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Modern Kitchen FlooringDo you feel that your home needs an uplift, but don’t know where to start? Here are some ideas that will inspire you to make your living space more attractive and enjoyable to live in, or help prepare your house for a sale.


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Which Is The Best Roofing Material: Shingles, Metal, Wood, Slate, Tile And Flat Roof Options

Best Roofing Material For Your Home

An average homeowner spends between $5,000-8,500 to install a new roof. This guide will help you navigate the most popular materials for sloped and flat roods, their costs, as well as pros and cons. You can also use our Roofing Calculator to quickly and accurately estimate your roof replacement cost…. Read more »

Electrical Panel Upgrade – 5 Reasons To Go For 200 Amps

electrical panel upgrade

Across the US, homeowners report spending $800-3,000 to upgrade their electrical panel to 200 amps. This may seem like a lot of money, but it is an important home improvement project if you want all your appliances to work properly and ensure that there is no fire hazard from overloaded… Read more »

Gutter Installation For Seamless Gutters and Accessories

Gutter Installation

Seamless aluminum gutters are the most popular type of rain gutter in US and Canada. Many roofing and construction companies install gutters, but most homeowners are unaware of how they should be installed, as well as the different material and accessories options available. How Much Do Seamless Gutters Cost? The… Read more »

Gutter Installation Cost: Calculate Seamless Gutters Price Per Foot

Gutter Installation Cost: Calculate Seamless Gutters Price Per Foot

Estimate the cost of installing new seamless gutters and downspouts for your home. Select various sizes, gutter materials (aluminum, zinc, copper), as well as optional accessories. Length of Gutters Ln. Ft. Number of Downspouts (drain pipes) Downspouts Number of Corners (inside and outside) Corners Number of floors 1 floor 2… Read more »

Convert Attic To Loft: How To Make Your Attic Renovation A Success

Convert Attic To Loft

Converting an attic into a living space is not always a straight forward process. Many attic spaces are constructed in a way that either make the project impossible or too complicated and expensive to undertake. It is essential to strictly follow all building code requirements to ensure that your attic… Read more »