watch over your little ones, for example.

Other things to consider are what your routine is. Are you away from home a lot? Then 24/7 professional monitoring may come in handy.

How large is your home, and what is your budget?

Whichever home security company you choose, it’s in their best interest to advise and help you obtain a system that makes you and your family feel safe.

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